82 Charming Hairstyles for Naturally Curly Hair

Women who have curly hair always want straight hair and often complain that their curls are difficult to style, and the only way to solve their problem is to straight them with flat ironing. But why not you get to benefit from your curls or the different structure of your hair? Just think of the girls who have straight hair and they try different rollers, curlers, and different tricks to get perfect curl, you are gifted with perfect hair so don’t embarrass your wavy, fluffy and curly hair. Hairstyles for thick curly hair have endless possibilities of variations and attractive looks.

Not every woman has curly beautiful hair. Most important thing is that there are so many ways to use your hair with different trendy hairstyles. You only need to select the right haircut, and then your curls are going to look amazing. If you don’t want to cut your hair, then don’t cut them. Try different hairstyles which you like the most. Choose a hairstyle that suits you or your face. So many hairstyles are in trend with different hair lengths, different hair colors, or different textures.

Few recommendation and trendy ideas will help you maintain your hair, which is as follow:

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82 Charming Hairstyles for Naturally Curly Hair

1. Long Black Curly Hair

Long Black Curly Hair

These spectacular hairstyles for long curly hair have proven themselves to be the best-loved ones! Dark hair can benefit from color accents of contrasting hues, whether you have naturally curly hair or just want to do something distinct with your extensions, you have no excuses now to not risk and take a chance with this beautiful and easy hairstyle.

2. Curly Forelock

Curly Forelock

This curl forelock style from Christina Aguilera it’s a lot more versatile than you might think. This curl forelock is short and wispy through the back and on the sides with enough texture to give it movement and dimension.

3.Curly Afro

Curly Afro
Here is a beautiful kinky curly hairstyle for African American women with natural Afro-textured hair. Medium-long thick hair is perfect for this styling option and easy to maintain.

4. Cascading Curls

Cascading Curls

Gorgeous cascading waves evoke femininity and softness. Pulling the long wavy hair away from the face is ultra-flattering. By simply adding a lovely headpiece this hairstyle is appropriate for any wedding or formal occasion.

5.Great Frizzy Hairstyle

Great Frizzy Hairstyle
Check out this easy and chick style that you can take if you are on that stage where you are trying to let your hair grow back again. To make this medium short Curly Hairstyles you should start with naturally wavy or curly hair and this after adding a volume-enhancing mousse to dry using a diffuser attachment.

6.Hot Blonde Curly Hairstyle

Hot Blonde Curly Hairstyle
Well here is a great example of some beautiful extensions curled out into a hot messy hairdo! There`s nothing sexier than a hairstyle that is a little all over the place like these gorgeous long curls flowing all over the place in such an untamed manner.

7. Gorgeous Classic to Teased out Hairstyle

Gorgeous Classic to Teased out Hairstyle
Joanne O ‘Neil surely knows how to blend various styles together! What an outstanding look created on this gorgeous hairdo. Going from some cool retro classic waves to a crazy teased out coily lower portion of the hair. All that with such a cool transition in color going from brown down to a flawless ombré red mixed in with subtle purples and yellows! Bravo Joanne on this beautiful creation of yours!

8. Hunger Games Hairstyle

Hunger Games Hairstyle
The contrast of blue in the model’s hair works so well against the flashy red used in her costume! What a great look again inspired by the movie Hunger Games created by the amazing and talented Wella Team. The way the curls are holding up in such a nice and flame-like way simply works so well giving this avant-garde such a unique feel.

9. Sexy Voluminous Grey

Sexy Voluminous Grey
When it comes to white or grey hair here is a definite way to rock it properly and really make the grey work for you! It’s amazing how much volume can really make a hairstyle pop and really bring out a women’s facial features. We especially love how the fringe has been curled out and the use of big curls throughout her hair.

10. Cassie Scerbo Sexy Locks

Cassie Scerbo
A sexy lock is a great hairdo for any formal event, you can never go wrong when curling your hair it always has that classiness and elegance to it which most women are seeking to achieve on special occasions. A little work needs to be put into those curls but it can easily be achieved without spending hours if you are good with a curling iron. Cassie Scerbo looks absolutely ravishing with her formal curls.

11. Wedding Updo

Wedding Updo
Need a little inspiration for that special day of yours when you will finally walk down the aisle? Why not go with a gorgeous curled-out updo? A sure attention grabber and definitely looks stunning on a bride, especially when topped off with a beautiful diamond tiara. There is nothing more elegant than an updo done right leaving more all the attention around the neckline and the dress one picks whereas longer hair often hides the shoulders and some details on the dress depending on the length.

12. Kinky Curls

Kinky Curls
How bout letting those curls roam freely, there’s nothing like a beautiful set of natural curls. Especially at this length, it looks absolutely stunning and beautiful. A good trick to keep those curls looking shiny and healthy is using any natural oil to give it a nice little shine that really helps them not only look great but really gives it a nice texture under the light. So ladies if you have a beautiful set of curls show it off proudly!

13. Sexy Rebel Curly Hairstyle

Sexy Rebel
Why not break the monotonous of a conventional color by adding some cool teal streaks to your fringe? A great way to capture attention looks stylish & sexy and really stand from your typical blonde hairdos.

The Coloring on this hairstyle is on point going from a blonde to teal in your fringe can be challenging. The trick is not to overdo it just add a few strands so that it stands out over the blonde and have fun with it it’s always been my favorite part from getting a new color job done, I love to play with curls throw it up, or wear it down just explore and showcase those highlights.

14. Curled Weave

Curled Weave
What a beautiful transition in this ombre weave hairdo, we love the transition between the black and copper which is done in such a seamless and beautiful way.

15. Solange Curled & Parted Hairdo

Solange Curled Parted Hairdo

When it comes to keeping it natural and sexy Solange knows just how to accomplish just that! Women with curls around the world always spend a fortune on trying to get their hair straight when leaving it curled and untamed looks just as nice if not nicer! Ladies let those curls go free and wildly.

16. Long Luscious Curls

Long Luscious Curls

Heather looks absolutely astonishing with her gorgeous long blonde curls which suit her to perfection! This is a great look for any formal event and works well with most women regardless of their facial shapes.

17. Sexy Rocsi Curly Hairstyle

Sexy Rocsi
Raquel Roxanne “Rocsi” Diaz looks absolutely stunning and sexy with her gorgeous long curled out formal hairstyle, sweeping her fringe to the side and slightly curling her tips gives her just the right amount of volume and sex appeal.

This looks is very seductive and is not that hard to replicate, the key to this hairstyle is once you are out of the shower blow dry your hair, and as it gets a little less damp start blow-drying it with a curling iron to get these lovely curls in. Don’t over curl it just give every lock a few seconds.

18. Doutzen Kroes Curly Hairstyle

Doutzen Kroes
Big voluminous curls look amazing when they roam loosely and freely just like in this picture. Doutzen Kroes looks sexy with her gorgeous messy locks. The key to keeping a messy hairstyle looking formal and classy is how it’s parted at the top which really makes this looks such an elegance even though the hair is all over the place. The best way to achieving this hairstyle is to use blow-drying with a diffuser and a curling iron to get those big lovely springs.

19. Black to Caramel Ombré

Black to Caramel Ombré
When it comes to curls and coils hair Teyana Taylor is one “hot tamale” the way her onbré has been done looks amazing the contrast between the black and the caramel color is what really makes this dye-dip stand out.

We are used to seeing a transition that is a lot more subtle but not here the change is drastic and flamboyant and works amazingly on women with dark skin and dark natural curls! It’s almost as if the curls blend in perfectly with her gorgeous complexion. So ladies with kinky curls take a few plays out of the Teyana Taylor fashion playbook.

20. Fashionista Karla Deras Curly Hairstyle

Fashionista Karla Deras
Karla Deras is one beautiful fashionista who knows how to set trends and really look on top of her game. From her eccentric and sexy wardrobe to her straight-up cool and trendy hairstyles she’s just got it. This classic waved-out cut looks amazing on her sweeping her fringe to the side in a messy manner yet still looks elegant combined with her formal and trendy style.

21.The ’90s are Back!

The 90's are Back!
Well, it seems like the ’90s are coming back hard this year we are seeing a lot more voluminous gelled curls such as this gorgeous hairdo sweeping the fringe to the side into some lovely messy retro curls.

22. Sexy Curls

sexy curls
When you have such a great color job done, you want to give it justice and bring out those sexy blond layers with beautiful fluffy curls. Using your curling iron, create curls until midsection then styles them with your fingers!

23. Gorgeous Messy Hairstyle

This hairdo is absolutely breathtaking, the way it flows so naturally into a gorgeous messy hairstyle with tons of volume really makes, and curls with a beautiful messy fringe swept to one side really bring back the Marilyn Monroe vibe.

24. 50’s pinned Waves

50's pinned Waves
Vintage pinned waves are a big winner every time a celebrity walks on the red carpet. However, I am afraid this updo makes Taylor swift look a bit too old. What do you think would be the best pick?

25. Sexy Messy Curls

Sexy Messy Curls
Curls are such a sexy feature on women who have them naturally so ladies don’t bother straightening their hair out when most men actually do prefer those long natural exotic curls!

26. Sexy Curled-Out Fringe

Sexy Curled-Out Fringe

What an amazing short pixie! From the color to the amazing job done on the curled-out fringe. Let’s start with the color the stylist used an amazing natural undertone of brown and spiced it up going with some golden caramel colors on top. The way the fringe just curls up into a hot mess and is swept to the side really gives this cut so much attitude and style.

27. Retro Curls

Retro curls
Big fluffy curls especially with frontal ones will certainly ‘pin up’ your look if you like the 1950’s. You can create the frontal curls with hot rollers then shape with a brush, pin, and spray!

28. Hot Messy Blonde

Hot Messy Blonde
Whoever said messy can’t be formal was totally wrong and here is the perfect example of a gorgeous messy hairdo that looks amazingly classy.

29. Golden Locks Curly Hairstyle

Golden Locks
When it comes to blonde locks here is a great and sexy shot of messy blonde curls done to perfection accentuated by swiping the fringe to one side.

30. Formal Sexy Curls

Formal Sexy Curls
Parted at the center falling into some beautiful curls is a great look for any formal evening out and such an easy look to accomplish all that is required is a good hairspray and a curling iron. Curl the tips going up mid-way to give your hair a nice curl don’t hold it for too long once done curling your hair just put on a good amount of hairspray to hold in place.

31. Long Casual Curls

Long Casual Curls

A beautiful semi-formal yet very casual hairstyle that works for pretty much any outings. We are seeing more and more women growing their hair out longer and longer as summer is coming to an end. Keeping it casual does work quite well with longer curly hair too.

32. Formal, Messy, and Child Proof

Formal, Messy and Child Proof
Weddings are long and quite often the kids tend to get bored sitting around listening to vows and grown-up stories about the bride and groom, therefor they always end up running around or finding some other cool activities to do with other kids their age. This is why you should keep it simple and this messy hairdo looks great and will still look great at the end of the day.

33. Sexy Medium Length Hairdo

Sexy Medium Length Hairdo
Scarlett Johansson is one of Hollywood’s sexiest women, no matter what she does with her hair she always seems so laid back and casual. This medium hairstyle with lovely curls just works so well with her round-shaped face.

34. Kim Kardashian Long Dark Curly Hairstyle

Kim Kardashian Long Dark Hair
Such a natural long beauty and what’s most amazing about Kim’s beautiful hair is that it’s all hers. Hard to believe there are no extensions in those long beautiful silky wavy hair.

35.Simple Long Curls

Simple Long Curls
Who doesn’t like a simple set of red/copper curls? This look is a great hairstyle for ladies wanting to keep it simple yet still remaining sexy and different.

36. Wavy Voluminous Curls

Wavy voluminous curls

Wavy voluminous curls look amazing on the beautiful young actress Amanda Seyfried, parted at the center curled down into such a casual yet elegant manner.

37. Avant-Garde Half Bangs Half Fringe

Avant-Garde Half Bangs Half Fringe
Straight bangs to a curled-out fringe are one creative take on a medieval avant-garde hairstyle. To accentuate this cut the coloring is on point going from a red to one side gradually to a beautiful reddish-orange on the fringe.

38. Amanda’s Elegant Curls

Amanda's Elegant Curls
When it comes to elegance Amanda Seyfried is one gorgeous & classy bombshell. Her gorgeous silky long hair look stunning parted at the top and curled midway down to the tips.

39. Short Kinky Curls

Short Kinky Curls
This pixie does not shy away from attention and exudes pure sexiness when it comes to short hairstyles. We love how the curls are just bunched up into a sexy urban fringe leaving the sides curl-free giving this hairstyle such a rebellious vibe.

40. Eva Marcille’s Curled Bangs

Eva Marcille's Curled Bangs
Give your head a new style why not accentuate your hair with a cool hat like the beautiful model Eva Marcille’s where she lets her bangs roam free and do the job of giving her that trendy yet oh so cute hairdo.

41. Long Messy Curls

Long Messy Curls
Those gorgeous blonde curls suit Rita Ora to perfection, we love how careless and free this young artist has become. The freedom she promotes in her shoots and her music is truly the essence of her beauty and really inspires a lot of women to prance around looking a little more casual than usual and yet still feel sexy and desired! So ladies don’t be shy to walk around in a hot mess as long as that mess is tamed properly.

42. Ireland Best Hairstylist Wayne Partridge

Ireland Best Hairstylist Wayne Partridge
Ireland’s best Wayne Partridge went with such an elegant and captivating curled-out hairstyle going with a platinum white color which really brings out the curls and might not be as easy as it looks to get a white looking this flawless!

43. New Year Glamour Curly Hairstyle

New Year Glamour
An amazing accessory for a medium haircut, it allows the wearer to leave her curls free while the headpiece provides structure and glam. For those of you who do not have time for much styling and blowing this is a practical yet absolutely stunning way to become the queen of the party on New Year´s Eve!

44. Cute Natural Afro-like Curls

Cute Natural Afro-like Curls
When it comes to natural curls why hide them or straighten them when they look sexy and trendier than your typical straightened hair? Look how lovely this natural afro looks, just so wild and all over the place in such a beautiful manner. Obviously, there is a lot of maintenance in getting your hair to look this healthy but regardless of the efforts it is well worth it and really stands out.

45. Elegant Curls

Elegant Curls
Why not curl up your hair and tie your fringes back into a gorgeous formal hairstyle. What really makes this style stand out is the way the fringes meet at the back and interlace each other really giving it a cool and unique vibe. A little time-consuming to get this look to look proper but once achieved well worth the effort and time put into it. First, start off by curling your entire head once you’ve achieved the curls desired just pull your fringes back and interlace them and secure them down with hairpins.

46. Hunger Games Blue Hairstyles

Hunger Games Blue Hairstyles
When it comes to the Capitol fashion for hunger games there are no wrong colors to go with other than the conventional boring natural colors. Needless to say, those weird avant-garde hairstyles are no longer odd! The odd ones are the ones rocking a normal hairstyle or color! This hairstyle looks totally awesome and we can totally see some women pulling this one off even in your everyday hairstyles.. all it takes is a great stylist and the proper attitude to sport these beautiful blue curls.

47. Long Formal Curls

Long Formal Curls
When it comes to formal hairstyles here is a great idea for ladies that like to curl their hair. Tossed to one side into some beautiful big curls Heidi Klum looks amazing sporting this look.

48. Natural Long Curls

Natural Long Curls
When it comes to curls it is important to treat them right with a nice oil to give them this amazing shine. We highly recommend a product like Moroccan oil which works great on this type of curly hair and also smells so good!

49. Long Gorgeous Curls

Casual is the latest new trend, this hairstyle is so beautiful and fun. It’s youthful and full of life and easy to create. Try curling your hairs with a curling iron without over curling it and don’t be too fussy about getting your curls proper the lovely thing about these curls is that they aren’t proper.

50. Colors for Summer Curly Hairstyle

Colors for Summer
No words can describe the phenomenal coloring of this gorgeous hairstyle. The color of this short curled bob cut is one of the hottest we’ve seen in a while, starting from a flashy violet to then fading into a nice platinum subtle blonde to an extravagant and amazing red!

51. Curls, Curls, and more Curls

Curls, Curls and more Curls
Medium-length curls look just about right on most women with any kind of face shape. The trick to creating gorgeous curls like this is to curl outwards showcasing your facial features.

52. Silky Long Natural Curls

Silky Long Natural Curls
It seems like we are getting a lot of requests to show more curly hairstyles so here is another one. When curls come into play a lot of women think it’s hours of maintenance and too much of a hassle. Let’s be honest if your hair is naturally curly it’s as much work if not more to straighten them or give them the shape you want as opposed to letting your curls flow freely. Just apply nice hair oil to give it this nice and silky texture such as Moroccan Oil.

53. Short Bob Curls

Bobs are so sexy when curls up in this fashion! It adds that extra “je ne sais quoi” that really makes it stand out and gives it that extra edge of originality. So ladies don’t be shy if your hair is straight as a pin curl it up!

54. Parted and Curled

Parted and Curled
This gorgeous part at the top hairdo flowing down into some beautiful curls looks absolutely adorable and is such a simple hairstyle to achieve for the ladies who are on the go and still want to sport a lovely formal hairstyle.

55. Red Rockabilly Curly Hairstyle

red rockabilly
Beautiful hair color like this one needs a hairstyle that gives it justice. Why not go with these sexy retro curls and upgrade instantly your allure. Use hot rollers for optimized volume and lasting effect, spray and go!

56. Medium Length Curly Hairstyle

Medium Length Hairstyle
We are seeing fewer and less medium length hairstyles more and more women go for short or just keep their length but that medium length looks amazing if done properly.. sure it’s a little harder to maintain sometimes but when you figure out a style that works for you and get to play around with it and fix it up in a various way’s this length is not only unique but a whole lot of fun. Keri Hilson rocks those medium curls to perfection and really makes this bob hairstyle her own.

57. Gorgeous Long Voluminous Curls

Gorgeous Long Voluminous Curls
When it comes to professional hairstylist and colorist, the team over at Royston Blythe are ahead of their game-winning hair competitions one after another. And here is a perfect example of a coloring submission they have done which just looks astonishing.

58. Formal Side Swept Waves

Formal Side Swept Waves
Before Miley chopped it all off and decided to go short, she had a gorgeous medium-length hairstyle that suited her to a tee! Especially when she would go retro curling it and tossing it to one side giving her a much more mature and feminine look.

59.Curly Ponytail Hairstyles

Hairstyles For Thick Curly Hair

Its curly hair texture is the most difficult to carry. But we have different suggestions. The basic is the ponytail. With the classical ponytail, you can maintain your hair easily.

60.Ponytail With Side Braids

Ponytail with side braids

You can also carry your curly hair with a ponytail and side braid. Side braid will look trendy and pretty. This is also a unique and easy hairstyle.

61. Bob Hairstyle for Thick and Wavy Hair

Bob hairstyle for thick and wavy hair

If you have thick wavy hair then the best way to maintain them is a bob hairstyle. It looks presentable and also fashionable. And also bob hairstyles make your hair volume light.

62. Side Braid Hairstyles

Side braid for curly hair

Braids become a very trendy and unique hairstyle for every girl whether she has straight hair, wavy or curly hair. Just simple braids will change your hair look.

63. Side Swept Bangs with Wavy Updo

Side swept bangs with wavy updo

This hairstyle is for thick wavy and curly hair. It is easy and you can do it at home. It will only take a few minutes of yours. Firstly, use a curly want to liven up your hair, and then twist them back and pin it up, also allowing your face-framing pieces to flow freely. It will look really trendy.

64.Frenzy Braiding Hairstyles

Frenzy braiding

With a braid, your curly hair will look complete than they really are. Just wrap a simple braid around a fishtail braid to achieve this amazing and trendy look.

65.Beautiful and Bold Hairstyles

Beautiful and bold

You can also try the bold hairstyle for curly long hair or wavy. You just need to place a headband close to your forehead. And then tease the back of your hair and loosely tie it into a side pony. These big bold hairstyles always make you attractive and different.

66.Add a Turban to Your Bun

Add a turban to your bun

This hairstyle is best for summertime. Use your curl in a bun with a hairband or hair tie, which makes you look elegant.

67.Loose French Twist Hairstyles

Loose French twist

The loose French twist is really amazing and best for curly long hair. You just need to put aside sweep on your bangs forward and make a French twist or loose bun on your back or side. This is also one of the trendiest hairstyles nowadays.

68. Natural Curls, Sock Bun

For natural curls sock bun

If you want to get an even fuller bun, use a sock and leave a few loose curls hanging down.

69. Hair Bow Bun Hairstyles

Hair bow bun

Bow bun is a very famous and trendy hairstyle for curly long hair. Make a bun on the top of your head using your own hair and frame with loose curls that will complete your hairstyle.

70.Braided Headband Hairstyles

Braided headband

Make a soft simple braid across the frame of your head and then loosen it to add volume and leave your back hair free and wavy.

71.Braided Bun Hairstyles

Braided bun

Make two or multiple braids of your hair and then wrap the braids around your head and pin it. This braided bun will give you a very romantic look and you will love it.

72. Maiden Braids Hairstyles

Maiden braids

This is a very simple and easy braid hairstyle. Make braids on both sides tie them on the back, and then leave the curly, wavy hair open from the back. This maiden twisted braid is very trendy and fashionable plus simple.

73.Twist and Pin Hairstyles

Twist and pin

This is also a very simple and decent hairstyle for long curly hair. In summer the girls who want to tie their hair on top, this hairstyle is the best for them. Make multiple twists of small sections of your hair and them until the end. This will look very girlish when it’s done.

74.Half-up Braid Hairstyles

Half-up braid

This half-up braid is very pretty and girlish. The girls who have loose curls can make this hairstyle. It is very trendy and also it will give you a unique look.

75.The Line of Buns Hairstyles

The line of buns

The girls who have strong curly hair can make this hairstyle. All you have to do is make three or four sections of your hair or according to your hair length. Twist them or make a bun or tie them in line. It will absolutely give the pretty look.

76. Crown of Curls Hairstyles

Crown of curls

This is like a headband hairstyle but it’s slightly different. And the difference is only that you can make a braid from lower hair or from the back of your ear. And then pin the braid on the frame of your head like a crown. You can also backcomb your hair from the back of the braid which will give your hair a little volume.

77.Curly Wavy Ponytail Hairstyles

Curly wavy ponytail

Ponytails have now actually taken a very modern turn and can make a statement. With the ponytail, you can also add twists and braids to your curly hair, which can be taken from day to night as a perfect look for girls with shoulder-length and long hair.

78.Wavy Pixie Cuts Hairstyles

Wavy pixie cuts

women with textured hair and short length have also super amazing hairstyles and haircuts. But with the right color and right haircut, your hair will look pretty good. Pixie haircuts are very much in trend.

79. Fishtail Braid for Curly Hair

Fishtail braid for curly hair

The fishtail braid is a very traditional and cute braid for girls who have curly thick hair. The look of fishtail braid will look fancier and trendy.

80. Waterfall Braid for Loose Curly Hair

Waterfall braid for loose curly hair

The waterfall braid is one of the braids which will look way better on curly loose hair than on straight hair. It is also a pretty simple braid.

81.Half Upbraid Crown Hairstyles

Half upbraid crown

Highlights are also very much in trend and also give your hair’s healthy look. By twisting hair into mini braids is surprisingly quick and unique.

82.Long Laired Haircut for Curly Hair

Long laired haircut for thick curly hair

Girls with long hair and a lack of volume will love this hairstyle. When you try a laired haircut you feel extra volume in your hair and the look will make you comfortable and you will forget about the tension of lack hair. You can also color them or highlights will give your haircut an amazing and trendy look. You will never think about flat ironing again.

So there are worthy examples for the ones who have curly hair. Stop worrying about them and try these hairstyles according to your hair length.

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