50 Cool Burst Fade Haircuts For Men(2022 Trends)

Burst fade is a type of fade haircut where the hair gradually gets longer towards the back of the head. The term ‘burst‘ describes the gradual change in the length of the hair towards the back of the head. Burst fade is one of the most popular types of fade as the length is ideal for most hair types. This fade type provides a low-maintenance option for people with longer hair.

Burst fade is a very common type of men’s hair cut and can be styled in various ways. There are many variations of the burst fade, ranging from a high fade to a low fade. It is also one of the easiest fade haircuts to maintain. This article will discuss 50 trendy burst fade haircuts for men.

Burst fade vs. Drop fade

You may have realized that the bust fade haircut looks similar to the drop fade. But they are different. Unlike the drop fade, the burst fade boasts a set of theatrical features that will instantly mark it as a unique hairstyle.

You may note that this fade usually has the hairline above and behind the ears tapered. In addition, the hair that is close to the nape also needs to be a bit longer compared to the rest of your head so that you can create the illusion that we call the “burst” effect. This haircut will make your new hairline mimic how your ears curve naturally. Then it will burst once it reaches the back of your head.

burst fade haircut
burst fade haircut for men

50 Cool Burst Fade Haircuts For Men in 2022

  1. Low Burst Fade

Low Burst Fade

For guys who would like to have an unmatched hairstyle while at the same time retaining an edgy haircut, this is the perfect burst fade haircut for you.

You will look fantastic with a contemporary taper on the perimeters and a pure textured fashion on the borders. You can sport this look regardless of your hair size or the shape of your head. If you wish, you can also style it back at home.

  1. Burst Fade With a Pattern

Burst Fade With a Pattern


Whatever pattern you have always wanted to try, you can attain it with this haircut. The only downside to this haircut is that it will be pretty hard to do yourself at home. Even if you visit a barber, you ought to ensure that the barber is skilled enough to best design the pattern you have in mind.

The thick and lengthy mohawk you can see in the picture, beautified with nappy curls and highlights, will give you an edgy and superior look.

Feel free to ask your barber for a customized lineup alongside your hairline for an additional better look.

  1. Slicked-back Hair and a Beard

Burst Fade with Slicked-back Hair and a Beard


This is the perfect haircut for those who have beards. The length of the hair on top will complement your shaggier facial hair without creating a grizzly effect on you. The key to this cut is to ensure you stay on top by making regular barber appointments so it does not get out of control.

  1. Taper Burst Fade with a Side Cut

Taper Burst Fade with a Side Cut


This is the cut for those who want to get creative with their haircut. Like the burst fade with a pattern we discussed earlier, you can add your favorite design with this cut and look even better. But ensure your barber can flawlessly execute the sidecut.

  1. Simple Burst Fade

Simple Burst Fade


Just like the name sounds, this haircut doesn’t require you to add all the bells and whistles. It usually only focuses on the ear to create a Mohawk look.

  1. Low Taper Fade

Low Taper Burst Fade


This haircut is classy and professional while at the same time sacrificing the fun you need to have. Feel free to add curly hair on top to make it look even greater.

  1. High Burst Fade Plus Long Texture

High Burst Fade Plus Long Texture


You will need to combine an even longer textured hair to create the Mohawk-esque design you can see on the image for this hairstyle.

  1. Razor Fade Pompadour

Razor Fade Pompadour


This is a low and mid amazinglyaded pompadour that will look astoundingly sleek on any head and hair size. It is similar to the regular pompadour haircut we will look at next.

Unlike the high fade pompadour, this cut adds a sharp razor line to separate the fade. The only downside is that many styling skills will be needed to execute this haircut as required.

  1. A High Burst Fade Pompadour

A High Burst Fade Pompadour


Like its namesake, we just looked at the last number; this version of haircut partners up with a pompadour to create a more stylized version of the look.

Between the two, pick the one you think will look better on you, depending on your hair size and the shape of your head.

  1. Curly Hair Plus Skin Fade

Curly Hair Plus Skin Fade


This is quite simple: ensure curly hair is cut short on top of your head and seamlessly blends into a skin fade.

  1. A Disconnected Burst Fade

A Disconnected Burst Fade


This haircut is in this enumeration for the guys who intend to make a bold statement in their neighborhood. The high contrast between the ultra-texturized hair and the fade emanates a bold and stylized look that most people can easily pull off.

Couple this hairstyle with a full beard if you want to make even a bold statement. But if you do not have a beard, worry not because the clean-cut works just as well.

  1. Ultrashort Burst Fade with a Surgical Part

Ultrashort Burst Fade with a Surgical Part


This is relatively straightforward. The simple way to describe it is to imagine taking a buzz cut and transforming it into a more modernized look with a hard part.

  1. A comb-over Fade

A comb-over Burst Fade


This exclusive comb-over haircut comprises a bit longer hair on top of your head that you can easily comb over into a slicked back or side part hairdo. The one you choose of the two is dependent upon your preference.

Furthermore, ensure you keep the hair on the sides and the back short using a gradual fade transition.

  1. Long Fringe Burst Fade

Long Fringe Burst Fade


This Long Fringe haircut coupled with long hair on top creates a super classic undercut hairstyle that can look great on anyone.

  1. Spiky Faux Burst Hawk

Spiky Faux Burst Hawk


You can quickly distinguish the Faux Burst Hawk hairstyle with signature converge and pointy properties. Adding a slight Mohawk to it awards you the Faux Mohawk hair, and there is no better combination.

If done right, this hairstyle can look good and make you stick with it for the rest of your life.

  1. Thin Braids with Low Bald Fade

Thin Braids with Low Bald Fade


This thin braid is a circular haircut in which you can easily style your hair with fixed strands. It is a slightly more technical haircut to create, but it will be easy to take care of and manage once you get it right. Let us not forget how great it will make you look.

  1. Burst Fade Plus Long Messy Hair

Burst Fade Plus Long Messy Hair


If you desire to grow longer hair and give it a modernized look, this haircut is a perfect choice. You can keep the look a bit cleaner with a low fade.

  1. Burst Fade For Straight Hair

Burst Fade with Straight Hair


Of course, curly hair will look great with any fade. But this does not mean you cannot sport a burst fade with straight hair either. There are tons of different fade haircuts with straight hair that you can try out.

The one featured above is one of them.

  1. Spiky Hair with Burst Fade

Spiky Hair+ Burst Fade


Styling a burst fade with spiky hair is a fantastic way to take yourself back to the 90s. It is also an attractive short hairstyle for men of all complexions.

  1. A Burst Fade haircut with a neck tattoo

A Burst Fade haircut with a neck tattoo


An anesthetic neck tattoo is directly associated with the person’s haircut. And if you match the right tattoo with a burst fade haircut, you can rest assured you’ll sport one of the best looks. But note that ensures that the hair color matches the properties of the tattoo.

  1. Burst Fade with a Quiff Haircut

Burst Fade with a Quiff Haircut


After decades since its introduction, the Quiff continues to be one of the best haircuts for short to medium guys. And when it is coupled with an excellent fade, it awards you a hard-to-beat look.

  1. Burst Fade with a Classic Taper

Burst Fade with a Classic Taper


This is for those who do not want to do much with their hair. But don’t let that fool you into thinking it is not a great cut. The Burst Fade and classic taper offer you a tr and versatile look like the cut above.

  1. Usher’s Burst Hawk

Usher’s Burst Hawk


Usher Raymond is a renowned American songwriter, dancer, and singer. If you remember, he was also recently a judge at the famous singing program “The Voice.” That is the first time he was seen sporting this Burst Hawk.

Try it out next time you visit the barbershop, and you may love it.

  1. Short Burst Fade

Short Burst Fade


As the name suggests, this is the best haircut for those with short hair. With this hairstyle, you also keep your beard short to attain a cleaner look.

  1. Burst Fade for White Guy

Burst Fade for White Guy


I began by telling you that people of all complexions can now sport the different varieties of the fade haircut and look great. The one pictured above will look amazing with a white face complexion.

All my white friends have told me the look above won’t fail to impress at all.

  1. Flat Top Fade with Colors

Flat Top Burst Fade with Top Colors


Not only is a flat top easy to manage, but it is also admired by all who come across it. The technique behind this haircut is quite simple. All you ought to do is keep the high length flat and uniform. Then, also add a color of your choice to complement the look.

  1. Textured Quiff plus a Surgical Part

Textured Quiff plus a Surgical Part


A couple of years ago, this was the men’s burst fade haircut of the year: and for a good reason. What do you think about this quiff haircut with a side surgical accent?

  1. Wavy hair with Burst Fade

Wavy hair + Burst Fade


Men with wavy hair need to sport the burst fade to manage and control their unruly locks. The good thing is, this one is relatively easy to wear.

  1. Ivy League with Burst Fade

Ivy League + Burst Fade


Traditional and vintage, the Ivy League coupled is another go-to haircut that anyone with any hair type can easily pull off without complications.

  1. A Burst Fade with a Curly High

A Burst Fade with a Curly High


This is one of the most prevalent haircuts you will see black men sporting. The Mohawk-like look with pores and curls you can see in the picture is also relatively easy to get, and you can do it yourself at home. For added beauty, feel free to develop an extended full beard. This will also give you an extremely masculine look.

  1. Fake Hawk

Burst Fade with a Fake Hawk

What do you think about this haircut with a fake hawk that boasts textured ends and a slightly shaved beard? The faux hawk (also usually known as the fauxhawk) will undoubtedly give you a more masculine look if it’s added to the fade on the perimeters.

The surgical line on the sides offers you a candy hair design. But it is not a must. You can disregard the surgical sequence. Furthermore, to ensure you maintain your fauxhawk fade hairstyle and look great all day, I urge you to use a low shine wax daily.

32. Flat Top

Flat Top with Burst Fade

This haircut comes with a high-top fade at the back. The fade can include a range of shapes and sizes.

33. Burst Taper Fade

Burst Taper Fade

A burst taper fade is a short haircut that can make you look classy and handsome as a gentleman. It can be edgy, professional, or even formal when combined with another style.

34. Comb Over

Comb Over with Burst Fade

Comb Over haircut offers a classic look compared to another fade hairstyle. You can combine the comb-over with short or long hair that can be trimmed low, mid, or high taper.

35. Burst Fade with Curly Top

Burst Fade with Curly Top

This haircut may be one of the best cool hairstyles for men. Curls give a hairstyle a playful vibe, making them the perfect choice for a night out. Anyone with wavy or curly hair can wear curly top hairstyles. The best way to get these curls is to use a curling iron or wand. You can also combine messy short to medium-length curls with burst fade.

36. Burst Fade with Faux Hawk

Burst Fade with Faux Hawk

Burst fade haircut with a faux hawk is an excellent style for guys with thick hair. The faux hawk is sculpted to frame the face, and the sides are cut short for a clean look.

Thicker hair types often have trouble finding a hairstyle that suits them, but this faux hawk fade is a great option. The fade from short to long near the top of the head will help create volume, and the right product will allow you to style this look into place easily.

37. Burst Fade for White Guy

Burst Fade for White Guy

This haircut is a short to medium-length hairstyle that works well for black men and white guys. This haircut comes with a low bald fade and thick, natural hair on top that can offer you volume, movement, and flow.

38. Burst Fade with Design

Burst Fade with Design

You can ask your barber to shave an excellent design into your fade to get a more fashionable style. You can also try a new lineup along the hairline. This will give you an extra clean and edgy finish.

39. Burst Fade with Dreads

Burst Fade with Dreads

Short dreads can be a great companion to burst fade on the hairstyle. This is a popular hairstyle among young guys. Ask your barber to make spiky, colored, or backcombed dreads. This haircut can also be mixed with a faux hawk or mohawk.

40. Afro Curls

Burst Fade with Afro Curls

The afro curls haircut is an excellent style for men with thick curly hair. It is good to look for black men who want to maintain a clean-cut look easily.

41. Burst Fade with Pomp

Burst Fade with Pomp

42. Burst Fade with Mohawk

Burst Fade Mohawk

43. Flat Top with Mohawk

Flat Top Mohawk

44. Mid Skin Burst Fade

Mid Skin Burst Fade

45. Burst Fade with Line Up

Burst Fade with Line Up

46. Burst fade with braids

burst fade with braids

47. Burst fade with mullet

burst fade with mullet

48. Burst fade for black men with beard

Burst fade for black men

49. High top

High top burst fade

50. Bald Fade Haircut

Bald burst fade