35 Best Ways to Style Bantu knots For Your Hair

The bantu knot hairstyle is inspired from the traditional South African hairstyle, but in a much easier version. This is a type of hairstyle that is very popular among black women especially those with natural hair. This hairstyle has several variations, and the most common one involves braiding hair into small sections and then tying them together at the end.

The bantu knot hairstyle is perfect for anyone who wants to try something new but doesn’t want to commit to a long-term hairstyle. It is also a great option for people with naturally curly or wavy hair who want to add volume to their hairstyle.

The bantu knot are easy to make and, once you get the hang of it, can be done in a few minutes. It isalso  very easy to maintain. You will only need a few things: a comb, your favorite hair products, and hair elastics.

How to Style Bantu knots For Your Hair?

These simplified steps will let you do Bantu knots beautifully. If you are trying it for the first time, take help from your friend or family.

  • Preparation: You must prepare your hair before trying to do any hairstyle. Try using a sulfate-free shampoo to avoid hardening of hair. You need to leave most of your scalp unexposed by doing this hairstyle. So you must prepare your hair before trying to clean the scalp.
  • Conditioning the hair: Use conditioner to remove the hardness while coiling the hair. A conditioner will prevent the breakage of hair.
  • Detangling: You must detangle your hair before combing it. You must detangle the hair for doing the smooth Bantu-knots.
  • Drying the hair: Instead of drying the hair thoroughly, do Bantu knots in partially dried hair. It is easy to do this style in damp hair.
  • Sectioning the hair: Sectioning the hair depends on your hair size. If your hair is shorter, you can have smaller sectioning of half inches. You can section your longer hair into 3 or 4 inches. If you are trying to do Bantu knot-outs, choose smaller or wider sections depending on the texture of your desired curls.
  • Apply cream: Cream or settling product will hold your knots in place. It will let your hair stick together to create beautiful knots.
  • Create knots: Start with smaller sections from the forehead. Twist the hair strand and begin screwing it in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. After twisting the base, screw the remaining part of the hair around the base.
  • Secure the knots: You can secure the knots by tucking the end in the coil. If the coil is loose, you can either use the pins or twist the strand tightly again.
  • Repeat the procedure: Do Bantu-knots by following the above process in the other sections of the hair. If you wish to have Bantu knout-outs, then uncoil the strands.

35 Best Ways to Style Bantu knots For Your Hair

  1. Braided Bantu-knots

Braided Bantu-knots


Without adding any hair extensions, you can do beautiful Bantu knots. These stunning Bantu knots can let you sport a stylish look every day. You add elegance to the elegant look by turning the braids into knots.

  1. Spiral Bantu-Knots

Spiral Bantu-Knots


The spiral Bantu knots display the exposed scalp in a spiral pattern. If you wish to sport a different and distinctive outlook, this hairstyle is perfect.

  1. Mini Bantu-knots

Mini Bantu-knots


You won’t need hair extensions or long hair to sport this hairstyle. You must prepare your shorter hair perfectly to hold the knots securely in place. These cute little Bantu-knots are a perfect way to celebrate the girl in you.

  1. Headband style

Headband style Bantu-knots


Wearing a headband braid is difficult as it might damage the hair. The headband braid might give you pain if worn for a long time. The next time you wish to wear a headband, try wearing Bantu knots on the forehead. It will give you the convenience of wearing a headband style without any discomfort.

  1. Corn-row fashioned knots

Corn-row fashioned Bantu knots


The cornrow fashion will let you sport the stunning look at a party or even your work every day. You will have to braid the sections in cornrow fashion and twist the braid into knots at the top of the head.

  1. Golden Bantu-knots

Golden Bantu-knots


The Bantu knots with blonde hair color will improve your style and elegance at the party. If you are afraid of the breakage of the hair due to dye, you can use hair extensions.

  1. Mohawk Bantu-knots

Mohawk Bantu-knots


Isn’t it cool and exciting to create Mohawk braids with the knots? Section the hair from the forehead to the nape of the neck and braid it to create Mohawk style. You can twist these braids to create a beautiful hairstyle.

  1. Two-toned Bantu-knots

Two-toned Bantu-knots


By coloring the Bantu knots and part of the scalp in different vibrant colors, you get to highlight it beautifully. If you wish to sport your hairstyle like the woman in the picture, all you have to do is to dye your hair with two vibrant colors of your choice.

  1. Mega Bantu-knots

Mega Bantu-knots


The mega Bantu-knots are for you if you have long hair. The easiest way to curl your long hair without applying heat is to twist it into a mega Bantu-knot. It will create long-lasting curly hair when you uncoil it.

  1. Kid-friendly Bantu knots

Kid-friendly Bantu knots


Become a cool mom by doing this unusual style for your kids. There is no doubt about the admiration she will receive at school the next day.

  1. Half-up, Half-down

Half-up, Half-down Bantu Knots


This unique hairstyle lets you wear two different hairstyles with comfort and convenience. The half-up, half-down will let you highlight the facial features beautifully.

  1. Red Bantu-knots

Red Bantu-knots


The Red Bantu knots give vibrancy to your outlook. If you wish to highlight your energetic personality, this is the perfect way to express it.

  1. Dreadlock

Dreadlock Bantu knots


This hairstyle is the best way to add a vintage outlook to your bubbling personality. You will have to create deadlocks first and then twist them to form Bantu knots.

  1. Mixed Patterns

Mixed Patterns Bantu Knots


Bantu Knot allows you to combine, mix and sport different patterns easily. Scroll down to get inspired by this unique hairstyle. You will need a perfect hairdresser to create a replica of this beautiful hairstyle.

  1. Single Bantu Knots

Single Bantu Knots


This hairstyle lets you wear this beautiful curly hair without undergoing any discomfort or pain. You can add a single Bantu knot on top of the head, allowing the curly hair to flow freely in the back.

  1. Front and Back

Front and Back Bantu-knots


You get to distinguish your front and back head by wearing this hairstyle. You can section the front portion of the hair separately and twist it into tiny knots at different places. Similarly, do the same with the back portion of the head.

  1. Cute Curls

Cute curls with Bantu-knots


For natural curls, try this hairstyle from the picture. We suggest you attempt this style before the day you want curls in your hair. Uncoil the knots carefully with your hands. Make sure not to use a comb to separate the strands.

  1. Freestyle Bantu knots

    Freestyle Bantu knots


Isn’t it beautiful to experiment with various combinations of hairstyles with knots? While you can wear the knots on the forehead, you can also braid smaller sections at the back of the head. You can add metal beads or ribbons to highlight the braids.

  1. Round Bantu knots

Round Bantu knots


This haircut creates perfect tiny knots all over your head. Try replacing this hairstyle with regular hair braids that you wear to work every day.

  1. Mini Style

Mini style with Ribbon Bantu knots


To become the most incredible mom, you can learn to do this style on your daughter’s hair. With a ribbon to decorate the mini Bantu knot, your daughter will love this style.

  1. Colorful knots

Colorful Bantu knots


This hairstyle is for you to create a unique trend at the party. You can either use hair extension or dye the natural hair to create a cool hairstyle as in the picture.

  1. Twisted

Twisted Bantu Knots


These twisted knots require a highly trained professional for styling. You would need patience and effort to get it done. It also requires some maintenance after styling.

  1. Crowned

Crowned Bantu Knots


This haircut allows you to express the queen inside you elegantly. You achieve the desired result by braiding the smaller sections from the forehead in cornrow fashion and twisting these braids into a Bantu-knot.

  1. Two braids on the front

Bantu-knots with two braids on the front


A cute little addition of two mini braids in the front adds beauty to the otherwise stunning look. You can decorate the knots and mini braids with beads and ribbons.

  1. Patterned Knots

Patterned Bantu Knots


Bantu knots expose most of the scalp. You can use it to your advantage by sectioning it to reveal a definite pattern on the scalp. It will let you capture more beautiful pictures from different angles.

  1. Bantu knots Pattern with curls

Bantu knots Pattern with curls


This beautiful hairstyle lets you rock curls with minute knots on the forehead. You can twist the front portion of the head into knots that will reveal a pattern on the scalp.

  1. Bantu knots by adding braids

Bantu knots by adding braids


This haircut creates patterns in the scalp that give a distinct look to your personality. These patterns created by mini braids will allow you to unique sport patterns.

  1. Side-swept Curls

Side-swept curls with small Bantu Knots


To sport tight curls, you can do tiny Bantu knots with smaller sections of hair. Uncoil the Bantu-knots in the sides to create Bantu-knot outs.

  1. Black Panther-inspired hairstyle

Black Panther-inspired Bantu knot hairstyle


As the name suggests, this hairstyle is an inspiration from Black Panther. You get to create braids around the mini knots on top of the head. You can wish to choose the spots for the knots in the rest of the head.

  1. Party Bantu Knots

Party Bantu Knots


The most excellent way to rock at the party is to sport this Bantu knot. A few decorations here and there, and you are ready to go for a stunning look.

  1. Side Bantu Knots

Side Bantu Knots


This haircut results from partitioning the hair sideways. You get to sport the hair free from knots in any way you want. Cute tiny Bantu knots created on the sides will give you a refreshing outlook.

  1. Combo Back on Natural Hair

Bantu Knot Combo Back on natural hair


To sport the hairstyle like this woman in the picture, all you need is an experienced hairdresser who would work in your taste. You can choose the combo of patterns depending on your preference.

  1. Partially Uncoiled Bantu Knots

Partially uncoiled Bantu Knots


This hairstyle lets you sport partial curls with mini knots. You should uncoil the knots partially to wear this beautiful outlook.

  1. Curly Hairstyle

The best hairstyle for curly hair


We are not speaking about the normal curly hair, but those beautiful natural tight locks. It has a lovely touch, but you might find it difficult to sport a different hairstyle with this hair texture. Don’t worry; we have got your back. Try this hairstyle and share your experiences with us,

  1. Bantu Knot-outs with Dreadlocks

Bantu Knot-outs with Dreadlocks


The dreadlock hairstyle is fancier when uncoiled from Bantu knots. You get to achieve the tightly textured dreadlocks by uncoiling the knots.

Does Bantu knots damage hair?

Bantu knots won’t damage your hair if done correctly. It’s important to note that the health of your hair starts from the inside.

What you put in your body is just as important as what you do to your hair. Bantu knots are great for styling, but they can also be used to promote hair growth. In order to get the most out of this style, you’ll want to eat foods rich in iron, zinc, and protein.

Before creating Bantu knots on the hair, moisturize it and keep it damp. While doing this style on the back of the head after finishing other sections, you might feel that the hair is dried up. In such cases, spray water and continue to twist the knots. Do not pull the knots while uncoiling. You can use a cap to wrap the knots before going to bed.

Avoid twisting the hair so tightly to prevent hair damage and loss. Use water with shampoo to spray on the scalp to clean up the dirt and contamination.