16 Bad Haircuts and Styles You Should Avoid This Year

Whether you’re making an appointment for your first-ever trim or a style change, knowing what kind of cut will best suit your hair type and face shape is essential.

Unfortunately, there are some bad haircuts that you should avoid, as they can prove to be a disaster for your look. From too-short layers to an unflattering bang cut, you’ll want to ensure that your stylist knows exactly what they’re doing.

To ensure you don’t end up with a bad haircut, look at the worst offenders and how to avoid them. With the proper knowledge and advice, you can get the perfect, stylish look you’ve dreamed of.

Some Bad haircuts and styles to avoid

We have experienced bad haircuts at least once in a lifetime. These pictures show us terrible haircuts.

  1. Don’t blend the brim.

Do not blend the brim

This hairstyle is what you call imaginative and crazy—the stylist’s tools to create a style that is as ridiculous as it is funny. A classic flat top cap-like-like shape e in front makes the hair an entirely down broom look

The broom look

Have you seen a broom? That is what we have here. The thing about this hairstyle is that it is so outlandish and a bit funny. It is hard to understand what the stylist was thinking here.

  1. The rattail

The rattail

One thing about creativity is there is a thin line between insanity and it. It is almost comical to look at this haircut. A rattail shape at the back of the head destroys whatever the stylist was trying to do here. I am sure that this guy won’t rock this haircut for long. It is the type that will make it difficult to leave the house.

  1. The double mustache

The double mustache

Here, he couldn’t decide where he wanted the mustache, so he chose to have it both ways. It is hard to imagine where the inspiration for this style came from. I am sure the stylist didn’t choose this hairstyle because it is one of the most unprofessional looks I have seen this year.

  1. There is something on your head.

There is something on your head

This haircut is difficult to describe in words. At first, it looks like an animal on this guy’s head. When you look closer, you will think it is a rat. It may look like a rodent. Please don’t try this hairstyle for any reason this year.

  1. This is how not to style your hair

This how not to style your hair

When you look at a style like this, it is hard to imagine what the stylist is thinking. This is a mistake because there is no way a professional will see a hair in such a way that it will look like chicken feathers. I am sure this guy won’t be going out anytime soon.

  1. Stylish


There is nothing wrong with doing a few creative designs for your haircut. Style shows creativity. However, in this pi, a picture we see when the style is overused. The combination of different makes the hair so bad. Hence the reason it is on our list of bad haircuts. 

  1. Two branches

Two branches hairstyle

The picture below shows that the frown on the guy’s face matches the haircut he got. It is hard to imagine what is going on here. This is one of the record books for the worst hairstyle ever seen, from the frown on this guy’s face. This is not what he had in mind when he went to the salon.

  1. An attachment to the head

An attachment to the head

There are no words to describe this haircut. All we can say is loud,’ lord have mercy.’ This is like something you would see in a movie. The haircut is so bizarre that I am sure this guy will get lots of unwanted attention on the street. That is, if he has the guts to step out. Yeah, it will require some guts to step out with a haircut like this.

  1. What just happened?

What just happened

That must be the question anyone who sees this haircut would be asking. It is like something done for comic purposes or a dare. Ordinarily, this haircut shouldn’t be allowed in the first place, and if I were in this guy’s shoes, I would be asking for my money back from this stylist. It is a big letdown. This haircut will be changed immediately.

  1. This is how not to style hair.

This is how not to style a hair

In this picture, it is obvious that this man is bald. However, it is wrong to cover it up with this style. The obvious decision would have to shave the hair completely. You should be proud of your baldness. This is why it is on our list of terrible haircuts.

  1. Stylish disaster

Stylish disaster

In this list, we have seen terrible haircuts. However, this one is up there with the worst. It is so hard not to laugh when you look at this haircut. It represents everything wrong with a bad haircut. The strands of hair in front make it even more disappointing. It looks like something out of a comic book for children.

  1. So creepy

So creepy

Weirdness is referred to as style; however, this picture is far from the truth. This creepy haircut gives me the creeping am sure it does the same thing to you. Imagine walking into a bar and seeing someone with this haircut sitting next to the door. It is a certain way to make you get out of there fast. This is why it made a list of terrible haircuts.

  1. The clown look

The clown look

Hairevealseveal a lot about the personality of a person. This haircut will give you an idea of an unserious individual. Although this may be mainly for entertainment purposes, this haircut is bound to give people the wrong idea about you. It is weird and crazy at the same time. This guy should ask for his money from the stylist who made this.

  1. Don’t mix business with pleasure.

Don’t mix business with pleasure

Indeed, most have heard the phrase ‘ don’t mix business with pleasure. ‘ Apparently, this stylist has not or maybe doesn’t understand what the above statement means. Combining business and playing on the hair is a big mistake that ruined this haircut.

  1. The undercut bob

The undercut bob

The thing about this haircut is that it is not bad. However,  it is not meant to be seen in public. Although it may look good on guys with certain matinee charm, it looks like a mullet put upside down for most people.  This haircut may not be the worst on this list, but it remains one to avoid whenever you visit your stylist.