31 Popular Burst Fade Haircuts For Men in 2019

Are you looking for the best burst fade haircuts for you? This types of fade haircuts have developed over the years to become one of the most liked male’s fade hairdos all around the world.

In some nations, you will find that the burst taper fade is paired with a Mohawk hairstyle and in others, it is minimized by mixing the taper across the ears and down the neck. Whatever you decide to sport, you can rest assured you will look amazing.

In addition to that, after going through this enumeration I have created for you, you will realize that the bust fade haircut looks somewhat similar to the drop fade. But they are totally different.

For decades, the fade was regarded as a haircut for black males only. But this has not been the case for a very long time. And in these images I have collected, you will realize that white guys also look great with this haircut.

burst fade haircut

So, What is a Burst Fade Haircut?

Unlike other fades such as the drop fade, the burst fade boasts a set of theatrical features that will instantly mark it as a unique hairstyle.

For starters, you should always note that this fade usually has the hairline above and behind the ears tapered. Not cut or shaved using scissors.

In addition, the hair that is close to the nape also needs to be a bit longer compared to the rest on your head so that you can create the illusion that we call the “burst” effect.

After executing these tips, your new hairline should mimic the way your ears curve naturally; then it will burst once it reaches the back of your head.

How to Create the Burst Fade Haircut?

Over the last couple of decades, barber shops all around the world have created a series of tools that would come in handy to help you attain the perfect style and cut.

For instance, you may notice that most barbers use sponges. This is mainly in cases where a person has very short hair and they want their hair to be twisted or curled. A sponge, in such cases, will have two sides.

One of the sides usually comes with holes that will allow you to create the said coils and curls. The other side of the sponge will have ridges. This will come in handy when you want to add volume to your top half.

The reason most hairstylists vouch for using the sponge is that it is very easy to use compared to other styling methods.

That said you ought to remember that your hair needs to be damp at all times if you choose to style using a sponge. Utilize some hair gel or water to lock in some of the moisture.

Now that you understand the tools needed to sport this mesmeric look, it is time to look at the 31 best burst fade hairstyles that you can sport in 2019 and beyond.

31 Amazing Burst Fade Haircuts For Men in 2019

  1. The Low Burst Fade

Low Burst Fade

For guys who would like to have an unmatched coiffure while at the same time retaining an edgy haircut, this is the perfect burst fade hair cut for you. With a contemporary taper on the perimeters and a pure textured fashion on the borders, you will look amazing sporting this look regardless of your hair size or the shape of your head.

If you wish, you can style it yourself back at home as well.

  1. Burst Fade With a Pattern

Burst Fade With a Pattern


Whatever pattern you have always wanted to try out, you can attain it with this burst fade haircut. The only downside to this haircut is the fact it will be quite hard to do yourself at home. In fact, even if you will visit a barber, you ought to ensure that the barber is skilled enough to best design the pattern you have in mind.

The thick and lengthy Mohawk you can see on the picture beautified with nappy curls and highlights will further give you a look that is edgy and superior.

For an additional better look, feel free to ask your barber for a customized line up alongside your hairline.

  1. Slicked-back Hair and a Beard

Burst Fade with Slicked-back Hair and a Beard


This is the perfect burst fade haircut for those who have beards. The length of the hair on top will complement your shaggier facial hair, all this without creating a grizzly effect on you. The key to this cut is to ensure you stay on top of it by making regular barber appointment so it does not get out of control.

That is the price you’ll need to pay to look great.

  1. Taper Burst Fade with a Side Cut

Taper Burst Fade with a Side Cut


This is the cut for those who would like to get creative with their haircut. That said, just like the burst fade with a pattern we discussed earlier, you can also add your favorite design with this cut and look even better.

But ensure your barber can perfectly execute the sidecut.

  1. Simple Burst Fade

Simple Burst Fade


Just like the name sounds, this haircut doesn’t require you to add all the bells and whistle. It usually only focuses on the ear in order to create a Mohawk sort of look.

  1. Low Taper Fade

Low Taper Burst Fade


This haircut is classy and professional, while at the same time without sacrificing the fun you need to have. To make it look even greater, feel free to add curly hair on top.

  1. High Burst Fade Plus Long Texture

High Burst Fade Plus Long Texture


For this hairstyle, you will need to combine an even longer textured hair in order to create the Mohawk-esque design you can see on the image.

  1. Razor Fade Pompadour

Razor Fade Pompadour


This is an amazing low mid razor faded pompadour that will look astoundingly sleek on any type of head and any hair size. It is also quite similar to the regular burst fade pompadour that we will look at next.

That said, unlike the high fade pompadour, this cut ads in the sharp razor line that will act to separate the fade.  The only downside is the fact a lot of styling skills will be needed to execute this haircut as required.

  1. A High Burst Fade Pompadour

A High Burst Fade Pompadour


Just like its namesake we just looked at on the previous number, this version of the burst fade partners up with a pompadour in order to create a more stylized version of the look.

Between the two, simply pick the one that you think will look better on you depending on your hair size and shape of your head.

  1. Curly Hair Plus Skin Fade

Curly Hair Plus Skin Fade


This is quite simple: ensure curly hair is cut short on top of your head and then seamlessly blend it into a skin fade.

  1. A Disconnected Burst Fade

A Disconnected Burst Fade


This haircut is specifically in this enumeration for the guys who intend to make a bold statement in their neighborhood. The high contrast you can see between the ultra-texturized hair and the fade emanates a bold and stylized look that most people can easily pull off.

If you want to make even a bolder statement, then couple this hairstyle with a full beard. But if you do not have a beard, worry not because the clean cut works just as well.

  1. Ultrashort Burst Fade with a Surgical Part

Ultrashort Burst Fade with a Surgical Part


This is quite straightforward. The simple way to describe it is, imagine taking a buzz cut and transforming it into a more modernized look with a hard part.

  1. A comb-over Fade

A comb-over Burst Fade


This exclusive comb over burst fade comprised of a bit longer hair on the top of your head that you can then easily comb-over into a slicked back or side part hairdo. The one you choose of the two is totally dependent upon your preference.

Furthermore, ensure you keep the hair on the sides and the back short using a gradual fade transition.

  1. Long Fringe Burst Fade

Long Fringe Burst Fade


This Long Fringe Burst Fade coupled with long hair on top creates a super classic undercut hairstyle that can look great on anyone.

  1. Spiky Faux Burst Hawk

Spiky Faux Burst Hawk


You can quickly distinguish the Faux Burst Hawk hairstyle with its signature converge and pointy properties. Better yet, adding a slight Mohawk to it awards you the Faux Mohawk hair, and there is no better combination.

If done right, this hairstyle can look really good and make you stick with it for the rest of your life.

  1. Thin Braids with Low Bald Fade

Thin Braids with Low Bald Fade


This thin braid burst fade is a circular hair cut in which you can easily style your hair with fixed strands. It is a slightly more technical haircut to create, but once you get it right, it will be easy to take care of and manage. Let us not forget about how great it will make you look.

  1. Burst Fade Plus Long Messy Hair

Burst Fade Plus Long Messy Hair


If your desire is to grow longer hair and give it a modernized look, then this haircut is the perfect choice for you. You can keep the look a bit cleaner with a low fade.

  1. Burst Fade with Straight Hair

Burst Fade with Straight Hair


Of course, a curly hair will look great with any fade. But this does not mean that you cannot sport a burst fade with straight hair as well. Good for you, there are tons of different burst fade haircuts that you can try out with straight hair.

The one featured above is one of them.

  1. Spiky Hair+ Burst Fade

Spiky Hair+ Burst Fade


Styling a burst fade with spiky hair is an amazing way to take yourself back to the 90s. It is also an attractive short hairstyle for men of all complexions.

  1. A Burst Fade haircut with a neck tattoo

A Burst Fade haircut with a neck tattoo


An aesthetic neck tattoo directly associates with the person’s haircut. And if you match the right tattoo with a burst fade haircut, you can rest assured you’ll sport one of the best looks. But note, ensure that the hair color matches the properties of the tattoo.

  1. Burst Fade with a Quiff Haircut

Burst Fade with a Quiff Haircut


After decades since its introduction, the Quiff continues to be one of the best haircuts for short to medium guys. And when it is coupled with a great Burst Fade, it awards you a hard to beat look.

  1. Burst Fade with a Classic Taper

Burst Fade with a Classic Taper


This is for those who do not want to do a lot with their hair. But don’t let that fool you into thinking it is not a great cut. The Burst Fade coupled with classic taper awards you a look that is both trendy and versatile: just like the cut above.

  1. Usher’s Burst Hawk

Usher’s Burst Hawk


Usher Raymond is a renowned American songwriter, dancer, and singer. If you remember, he was also recently a judge at the famous singing program “The Voice.” That is the first time he was seen sporting this Burst Hawk.

Try it out next time you visit the barbershop and you may just love it.

  1. Short Burst Fade

Short Burst Fade


As the name suggests, a short burst fade is the best haircut for those who have short hair. With this hairstyle, you also ensure that you keep your beard short in order to attain a cleaner look.

  1. Burst Fade for White Guy

Burst Fade for White Guy


I began by telling you that people of all complexions can now sport the different varieties of the Burst Fade Haircut and look great. The one pictured above will definitely look amazing with a white face complexion.

All my white friends have told me the look above won’t fail to impress at all.

  1. Flat Top Fade with Colors

Flat Top Burst Fade with Top Colors


Not only is a flat top easy to manage, but it is also admired by all who come across it. The technique behind this haircut is quite simple. All you ought to do is keep the high length flat and uniform as possible. Then, also add a color of your choice to complement the look.

  1. Textured Quiff plus a Surgical Part

Textured Quiff plus a Surgical Part


A couple of years ago, this was the men’s burst fade haircut of the year: and for good reason. What do you think about this quiff haircut with a side surgical part accent?

  1. Wavy hair + Burst Fade

Wavy hair + Burst Fade


Men with wavy hair need to sport the Burst Fade in order to manage and control their unruly locks. The good thing is, this one is quite easy to sport.

  1. Ivy League + Burst Fade

Ivy League + Burst Fade


Traditional and vintage, the Ivy League coupled with the Burst Fade is another go-to haircut that any person with any hair type can easily pull off without complications.

  1. A Burst Fade with a Curly High

A Burst Fade with a Curly High


This is one of the most prevalent haircuts you will come across black men sporting: and for good reason. Having a burst fade with quick curly hair on top is a very stylish fashion and complements the black skin really well.

The Mohawk-like look with pores and curls you can see on the picture is also quite easy to get and you can do it by yourself at home. For added beauty, feel free to develop an extended full beard. This will also give you an extremely masculine look.

  1. Fake Hawk

Burst Fade with a Fake Hawk

What do you think about this burst fade hair cut with a fake hawk that boasts textured ends and a slightly shaved beard? The fake hawk (also usually known as the fauxhawk) will certainly give you a more masculine look if it’s added to the fade on the perimeters.

The surgical line you can see on the sides offers you a candy hair design. But it is not a must. You can disregard the surgical line. Furthermore, to ensure you maintain your fauxhawk fade hairstyle and ensure you look great all day, I urge you to use a low shine wax every day.

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