62 Cool Haircuts For Black Men to Try Out

Black men’s haircuts come in all styles, but in most, their key features entail tapering and fading on the sides. As you know, African Americans have textured and voluminous hair, which makes it easy and possible for them to style varying designs.

Most black men prefer to boast funky haircuts, and others go for formal and smart ones. We will look at them all in this enumeration today. Regardless of the haircut you choose from the list below, you can rest assured that styling it will not be a hassle. Below is a gallery of some of the most attention-grabbing and stylish haircuts for black men you could try out today without further delay.

62 Cool Haircuts For Black Men to Try Out

  1. Low Fade Haircut

The magical faded hairstyle


This is a low fade haircut with the top hair brought up. It suits all kinds of fashion styles of black men. This magical haircut will make you look clean, polished, and stylish.

  1. Short Wavy Hairstyle

Short Wavy Hairstyle


The short wavy haircut is fashionable for black men. The entire head with the sides and back sides has been cut to the same length, wavy length. You will notice that the back and the section where the sideburns start are more visible. This haircut is cool, trendy, and can be easy to maintain.

  1. Excellent faded sides

Excellent faded sides


The sides of the young man’s head have been faded using the blade number one of the clipper, but the backside has been left to the same length as the hair on the top side. This results in a highly excellent and unique cut.

  1. Designed Faded Cut

Designed faded cut


The back and the side of the head have been cut to a basic skin length. A unique design with a blade has been created on the top side of the head. The top has also been made golden curly and given more volume.

Feel free to let your creativity run loose and try out any designs you may have in mind regarding the faded side.

  1. Dreadlocks with an Undercut

Amazing dreadlocks with an undercut


The extensions of the dreadlocks in the image above have been tied on the topside of the head. The back and sides have been faded using a trimmer. If you have dreadlocks, then this is the haircut for you.

  1. Impressive Round Cut

Impressive Round Cut


This round style is an impressive haircut for black men. The topside of the head (up to the borders) has been cut in a round shape, with the back and sides being drop faded to the shortest length. Feel free to make the curly tops of your hair to any color you may love.

  1. Amazing Blade with Line

Amazing Blade Work


In this haircut, the blade has been used to make the side hairstyle line and the borders of the entire hairstyle. The topside is the same length throughout the head, with the back and the sides kept faded.

  1. The Exclusive Hairstyle

The exclusive hairstyle


The topside has also received an exclusive design that has been made perfect by the blade.

  1. The zigzag faded hairstyle

The zigzag faded hairstyle


The backside and the sides have been cut to the skin length. The topside of the head up to the border has been cut using the same trimmer blade to one length.  Feel free to add a zigzag design on both sides using a blade.

  1. Appealing faded haircut

Appealing faded haircut


With this hairstyle, the head borders of the topside of the head have been cut with one of the most appealing blade work I have ever come across. The separated topside part has also been cut to the smallest length with no skin visible. The back and sides can be kept faded with your skin evident.

  1. Bombastic headwork

Bombastic headwork


The center of the dude’s head up to the end of the black area has been left to a really small curly length, whereas the sides have been cut short using a trimmer with the bombastic blade design on the head’s sides.

  1. The neat haircut

The neat haircut


With the neat haircut, the front side of the top side of the head has been left with a thick layer of hair, whereas the rest of the hair locks have been cut down to two distinct lengths and with the sides staying faded close to the skin.

  1. Bushy classic hairstyle

Bushy classic hairstyle


This classic afro American bushy hairstyle boasts all the curly hair locks towered upside in a spikes fashion, whereas the sides have been faded using the clipper design.

  1. Sleek faded design

Sleek faded design


While styling the sleek faded design, the topside of the head has been trimmed to the smallest of the small lengths while the sides of the head remain faded. Simply use a sharp blade to execute the perfect side haircut line.

  1. Clean Haircut with Cool Fade

The clean and stylish haircut


The sides and topside of this haircut have been ordered using a blade. The sides have been kept as thin as they can get. Defined edges and kinky curls atop the crown make this one of the most impressive cuts for black men.

In addition, they also blend in perfectly with the beard and the whiskers.

  1. Rounded circled haircut

Rounded circled haircut


The rounds on the topside of the head have been trimmed short, whereas the sides have been trimmed down to skin length with no slope left on either side.

  1. A top knot plus a faded design

A top knot plus a faded design


This supper combination of a top knot with the backside and sides faded works perfectly. Just like the haircut we just looked at before, no slopes will be left on either side with this haircut as well. If you have a nicely styled and cut beard, then the cut will look even better.

  1. The fashionable nest hairstyle

The fashionable nest hairstyle


The chunk of hair that looks like a nested style has been left on the top side of the head, whereas the lower back and sides of the head have been shaved to the minimum length they can get. Like most haircuts in this enumeration, you can rest assured that this haircut will turn heads wherever you go.

  1. The semi-circle hairstyle

The semi-circle hairstyle


The topside of the head has been impressively trimmed and goes perfectly on to join the sides and backside in a faded look, as you can see above. There is also a semi-circle that has been executed using a blade at the top center of the head.

  1. Old school afro cut

Old school afro cut


This old-school haircut with a flat on the topside has placed the entire hairstyle in a block cut, with the sides having been shaved to a bare minimum. The haircut will perfectly bring out the manly and adventurous side of you.

  1. The fireworks hairstyle

The fireworks hairstyle


The topside of this gentleman’s head boasts all the hair in an excellent firework style, whereas the bottom back and sides have been trimmed to the shortest length that they can get. This haircut will look great on the young adults out there.

  1. The curly class act

The curly class act


This classic haircut has topside curls rolled up nicely with a blade worked on the sideline. Half of the back and the sides have been cut using a short clipper.

  1. The cut that is as smooth as you like

The cut that is as smooth as you like


This smooth hairstyle has brought all the topside hair, the backside, and the sides and combined them into one thick layer. Parts of the back and sides have been faded as well. Top it off with a nice sideburn that connects with a beard.

  1. The artistic hairstyle

The artistic hairstyle


The artistic and blade artistry that has been showcased on the back and sides of this haircut is as per the client’s demand, and the top side has been left with towered curls. This is the second haircut that allows you to let your creativity run loose and try out any design or pattern you’ve always wished to try out.

  1. Rolled up hairstyle

Rolled up hairstyle


The curls on this haircut are rolled up in a spiked hairstyle, whereas the sides have been faded more than the head’s backside. The bordered section has been designed using a blade.

  1. The Stylish Blade Work

The Stylish Blade Work


In this creative artwork, the lines blade work on the sides has separated the topside of the head from the lower faded section. The top is the one with all the hair chunks.

  1. Blue hairstyle

Blue hairstyle for black men


Did you know that non-conventional colors are the biggest hairstyling trends of the last couple of years? Among these colors, neon shades have been reigning the supreme. But do not confuse these with marker colors, which are entirely different.

  1. The Mohawk

The Mohawk


We could simply call this haircut the Mohawk a fauxhawk or the burst Mohawk. They are all correct names to call the cut since it is simply a variation of the conventional Mohawk that has been topped off with the gelled spiked from the 80s and the 70s.

  1. The usher haircut

The usher haircut


I presume you remember back in the 2000s when Usher was one of the hugest stars in the industry, and everyone wanted to copy his curly and short haircut. He looked pretty impressive when he was featured in Beyonce’s video with the haircut.

  1. The turquoise haircut

The turquoise haircut for black men


This haircut looks exactly like turquoise wisteria during full bloom. Or you could also resemble it to a huge bowl of spaghetti, dependent upon whether you are a glass is “half empty or half full” kind of person.

I love how he topped off the haircut with the half of a tiger tattoo.

  1. Short dreads with blonde tips

Short dreads with blonde tips


This is a short hairstyle boasting blonde tips and brunette dreads. The haircut also boasts a hard part on one side and an undercut to complete the edgy and modern look. Not to mention the polka dot shirt and accessories that are to die for.

  1. Long zig zag cornrows

Long zig zag cornrows


This haircut has taken a classic braiding technique and has also adapted to its current trends. The cornrows have been braided in a zig-zag pattern and tied at the top. When you try out this look, feel free to untie the cornrows at your convenience.

  1. Natural Wavy Hairstyles

The Wavy Black Men Hairstyles


If your hair texture tends to lean more toward the wavy side, you could get a short hairstyle that better defines it. The impeccably trimmed beard is also one of the best touches for the outcome one may desire.

  1. Barber creative hairstyles

Barber creative hairstyles


Most stylists and barber creative haircuts for black gentlemen include shaved lines made with surgical precision (explaining exactly where they got this name.); this look also boasts a perfect gradient on the lower half and a perfectly styled curly topside.

  1. Faux hawk haircuts

Faux hawk haircuts for black men


A faux hawk like the one above will, without a doubt, make heads turn wherever you go. Not only is this haircut spiced up by having two different colors, but it has also been awarded a clean, shaven design at the nape. This haircut recreates the Mohawk without entirely shaving the sides of the head.

  1. The double V hairstyles with reverse fade

The double V hairstyles with reverse fade


Tattooed-like effects can also be easily obtained through the reverse fade, such as the one above. The hair on the top side of the head has been cut in a V fashion, and a second V has also been prepared with a reverse fade.

  1. Asymmetrical Flattops

Asymmetrical Flattops


Here comes another creative take on the classic flat top that we just looked at on a preceding number. But this one has been cut asymmetrical. Keep one of the sides high and then gradually steep into a shaved side part on the other side.

As you can see, the outcome is mind-blowing.

  1. Hairstyle for black gentlemen with receding hairlines

Hairstyle for black gentlemen with receding hairlines


If you are a victim, then you understand that receding hairlines are usually extremely hard to tackle. If the rest of your hair strands are thick, you can still enjoy a full head of dreadlocks. You could consider dreadlock extensions to balance out the final look as an alternative.

  1. Buns and locks

Buns and locks


Your dreadlocks can start with small, twisted locks at the front side and then continue with thicker dreads on the backside. If they are sufficiently long, you can easily style them in a ponytail or bun.

  1. Medium haircuts

Medium haircuts


There are more than sufficient medium haircuts for black dudes that you can choose from in this enumeration. You can easily see a picture-perfect example of the best high taper ombre Mohawk that has been coupled with a temple fade in the image above.

  1. The low skin fade lighting part

The low skin fade lightning part


One of the best parts about these sorts of haircuts for black gentlemen is the tattoo effect that has been created. The hairstyle is a low skin fade that is nicely customized with a lightning-shaved line responsible for adding sufficient dynamism.

  1. Haircuts for young men

Haircuts for young black men


This little gentleman is the perfect definition of what I call stylish. Not only does the gentleman boast a perfectly constructed taper fade, but his sponge curls are also on point. The look was then topped off with the flawless surgical line and the side part.

  1. Dreadlocks and fade with a high top haircut

Dreadlocks and fade with a high top haircut


This is an excellent example of how one can wear medium dreadlocks and tie them up. The look also comes with a high fade, whereas the dreadlocks match the high-top haircut. It is easy to wear this hairstyle on all sorts of events, from formal to casual.

  1. Modern haircut

Modern haircut for black men


Another simple way to rock the afro haircut is in this relaxed and laid-back way. To attain the look perfectly, ensure that your curly hair is long and moisturized enough to be styled. After that, the outcome will be all in your attitude.

  1. Afro haircut

Afro haircut


It is crystal clear that the afro hairstyle will never go out of style among the black fraternity. It is one of the best ways to celebrate your natural hair, whether you are a black woman or a man.

When you choose this hairstyle, just ensure that you shape it often with the help of a stylist or a barber.

  1. Medium locks with an undercut

Medium locks with an undercut


These hair locks are of medium length, and, as a result, they are easier to style. If you add a slight undercut to the haircut, you can wear them half up, half down, or tied up any time you feel like it.

  1. Modern-day flat tops

Modern-day flat tops


We always associate flat tops with haircuts for black men from the 90s. Nonetheless, as I mentioned earlier, the haircut can also be as fresh as ever if you decide to award it a small twist. You can see how a shaved line made the difference in this particular variation.

  1. Coolest Twist haircuts

Twist haircuts for black men


Black men’s hairstyles twist very popularly nowadays. A twisted haircut is what everyone needs if they have ear-length hair strands.

  1. Undercuts and curls

Undercuts and curls


A full top of curls has perfectly complemented this high fade undercut. You can also get this look without a beard, even though having a beard would perfectly top it off. When you style the haircut, then ensure that you take good care of the curly hair on the top side.

  1. Braided haircuts

Braided haircuts for black men


You already know that man buns and braids can easily get mixed, but did you know that you can get creative with the hair color? This temple fade haircut has stood out thanks to its lighter brown shade on the topside, making it contrast with the dark roots.

  1. Frohawk haircut

Frohawk haircut


Just as the name of this haircut suggests, you or your barber will combine the idea of a Mohawk with the idea of an afro. The result is always a voluminous haircut with just a sufficient edge. This is the haircut you ought to try out if you want to stand out.

  1. Professional haircuts

Professional haircuts for black men


Sadly, most corporate environs do not allow complete freedom regarding hairstyles on their staff. And if this is the current state you are in at your workplace, it will enable me to present an office-friendly and professional haircut that can easily sport to any formal event and still look great.

  1. Small natural dreadlocks

Small natural dreadlocks

As you may have realized by this point, dreadlocks nowadays come in all sizes and shapes in the African American community. Freeform or neglect dreadlocks can quickly start taking shape even if your hair strands are just an inch or two long.

This is a hairstyle that will quickly help you get them.

  1. Pompadours

Pompadours for black men


Thanks to the coarse texture it boasts, the natural black hair is, without a doubt, challenging when it comes to styling the pompadour haircut. With the right hair product and an ideal hair length, you too can enjoy this dapper haircut.

  1. Haircut for black men with thick hair

Haircut for black men with thick hair


These free-form dreadlocks are excellent for black gentlemen who boast thick hair. The ones shown in this example are just the ideal length for those who want to attain balanced results. You could also easily tie them up if you’re going to free your face.

  1. Short curly haircuts

Short curly haircuts for black men


Regardless of whether you boast naturally nicely shaped curls or have to use a sponge to obtain them, this is a haircut that’ll contour them appropriately. Unlike most other haircuts for black men we have looked at, this hairstyle will not include a fade.

  1. Temple fade haircuts

Temple fade haircuts


This low-top temple fade is also part of the trendiest haircut for black men. It nicely shines through a perfect 90-degree angle on both sides and delivers a transition from the top side to the bottom all around the gentleman.

  1. Edgy Afro-Textured haircuts

Edgy Afro-Textured haircuts


Twisted haircuts are also generous when it comes to black men. For this variation of the twisted hairstyle, you could easily shape it like a faux hawk and then top it off with an undercut. The best thing about twisted haircuts is that you can easily shape them.

Also, try pairing this haircut with a nicely trimmed beard to attain a more captivating outcome.

  1. Dread haircuts

Dread haircuts


Dreads are extremely versatile, which is a quality that every African American should always take advantage of if they have afro-textured hair. These medium-length dreads can also be tied up or worn down casually. For this look, style them toward the front side for the rugged look.

  1. Fade haircut with short hair

Fade haircut for black men with short hair


Here is yet another easy way to style your hair short but fashionably. To attain this buzz cut fade, it will start a bit longer on the topside but then continue with a subtle gradient until it reaches the fully shaven section at the backside of your neck.

  1. Buzzcut

Buzzcut for black men


If you would not like the hassle of getting associated with excessive styling and would not like to go fully shaved, then the buzz cut is the haircut. This conventional haircut is still a prime choice and incredible among athletic men.

Do not hesitate to try it out on you and see how it will turn out.

  1. Braided long hair

Braided long hair for black men


Last, but by no means, the least is the long braided hair. Most black gentlemen with significantly longer hair choose to style this haircut with dreadlocks. Once you get your locks done, you can then further style them to take a look above.