The Beauty of Balayage

While I always emphasise how important it is to embrace your hair’s natural colour, there will be times when you just can’t live without a new hue. And that’s perfectly okay: as they say, a change can be as good as a holiday! When it comes to lightening up, one of the most natural-looking and modern colouring techniques available in salons right now is balayage.


Essentially, balayage involves painting sections of the hair freehand, rather than using foils or a streaking cap. The end result is a relaxed “grown out” look that takes literally minutes to achieve, and requires less maintenance than traditional highlights.

Balayage is already popular among celebs because of its casual, rather bohemian style: the look is sun-kissed, outdoorsy and very natural-looking.

Personally speaking, my favourite thing about balayage as a colouring technique is its versatility. Because the colour is being painted on, you get to choose exactly which sections you want to be lightened, and by how many shades. Whether you want a barely noticeable colour shift or a dramatic change that will make your friends give a double take, balayage is likely to work in your favour.

And best of all, you won’t be forced to visit the salon every month for touch-ups, as the very essence of balayage is in its “grown out” look. A retouching every three to four months is all that’s required.
Balayage is an ideal colouring technique for any kind of lightening, whether you’re after a blonde boost or want to add some caramel tones to your naturally brown hair. Not all salons will have a balayage colour expert on hand, so it’s definitely worth doing your research and calling a few salons to ask in advance.

And whatever you do, don’t try it at home: it may look easy while you’re sitting in the chair, but it is definitely one for the professionals!

So if you’re sick of your current colour and feel the need to lighten up, then why not give balayage a try? It might be exactly what you need to boost your hair’s beauty without it looking fake and unnatural.