15 Best Eyeshadow Ideas You Should Try

There are instances when you would need to have great looking eyes that will be entirely different from how you usually wear your eye makeup. Perhaps you have focused too much on your contouring and highlighting that you have already forgotten how to improve your appearance with the use of your eye makeup.

Using your eye shadow can be a bit tricky. You know that the wrong use of your eyeshadow can be highly complicated. Do remember that even before you try out the eyeshadow, there may be certain things that you have to remember such as the following:

  • Figure out what your eye shape is so that it will be easier for you to know what eyeshadow styles will work well for you.
  • Get to know each part of your eye to make it more likely for you to follow the instructions properly.
  • Make use of the right makeup brushes because the use of brushes will create a lot of difference. Once you figure out what the right brushes can do, it will not be too hard for you anymore.

Now that you already have an idea about what you can do in order to fix your eyeshadow, you now have to know what the best eyeshadow ideas are.

15 Best Eyeshadow Ideas to Try

  • Light and Matte Eyeshadow

Light and Matte Eyeshadow

You have to remember that eyeshadow that can be a bit sticky already are not that nice to look at. There are some matte pencils that are available that you can use in order to create the look that you need. You first need to add a white matte pencil on your upper lash line. Make sure that you will thicken the lid. Use the matte shadow over the white matte pencil. You may want to place a bit of the matte eyeshadow on your lower lash line.

  • Purple and Dramatic Eyeshadow

Purple and Dramatic Eyeshadow

You may think that you would like to have a cool looking eyeshadow that can look amazing on your eyes. While this may look hard to do in the beginning, you know that this can still be highly effective for you as long as you would use the right purple eyeshadow and you would make use of the proper eyeliner as well.

  • Gold and White Eyeshadow

Gold and White Eyeshadow

You may want to make sure that you will create an eyeshadow color that is easy to pair off with the clothes that you are going to wear. You will have no problems with gold and white at all. The white would need to be placed on the bottom portion of the eye area while the gold would have to be spread out all over the eyelids. When choosing the right gold shade, you would need to choose depending on your skin tone.

  • Natural and Pretty Eyeshadow

Natural and Pretty Eyeshadow

There is a big possibility that you would like to have a cool looking eyeshadow that looks amazing with the rest of your makeup. When you have natural looking eyeshadow, you can focus on having other more striking and dramatic colors on your lips and even on your cheeks.

  • Nude and Glittery Eyeshadow

Nude and Glittery Eyeshadow

If you are searching for a type of eyeshadow that you know will look amazing when you have some parties and events to go to, you can never go wrong with anything that is glittery. Making use of dark and glittery colors is already common though so what you can do instead is to use a nude colored eyeshadow. Once you have already placed the nude colored eyeshadow and you are happy with its glittery finish, you can then focus on adding the right colors on your cheeks and lips. For an overall light look, you may want to apply nude lipstick and light pink colors on your cheeks as well.

  • Smokey Eye Eyeshadow

Smokey Eye Eyeshadow

Who does not want to have smoky eyes? You do know that having a smoky eye is always effective mainly because this is one look that can look great on any woman. The key to having a great smoky eye is to choose the colors that will complete your look. A tip to remember is to choose brown shades instead of black when you want to wear this look during daytime. At night, you may proceed with using the usual black shades to suit your needs.

  • Aquamarine and Blue Eyeshadow

Aquamarine and Blue Eyeshadow

There is a big chance that you would like to have a great looking eyeshadow that will make your eyes stand out. If you have brown eyes, this will be even greater on your eyes because the contrast will be evident. If you have dark brown eyes, you can expect that your eyes will turn a bit lighter because of the colors that you are going to use.

  • Sparkly and Silver Eyeshadow

Sparkly and Silver Eyeshadow

If you are not a fan of gold but you know that you can carry silver well then you just need to choose this great looking eyeshadow style. Remember to make use of not only silver but taupe as well. This will enhance the overall effect that you will get because of using this eyeshadow style. To make this perfect for the event that you will attend, choose the right fake eyelashes that can fit well with your eyes.

  • Dark Gray and Taupe Eyeshadow

Dark Gray and Taupe Eyeshadow

In order to achieve this type of look, you would have to place a lot of the dark gray on your lids. Make sure that you will only place it until the crease. Darken it the way that you would like it. If you do not want to go too dark, you can only apply it a few times but you may want to make it look as solid as you want.

  • Silver and Purple Eyeshadow

Silver and Purple Eyeshadow

There is a big chance that you are having a hard time choosing the color that you think will best fit for your eyes. If you have green eyes, you know that the mix of silver and purple can be great. It will make your green eyes pop but even if you have different colored eyes, your whole appearance will still look perfect. Apply the silver just until your crease. The purple can be placed a little bit above the crease. Emphasize your look by having the perfect eyebrows.

  • Bright Blue Eyeshadow

Bright Blue Eyeshadow

There is a big possibility that you want to have something that looks amazing. Bright blue can be a great contrast with various eye colors although it would make brown eyes pop out a lot. If done correctly or if the right liner will be used, this may even make the eyes look bigger. Do remember that this type of eyeshadow is not for the faint hearted. You have to be determined to stand out so that you will get noticed.

  • Copper Eyeshadow

Copper Eyeshadow

Do you know that having copper eyeshadow can look perfect for people with different eye colors? It can complement any eye color well so you can be sure that if you would place this correctly on your eyes, you will not have this problem anymore. This is also very subtle so you do not have to worry about bringing too much attention to yourself.

  • Navy and Gold Eyeshadow

Navy and Gold Eyeshadow

It is apparent that using gold is quite popular if you would like to have a bold look that will surely make you look different from the rest of the crowd. In order to improve your overall appearance and to not make gold too evident, you may add a bit of navy to it.The gold will once again be placed up until the crease of the eye with the navy lining it up properly.

  • Glitter with Cat Eye Eyeshadow

Glitter with Cat Eye Eyeshadow

Do you want something that is festive? Perhaps you want to have an eyeshadow style that you know you will not get to do often. While you are still going to use a bit of eyeshadow in this eyeshadow style, it would have to be subtle as you need to focus more on your eyeliner as well as the glitter that you would be placing to line your eyes properly. Make great use of the black eyeshadow and liner so that it will emphasize the eyes greatly.

  • Simple Green Eyeshadow

Simple Green Eyeshadow

Do you want to make an impression with the people that you are going to meet? This will not be a problem anymore because you can simply choose a green colored eyeshadow that will be perfect for your eyes. Do remember that the color green may come in various shades so you just need to choose the one that will work well not only for your skin tone but also with your eye color.

Remember that in creating the eyeshadow looks that are mentioned above, you need to know how you can apply the various shades to create depth. The more beautifully done the eyeshadow is going to be, the easier it will be to appreciate the overall eyeshadow look that you will place on your eyes. If in case you are still having trouble with creating those looks, remember that there are always various tutorials available online to provide you with the help that you need.

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