30 Cool and Fantastic Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut Styles

Are you also a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, and you want to follow his every hairstyle? The famous soccer player impresses all his fans by how he plays and wears different hairstyles. He is not just a soccer player, as he also owns two CR7 boutiques. This only displays his interest and a significant influence on the industry of fashion.

Cristiano Ronaldo exerts a lot of effort for his hairstyle. Cristiano Ronaldo’s haircuts have also become examples not only for his fans but also for many men. He also comes up with new creative styles that are easy to achieve and maintain.

30 Cool and Fantastic Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut Styles

Most of the Cristiano Ronaldo haircuts have a medium length to keep the hair away from the face, especially during matches. The hairstyles offered are also suitable for all men regardless of their profession and age. Cristiano Ronaldo’s haircut styles work better with naturally curly hair as Ronaldo’s hair is also curly. But there are also many hairstyles for straight hair. Take a look at the 30 fantastic Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles below.

Since Ronaldo always uses hair gel, most of the styles mentioned below are better with gel to keep the style in order.

#1 Wavy Top

Ronaldo Wavy Top

The wavy top is one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s favorite hairstyles, as he was seen wearing this style many times. It can be achieved by cutting the sides with clippers and keeping the medium length on top of the hair to show the natural waves. Run your fingers backward to finish.

#2 The Spike

Ronaldo Spikes

It was believed that curly hair is hard to manage, but this Cristiano Ronaldo haircut allows you to keep your curly hair at ease. The hairs at the sides are trimmed short, leaving medium-length hair on top. A small amount of gel is also applied to make soft spikes. The spike hairstyle is perfect not only for physical activities but also for an office setting.

#3 Long Spikes with Lines

Ronaldo Long Spikes with Lines

Spikes can add more texture to the hair, and they are just so stylish. Since most men create spikes, you can also try adding a line on one side of the head for more attraction, just like Cristiano Ronaldo’s haircut styles. This simple line adds spice to the spikes.

#4 Sleek Style

Ronaldo Sleek Style

In this Cristiano Ronaldo haircut, the upper level has medium hair length and is only slightly longer than the hair on both sides. A small amount of gel is applied to keep the hair away from the face and combed backward. The sides are only trimmed and not shaved close to the scalp, creating a great blending. It also keeps the face looking fresh and fantastic.

#5 Mohawk with Design

Ronaldo Mohawk with Design

It is better to play football or other ball games with short hair. The shorter the hair is, the more convenient it is to play. It is also best to shave the hair, and you can leave0 the hair on top short enough to achieve a Mohawk style. You can also include designs at the sides for more charm.

#6 Classic Style

new Classic Style

This Cristiano Ronaldo haircut is not limited to athletes as it is also great for attending special occasions and other formal events. It is also perfect for an office setting. The sides are just trimmed the short, and a small amount of gel is applied on top and combed backward. Cristiano Ronaldo wears this hairstyle when attending functions, and the style is indeed charming.

#7 Faux Hawk Design

Ronaldo Faux Hawk Design

Ronaldo’s faux hawk is based on the traditional faux hawk styles, but he added spice to his version. Only the top has long hairs, while the back and the sides have the same short hair length. Natural curls look great with this version, and wax or gel can also be applied to keep the curls in place. This Cristiano Ronaldo haircut is excellent for attending parties and outdoor activities.

#8 Messy and Blonde Top

Messy and Blonde Top

If you also have natural curls, so does Cristiano Ronaldo. Your natural curls can help you achieve this hairstyle quickly. The sides are cut short but not too short or close to the scalp. The top has medium length, and the front top has blonde color to highlight the messy top.

#9 Undercut

Ronaldo Undercut

One of the most popular Cristiano Ronaldo haircut styles is the undercut. It is effortless to maintain and does not require too much effort. The only secret in styling undercut is to experiment with the top part. Undercut style has both sides cut short while the top has a longer length. You can apply hair wax or gel and comb to make it flat and look neat.

#10 Brushed Backwards

Ronaldo Brushed Backwards

Cristiano Ronaldo has thick hair that is very easy to deal with, and only a little effort is required to make the hair look great. In this Cristiano Ronaldo haircut, the top hair is brushed backward. Both sides and the back are trimmed short to blend well with the top. A small amount of gel is also used to keep the hair on top in shape, and it is perfect!

#11 Ronaldo Curly Hair

Ronaldo Curly

You can always do experiments with your hair. Like in this hairstyle, there is no need to keep the spikes vertical. You can also make them curly so that the spikes look like blazing fire. A gel or pomade is also necessary to keep the curls together. This hairstyle is excellent for playing ball games and for attending parties.

#12 Spikes and Mess

Spikes and Mess

This is also one of the most popular Cristiano Ronaldo haircut styles. Since long top hair can be complicated during the match, Ronaldo styled his hair with side-swept bangs and spikes at the back top. It is messy but looks fantastic and neat at the same time. A gel is also required to keep the style in place, especially if you wear this hairstyle for outdoor activities.

#13 Messy Hair with Highlights

Messy Hair with Highlights

This Cristiano Ronaldo haircut is one of Ronaldo’s styles during his early days and many people today still like to wear this messy hairstyle with highlights. The bangs are kept longer while the sides are cut short enough for outdoor activities. The top also has medium-length hair, which combines perfectly with messy bangs.

#14 Mullet Style

Ronaldo Mullet Style

Many Cristiano Ronaldo fans went crazy for this hairstyle. Aside from his fans, many people also find the mullet hairstyle incredible. The sides have short hair, while the front down to the back of the neck has long hair. The hair on top is also styled with gel to make short spikes.

#15 Wet Look Style

Ronaldo Wet Look Style

Cristiano Ronaldo also likes to wear wet-look hairstyles, and he always tries to make something new. The wet look style needs quite a lot of gel and creativity. In this photo, the hair on top is combed over backward and reflects the light. This hairstyle is also perfect for outdoor activities and office settings. It also looks elegant so you can feel great all the time.

#16 Gentleman Hairstyle

Ronaldo Gentleman Hairstyle

Here is another incredible haircut style of Cristiano Ronaldo. It gives additional charming points, and it is safe to say that this hairstyle gives a gentleman’s look. The sides are trimmed but not too short, and the top front has medium-length hair combed backward with a bit of curl. It only requires a small amount of gel and is very easy to manage.

#17 Disconnected

Ronaldo Disconnected hairstyle

The disconnected hairstyle of Cristiano Ronaldo is effortless to pull off. Both sides are shaved but not to the scalp. The hair on top is also cut but leaves two inches for styling. You can also achieve the same hairstyle as Ronaldo’s if you have natural curls. It is still great if you have straight hair as it looks more neat and clean.

#18 Overall Curls


You probably did not imagine Ronaldo wearing overall curls, but yes, there were times when he used to wear this hairstyle. Since he has naturally curly hair, it only took time to make overall curls. The curls have medium length, and hair product is also required to maintain the style.

#19 Long Fohawk

Long Fohawk

This is one of the Cristiano Ronaldo haircut-style versions of fohawk. Instead of keeping the sides short like the regular fohawk, he lets the hair grow longer to add more texture and design. To achieve this hairstyle, let your hair grow longer or keep the medium length and ensure that the top towards the back has a longer length. Use gel or wax to add a spiky effect to the top.

#20 Pompadour Style

Ronaldo Pompadour Style

This pompadour style of Cristiano Ronaldo also has the top hair longer than the rest and is brushed towards the back. The sides are also shorter with faded effects. The top also has a smooth wave that can be achieved with a comb and a small gel. This hairstyle is excellent for attending special occasions, formal events, and office settings.

#21 Windblown Hairstyle

Windblown Hairstyle

One of the men’s favorite Cristiano Ronaldo haircut styles is the windblown style. In this style, both sides and the back are shaved close to the scalp, while the top hair is one inch. It also has highlights and is styled with spikes but slightly leaning to one side, so the hair looks like the wind blows it.

#22 Slick with Razor Side

Ronaldo Slick with Razor Side

This Cristiano Ronaldo haircut is immaculate and looks fantastic. The sides of the hair are just trimmed short, and there is a visible line on one side that separates the top longer hair from the short hair at the side. The top hair is swept to the opposite side of the line with a comb and gel. Wearing this can give you a fresh feeling and authority.

#23 Soft Top

Ronaldo Soft Top

In this hairstyle, the top hairs are brought together to make a point in the middle. Ronaldo curled the point a bit to make the top look softer and appealing. You can achieve this hairstyle with the help of gel. The back also has longer hairs which are formed into spikes going sideways.

#24 Short and Formal

Ronaldo Short and Formal

This Cristiano Ronaldo haircut might be your inspiration for men who always need to appear formal. This hairstyle gives a perfect professional look for attending business meetings, formal events, and special occasions. The sides are just trimmed with scissors with the visible square shapes on the forehead. The top is also cut short but longer than the sides.

#25 High and Wavy

Ronaldo High and Wavy

This is also one of the most stunning Cristiano Ronaldo haircut styles men like to achieve. The top has more than an inch and is styled upwards to make at least two big waves. The tips of the waves are also spiky but look soft and neat, while the sides are trimmed short. It is also easier to do the style on top with naturally wavy hair.

#26 Simple and Short Spikes

Ronaldo Simple and Short Spikes

There is only a little effort to achieve this style, as naturally, curly hair can always help when making spikes. The sides are shaved with clippers, and the top is formed into many spikes with gel help. This hairstyle is perfect for playing sports and for outdoor activities and parties.

#27 Vintage Look

Ronaldo Vintage Look

This Cristiano Ronaldo haircut is from the 1950s but looking, but Cristiano Ronaldo wears it perfectly, so many of his fans decided to wear the same hairstyle. The top has two or three inches long and is brushed sideways towards the back, while the sides have an inch long. It also keeps the hair from the face for a clean, fresh, and handsome feeling.

#28 Shaggy Style

Ronaldo Shaggy Style

Cristiano Ronaldo kept the hairstyle simple but masculine by emphasizing his natural curly and spiky locks. With the help of gel, the hair on top is neatly done in a shaggy style. The sides are combed down.

#29 Modern Faux Hawk

Ronaldo Modern Faux Hawk

This faux hawk hairstyle has a different version as Cristiano Ronaldo always tries to experiment with his hair. The long hair is only kept on the top and does not extend towards the back. It also has detailed spikes on top while the sides and back are cut with the same length.

#30 Curls and Waves

Ronaldo Curls hair

This Cristiano Ronaldo haircut has the right mix of curls and waves. The top has medium length and is curled. The curls are messy and create waves. The sides are combed towards the ears to highlight the shapes on top.