30 Best Beard Fade Haircut You Should Try Out

Are you thinking of how to create just a good beard fade at home? What could be the options? You are at the right place to find all these answers to your questions. Firstly, let’s start with the basics and then move on to the best fade that will change your entire look.

Best Beard Fade Haircut

So, what Is a Beard Fade?

A beard fade is usually a facial hairstyle when the beard is well-trimmed, and the sideburns get gradually longer towards the chin end in a much fuller look. The beard transition is gradual from the shortest near the cheeks to the longest around the jawline. 

A good beard fade will create a seamless and elegant look and a good transition from the short sideburns to the bushier beard near the chin. Faded beards are a perfect balance between a manly and a classy look. It gives you more of a more sophisticated look.

However, some maintenance is required when it comes to faded beards. It can be of varying lengths and styles; the longer you choose to make it, it will have more of a dramatic overall fade effect.

Learning more about how to deal with a soft beard is essential. Especially if you are a person who loves to keep the head bald or you want to keep the sides of your head shaved, beard fade is a must to create an overall fantastic look of yours.

The soft beard creates a blend from the hair to the sideburns. Altogether the beard looks smooth and seamless, thereby avoiding any missteps. Once you know it is the right thing to do, you can always go for it; add to it, and do not forget the proper steps. Achieving a nice beard fade is not a difficult task but quite a simple and versatile one.

If you are looking for some of the trendiest looks for your beard, you can never go wrong with a beard fade. For an overall elegant and classy look, beard fade can be just the right option for you.

30 Best Beard Fade Haircuts You Should Try Out

Be it any length, style, or ambiance, beard fade is something that suits everything. Here are some of the trendiest beard fades that are a must-try.

  1. Faded full beard

Faded full beard

A full beard can often conceal your facial features. It is always better to keep the beard long and lush but with a certain fade around the cheekbones. The fade will clearly show the facial features and the cheekbones being the highlight.

  1. Low side fade

Low side fade

This style is a good one to put the total emphasis on the face all at once. This style keeps the beard thick and full around the jaw and chin while it is thinner and fading towards the ears, and there is also a skin fade below the cheekbones.

  1. Low and trim stubble fade

Low and trim stubble fade

This style is best for those who do not want the whole coverage on their face but only want to keep its stubble. It does not create a stubble look since it is low on the front. The fade is sharp, but it is not a straight one.

  1. Side Stubble with bearded chin

Side Stubble with bearded chin

This style comprises a thicker scruff on the chin while it is stubble along the jawline and sides of the face. The jaw and the side stubble fade are excellent, so the chin beard is the highlight of the face.

  1. Fade by the ears

Fade by the ears

This style is for the guys who want a complete, lush beard and a crisp look. It provides an excellent starting line for the hair across the cheeks. The fade is above the ears and gives a solid look to the beard coming down to the bottom of the ears.

6. Cheeks to chin fade

Cheeks to chin fade

This style is specifically for the ones who are conscious about their chin. The beard will cover the chin and the surrounding areas like the jaw. This cut gradually fades on the cheeks while remaining thick and coarse around the chin.

7. Double fade

Double fade

This fade combines two fade cuts- the skin fade and the bald fade. Beneath the jaw, the bald fade is given.  The connection between the two fades makes the look all the more elegant. 

8. Fresh bald fade

Fresh bald fade

This beard style is formal, making you look like a perfect gentleman. The beard has more length around the chin and beneath the jaw. There can be an added elegance with a mustache. Around the jaws, the beard is cut short and ends in a bald fade, giving an overall fresh and clean look.

9. Pure fades

Pure fades

It is an intricate style that requires a lot of skills to achieve. The area beneath the jaw is given a bald fade, making the style look effortless. The style creates a very cool touch to the face.

10. Low beard fade

Low beard fade

The look is a must for those who want to add more life around the dark beard. The fade is low around the jaws while adding grey highlights to create more of a granny look. It goes well with the bald fade given on the hair.

 11. Tapered cut

Tapered cut

The fade look creates a very edgy look to the face. The volume of the beard decreases from the chin towards the jaws, which creates a stylish and a stylish and tapered finish. Overall it makes an exquisite and intelligent look. 

12. Bald fade bottom

Bald fade bottom

This style gives a thin and bald look at the bottom, and it is connected to the hair along the beard outline. Around the neck area, it provides a soft touch and a stylish appeal of a bald fade. Overall, it gives an edgy look.

13. Leveled with hair

Leveled with hair

It is a fun and dramatic style that will make you stand out from the crowd. The jaws are trimmed shorter and matched with the goatee on the chin. Also, a must-recommend gentleman style that will go with any formal wear.

14. Textured Fade

Textured Fade

The style adds more drama to your beard. The beard creates an uncut jaws look. In the outline, it changes to a skin fade at the beard outline. The look also creates a visual appeal and makes the beard easy to spot.

15. Taper Fade

Taper Fade

The curly hair matches well with the tapered cut. Primarily a look is created where the front part of the ear is given a sharp fade, which disconnects the beard from the hair evenly.

16. Thin Razor fade

Thin Razor fade

A famous beard fade for many. It is simple and easy to do. A razor fade is given on the sides of the jaws, a neat trim along the sides, and a trim lining on the lower edge. 

17. Artistic


To create more of an artistic look for the beard, in this look, the beard is trimmed up sharp and edgy. While the beard is thicker in and around the chin, the slight fade wonders on the jaws.

18. Bossy beard trim

Bossy beard trim

It creates a bald fade in the neck and head, making a very bossy look. It also creates an irresistible and bossy look that creates a commanding appearance.

19. Bald fade cut

Disconnected fade cut

This bald fade cut separates the beard from the chin and jaws, adding its uniqueness. It can create a funky and unique style. With this fade style, what goes best is a pair of cool shades.

20. Musketeer Styling

Musketeer Styling

The most vintage look that cannot be resisted is this one. The blade-fade matches perfectly for the ones having a handlebar mustache. The blade fade continues from around the chin and jaws. It can go well with any hairstyle.

21. Fat beard fade

Fat beard fade

It creates a perfect taper fade to the beard. Moreover, around the chin and the jaw areas, it adds a lot of thickness to the beard. Also, it mostly it is a very legendary style to be tried.

22. Simple and clean fade

Simple and clean fade

The style adds more of a funky style to the hair and beard. The fade is contrasting on both ends. It creates an artistic look yet a very classic look. It is for the ones who want to experiment a lot with their hair and beard.

23. Beardzilla


For those with a bald fade haircut, you get a lot of thickness around the chin area and a tapered cut around the beard lineup. Also, the gray and blonde highlights bring about more drama to your beard. It creates more of a classy look altogether.

24. Razor fade

Razor fade

One of the favorite looks among people, this beard fade gives out a neat trim lining look on the lower edge of your jaws. After all, it cannot be denied as one of the best signature cuts among youngsters.

25. Thin beard trim

Thin beard trim

This fade cut is the best for those who want to keep your style a little sassy and stylish. The sides of the jaws are trimmed out perfectly, creating an illusion of a fade-shade tapered cut.

26. Classic taper fade

Classic taper fade

This blade fade adds extra elegance and shines with the help of layrite. The taper fade lines just from the sides of the jaw give an overall shine to the beard and hair.

27. Half-Blade fade

Half-Blade fade

The fade creates a fantastic look for the bushy blonde beard. The ones with a good volume of hair and beard create the best look. The half-blade fade acts wonders to the bushy blonde beard and hair.

28. Perfect side fade

Perfect side fade

This fade cut has the perfect side beard lineup way up to the hair. Around the chin and jaw areas, the fade is left thick, that might also create an overall contrasting look.

29. Highlighted


If you think your cut is not enough for you and might be boring, you can go for this cut. It adds spice to your beard and hair to spice things up and match the skin fade.

30. Blended fade

Blended fade

 The disconnected beard creates a perfect blend that goes well with a Mohawk style. The clean artistic shave also adds more style and drama to the look.

Today, grooming has become one of the most trendy elements of our lifestyle. There are millions of stylish grooming options you can choose from; beard fade is just another one. Hopefully, this information about beard fade has been helpful to you, and you are surely going with it.

How To Create A Beard Fade at home?

Doing the beard fade at home is easy; all it requires are tools, namely a beard comb, a razor, and some adjustable clippers or trimmer. This could be your first step in beard fading at home.

Secondly, you need to wash your beard thoroughly and make it fresh and dry. Then, eliminate any tangles in your beard, and put some beard oil to hydrate it well. With the help of the adjustable trimmers and clippers, outline the outer edge of the beard around the neck, and keep in mind that it should go parallel with the jaw.

Your next step would be to attach grade size two, 6 mm, run the clippers downwards from the ears to the chin and remove the extras.

After all the adjustments are made, the process of fading the beard comes in. Start with trimming about 1cm of hair around the ears. Then repeat this step below and above the previous section with a grade size1 of 3 mm. With the 4.5 mm blade, you can create a smooth transition between sections 1 and 2 grades. And with no guard and blades open to 0.5, which is 1.5 mm, make a smooth transition between the sections trimmed with 0 and 12 grades. And then finally, give clear-cut edges with the help of a razor.

Lastly, do not forget to apply an aftershave lotion after you are done.

Will the faded beard work for me?

You might initially be hesitant to think and try a new style. There are numerous benefits to trying out a faded beard; it will make you look classy and neat simultaneously. Although there are multiple benefits, you cannot be denied the maintenance factor. Therefore, there is some time you need to devote to maintain the beard fade. The fade will create an inconsistency; therefore, if not properly maintained, it might make a patchy beard and impossible to transform into a classic fade.

Primarily men with half-shave or wholly shaved heads go for fading beards, which is fine as it creates a transition in your face. However, if you are someone who has a head full of hair, then sideburns and a beard is the highlight for you.

Sometimes,  if you are someone who has a faded beard and has faded hair as well, short hair, or shaved hair, then your look might be a little untidy. The ultimate goal of a beard fade is to create a clean and manicured look. Suppose you are still wondering if the beard fade will work for you or not. Then the answer to it is Absolute Yes!