30 Cool Crew Cut Hairstyle For Men in 2022

From being styled in the athletic and military world, the classic crew has also has grown to become one of the most popular fashions in the world today. This hairstyle is convenient and easy to maintain, which are the same factors that made it famous among athletes and in the armed forces in the first place.

It is a straightforward and generally short hairstyle. It’s also shorter at the back of the head compared to the crown. If you’ve come across someone styling this haircut, you realize that it (the crew cut) helps define their facial features, awarding them a chiseled look.

What’s more? The haircut is suitable for people with any face shape and will work with any hair type. It is also a timeless look that has been sported by celebrities worldwide, from David Beckham and Brad Pitt to Robert Downey Jr.

That said, before skipping to the main section of the post and sharing with you 30+ of the best crew cuts out there today, let us start by defining the haircut for those who are not very accustomed to it.

What is a Crew Cut?

The crew cut boasts short hair strands on the top side of the head that sit in an upright position. Usually, these hair locks are slowly graduated in length, with the longest hair locks staying at the hairline and the shortest ones sitting at the crown to create a horizontal and almost flat appearance when someone looks at you from the side.

The hair on the sides is usually shorter compared to the top and usually boasts a tapered cut. Even though this haircut has been around since the eighteenth century, it became more famous in the 20s and 30s among athletes and military men.

That was the same period it received got its famous name.

How do you ask your barber or stylist for the best crew cut fade?

Well, this one is easy. One of the easiest ways to ask for a haircut is to ask for it.

That said, that option is not viable if you would like to be creative with your haircut. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of variations nowadays. So I think that the most effective way to style the best crew cut is to go through this enumeration, download an image of the best crew cut that you think would fit you and your personality, then take that image to your barber or stylists.

You won’t leave any room for interpretation this way because the barber will know exactly what you want. But if you want a basic crew cut fade like the one people sported in the past, then do not bother. Visit your stylist and mention the name; then, they will know what to do.

How do you style a crew-cut haircut?

This classic haircut is quite easy to style, even though there are several variations you should have in mind because they will give you more freedom.

The most common way to style this cut is to amalgamate it with a tapered nape and thick sideburns.

In addition to that, depending upon your hair type, you can apply either wax or gel at the front of your hair to stick it directly up. But if your hair is sufficiently thick, then it may do that on its own.

Another styling option of the crew cut is to sweep the hair to one side to attain that modern, clean look. And since this haircut is so short, styling it every morning is optional.

If, however, you want a more tousled look, then you can always permit your hair locks to grow out a bit. But I urge you to keep the sides buzzed from time to time and allow your hair on top of your head to grow long to attain the dramatic contrast.

Another favorite styling option is creating a manly look by allowing your beard or stubble to grow into your sideburns. You can also create a stubble effect that can lengthen gradually into the top of your hair locks.

How to style the crew cut fade back at home

If your goal is to save some of your hard-earned cash along the way, then you will love this section of the post. This will also fit those who enjoy cutting their own hair. That said, below is a detailed guide on how you can style a crew cut back at home.

  1. Step 1

Start by going this enumeration of 30 men who have haircuts. You will notice a wide array of hairstyles so you can choose the one you would like to award to yourself.

  1. Step 2

After picking your favorite and future haircut, it is time to start gathering the necessary tools to style it.

For the most basic crew cuts, you will need to have a mirror, different length guards for fading and tapering purposes, two combs, and a set of hair clippers.

  1. Step 3

When you are done dampening your hair, comb it through and start by cutting its back and sides.

You’ll want to use a lower guard on these areas if you want to create a short, uniform length. And depending on the haircut variation you chose in step one, start with numbers two and four. If your goal is to attain a tighter taper, then keep the skin around your ears touted.

This is also the same step that will require you to be extremely careful not to make mistakes. To make sure you’re doing the right thing for areas you cannot see using your one mirror, ask a friend to hold a second mirror for you.

And to remember exactly what you did on the first side, ensure that you start from the bottom and head up on one side, then rehash the same thing on the other side of your head. After that, work on the center part.

  1. Step 4

Once you ensure that the regions around the ears and the back are neat and clean, then switch to creating a smooth transition from the bottom part of your head.

For this, feel free to use distinct guard sizes. Start with a higher guard on the top side. This will leave your hair locks long enough to style. Once you get halfway to the topside, change the guards to number six and continue clipping to the top, but do it in straight lines.

After that, start tapering the lower part of your hair locks in length from the front side to the backside. This is among the hardest things one can master. So make sure that you work slowly and deal with one side at a time.

  1. Step 5

Now go back to the top part of your head. You want to focus on it more because it will be the most visible area of your hairstyle when you’re done styling. So your goal is to get it perfect.

As I mentioned earlier in the description, the top side ought to be faded from the front of the crown and leave your hair longer at the front side.

When you’re done creating the transition between the bottom and top of your hair and making it seamless, there you have it, the best crew cut that will turn heads wherever you go.

30 Amazing Crew Cut Hairstyle For Men

Now let us skip to the section of the post you’ve been waiting for. Below are my 30 best crew cuts today.

  1. Widow’s peak

Widow’s peak


If your natural hair is not straight, then the Widow’s peak crew cut will work great with it. But remember, the shorter the hair, you’ll notice that your hairline will work with it instead of against it.

  1. Crew cut with a full, shaped beard

Crew cut with a full, shaped beard


This straightforward crew cut coupled with a soft side-parted front here is particularly striking when combined with the full-shaped beard. Remember to connect your beard with your mustache as well.

  1. Soft crew

Soft crew


This crew cut is a clean and stylish haircut that is great for gentlemen of all ages. The gentleman’s features have been accentuated by the crew cut continuing into a neatly trimmed full beard.

  1. Short and simple crew cut

Short and simple crew cut


This straight-to-the-point crew cut has been designed to look like a low fade that has been combined with a grade on the top side. The haircut is deficient maintenance and sufficiently short to be super comfy for those who would prefer to wear it during the summer. But make sure that you are armed with sunscreen if you opt to style it during summer.

  1. Textured fade Crew cut

Crew cut with a textured fade


This low-maintenance and straightforward crew cut boasts a textured haircut that has been coupled with a taper fade. The result is a high and long front that has been combined with tight sides to deliver a youthful, pleasing effect.

  1. Skin Fade Crew Cut

Scotty Cardle Skin Fade Crew


Here, Scotty Cardle, the Britain Lightweight Boxing Champion, wore a classic and easy-to-maintain crew cut with a skin fade. This is a great crew-cut alternative to sport every day if you are a busy man.

  1. The high and tight crop

The high and tight crop


In this crew cut option, the barber combined a close crew along the gentleman’s sides with a layered and soft crop, adding a little balance and height to the model’s face.

  1. The Edgy, Low taper fade

The Edgy, Low taper fade


This haircut boasts a low taper fade with a longer front and a hard parting that has been combed down over the temples to draw more attention to the hard parting.

  1. Weighted blend taper with a crew cut

Weighted blend taper with a crew cut


This haircut can take years off a gentleman’s face regardless of how old they are. Here, the barber managed to create a weighted blend on the guy’s side that ran into a crop with a tapered haircut.

  1. The James Elior Solardo crew cut

The James Elior Solardo crew cut


In this haircut, James Eliot, the DJ/producer, sported his crew cut with a slightly longer top slicked back into a wave. This further showcased his jawline and facial properties perfectly.

  1. Blunt crop crew

Blunt crop crew


The model in the image above wore his crew with a  straight and neat blunt crop on the top side and a skin fade on both sides. The sharp hairstyle further made a pleasing contrast with the soft beard.

  1. Wavy crew

Wavy crew


This haircut is perfect for gentlemen who have curly and wavy hair. The barber or stylist buzzed the sides with a medium fade then let the natural curls create the contrasting texture on the front side.

  1. The Broken crop

The Broken crop


Rather than styling a smooth, continuous fringe line, the stylist in the image above went for a broken fringe in the haircut instead.

  1. Short fluffy crew

Short fluffy crew


This style is short and simple, with a fluffy textured front and a medium fade on the sides. Anyone can style it and quickly.

  1. The contrast crop

The contrast crop


Many things are going on in this haircut, but it is super edgy and stylish if you can manage to pull it off.

  1. A dapper crop with a crew cut

A dapper crop with a crew cut


This haircut is great for straight hair as it falls in soft holds at the front and starts to fade below the temples.

  1. Crew cut with waves

Crew cut with waves


This haircut for wavy hair creates a lot of texture with the fade down the sides and soft waves remaining at the front side.

  1. Touseled crew cut

Touseled crew cut


This is one of the most versatile haircuts for men of all face shapes and ages. Just remember to leave the hair strands at the front longer.

  1. Wavy top

Wavy top


The soft wave on the front side of this haircut delivers the effect that can make even the most athletic faces look softer.

  1. Upswing crew cut

Upswing crew cut


This textured haircut looks effortlessly flattering and cool on all hair types and faces shapes.

  1. Center crew cut hairstyle

Center crew cut hairstyle


For this haircut, shave your sides, so you only remain with thick hair at the very top of your head. The rest of your hair locks should be just stables with a little hint of natural styling.

  1. Fluffy spikes

Fluffy spikes


Your fluffy spikes would look astounding if you chose a messy styling to go with your personality. Everyone you meet will want to run their fingers through it.

  1. Tousled and dyed crew cut

Tousled and dyed crew cut


This haircut is a longer version of a crew cut, but it still looks fabulous, especially with that dye.

  1. Side-swept tousled crew

Side-swept tousled crew


For this side-swept tousled crew cut hairstyle, you will need to maintain some length at the crown, just like in the image above.

  1. Wiry spikes cut

Wiry spikes cut


If your hair locks are full of thick, wiry locks, they can undoubtedly merge into the natural wiry spikes until they reach the optimal length.

  1. Stubbly crew cut

Stubbly crew cut


The top of this haircut needs to remain thicker and longer. So you can use a beard trimmer to shave the sides and keep them short.

  1. Longer top with tapered sides

Longer top with tapered sides


For this haircut, leave the top side of your crew cut long but then trim the sides progressively shorter and shorter. This hairstyle is great for all sorts of occasions, and it’s easy to style: the same way it is easy to maintain.

  1. Textured fluffy crew cut

Textured fluffy crew cut


After styling the crew cut, run your fingers upwards through your hair strands to attain this fluffy and chaotic texture. You can further improve the cut’s texture by getting lowlights and highlights all over your crown.

  1. Lightly curled crew

Lightly curled crew


This crew-cut haircut will be an awesome choice for you for black men out there with slightly curly hair. This type of cut makes the curls very easier to handle while at the same time allowing you to show off your natural style to the world.

  1. Crew cut with colored tips

Crew cut with colored tips


Coloring the tips of your haircut is still a very famous haircut, and I do not think it will go out of fashion anytime soon. The colored tips will allow you to give the textured hair more definition by making it look thicker.