30 Cool Blowout Haircut Ideas For Men to Try

Blowout haircuts were trendy during the 1990s and made a comeback in the 2000s, thanks to Paul D from Shore Fame. Many sports personalities and celebrities have been wearing blowout haircuts recently, making it one of today’s latest trends. Also known as temple fade, this hairstyle is shaved short around the temples and stops behind the ear.

To make a blowout haircut, you will need:

  • Professional clippers
  • Trimmer with T-blade
  • Shears
  • Combs and Hair Dryer
  • Good hair gel and hair spray

To start, use clippers to create fades on the first two inches of hairline length on the sides and at the nape. Keep your hair on top about 6 inches long. You will get a two-inch band of faded short hair across the sides and back. Once you’re done, wash your hair and use a towel to dry it. Comb your hair up, pulling it up and backward. Hold this position and use your hairdryer. Apply some gel while lifting your hair and style it upward and backward.

As you style with a blow dryer, correct any wandering hair. You can also use a flat iron if you have naturally curly hair before starting with the process. If you need some inspiration, check out these popular blowout haircuts for men.

30 Amazing Blowout Haircut Ideas For Men

1. Messy Blowout

Messy Blowout


Nowadays, messy and shaggy are becoming a trend, and they can be styled in many ways, just like this one. In this hairstyle, creative trimming has resulted in long messy crowns. Both sides and the back are short for a cool and neat look. A small amount of pomade or gel has been applied to keep the style in place.

2. Textured Rollover

Textured Rollover

This cool blowout haircut for men has additional height and pleasant texture, which is achieved by trimming the top section using scissors. The top has been blow-dried and rolled over to one side to create a nice movement. The style is then completed with a smooth taper on both sides and the back. You can also grow stubble to complement the hairstyle.

3. Classy Wave

Classy Wave

Today, hairstyles are all about getting the top hair perfect while the sides are completed with a taper fade. In this hairstyle, the hair on the crown is wavy and swept to one side while both sides and the back are given a high fade. This hairdo is a great choice to wear for any occasion.

4. Spikes Blowout Haircut

Spikes Blowout Haircut

This haircut is perfect for men with naturally curly hair. You can embrace your curls as they make a great hairstyle that not everyone can try. All you have to do is apply some hair wax to the middle and create some spikes using your fingers. There is no need to apply hair spray. Your curls are beautiful enough to draw attention.

5. Afro Blowout

Afro Blowout


African American men are lucky for hairstyles as they do not need to apply any hair product to get a perfect look. It only requires proper trimming and right shaving of the lower hairline for a blowout appearance, and you’re ready to rock the stage.

6. Hard Part Line

Hard Part Line

One of the best ways to enhance men’s hairstyles is by creating lines. The hard part line in this hairstyle just upgraded the style to the next level. The styled and rolled toper top hair and the medium fade on all sides create a modern look that many ladies would fall for. Some facial hairs are also added to complete the manly appearance.

7. Lazy Blowout

Lazy Blowout

You can achieve this hairstyle without shaving too much. All you have to do is to apply hair gel and create small spikes for a cool look. There is no need to shave. Push your hair upwards for a blowout effect. You can also grow a short beard for a striking facial frame.

8. Short Blowout

Short Blowout

This short hairstyle looks more like an undercut, but it still shows a blowout style as the hair is creatively shaved so that it looks like a classical blowout hairstyle. Another great thing about this haircut is that it needs completely no maintenance. After a shower, you’re ready to go. You do not have to apply any hair product.

9. Slick Back Blowout

Slick Back Blowout

If you are looking for a blowout haircut that looks elegant for formal events and special occasions, you can try the Slick Back hairstyle. This haircut has an incredible undercut design that can surely turn heads. The slick back style on top can be achieved by combing backward with the help of pomade or wax.

10. Straight Blowout

Straight Blowout

This hairstyle is one of the best blowout haircuts for men that you can try for your next party, event, or just for everyday wear. This hairstyle is ideal for men who are not a fan of applying a lot of hair products. However, you will need to use some hair spray to keep your hair on top in place.

11. Pushback Waves

Pushback Waves

Another great blowout haircut for men with naturally wavy hair is the Pushback Waves. It will be easier for you to copy this style, but men with straight hair can also wear it. To get this style, keep about three inches of hair on top and apply some gel while combing back. Both sides and the back are bald faded.

12. Classical African American Blowout

Classical African American Blowout

Here is the classical African American Blowout haircut that you can try if you have naturally curly hair. There is no need to apply pomade or any other hair product to pull this off. In this style, the hair is shaved to form a neat circle around the head, accentuating the top part. Keep the hair on top about five to six inches long.

13. Long Buzz Cut

Long Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts are primarily military haircuts because they are short and suitable for the army. Nowadays, buzz cuts come in different forms, lengths, and shapes. In this long buzz cut blowout haircut, the buzz at the top is longer than usual, while both sides and the back have a zero fade. This hairstyle also looks great with a thick mustache and beard.

14. Artistic Blowout

Artistic Blowout

When it comes to hairstyles and shaving, there is always enough room for art. It can be in the form of simple straight or curved lines. In this hairstyle, there are visible lines, and the sides are shaved creatively to connect to facial hair. You can also go for geometrical shapes to make your blowout hairstyle stunning and breathtaking.

15. Half Disconnect

Half Disconnect

If you have enough patience and have the services of a professional stylist, you can always have an incredible hairstyle. The blowout haircut is combined with a low undercut, pompadour, and a side part to achieve a charming look in this photo. It is also coupled with a soft beard that connects to both sides of the hair.

16. Cowlick Blowout

Cowlick Blowout

You can always show your creativity when it comes to styling your hair. In this hairstyle, the long hair on top has been combed towards the front, allowing the bangs to form a cowlick appearance. Apply a good quality gel or wax to keep the style in place. You can also try this blowout if you have long bangs.

17. Wild Style

Wild Style Blowout men

This wild style is one of the best blowout haircuts for men. You can achieve this style if your hair is long enough. The sides have visible lines and shapes, and the styling part becomes more interesting with the top section. You can make a textured pompadour or a wild mess and apply some gel to keep it perfect throughout the day.

18. Rolled Up Faux Blowout

Rolled Up Faux Blowout

If you are looking for a cool hairstyle that can catch the attention of everyone, you might want to try this rolled-up faux blowout. The texture and volume of the hair will surely get a lot of eyes. Another great thing about this is that the bangs are maintained in the center and rolled up. Both sides have a classic mid fade to accentuate the middle hair.

19. Curly with Part

Curly with Part

Men with naturally curly hair are considered lucky as there is no need to style their hair. Their natural waves or curls are usually enough to rock the stage. You can enhance it by making a deep side part between the temple’s faded sides and the crown. This hairstyle also looks great with a medium-length beard.

20. Comb Over

Comb Over Blowout men

If you want a blowout haircut, but your hair is not thick enough, you can always go for a comb-over. With this style, you can create additional volume for a blowout appearance. You can copy this hairstyle by having the lower part of your hair short or shaved. Grow some facial hair to complete the style.

21. Messy Spikes

Messy Spikes

If you do not want to shave both sides clean like the classics, you can still get a blowout look with the Messy Spikes hairstyle. Keep the top hair four to five inches long. After a shower, dry your hair with a towel and apply some gel while blow-drying your hair. Comb upwards and make it a little messy for additional texture.

22. High Blowout

High Blowout

Another excellent blowout haircut for men that might inspire you to add some spice to it is the High Blowout. Both sides and the back are trimmed short in this hairstyle, while the hair on top has been brushed upwards. You can also add some highlights to your hair to accentuate this cool style.

23. Long Bangs

Long Bangs

This is one of the most fashionable hairstyles for men who want to keep their hair long. In this style, long bangs are created with shears. The strands are also pushed back and tapered for a great attraction. Both sides and back are trimmed short of completing the look.

24. Disconnected Blowout

Disconnected Blowout

One of the popular haircuts today is the disconnected style. You can achieve this stylish look by shaving both sides of your head as you would for a blowout haircut. Style your hair on top by combing it to one side to accentuate the disconnection.

25. Forward Spike Blowout

Forward Spike Blowout

The forward spike blowout haircut for men is great for men with naturally thick and straight hair. In this style, both sides and the back have faded effects, and the top hair is styled with some pomade or hair gel. Create forward spikes to make your style stand out among the crowd.

26. Disconnected Pompadour Blowout

Disconnected Pompadour Blowout

27. Front Curls with Fade

Front Curls with Fade Blowout

This is also one of the best blowout haircuts for men with naturally curly hair. What’s great about this hairstyle is that there is no need to apply any hair product on the hair on top. Have all sides razor faded for a fresh look and leave enough length on top. Allow your natural curls to create a style for you.  You can also couple this hairstyle with some stubble to complete your look.

28. Rolling Locks

Rolling Locks

Another stylish way to give your hair additional volume is by rolling your locks over. It is super easy to pull off this style. You can achieve this look by using a barrel brush and create big rolls to one side. Keep your style in place with your favorite styling gel, and you’re ready to go!

29. Extended Fringe

Extended Fringe

The extended fringe makes an incredible haircut. It can also be considered as a blowout according to how it is styled. Both sides and the back should be tapered or shaved short. The hair on top is moderately trim for additional texture. It is also extended forward to cover one or two inches of the forehead.

30. Spikes with Tramlines

Spikes with Tramlines

Another great blowout haircut for men you might want to try if you prefer short length is the Spikes with Tramlines. You can copy this hairstyle by keeping the sides relatively short without shaving off clean. Use a razor to create three small lines on both sides of your hair. Use a gel to make small spikes on top.