50 Adorable Braid Hairstyles For Your Kids

Adorning your little ones with all the cute clothing, footwear and hairstyles is a delight. But if your baby has a length,  you might run out of cute hairstyles often, don’t you? In that case, braids are your saviour! Braids hairstyles for your kids help protect their hair against the pollution, keep the hair out of their faces and are indubitably so so pretty. Not only are they versatile and pretty, but you also get to practice your creativity on your kid’s hair, as it’s a form of art too.

There’s an abundance of cute and easy braid hairstyles that can be tried on any length hair, ranging from shoulder length, mid-length or long hair! The best part is that you get it to do, so take the opportunity as it’s only a matter of time when your cutie grows up and starts doing their own hair. Make the most out of it.

50 Adorable Braid Hairstyles For Your Kids

To make things easier for you, we are here with a list of 50 of the most adorable braid hairstyles that go on almost any and every hair type, length and texture. So get your tools ready mama-hairstylist, because we are about to get some experimenting done.

  1. French Braid

French Braid for little kids


The classic French braid, the easiest and quickest of all! It works for any length and texture, plus all you really need to do is a hair-tie and a comb. You can always adorn and accessorize the braid with bows, beads and pins.

All you have to do is brush her hair to get rid of any knots and tangles, divide the hair on the top into three sections, start by crossing the sections (just like in plaits), then gradually start adding hair to each section, one section at a time. Repeat the same process for as long as you wish to go and then secure it all with a hair tie.

  1. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid for little girl


A fishtail braid is a really simple and pretty ‘do. A cherry on top would be if your baby has long hair. You can embellish it with ribbons and flowers. It’s a really effortless braid, all to have to do is divide the hair into two sections and then take a thin strand of hair from each section and tuck it into the other. Keep repeating this process and tightening the braid as you proceed.

  1. Cute Braid Crown

Cute Braid Crown for kid


We all have to admit it, braid crowns are one of the cutest and the prettiest braid hairstyles of all time. Kids look absolutely adorable in these. Not even over-exaggerating!

  1. Knotted Braids

Knotted Braids for kids


A knotted braid acts as both a protective hairstyle and a whole damn look. There can be a zillion variations to this hairstyle with buns, doubles, ribbons, beads, scrunchies and whatnot. When accessorized right, these braids work their magic in a different way!

  1. Braid Buns

Braid Buns for kids


Braid buns are buns that are made at the end of literally any braid. All you need to do is just braid the hair in the way you desire and secure it with bobby pins and hair ties at the end, creating a bun. This look can get as easy or as complex as you wish it to be.

  1. Pull-through Braid

Pull-through Braid for kids


A pull-through braid is a really nice way to spice up a regular ponytail. It’s such a glamorous way to keep all that hair off your little one’s face. You might need a bunch of thin elastic bands, a rat tail comb and some bobby pins.

  1. Upside Braided Bows

Upside Braided Bows for kids


Words can’t define how cute this hairstyle is! Effortless, pretty and adorable. All you need to do is decide the hair into two sections, do a braid starting from the nape on one side, from down-to-up, secure it with a hair tie and make a simple bow out of the rest of the hair. Repeat on the other side.

  1. Rope Braid

Rope Braid for kids


The rope braid is one of the easiest, quickest yet gorgeous of all the braids. It doesn’t demand much time and effort. To get the look, you’ll have to start by taking two sections of your hair from your nape, twist the two and adding more hair to the front section as you work the braid all the way down. At last, secure it with a hair tie.

  1. Slide-up Braids

Slide-up Braids


This look is so much easier than what it appears to be. For this look, you just have to do a middle parting,  divide it into four equal, work from right to left and left to right with all the respective four strands. Remember that the rhythm is the key to get this hairstyle straight! Eventually, pinch and push the hair upward (to get the S shape). Secure it all with a band.

  1. Waterfall French Braid

Waterfall French Braid for kids


Another simple yet creative hairstyle, also another modified version of the French braid. This works on hair of any length or texture. All hail the cascading effect, this braid is an eye-catcher.

  1. Dutch Braid

Dutch Braid for kids


The Dutch braid ,aka a reverse-French braid, is a really simple look to attain. All you need to do is French braid your little princess’ hair, but outwards. And voilà — there it is, a gorgeous Dutch braid! 

  1. Twist Braid Ponytail

Twist Braid Ponytail for kids


This hairstyle is the same as twisting a rope. You just have to put her hair up in a ponytail, take a small strand and make a rope braid out of it. Then you make another rope braid taking the braided strand and the bigger section of the ponytail. As complicated as it might look, it’s actually really easy if you get the twisting right. 

  1. Lace Braided Bun

Lace Braided Bun for kids


A bun is one of the cutest hairstyles for kids. For this variation although, you just have to make a bun on the top of her head and then wrap a lace-like braid around it. 

  1. Infinity Braid

Infinity Braid for kids


An infinity braid, aka the figure-8 braid, might be a little tricky but it’s all practice to precision. It’s manageable, doesn’t require a lot of time once your hands are set.

  1. Front Pull-through Braid

Front Pull-through Braid


To attain this look, all you have to do is follow the same steps as for a regular pull-through braid, but do it with the hair on the crown. This hairstyle is a great modification for kids with shorter hair, yet it looks great on long locks too. 

  1. Half-up Braid Crown

Half-up Braid Crown for kids


For this look, you just have to follow the same procedure as you do for a whole braid crown, but just for the upper half of the head. You can beautify it with beads or flowers of your choice. 

  1. Mermaid Braid

Mermaid Braid for kids


The mermaid braid, also popularly known as the Jasmine braid is a great hairstyle for special occasions. If you little girl has really long hair, go for it! It sure will take up some time but the results will be enticing. 

  1. Front Twist with Bow

Front Twist with Bow


This is the simplest hairstyle on this list yet one of the most adorable ones! You won’t even need a comb for this, just a bow and a cute baby with her beautiful locks. 

  1. Milkmaid Braids

Milkmaid Braids


Milkmaid braids are known for the mild and alluring vibe they come with. Another hairstyle to add on the back to school collection for your baby girl. 

  1. Top Braid with Ponytail

Top Braid with Ponytail


A top-braid is a go-to hairstyle for any occasion and day. All you got to do is take a section of hair from the crown, braid it all the way back and not downwards and secure it with a ponytail, be it high or low. 

  1. Dutch Lace Braids

Dutch Lace Braids


Another variation of our gold ol’ Dutch braid, but in the front as you leave the rest of the hair open. By now, you must be well aware of the power of possessing this skill called knowing-how-to-do-a-French-braid. 

  1. Double French Braids

Double French Braids


On the days when a little extra protection is needed, from the pollution and dust while playing. Doll her up with these cute braids. 

  1. Two Fishtail Plaits

Two Fishtail Plaits


For this look, you’ll just have to divide the hair into two sections and do the fishtail on each side, starting from the front to back. It’s super simple and graceful. 

  1. Zipper Braid

Zipper Braid


Oof! This one’s on the intricate side of the spectrum. On days when you’re bored stiff and sitting with your little cutie, you can Google it out and try this to kill time. 

  1. Braided Heart

Braided Heart


A heart is a seemingly hard hairstyle to do, it demands time, hard work and expertise. Although once the job is done, it is the most charming hairstyle ever! 

  1. Dorothy Braids

Dorothy Braids


Remember Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz? You can dress your cutie up like Dorothy for Halloween this year and honestly, it’ll be an easy job on you. 

  1. Braid Rose

Braid Rose for kid


This one has to be one of our favourites! It’s a little complex and does take a lot of time and brainpower, but totally worth it! Your little princess would absolutely rock this hairstyle when paired with a nice summer dress. 

  1. Half-French Braid

Half-French Braid


The half-French braid is just an easier alternative to the original French Braid. If your baby has short hair, needn’t worry! All your need for this is the knowledge of the technique, a comb and some hair ties. 

  1. Bubble Braids

Bubble Braids for kids


No, it’s not the same as the pull-through braids as it may appear to be. Bubble braids are super bubbly and adorable for your little bundle of joy! 

  1. Double Rope Braids

Double Rope Braids


For this look, you just have to go for the standard rope braids, after dividing the hair into two sections, going from the crown all the way back to the nape. You can use some ribbons and embellishments to doll it up. 

  1. Fishtail Bun

Fishtail Bun for kid


A fishtail bun is really effortless yet it is a little time-consuming. As simple as just making a really long fishtail and wrapping it all around the head for a bun. 

  1. Spiral Braid

Spiral Braid for kid


Another hairstyle on the complex side, but would you look at that? Totally worth the pain and time one must say. 

  1. Reverse French Braids

Reverse French Braids


For this look, you start to make an inside-out French braid starting from the top to the tips. 

  1. Cornrows Braids

Cornrows Braids for kids


If you want to go for a protective hairstyle that is cute yet still guards your little one’s roots against all that pollution and dirt, go for cornrows mommy! 

  1. Braided Floral Crown

Braided Floral Crown


If you don’t want to use flowers, you can braid them out. You get to have all of it in one; the crown, the braids and the flowers. A win-win! 

  1. Ladder Braids

Ladder Braids for kids


A ladder braid is an astonishing option to leave for special occasions after all the hairstyle gives off a really classy and enticing vibe. 

  1. Heidi Braids

Heidi Braids for kids


A Heidi braid is another alternative to a crown, all you have to do is get some of her bangs out and go for a more messy look. 

  1. Pigtail Braids

Pigtail Braids for kids


Honestly, pigtails are like a synonym for the word cute. Just kidding, we all know how lovely these look when paired with bows or even by themselves. Ah! 

  1. Triple Braids

Triple Braids for kids


There is no single, explicit style of a triple braid ‘do. A little confusing, but it gets better with a lot of hair ties and time! 

  1. Box Braids

Box Braids for kids


If you want your daughter to grow into a baddie like you, these bring out that attitude and vibe sis! 

  1. Upside-down Braid Bun

Upside-down Braid Bun


For this look, you’ll have to start by braiding the hair from the nape but upward, when you reach the top of the secure the braid with a bun. Embellish it with a cute scrunchie or a bow. 

  1. Braid Headband

Braid Headband


A braid headband is a very creative alternative to a regular headband. To get this look, all you have to do is French braid the hair, but just add the hair from one side of the parting. 

  1. Braid into Buns

Braid into Buns


It might be apparent by now that buns are the most precious hairstyle when it comes to kids, they’re meant for them! 

  1. Side Braid and Ponytail

Side Braid and Ponytail


A very effortless and on-the-go hairstyle for your little one, whether it is for school or her daily classes this is a really quick and feasible hairdo. 

  1. Half-Up Twists Embellished with Flowers

Half-Up Twists Embellished with Flowers


This hairdo has a very magnificent vibe to it. So angelic and alluring, to leave one absolutely astonished! 

  1. Side Braids secured with a Bow

Side Braids secured with a Bow


Super easy side braids with a bow, best for an outing and just so pretty! 

  1. Butterfly Braid

Butterfly Braid for kids


This hairdo is as complex as it seems, but we can do it all for our little butterflies to have butterflies in their hair, right? 

  1. Half-up Braids and Spacebuns

Half-up Braids and Spacebuns


A super easy and lovely look, to save you some struggle make a bun instead of going all the way down with the braids.

  1. Criss Cross Braid

Criss Cross Braid


A little intricate, on the face of it. But rather simple if you look at it that way. Practice leads to precision, we must never forget that one!

  1. Side Braids

Side Braids for kids


Look at that! How stylish and chic is that for your little, adorable baddie in making, this heart can take it.

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