58 Great Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Short is sweet! Short hairstyles are very much manageable… if you are a busy black lady, then you can choose any hairstyles from these short hairstyles for black women.Ordinarily, short hairdos look best when they are left normal. As we are talking about the short haircut, so you must need a professional hairstylist to do it for you.

Trendy hairstyles make it conceivable to go boundless styling choices for black ladies with short hair.

What type of short haircut is best for you? You can choose from bob to typical African hairstyles. The choice is yours. However, you can also take the help of your hairstylist.

Black women normally look classy and elegant with their chosen short hairstyles and if you want to look amazing to, the answer is simple: look for the right short hairstyle that you can use. There are some tips that you can remember in order to look great with short hair:

  • Choose to have a short hairstyle that will work best with your hair’s natural texture. The more that you work with your natural texture, the more beautiful your hair will look.
  • Consider your face shape when choosing the right short hairstyle. There is a type of hairstyle that works well for you.
  • Allow a professional to cut your hair. This will make your hair even more appealing.

A lot of black women have black and curly hair. There are a lot of hairstyles that will fit only their hair’s texture. If the texture of your hair is like this too, then be proud because you can wear it in various unique styles. If you are running out of hairstyles to try, you can take a look at some celebrities. They may offer some styles that are meant to become more popular in the future.

Are you curious to know the type of hairstyles that you can have? You do not have to look any further: these are some of the hairstyles that will look great on you.

58 Great Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Number 1: Straight Bob Hairstyles

Straight Bob

This black women short hairstyle is super snappy, much the same as the restless artist Rihanna. We cherished her pure black locks cut off. This haircut has a lot of disposition, and with the expansion of long side blasts and a touch of teasing at the base of the hair, this super straight short bounce gets a little support of volume and backtalk effortlessly.

Number 2: Spiked Pixie Hairstyles

Spiked Pixie

Keep it sassy while staying classic! It is the hairstyle of Nichole Ari Parker. She doesn’t make due with straight bolts that don’t do a thing-rather she teases and tussles to accomplish a chic and in vogue spiked haircut that is very favor with a lot of state of mind. This black women short hairstyle could undoubtedly work the room at a dance club or work the Red Carpet. Super adaptable, also the length of this hairdo looks spectacular on her brooding look shape.

Number 3: Faded Glory Hairstyles

Faded Glory

Do you want to try something challenging? If you are a fashion designer, then this look will suite you! Nothing says restless and jazzy like short haircuts and angled eyebrows. Energize this adorable fauxhawk by making it your own! Undermines compliment dark women tremendously. Including shading won’t just compliment your dark hair, however skin tone also. On your path home from the salon, treat yourself to another ear penetrating.

Number 4:Layered  Bob Haircut For Black Women

Short Hairstyles for Black Women

How about bob layered hairstyle? Get some inspiration from the hairstyle of Keri Hilson. She looks excellent with this bob layered hairstyle combined up with coordinating side bangs that are coy and fragile, ideal for any event. Goodness, and did we specify how super simple it is to pull off this style? Simply ahead and just sweep it to the side!

Number 5: Pixie with Curls Haircut

Pixie with Curls

Another hairstyle from Nicole Ari Parke. She switches up her style by showcasing her common looking tight twists. In the event that you do not as of now have super tight rings like Nicole, you can utilize hair rollers to accomplish this look or get an expert perm. We adore how these dazzling tight twists gives her hair a lot of backtalk and volume, verging on resembling a restless afro that goes from day to night easily. Now you can rock with your natural look!

Number 6: Super Short Chic Hairstyles For Black Women

Super Short Chic

This black women short hairstyle is unquestionably a hairdo that is not for everybody, but rather in case you are intense and particular like a staggering artist, then you might need to try it out. Yes it’s distinctive, yet it’s very fascinating and we can’t resist the urge to adore it. Discuss a tense hairdo that will get everybody talking.

Number 7: Short Haircuts For Black Women With Round Faces-Side Swept Bob

Side Swept Bob

This is a great natural hairstyles for black women.The perfect look of this hairstyle comes with brilliant blonde highlights, which lights up her face and makes her a show-halting diva. Keri highlights her blonde locks with insights of dim cocoa for a touch of characteristic impact that plays off of her skin tone flawlessly. Other than her marvelous hair shading, we’re additionally head over heels for her restless and attractive hairdo that is somewhat simple. This hairstyle is ideal for oval, short and round faces. Simply cut it off and remember the super polished thick side bangs!

Number 8: Mohawk + Weave Hairstyles for Black Women

Mohawk Hairstyle

This wonderful haircut looks exquisite and adorable with the short weave hair style, glammed up with a couple of basic twists at the finishes of her locks. We adore this haircut since it is super easy to put together yet looks astonishing in each circumstance. It is least demanding to pull off these hot twists with a hair rollers!

Number 9: Black Royalty Hairstyles

Black Royalty

This is a great natural hairstyles for black women.Pixie cut is much excessively sugary for this hot look. Get propelled by more big names who are running striking with the pixie cut and attempt it for yourself.

Number 10: Short Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Short Bob

You will love this perfect black women short hairstyle since it is emphasized with some thick, restless blasts that truly gives her entire look some genuine demeanor. This hairdo can undoubtedly go from the workplace to the room effortlessly, in addition to it is truly simple to style.

Number 11: The Halo Braid Hairstyles for Black Women

The Halo Braid

Short braids are strangely hot this year, much like updos-just considerably all the more so. Here we see Jada Pinkett-Smith donning one of the current year’s most sweltering haircuts. Also, pretty much as you would expect with something with “radiance” in it, it delivers an exceptionally saintly appearance that is absolute lovely. She resembles a lofty woman from above with this beautiful hairdo. It may look hard to accomplish, however, there is a lot of simple how-to manages online that can abandon you with this enticing style in 5 minutes.

Number 12: Short Waves Hairstyles

Short Waves

This short uneven hairstyle highlights geometric lines that can attract consideration regarding certain features of the face. The hair on top of the head that tumbles to the side of the face is one length, which implies it has no layers or graduation. One length hair is solid and gruff, which attracts consideration regarding your facial features.

Number 13: Penelope Hairstyle

Penelope Hairstyle

This is an awesome black women short hairstyle that is ideal for normally wavy hair. The back is graduated to lift the twists up and the sides are superbly trimmed to permit the hair to twist and lay best. Spin Around is a curl definer. It apportions the ideal measure of dampness and hold which hair curls love.

Number 14: Side Swept Layers Hairstyles

Side Swept Layers

This is a graduated sway that is detached and long the front. This black women short hairstyle gives the hair a more cutting edge turn to the standard graduated weave that is slowly gets longer from back to front. All face shapes with hair that is medium in composition and thickness will look incredible and style effortlessly with this look.

Number 15: Medium Curls Hairstyle

Medium Curls

The border of the exquisite weave is even from front to back, yet its layers bit by bit get longer from the back to the front. This pushes hair towards the face, uproots weight in the back, and keeps up weight in the front while as yet giving it some development. The stature made in this style will permit more extensive face shapes to seem longer. Hair that is medium in composition and thickness will style and look best in this.

Number 16: Short Angled Bob Hairstyles

Angled Bob

The edge of this chic sway step by step gets longer as it achieves the front. The back is graduated to construct volume. It continuously gets longer as it methodologies the back of the ear, detaches, then gets longer and bulkier in the front. All face shapes with hair that is medium in thickness and surface will look best in this style.

Number 17: Razor Cut-Layered Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Razor Cut

This is a great short hairstyles for black ladies.This bob hairstyle is layered shorter in the back and bit by bit gets longer towards the front. Picking layers over graduation permit you to expel weight or mass from your hair. Since the layers are truly short, it’s anything but difficult to style volume and composition into this short hairstyle. With a wash and wear style, anticipate that this will have scarcely any volume. All face shapes will look incredible in this cut and style. Hair that is medium in composition and thickness will effortlessly shape into this style.

Number 18: Cute Bob Hairstyles For Black Girl

Cute Bob

This adorable bounce is one length when separated down the center. At the point when separated to the side, the heavier side gets to be layered subsequent to the hair needs to travel more distant. This works since it does not permit the heavier side of the part to end up excessively massive looked at, making it impossible to the next side. Who does not love two styles with only one cut? All face shapes with hair that is medium in composition and thickness will look best in this style.

Number 19: Short Volume

Short Volume

This is a great short hairstyles for black ladies.This provocative short women hairstyle has the sides trimmed even and short. The highest point of the hair is trimmed short in the back and continuously more towards the front. This gives the style a detached and stylish look as it lays over the hair on the sides. Oval and heart face shapes will look best in this style. Hair that is medium in thickness will effectively style into this look.

Number 20: Evelyn Hairstyle

Evelyn Hairstyle

This is a super provocative awry graduated sway. It fabricates volume in the back, giving the head an awesome profile shape. It showcases the jaw and neck of one side and drastically covers the other side for some riddle. All face shapes will look great in this cut and style. Hair that is medium in thickness and surface will be best for this look.

Number 21: Blunt Bangs

Blunt Bangs

Considering getting hair bangs? At that point, we welcome you to try on these beautiful black female short hairstyles. This eye-touching gruff bang has some genuine pattern claim and they look shocking. In addition they can without much of a stretch be twisted or brushed to the side so you can switch up your hairdo in a glimmer. They look additional astonishing on women with oval or heart-molded countenances!

Number 22: Relaxed Short Bob Hairstyles

Relaxed Short Bob

This is a modernized short form of the 60’s kitten look. The trim is graduated in the back, which gives the hair common volume, and it continuously gets longer toward the face. It gets a cool look by tucking one side behind the ear. More extensive face shapes will seem longer due to the stature made in this look. Hair that is medium in hair texture and thickness will be the best to style into this look.

Number 23: Short Straight Hairstyles For Black Women

Short Straight Black

This truly short women hairstyle is fun and loaded with a lot of texture. The layers on the sides and the top bit by bit get longer towards the face, giving it a truly female look. Oval face shapes will look extraordinary in this style. The tallness in the style makes it a wearable easy route for more extensive face shapes. Hair that is fine to medium in composition and low to medium in thickness will style effortlessly into this look. Apply a styling item to add composition to the hair.

Number 24: Classic Bob Short Hairstyles 2017

Classic Bob

This is an excellent and great graduated bounce that begins shorter in the back and develops longer in the front, however, the chic way it is styled makes it seem as though it is even from the front to the back. All face shapes will look awesome in this style. Hair that is medium in composition and thickness will effectively style into this look.

Number 25: Asymmetrical Bob Short Hairstyles

Asymmetrical Bob

This black women short hairstyle is graduated short in the back and develops step by step longer towards the front. This assembles normal volume. The top is layered which uproots weight, yet makes it sufficiently light to style volume into it. The stature in this style makes it wearable for more extensive face shapes. The blasts make it wearable for more face shapes. Hair that is fine to medium in composition and low to high in thickness will easily style into this look.

Number 26: Shalimar Haircut

Shalimar Haircut

This is a great short hairstyles for black females.Layering wavy hair the right way permits the twists to grow and look great. Longer face shapes will get the hallucination of width with this style. It will style best with hair that is normally wavy.

Number 27: Short Layers Hairstyles For Black Girl

Short Layers

We cherish this look since it is super fun and flirty. The flips in favor of her head truly add a sprinkle of sensitivity to her whole appearance, and the exquisite chocolate cocoa hair shading she’s picked is as astonishing as ever – the ideal match for her skin tone. Accomplishing this look is genuinely straightforward. Get a short hair style to match Halle, then add some basic flips to the closures of your locks and foul it up a bit with your hands. The final result? A super coquettish style that can be glammed up or down for each circumstance.

Number 28: Short Charming Bob Hairstyles For Black Girl

Charming Bob

The edge of this black women short hairstyle is trimmed shorter in the front and step by step longer in the back. Its layers are the inverse — shorter in the back and bit by bit longer in front. This permits hair to still push towards the face without the general short-to-long look. Oval and heart face shapes will look best in this style. Hair that is medium in surface and thickness will effectively accomplish this style.

Number 29: Shaved Down +Very Short Hairstyles For Black Women

Shaved Down Hairstyle

At the point when Janet Jackson ventured on the scene with this super alternate way, we were in stun and in wonderment. She looked exquisite, yet it was surely nothing we were utilized to. It was a strong move, yet she resembles an exquisite, delightful, and complex lady with a similarly striking and excellent voice to coordinate. On the off chance that you need to go the intense course like Janet, try this hair style! We think this would be an incredible thought during the hotter months of summer!

Number 30: Vintage Hairstyle on black women

Vintage Hairstyle

In the event that you need to switch things up with your look, we welcome you attempt on a vintage style like the one Tyra Banks is wearing. She resembles an excellent diva right out of a 1920’s motion picture, with stunning vintage waves maneuvered once more into a low updo that is just impeccable. Coordinated with perfect hoops and a naval force furnish that plays off her skin tone wonderfully, she accomplishes an appealing style we totally love.

Number 31:Faux Hawk Undercut

Faux Hawk Undercut For Black Women

Do you want to have something edgy hat will flatter your angular features a lot? This may be the best hairstyle for you to try. The best thing about this is that you can always change it up to make it your own. From the name, you already know that you are going to have thicker hair on the crown portion of your hair while the sides will be cut short. To change it up, you may opt to get your hair colored. You can color the front portion of your hair with a different color from your natural one.

Number 32:Short, Sweeping Bob

Short Sweeping Bob

Who says that the bob cut always has to look cute and young? You can make the bob cut more dramatic by choosing this sweeping bob cut. This bob needs to have a side part in order to change its appearance immensely. If you have a natural side part, change it up by going even deeper towards the side.

Number 33:Short and Choppy

Short and Choppy

If you want your whole look to be emphasized, you will have a grand time wearing this type of hairstyle. This pixie cut gets an upgrade by making it choppier as compared to the typical pixie. The best part about this is that it can make you look sassy and cool at the same time. Who does not want to look sassy, right? It is a playful hairstyle that will never fail to make you look fashionable. You do not need to spend a lot of time on it too because this is very low maintenance. What else can you look for in a short haircut?

Number 34:Short and Textured Cut

Short and Textured Cut

It does not mean that just because you have short hair strands, you cannot look like royalty anymore. You can always choose to have this short hairstyle that you can style with tousled ends. Since the ends will look feathered, you will resemble a majestic bird that has just come down from the heavens. This hairstyle can also be easily styled whenever you need to go to some events. This will work best for black women who do not have the usual kinky, curly hair but still has thick, black hair.

Number 35:Curled Pixie

Curled Pixie

This is a great short hairstyles for black females.It was mentioned earlier that in order for your hair to look amazing, you need to have a hairstyle that will work with your natural hair’s texture. This curled pixie hairstyle may be the one that you are searching for. The pixie cut can still look great on you as it can make you look neat. When you are a woman who is trying your best to become recognized in the corporate world or you know that you always have to look put together, this is one hairstyle that will not fail you. This is bound to look sophisticated for sure.

Number 36:African American Bump

African American Bump

There are some women who are familiar with the Jersey Bump but this is not the only “bump” that can look classy and sophisticated. This particular bump can look great too and this is very becoming for the African American. Your short hair strands will regain their natural texture but the back portion will be fluffed out a bit so that it can look a bit “bumpy.” It is guaranteed to look good provided that you wear it well.

Number 37:Curly Hairstyles For Black Women

Super Curly For Black Women

You do not need to have an afro in order to show off your ultra curly locks but you can have a type of hairstyle that will emphasize your curls. At the same time, you can also show off how shiny your hair is with this type of hairstyle. You will have a grand time having this haircut. In order to improve your appearance further, you can choose to wear large earrings. You may be surprised with the changes that this can provide.

Number 38:Short and Colored Bob

Short and Colored Bob For Black Women

Let us say that you have had your hair straightened because you want to try out a short bob hairstyle. This may look great on you but you will not be able to show off your personality with this type of hairstyle alone. There is no need to worry though. You can always have your hair colored. Why stick with the usual browns and caramels when you can have a hair color that looks absolutely different?

Number 39:Soft Black Curls

Soft Black Curls

This is a great short hairstyles for black females.The natural curly hair of Blacks are usually very tight and hard. You can still have curly hair but this time, the curls are softer. You can achieve this type of curls by placing your hair in curling rods that will give your desired shape and texture. You can also curl your hair strands with the use of a curling iron. The choice will be up to you. Leave your hair in its natural color to make it look even more appealing than ever.

Number 40:Dramatic and Edgy

Dramatic and Edgy For Black Women

If you consider yourself to be an edgy black woman, then you have to be proud of who you are. The best way to show how proud you are is by showing off your personality through your hairstyle. You will have a grand time showing off the short yet soft hair strands that can sweep downwards, The shape of your hair at the back will be almost like a V. The longest strands will be the one in the middle. Make your hairstyle even better by adding a bit of color to your hair.

Number 41:Varying Lengths

Varying Lengths For Black Women

What if you cannot decide how short you would like your hair to be? This is going to be easy. Choose a hairstyle that comes in varying lengths. This will make sure that your hairstyle is not common at all. Since your hair is curly, the varying lengths can be done in a very creative manner provided that you go to a gifted and talented hair stylist. Do not attempt to cut your hair on your own unless you know how.

Number 42:Forward Locks

Forward Locks For Black Women

You would like your hair to make you look more assertive. The locks of your hair that seem to be pointing forward can be the sassiest cut that you will choose. If you want your hair to behave, you can have it relaxed so that it will be softer but if you do not want to work against your hair’s natural texture, then you can let it be. This look works best for black women who have slightly curly hair.

Number 43:Side Part Short Hair

Side Part Short Hair

This is the type of hairstyle that works best for black women who have thin hair. It may come as a surprise to some people that there are some black women with thin hair but it happens. It may be because of genetics, too much hair weave, too much hair braids and a lot of other reasons but some women do develop thinner hair after some time. The best thing is that the side parted, short hair can give the illusion of thicker hair especially since the hair that are on the top portion of the hair will look thicker than the rest. Choose the side of your hair that you are more comfortable showing.

Number 44:Curly Pixie with Feathery Bangs

Curly Pixie with Feathery Bangs

This is a great short hairstyles for black females.If you want to see some variation with your hair, you can have two hair textures. You can go with your natural curly hair for the most part and have your bangs straightened and textured so that they will look feathery, almost wispy in texture. The long bangs that you will be placing on the front portion of your head will help in hiding your face when you are feeling shy. At the same time, it gives you more time to look at the people who are surrounding you when you are in an uncomfortable event and location.

Number 45:Coifed Short Black Hair

Coifed Short Black Hair

There are a lot of black women who made use of this coifed hairstyle back in the 1950s. it does not mean that just because we are are not in the 50s anymore, this hairstyle cannot be used anymore. You may choose to have this hairstyle when your hair has been relaxed. It will be cut in such a way that it will be easy to hide your hair behind your ears. Your front bangs will be swooped towards the side. The moment that you open your beautiful eyes, you will realize why this hairstyle was so popular in the past.

Number 46:Haircut with Chopped Layers

Haircut with Chopped Layers

This is a great short hairstyles for black ladies.Having a layered haircut may be something that a lot of black women would like to try but if you want to keep your hair short, this is still not a problem. You can simply have this haircut with chopped layers. This hair is cut very close to your scalp so you just need to brush it back so that you can style it a bit. This hairstyle is very lovely and convenient. The fact that you will love the most about this is how you can wake up, shower and not worry about how your hair is going to look like. Simply brush it and you will look perfect.

Number 47:Spiked Curls For Black Women

Spiked Curls For Black Women

There are some women who think that spikes and curls do not mix because curls are usually round in appearance and may appear soft. Spikes on the other hand need to be achieved with the right hair products that will make the hair stand. If your hair is a bit on the wild side and is curly, you can toughen up the way that your hair looks by having your hair cut this way. The spikes should be finger combed. The strength of the hair products that you use will determine how strong the curls and spikes are going to stay all day long.

Number 48:Drama Queen Short Hair

Drama Queen Short Hair For Black Women

Do you consider your life to be full of drama? Then it is only fitting to have the type of hair that can fit in with your dramatic lifestyle. This hairstyle will require you to have long bangs that you will allow to one of your eyes as it swoops towards the side. You can allow your hair to have wavy side burns too. The back portion of your hair can be spiked depending on how you want it. It is guaranteed to look amazing.

Number 49:Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women

Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women

With all of these short hairstyles for black women that you can try, you will realize that you can have a lot of fun with your hair. Get rid of your boring hairstyle now. The new haircut will be worth it.

Number 50:Short Hairstyles For Little Black Girls

Short Hairstyles For Little Black Girls
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Number 51:Best Short Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Best Short Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Number 52:Monica’s New Hair Style

Monica's New Hair Style

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Number 53:Short Spiky Hairstyles For Women

Short Spiky Hairstyles For Women

Number 54:Short Hairstyles For Women With Sunglasses

Short Hairstyles For Women With Sunglasses

Number 55:Short Hairstyles for Black Women With Fine Hair

Short Hairstyles for Black Women With Fine Hair

Number 56:Short Hairstyles for Black Women With Thin Hair

Short Hairstyles for Black Women With Thin Hair

Number 57:Keri Hilson Short Hairstyle With Bangs

Keri Hilson Short Hairstyle With Bangs

Number 58:African American Short Hairstyles

African American Short Hairstyles

That’s it… so which short hairstyle for black women you are going to try this year?