Top 20 Stylish Undercut Haircut for Men

There’s always a risk for men to slip into something gaudy so basically men shouldn’t use many accents in their looks. That is the only reason that every detail in the hairstyles of men plays an important role. These undercut hairstyles are the ancient hairstyles that the people used to wear several decades ago. This hairstyle is amazing enough to make you look individually brighter and versatile without going to the edge.

Any hair type and hair color are best for men’s haircut. The only way that your undercut haircut will not work and won’t suit you is if you’re going bald or your hairs are extraordinarily fine and fair. Undercut hairstyles have this amazing advantage that they can suit the men of every age.

They will suit the men even older than 40. There are several different types of undercut hairstyles as other hairstyles. Some of the types of undercut hairstyles would turn heads while others are simply very modest. We’ll provide you with a review of all the types of undercut hairstyles so that you can select the most comfortable hairstyle.

Top 20 Stylish Undercut Haircut for Men

  1. Side Undercut with Fade for Men

Side Undercut with Fade for Men

This hairstyle is very amazing with the blend of fade and undercut hairstyle. This undercut haircut is quite upgraded with a part of a shave and facial hairstyle. You should always try to comb the upper part back and to the side so that you could clearly expose the defined part line and shouldn’t wear the upper part too long.

  1. Long Wavy Undercut Hairstyles

Long Wavy Undercut Hairstyles

If your hairs are curly then it is the best haircut that you can adopt. The only way that you can get this trendy haircut is that you should grow your hair long enough on the top of your head. You can use any styling product or a gel to create a punkish effect with the wave of your upper curly long bangs. Alternatively, you should get a shaved part to separate the longer and shorter sections or you should keep the undercut well-trimmed. This will make your haircut look stylish, neat, funky and trendy all at the same time.

  1. Long All-around undercut Haircut For Men

Long All-around undercut

As this haircut goes very well with cute boyish features, so this definitely is the best undercut haircut for all the young men around. You can wear this undercut that is not too short but gives you a look in a way that the longer part is gathered into a man bun and is swept to one side of your head. If you want to increase the volume you should use a good shampoo. You can apply the minimum quantities of invisible styling product if you feel the need to use something to fix it in place.

  1. Wavy Top and Fade Undercut For Men

Wavy Top and Fade Undercut For Men
The men who are very careful with their clothing choices don’t have to worry more about their hairstyles. This undercut haircut is quite ideal for men and is the very stylish haircut. This haircut is very suitable and compatible with a short beard. This haircut will prove to be the partially successful shaved spin that will be best with famous lumbersexual style. By styling the top section in wavy and long strands, you’ll get the most of this haircut. You can also consider highlighting this subtle haircut for an amazing style.

  1. Curly Undercut Haircut For Men

Curly Undercut

This haircut may actually be very easy for you if you have naturally curly hair. In order to highlight your curls, you must try to get a barber to do your undercut, then by using a little gel or any other fixing hair product; you can style your hair. It is advisable for you to get a slightly wet look. If you have naturally dark hair, then this haircut is best suitable for you.

  1. Double Layer Undercut Haircut For Men

Double Layer Undercut
This amazing undercut haircut includes featuring a short-trimmed part of haircut under the main. Under the short trimmed part, you will place the longer hair part and another shaved hairline. This will help you create a double layer effect. This double layer undercut haircut is particularly very impactful if you also wear a full long beard.

  1. Side Undercut with Amazing Shaved Design

Side Undercut with Amazing Shaved Design

For young men, this undercut haircut is one of the gorgeous styles. This haircut includes intricate serpent-style lines which are clearly shaved on the sides of the head. In order to preserve the clear-cut pattern, this trendy undercut haircut doesn’t require much styling but you just need to go to the barber.

  1. Preppy Long Quiff Style Haircut For Men

Preppy Long Quiff Style

Due to the preppy feel, this style looks similar to the college boy’s hairstyle that goes slightly off the map into the street style. If your hair is slightly long up top, then this hairstyle is simple enough to achieve. You need to advise your barber that in the upper part of the hair he needs to preserve the length. Then, by using a styling product, you just have to comb it back.

  1. Black Undercut with Shaved Design Haircut For Men

Black Undercut with Shaved Design

This Black Undercut haircut includes a subtle pattern of multiple rows. This hairstyle has the feature that it works well with all the colors and types of hair as well. You just have to make sure that you maintain the haircut carefully with the regular trims. Since this haircut doesn’t take long for side hair to grow out, so you can also experiment with different kind of designs.

  1. Side Undercut with Horizontal Lines

Side Undercut with Horizontal Lines Men

When the men want to experiment their look with some funky Mohawk-inspired style, then this type of undercut haircut is best for these men. To the undercut part, you apply the shaved horizontal lines that give you a classy and bold look at the same time. This haircut is slightly reminiscent of some tribal pattern. This haircut can work best as an interpretation of Viking short styles, especially for blonde hair.

  1. Long Hair Faded undercut For Men

Long Hair Faded undercut For Men

If you have long and thick hair, then this undercut haircut will provide you with something exceptional and bold look. The nape undercuts and faded side are quite amazing to separate the longer hair up top and the longer beard. The dense naturally curly hair will work best with this kind of haircut.

  1. Afro Undercut Hairstyle For Men

Afro Undercut

On the natural side, this trendy style features the Afro hair. The strengths and the charms of this Afro haircut are its angled temples and clear-cut line.

  1. Architectural style Hairstyle For Men

Architectural style

If you have naturally dark hair, then this Architectural Undercut is great for you. It will make you able to expose all the details of your haircut easily. The major elements of this wonderful male short undercut style are the angled hairline blended with the facial hairstyle, its faded styles and the shaved parting line.

  1. Shaved Sides for Men Haircut

Shaved Sides for Men Haircut

When men want a look that is stylish as well as lowly maintained, the men choose this type of undercut haircut. For the shaved designs, enough space is available at the back and closely clipped sides. The shaved designs can either be simple or more complicated patterns.

  1. Undercut with Long Dreads and Lined Pattern

Undercut with Long Dreads and Lined Pattern

In order to upgrade your looks with dreads, this is a perfect hairstyle for that. If you want a more upgraded look you can pair this haircut with nape undercut. You can also wear long dreads that are swept back to one side or are gathered together in a pony. For men, this is one of the most popular examples of undercuts.

  1. Military Style Undercut Haircut For Men

Military Style Undercut Haircut Men


In order to look stylish and different, you vary your hairstyles and haircuts as Brad Pitt and all other celebrities do. This image of Brad Pitt shows the cool men undercut from one of his famous films that are the American war film “Fury”. This is a perfect side undercut that shows a nice transition from medium length hair to the manly hairstyle.

  1. Edgy Undercut Hairstyle for Special Occasions

Edgy Undercut Hairstyle for Special Occasions

The man in the image is Siva Kaneswaran who reminds us of a high smoothly done fade. For the fantastic edgy finish, his thick and dark hair on the top is partially razored. This hairstyle looks even more amazing when styled upwards with extra definition and with lots of texture. You’ll easily style this haircut with wax if you opt for this haircut. Also, if you want to maximize your hair volume, you can blow dry your hair.

  1. Short Blonde Style with Undercuts and a side part

Blonde Style with Undercuts and a side part
The amazing haircut of Adam Levine is the men’s undercut that has the elongated front section that can also be styled into a trendy side sweet or can either be brushed backward. In order to succeed with this hairstyle, you have to pay attention to the lifts at the roots. For a good hair color upgrade for men, hair bleaching to the palest blonde tone with dark blonde hair may be a good idea.

  1. Mohawk-Inspired Hairstyle

Mohawk-Inspired Hairstyle For Men

Like a Mohawk, the Brazilian professional footballer named Neymar has adopted a steeply angled haircut with undercuts that are perfectly styled into the rigid feathers. For a more distinct look, the shaved line has the feature of separating the top section from the undercut. You may like the idea of men’s undercut with the highlighted ends if you’re not ready to change the color of your hair completely.

  1. Classy Textured Hairstyle

Classy Textured Hairstyle For Men

You have to note that the ideal shape of the face is square for men. The perfect undercuts with accentuates or with short sides either can create this ideal face shape. You may not like the haircuts with high contrasts of lengths if you think that you’re a conservative type guy. In order to fit into the office and casual look, the neatly tapered style as Joe Jonas has is the compromise solution for that.

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