Unique Diy Hair Accessories

Making your own hair accessories is both an enjoyable experience in itself, and the only way there is to ensure that your own accessories are truly unique. The more unusual the materials, the more likely you are to create a standout piece that your girlfriends will covet (and possibly steal – so watch out!) Feathers, buttons, lace, brass coins, stockings, silk flowers, beads, strips of leather and suede – each of these materials and many more have been used to great effect. I’ve even seen a girl with teabags in her hair… not exactly a style I’d choose for myself, but you have to give her points for originality!


Do-it-yourself hair accessories allow you to create a style that is uniquely yours.

The materials you decide to use really depend on the overall look that you’re after and how crafty you are. Feathers have become big news of late, with several international fashion houses (including Chanel and Nina Ricci) using feathery embellishments in their recent collections. Feathers are also moving up the trend ladder in a major way when it comes to hairstyles as well – you can now get bohemian-style feathered hair extensions that can be left in for weeks at a time. Alternatively, you can make a gorgeous DIY feathered headband like this one from top accessories designer Jennifer Behr (unfortunately there’s no ‘final product’ photo available, so you’ll have to use your imagination there).


Making a unique headband out of gold wire and feathers.

Leather is another natural material that is ideal for making hair accessories, as it is easy to work with and can be bought at your local craft store. You can make superb Native American-inspired accessories with strips of leather and beads; plait three large strips of it together to create a braided headband; or wrap your hair Viking-style with one long strip of leather like singer Ke$ha has in the photograph below. Faux leather (vinyl) also makes for some lovely hair adornments and is usually much sturdier and cheaper than real leather – check out these handmade barrettes, ponytail holders and vinyl headbands, complete with simple do-it-yourself instructions.


Have some old stockings lying around? If you don’t it doesn’t matter, as they’re available at the supermarket and can be cut to make ponytail holders and headbands. Use the legs of the stockings to make ultra soft, no-snag hair elastics – the width is up to you – and cut out the top of the stockings to make a stretchy, flat headband (bonus points if the stockings happen to be fishnets). Alternatively you can cut the legs of the stockings down the length in three parts and braid them together, creating a thicker headband that can be worn both classically or hippie-style.

And for those of us who possess decent sewing skills (or have a close friend or relative who does), it’s worth taking a look at these fabulous tutorials for making DIY head scarves and headbands. The finished products are nothing short of beautiful and best of all, you get to choose the fabrics and patterns yourself. It certainly beats spending your cash on the generic, store-bought versions, and gives you the added thrill of knowing that your creation is truly one of a kind.