40 Best Haircuts For 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Year Old Boy

Haircuts for 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12-year-old boys can be fun and unique, short and easy, or anywhere in between. That’s what I intended to explore in this guide. Today, you’ll find a wide array of hairstyles, including but not limited to hot trends, classic cuts, and overall great looks.

That means you no longer have a reason not to get a bit creative with your kid’s hair going forward. Also, note that trendy cuts, shaved designs, and hair colors might be forbidden later on in your young one’s life, so why not let them have all the fun they want now. Remember, you are never too young to express yourself or be too stylish.

40 Best Haircuts For 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 Year Old Boy

1.Heavy French Crop

Heavy French Crop


If you’ve been following my posts for a while, then you know I like to start all my guides on a high note. What better to begin a list of great haircuts for 9, 9, 10, 11, and 12-year-old boys than with this heavy French crop with lots of weight and length in the fringe?

The sides have been cut short and topped off with a taper fade for the clean edges. I guess you can call this the ultimate balance of cool and cute.

2.Soccer Haircut for Boys

Soccer Haircut for Boys


This side part (undercut Fade) comb over haircut has been a favorite among soccer players, mainly because it looks aesthetic even during games. Styling this haircut on young kids can have a similar effect by revealing their youthful features more.

3. Slicked Comb Over + Hard Part Undercut

Slicked Comb Over + Hard Part Undercut


This stylish young lad has rocked a shaved undercut topped off by a comb-over. If you choose to give this look a try, you can also style it into a slick back, spikes, comb-over, or even worn down.

4.Boy’s Haircut for Long Wavy hair

Boy's Haircut for Long Wavy hair


In addition to this haircut being extremely popular with big kids, boys with long hair giving it a try are also quite trendy. To style this on your young one, keep the fringes short enough so the child can see and add a beanie or hat on top of it all. The cap or beanie is intended to give the boy more control of the hair.

5.Boy’s Faux Hawk

Boy's Faux Hawk


If your young one’s hair is not long enough to try out a Mohawk, then you could give this cool short faux hawk a try. The cut starts wide at the front hairline and tapers into a V-Shape as it approaches the neckline. If this doesn’t leave your boy looking cuter than most, I do not know what will.

6. Bald Fade + Buzz Cut Hairstyle

Bald Fade + Buzz Cut Hairstyle


After your child has grown his hair out a little bit, I’m confident it will be a delight to try out a haircut that exposes the little one’s chubby cheeks and beautiful eyes. That’s what this Bald Fade + Buzz Cut hairstyle does.

You will notice that the buzz cut is also entertaining to rub.

7.Haircut with Spiky Textures

Haircut with Spiky Textures


Do you think that all the haircuts we’ve looked at so far are not sufficiently stylish and fun? If yes, then here is an alternative I’m confident will help your kid make that preschool to kindergarten transition. All you ought to do is spice it up a little bit for the 1st day of special events or school.

This haircut also qualifies as one of the most popular young boys for medium to short hair.

8.Best Haircut for Boys with Textures

Best Haircut for Boys with Textures


The best haircut for your young boy is the haircut that will best suit his hair type, personality, and wishes. This haircut should deliver just that. The cut also ranks high because it’s a leading trend for gentlemen who have flattening shapes and textures (all around the world.)

9.Tousled Faux Hawk

Tousled Faux Hawk


This haircut is mostly longer hair at the boy’s head’s center and airline but shorter on the sides. As evident from the cut’s image above, the complete tousled look will be way stylish beyond your young one’s years while at the same time not attracting too much attention.

10.Fade Haircut for Kids with Thick Hair

Fade Haircut for Kids with Thick Hair


The Fade is quite popular with young boys for all the same reasons. It is extremely popular with men – it elevates any hairstyle, grows out clean, and will look exceptionally great. A Fade is also a super attractive way to manage your young one’s thick hair (regardless of the age.)

11.Boy Hairstyle for Cute Toddlers

Boy Hairstyle for Cute Toddlers


Your child’s toddler curls might not last forever, so do not rush to cut them off. Instead, I think you should try out this side part haircut that will preserve a whole lot of the waves while at the same time allowing you to cut the hair to a manageable size both on the sides on in the back.

12.Short Spiky Crop Haircut

Short Spiky Crop Haircut


It isn’t too surprising that this trendy short hairstyle for men is just as stylish and popular with young boys as it is with young adults. The hairstyle has been specifically designed to enhance your young one’s texture without having to use any hair products, such as pomade or hair gel.

13.Spiky Pompadour with Pattern

Spiky Pompadour with Pattern


Who said you could not get creative when picking a hairstyle for your young one? This variation of a spiky pompadour proves quite the opposite, and as evident from the haircut’s image above, the haircut needs minimal maintenance.

The shaved sides should award your kid a wide ‘Mohawk-style stir-up top’ that will look cool spiked up and won’t need regular styling.

14.Attractive Hairstyle for Boys with Longhair

Attractive Hairstyle for Boys with Long hair


As you may already know, if you’ve struggled with long hair before, growing out your hair takes more than simply quitting the barber – that’s if you still want to look presentable. If that’s what you’d like for your kid, then you’ll be pleased to know that regular trims should help maintain an attractive shape, as shown in the image above.

The need for styling has also been greatly minimized with this hairstyle.

15.Early Teens Boy Crop Haircut

Early Teens Boy Crop Haircut


If we’ve learned anything in today’s guide, it’s that most men’s hairstyles can be easily adapted for teens and young boys, and this boy crop variation is one of such styles. The tousled styles and textured cuts will be super easy to replicate.

To complete the textured look, I suggest you try hair wax. This will be particularly helpful if both you and your kid are new to the hair game.

16.Black Boy’s Hairstyle with a Taper Fade

Black Boy's Hairstyle with a Taper Fade


This stylish taper fade on a young, black lad should be able to keep the sharp edges while at the same time maintaining some textured volume on the hair on top of the head. The haircut will look splendid on black boys of all ages.

17.Mid Fade + Textures

Mid Fade + Textures boy hairstyle


This is the same haircut I’ve styled on my son, thanks to the fact it’s one of the best top men’s hair trends that can also be easily adapted to young boys. As you will notice, the hairstyle works for every hair type and will easily tame thick, curly, and wavy hair.

18.Burst Fade Mohawk

Burst Fade Mohawk


This burst fade Mohawk will look best on Black boys. To execute a burst fade Mohawk like the one in the image above, the barber will curve the cut skillfully around your young one’s sides to the back of the neck. The thick and wavy hair in the middle will provide the ultimate finish required.

Not all people can pull off cute burst fade Mohawks with a hair design, as shown above. If you think your kid can, though, then I highly recommend it.

19.Smart Hairstyle

Smart Hairstyle


Who said school hairstyles need to be bland? A smart haircut can be cool and stylish as well, while at the same time being easy to style and low maintenance. This comb-over Fade with side part cuts is ideal for little boys and middle school lads.

20.Tapered Sides with Hard Side Part

Tapered Sides with Hard Side Part


The hard side part is an iconic, classic haircut for both men and boys. That said, adding in a shaved line and new tapered sides for a hard part can quickly award you a modern version that stands out anywhere you go.

21.Textured Fohawk with Undercut Fade

Textured Fohawk with Undercut Fade


Bold and outgoing, this boy’s undercut is one of the perfect hairstyles I’ve ever come across. The medium to short hair on top should offer your kid the ability to style a wide array of other hairstyles. While styling this textured Fohawk with an undercut, your little boy can also style a messy fringe or natural spikes.

22.Low Fade with Quiff

Low Fade with Quiff


This great young boy’s hairstyle has combined two different trending hairstyles – the quiff and the Fade. The low taper fade on the sides should work well for any young gentleman. The snazzy modern quiff on top is there to deliver a splash of fun.

23.Bi-racial Boys with Curly Hair

Bi-racial Boys with Curly Hair


It’s my experience that some mixed kids prefer having longer styles, such as dreads, Mohawks, cornrows, and long curls. However, if your biracial kid has curly hair, he can pull off a wide array of haircuts, and I recommend that you try out different variations until you find one that will look adorable on your little boy.

24.Long Mohawk with Shaved Sides

Long Mohawk with Shaved Sides


This long Mohawk with shaved sides is merely an edgier version of the faux hawk we looked at earlier. This unique styling option looks way less menacing when paired with your young one’s cute face.

25.High Skin Fade with Pompadour

High Skin Fade with Pompadour


The modern pompadour is a classy and beautiful haircut. The high skin fade creates the contrast you need to ensure people focus their eyes on the sweet styling on the topside. Perfect for fashion-forward boys, the textured pompadour fade can also be styled with a matte hair product to deliver a natural finish.

26.Mid Fade with messy Curly Top

Mid Fade with messy Curly Top


To attain a more casual haircut, feel free to try out this shaggy top. With the messy curls on top and the excellent fade haircut on the sides, the entire look can make excellent use of your child’s thick and curly hair.

27.Ivy League Haircut

Ivy League Haircut


The Ivy League haircut represents an elegant, brilliant hairstyle for young boys. Even though this haircut version has been updated with a nice fade cut on the sides for added style, the crew cut on top with the side-swept fringe still maintains a classic look.

28.High Top Fade with a Lineup

High Top Fade with a Lineup


This is a retro hairstyle that you will find is still quite popular in barbershops to date. The high-top Fade requires your little black boy to grow out his hair, particularly perfect for black hair. Ensure you visit a skilled barber and ask him to award your young one the look. It needs a keen eye for detail.

29.Low Drop Fade with Comb Over

Low Drop Fade with Comb Over


The comb-over is a timeless hairstyle that looks good in most (if not all) settings. Whether you are trying to find a stylish haircut for school or church, a comb-over will come together beautifully. Plus, this hairstyle can be tailored in many different ways, such as a low drop fade, as shown in the image above.

30.Buzz Cut with Shape up and Skin Fade

Buzz Cut with Shape up and Skin Fade


Easy haircuts for boys do not get any better than the buzz cut. That said, if you think that a buzz cut fade is too simple for your little boy’s cute face, then clean up the hairline with an excellent shape-up and throw in an even more appealing hair design.

31.Brush Up with Taper Fade

Brush Up with Taper Fade


If you’d like to change up your young one’s hairstyle a little bit, skip the dull and flat styles and brush up the hair. The classic taper on the sides should seamlessly highlight the shiny, beautifully long locks above.

Also, instead of going for a traditional comb-over, I suggest that you create a small pompadour in the front for added volume.

32. Smooth Braids Styles

Smooth Braids Styles

33. Temple Fade with Short Crop

Temple Fade with Short Crop

34. Flat Top Undercut

Flat Top Undercut

35. Top Curls

Top Curls

36. Mohawk with Medium Fade

Medium Fade

37. Wavy hairstyle with bangs

wavy hairstyle with bangs

38. Side Swept+ Hard Part

Side Swept+ Hard Part

39. Textured Crop + Disconnected Fade

Textured Crop with Disconnected Fade

40. Pomp and drop Fade

Pomp and drop Fade