60 Cool Comb Over Fade Haircuts For Men(2021 Trends)

Comb over fade is the type of fade haircut with hair on the sides and longer hair on top. The reason why this is called comb-over is that the hair will be left on top that you have to the comb-over. You can comb over the hair as a slick back, a side part, a hard part, or a textured style.

Comb over fade can make you look smarter and more polished than usual. This haircut is best for people who would like to have clean and neat-looking hair. This is an appropriate hairstyle for business meetings. It can also be appropriate when people have to attend weddings and other formal events. This can also be worn every day with street style clothes and it will manage to look amazing all the time.

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How to Get a Comb Over Fade Haircut?

This hairstyle does not require a lot of hair, to begin with, but you need to have hair on the top of your head that is long enough to be combed over. As long as you are already happy with the length of your hair, you can go to the barbershop. Allow the barber to work his magic on you. A carefully made comb-over hairstyle will manage to turn a few heads and get a few stares.

How to Style Comb Over Fade Hairstyle?

You have finally achieved this hairstyle that you have always wanted. What are you going to do next? You need to make sure that it looks great all the time especially when there are some events that you need to attend.

  • Wash your hair.
  • You can dry it out a bit with the use of a blow dryer. Try to avoid putting heat as you just need to dry your hair.
  • Once it is semi-dry, use hair products that will allow you to slick your hair to one side.
  • Use a comb to set the hair in place.
  • Allow the hair to dry fully.

60 Best Comb Over Haircuts You Should Try

Now that you know the basics about the comb-over haircut, you can take a look at the various styles available such as the following:

  1. High Fade

The High Fade Comb Over

If you would like the length shift of your hair to be obvious, this may be the right style for you to pick. This is an attention-grabbing hairstyle as the top portion of the hair is obviously longer than the sides.

This is a good hairstyle that will show everyone that you do not mind being different. You have taken a risk of having a hairstyle that may not look good on you but if it works, you have nothing to worry about.

  1. Short Comb Over Fade

Short Comb Over

If you are the type of man who works in the corporate setting, this may be one of the best hairstyles for you to try. This is especially helpful for people who find it hard to manage their hair and even for those who just want to look polished at all times.

While you can rock this with a bit of facial hair for a day look, you need to wear this hair without facial hair during formal gatherings and ceremonies.

  1. Skin Fade + Comb Over

Skin Fade Comb Over

This is a type of comb-over hairstyle that not all barbers will be able to do. It is important that you find a skilled barber first before you attempt to have this style made on your hair.

The hair tapers downwards from the thick portion of the hair until the skin is bare. This is a super neat style but it may require a bit of maintenance as you need to have it trimmed ever so often if you want to maintain your look.

  1. Pompadour

Pompadour Comb Over

The Pompadour is one of those hairstyles that actually started out for women but shifted to being worn by men. The pompadour now is highly popular among men especially those who would like to keep a lot of hair on their heads without looking untidy.

You do need thick hair in order to pull off this hairstyle as the pompadour works best on men with thick hair. Whether you have straight, curly, or wavy hair will not matter as long as your hair is thick. Having the right hair products will make a lot of difference too.

  1. Slick Back

Slick Back Comb Over

Who says that a comb-over should only be placed on one side of the head? You can look completely different if you would have a slick back comb-over. The hair on top of the head should obviously be long enough to be slicked back while the graduated sides will be in contrast with the long top portion of the hair.

This can work for preppy men as long as they do not have facial hair and if you are more of a “cool” guy, you can match this with a beard and maybe some tattoos but this is optional, of course.

  1. Low Fade

Have you always wanted a fade but you do not want it to be too obvious? This may be the type of fade that you want to try. The low fade can make the classic comb-over look to become more modern but not too modern that you will shock people when they see you. This is considered to be a more traditional option that you can wear with ease anywhere.

  1. Medium Fade

Medium Fade Comb Over

Let us say that you are feeling just a little bit more adventurous and you want a hairstyle that will be noticed more. What will you choose?

The medium fade will start the fade a bit higher than the typical low fade but it is still not striking enough that some people will give you a second look whenever they see you running some errands. This is the type of hairstyle that you can choose if you want to look modern without going overboard.

  1. Long Comb

Long Comb Over

If you want to keep your hair long all over but not long enough that you would resemble the hair of people during the 70s era, the long comb over is your best bet. In this type of style, you will not be buzzing the sides of your head.

The barber may cut it with scissors just to trim it and of course, the hair on top of your head will be longer. The key here is to make sure that the hair on top will have volume in order to emphasize the overall style of the hair.

  1. Contemporary Comb Over Fade

Contemporary Comb Over

You are all about the classic and traditional comb over but the moment that you see the modern take on this hairstyle, you may realize that this is the style that you have always wanted to have.

You can choose where the barber is going to place the hard part in order to emphasize that your hair is parted on the side. The sides will then be buzzed in order to be shorter than the hair on the crown of the head that will be kept longer so that it can be combed over to the side.

  1. Curly Hair with Comb Over Fade

Curly Hair Comb Over

It does not mean that just because you have curly hair, you cannot enjoy the comb-over hairstyle anymore. This haircut works for men with curly hair too.

This particular style allows you to keep your natural curls as your sweeping long curls are combed over to one side of your head. They are not long enough that they will start falling on your forehead. They are just long enough to emphasize your curls. The sides of your hair may be buzzed or not depending on your preference.

  1. Comb Over for Long Hair

Long Hair Comb Over

If you truly want to have long hair on the top portion of your head, this may be the best style for you to have. Long means that you are going to have hair that will fall over your face even if you comb it over. This can be cool but this normally depends on your profession. If you know that you can have this hairstyle at work, then by all means try this out.

  1. Side Part with Beard

Side Part Comb Over with Beard

It is already normal for a lot of men who have the comb-over hairstyle to have a beard but the beard they normally have is the usual one that will need to be clipped ever so often. What if you would like to have an actual beard with this hairstyle? You can expect that people will think you are a lumberjack even if you are working in a completely different industry.

  1. Polished and Wavy

Polished and Wavy Comb Over

You do not have to hate your wavy hair just yet because it might provide you with the effect that you need in order to make your comb-over hairstyle look cool. This is a good hairstyle for a man like you who likes to socialize. This will make you look presentable wherever you go.

  1. Tapered Comb Over with Layers

Tapered Comb Over with Layers

If you would like to have a comb-over that has to be made meticulously then this may be the best option for you to have. The tapered sides will make this hairstyle easier to maintain and the long licks that are on the crown portion of your head will be layered so that they will be easier to style. With the right hair products, this highly trendy style can be the perfect choice for you.

  1. Soft Looking

Soft Looking Comb Over

A lot of the comb-over hairstyles that you will see at present time may be a bit tough looking for you. The hair may not look soft to touch. In fact, if the hair does not look oily, the hair will not move at all.

You can always achieve a softer-looking comb over by having naturally thick hair. Of course, minimal hair products should be used too so that your hair will stay soft. The sides should be kept short as well to make this hairstyle more manageable.

  1. Tight Crop

Tight Crop Comb Over

It was just mentioned earlier that a soft-looking comb over may be the best choice for men who would like women to run their fingers through their hair but if you are not THAT type, you may choose this hairstyle instead.

Expect that the combed-over portion will look so tough that a hammer may be needed to break it. Of course, it would only look that way but a simple rinse will remove the products you have used. Partner this with a hard part on one portion of your head to emphasize the combed-over portion.

  1. Heightened Comb Over

Heightened Comb Over

If you are going to do a comb-over, you can always emphasize it to make it bigger. This has been shown in a lot of men’s magazines and if models have shown that they can rock it, there is no reason why you cannot rock it too.

There are some hair products you would need to achieve this look though but the moment that you find these hair products, fixing your hair will be easier.

  1. Deep Side Part

Deep Side Part Comb Over

The side part is very common, just choose one side of your head and let the barber do his magic but if you want to put a bit of twist to this hairstyle, you can choose to have a deep part instead. You can make this hairstyle even more modern by adding some highlights to some parts of your hair. Your hair is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

  1. Short Comb Over with Buzz Fade

Short Comb Over with Buzz Fade

If you have always detested long layers then this is the best hairstyle for you to have. You can still part your hair on the sides but you will not look like a hipster with the hairstyle that you pick out. Make sure that the sides of your hair are still shorter than the hair that you have on the top portion of your head.

  1. Sweeping Comb Over Fade

Sweeping Comb Over

If you are the type of man who would like to have a head full of hair then this is a good option for you to have. You need to blow dry your hair so that they will stay away from your face. Instead, they will fan out on the sides of your head to make you appear more youthful. Expect that this hair can look even more amazing if you have highlights or if you already have salt and pepper hair.

  1. High Fade with Long Beard

High fade comb over haircut


If you are a redhead who treasures style, then this ought to be the go-to hairstyle for you. If you want to top it off, feel free to couple it with a full beard just like the gentleman above. In addition to that, I found that a hoodie coupled with a leather jacket allows you to attain an even better look. Do not forget to have the right attitude.

  1. The tousled comb over with a side-part

The tousled comb over with a side-part


This tousled comb over with a side part is a combination of messy and classy, which is the perfect blend if you want to have a balanced personality. You can also supplement it with a leather jacket or a t-shirt just like the haircut we just looked at.

  1. Simple comb over haircut

Simple comb over haircut


Besides the striking appearance, this hairstyle is guaranteed to bring out a strong personality in you; provided you do the hairstyle the right way. Those who have tried out the haircut in the past have also described it as an ego booster and attention magnet.

  1. Bald fade undercut

Comb over with a bald fade undercut


This comb over with a bald fade will match better with the square features of any face. As you can see in the image, the sides have been cleaned to the top in order to award the hairstyle more fluidity.

  1. The side slick back hairstyle

The side slick back hairstyle


This haircut permits you to arrange the top of your head in a simple way thanks to the shaved sides that will come in handy if you want to keep your hair balanced. Also, feel free to give the hair texture and direction using the best hair wax.

  1. Straight to the point

Straight to the point comb over fade


To create this straight-to-the-point comb over fade, you will need to avail the clipper over comb technique while at the same time using the topside hair length to give your overall hairstyle texture and volume. The beard and the disconnected sides are in place to bring out the hairstyle above even more.

  1. A high fade with a shape up

A high fade comb over with a shape up


Having a high fade comb over coupled with a shape up is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go. In addition to that, if you want the icing to the cake when it comes to your apparel and styling, then this is still the hairstyle to go with.

  1. A line up with sideburns haircut

A line up with sideburns haircut


The line-up with sideburns haircut is super elegant and classy. Using your best hair gel, you can rest assured that your final haircut will have the defined wet look everyone desires.

  1. The long, messy comb over hairstyle

The long, messy comb over hairstyle


This long, messy comb-over hairstyle has been the trend for a couple of years now, especially among those who have a nice beard like the one in the image. To this day, lots of men, I included, are still attracted to the hairstyle thanks to the simple fact it awards you a wild and natural look.

  1. Long wavy comb over hairstyle

Long comb over hairstyle


Usually associated with a full beard, this long comb-over hairstyle awards the gentleman wearing it a warrior look. It will also look better when combined with a leather or suit.

  1. Medium length comb over haircut

Medium length comb over haircut


This medium-length comb over haircut is sufficient for gentlemen who are looking for an elegant hairstyle that is also easy to maintain. All you ought to do with this haircut is to make simple adjustments once every 3 and 4 months.

  1. High fade with a shaved line haircut

High fade comb over with a shaved line haircut


A high fade comb over with a shaved line haircut is the perfect summer season haircut. Note though, you can also feel free to style the haircut all year round and still look fresh and elegant.

  1. Dark black with a high fade

Dark black comb over with a high fade


This shaved comb over is one of the most unique thanks to the super black and the carefully styled high fade that nicely exposes the top side. The gentleman above has added texture and volume to the hair in order to attain the dramatic effect.

  1. High fade slick back

High fade slick back hairstyle


This high fade slick back haircut can be easily created using a razor and the scissors over comb technique. You can also easily maintain the haircut by amalgamating it with your favorite hair gel in order to hold it in place for the whole day.

  1. The side part hairstyle

The side part comb over hairstyle


In case you are looking for the best haircut that you can have while attending an important event in your life or a loved one’s, then you shouldn’t scroll any further because this is the perfect haircut for you. It has further been accessorized with the modern elegant outfit and beard to complete the look.

  1. Messy spikes

Messy spikes comb over haircut


This massy spikes comb over a haircut is suitable for those who have difficult hair strands. It is classic and elegant while at the same time having a touch of both retro and modern style.

  1. The loose comb over a fade hairstyle

The loose comb over fade hairstyle


This loose comb-over hairstyle is the perfect option if your goal is to bring out your wild side. Thanks to the slightly buzzed sides that go all way to the top side, arranging this hairstyle will be effortless. All you ought to do is cross your hand in it.

  1. The full comb over hairstyle for older men

The full comb over hairstyle for older men


In the image above, you can see how classy the gentleman looks, thanks to the full comb over haircut. Coupling this haircut with a nicely styled beard adds an outstanding attitude.

  1. Comb over hairstyle with buzzed sides

Comb over hairstyle with buzzed sides


The buzzed sides in this haircut will easily bring out the bottom and top sides of anyone’s face in order to ultimately create the perfect balance. If you take good care of the haircut, then you can rest assured that it will keep looking sharp while at the same time turning heads wherever you go.

  1. The comb over fade with a cowlick hairstyle

The comb over fade with cowlick hairstyle


This amazing haircut was the favorite hairstyle among cinema celebrities back in the days and it hasn’t died down to this day. Nowadays, anyone can try out the hairstyle, regardless of your star status.

  1. The classic side part haircut

The classic side part comb over haircut


This classic side part comb over fade is the best option for you if you are looking for a professionally arranged look that is natural at the same time. Anyone around the world can adopt this haircut to their needs thanks to the fact it is extremely easy to style in business meetings.

  1. The high pomp with a burst fade

The high pomp comb over fade with a burst fade


Comb over haircuts for gentlemen always suggests an amalgamation of a pompadour and a burst fade. The faded sides in the image above blend in perfectly with the gentleman’s beard thereby awarding him the balance and touch of style.

  1. Comb over low fade with a dark beard

Comb over low fade with a dark beard


This particular haircut denotes a modern attitude and elegance. It also follows the shape of the wearer’s head, resulting in the very nicely defined flow of hair.

  1. Long length comb over fade for redheads

Long length comb over fade for red heads


This is the best hairstyle for redheads who tend to attend lots of business meetings. The long length comb over with a fade will supplement the overlook while at the same time amplifying your elegance.

  1. Comb over for gingers

Comb over for gingers


This medium comb over fade has been combed toward the beck of the head in order to award the gentleman the elegant and clean look. You can easily wear the hairstyle with a beard in order to best balance the features that can be seen on the face.

  1. Wet fade haircut

Wet comb over fade haircut


The wheel of time seems to keep on reviving and turning in old styles over the last couple of years. As the best illustration of the entire picture, look at the look of the gentleman above.

  1. Classic ivy league

Classic ivy league comb over fade


This classic ivy league comb over fade haircut is a favorite among men who love sports. It is a natural and clean hairstyle that will not be problematic when it comes to maintenance as well.

  1. Comb over fade with a full beard

Comb over fade with a full beard


Regardless of the fact this haircut is renowned and easy to find in the streets of your city, the comb-over fade coupled with the full beard is assured to draw attention to you. To complete the look, ensure you put on a sharp outfit.

  1. Messy comb over fade

Messy comb over fade


If all your day job is to fix race cars and motorcycle bikes, then you need a messy comb-over fade just like the one styled by the gentleman above. If that doesn’t make you the ultimate mechanic, I do not know what will.

  1. Medium fade with a beard for gingers

Comb over medium fade with a beard for gingers


Generally speaking, ginger gentlemen already have an advantage that makes them the center of attention wherever they go. Coupled with this comb over medium fade, they will be unstoppable.

  1. Classic wavy comb over fade

Classic wavy comb over fade


This classy wavy comb over fade is one of the holiest looks I have ever come across. It will illuminate your face while at the same time drawing attention to your eyes, which are the gates to your soul.

  1. Messy side part haircut

Messy side part comb over fade haircut


If like me, you’re a lazy individual and are looking for a hairstyle that allows you not to border with perfection or order, then this messy side part comb over fade is the haircut for you. Every time you wake up in the morning, you’ll find that the haircut has fixed itself.

  1. Comb over fade undercut with a pompadour haircut

Comb over fade undercut with a pompadour haircut


Would you like a balanced haircut that retains its extra volume on the top side, then this is the haircut for you. Especially if you would like to appear in a fashion magazine.

  1. Comb over with a textured top and an undercut

Comb over fade with a textured top and an undercut


This comb over fade with ha textured top and an undercut is a fluid haircut for men who boast a solid personality. Given it is out of the box, this hairstyle is also accessible for you and is easy to maintain.

  1. Scruffy and slick

Scruffy and slick comb over fade


This scruffy and slick comb over fade is extremely popular among the best tattoo artist and even individuals who are tattoo fanatics. Ensuring that your head remains breezy and classy at the same time, the scruffy and slick look is in place to make you sassy in every sense of the word.

  1. The classical shape up

The classical shape up comb over fade


This classical shape-up comb over fade is in place to transport you back in time to when genuine gentlemen really understood how they were to wear their hair. Easily match the haircut with a tie and suit.

  1. Disconnected undercut

Comb over fade with a disconnected undercut


This particular comb-over fade with a disconnected undercut is exactly what you need if your goal is to turn heads wherever you go.

  1. Comb over fade with a hard part

Comb over fade with a hard part


This comb-over fade with a hard part is the favorite among men of all races and personal preferences. If you think it will look great on you, do not hesitate to give it a try.

  1. Modern pompadour

Comb over fade with a modern pompadour


Resembling a hawk, this comb-over fade with a modern pompadour creates height at the top of the head. The buzzed sides also deliver continuity thanks to the cheek line of the gentleman.

  1. A slick back pompadour haircut

Comb over fade with a slick back pompadour haircut


This comb-over fades with a slick back pompadour haircut will make you the center of attention wherever you go, especially if you combine it with a full beard like the guy in the image. This will accentuate your features and award you the most appealing look.

Based on all of the comb-over styles mentioned above, it is obvious that there are different ones suited for various people depending on their personality, lifestyle, and even hair type.

If you want a classic comb-over, then just tell the barber to give you the classic comb-over style but if you want to go contemporary, just choose from any of the modern comb over styles mentioned above. Do not forget to pick the right hair products as they can make a lot of difference.

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