40 Amazing Fishtail Braid Hairstyle For Women 2019

Over the past years, fishtail braids hairstyles have become a staple not only when people are on the beach but also when artists attend some events. Even some models have sported various types of fishtail braids when they are in the runway. This has inspired a lot of people, probably including you to wear the right fishtail braids. How do you think will you be able to do the type of braid that you want?

Being skilled in doing the fishtail braid is needed in order to continue on with the different fishtail braid styles that you are going to try. If you do not know how, remember that although it may seem hard in the beginning, it is not too hard anymore as long as you would watch tutorial videos and practice doing it on yourself. After some time, you would have the fishtail braid you have always wanted.

Some of the fishtail braid styles that you will see below are easy to do and some may not be too easy but as long as you are determined to try out that look then do not be discouraged. Make this great change so that your hairstyle will go beyond the usual ponytail.

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40 Amazing Fishtail Braid Hairstyle For Women 2019

1. Thick Fishtail Braid

Thick Fishtail Braid

This fishtail braid is done to perfection! We absolutely love the thickness behind this one really giving it a lot of volume braided into such tight and silky fishtails all the way to the bottom securing the braid by wrapping strands of hair around the top of the braid and bottom which is a great way of hiding any elastics used on this hairstyle.

2. Pigtailed Fishtail Braids

Pigtailed Fishtail Braids
Hey ladies why not switch it up we are seeing more and more cool braid ideas and this pigtail hairstyle where both pigtails are turned into beautiful messy and voluminous braids looks totally awesome.

It’s such a great look for any women who like cute braided hairstyles but don’t want to over do it, this style is such a great casual look and can easily work for any formal even as well.

3. Cute Fishtail Braid

Cute fishtail braid
How cute is this amazing fishtail braid? With the new hunger games on the verge of coming out I know we are going to see a lot more celebrities and women tossing up their hair into gorgeous messy fishtail braids and all kinds of other eccentric braided hairstyles.

Shailene looks gorgeous no matter what she does with her hair but this messy look suits her to perfection. A great style to mix up with a formal wardrobe just to off balance the entire look and give it a little something different.

4. Cool Colorful Fishtail Braid

Cool Colorful Braid
Hey ladies why not switch it up with some cool colors next time when braiding your hair, just like this stunning and cool multicolored fishtail braid.

A great way to achieve this look without getting streaks and a whole bunch of colors done is to simple just buy some colored hair extensions and put them in before you braid or throw your hair up into a cool colored bun.

Great thing about hair colored extensions is that you are not stuck with it for too long just pull them out when you are fed up of the look. Let us know what you guys think by leaving some comments below!

5. Long Ombre Fishtail Braid

long ombré fishtail braid

Michelle looks hot as hell on her shoot for her new single fire for her upcoming album. The long ombré fishtail braid suits her amazingly and the flat hat gives her such a seductive and mysterious look! Needless to say Michelle is on fire!

6. Lovely Fishtail Braids

Lovely Fishtail Braids
Check out this cool pigtail hairstyle turned into two lovely fishtail braids, to top of this cool look the subtle brown highlights in the blonde hair just works great.

7. Mini Fishtail Braids

What a creative rendition of a ponytail which was braided at the center into a gorgeous mini fishtail braid. This cut is beautiful and has such a nice elegant vibe to it.

8. Top Fishtail Braids

Top Fishtail Braids
An amazingly cute hairstyle, what is great about this look is that not only are the use of fishtail braids creatively done but we love how she started with a smaller fishtail at the top flowing into a beautiful bigger one.

9. Long Brown Fishtail Braid

Young pop singer Selena Gomez looks astonishing with her beautiful long brown mane pulled back into a gorgeous and elegant fauxhawk braided down into a fishtail braid!

10. Fishtail Braid on Long Brown Hair

Fishtail Braid on Long Brown Hair

This adorably huge side swept fishtail braid, looks stunning on this young woman. What makes this fishtail braid really stand out and different from all the others is that she has gorgeous long and thick hair all around.. including her bangs, which entirely falls into that side swept braid as opposed to having long hair with short bangs which you cannot throw into the whole body of the braid. Ladies.. time to grow out your bangs! 🙂Long thick voluminous hairLight brown

11. Two Fishtail Braids

Two Fishtail Braids
How cute are these 2 fishtail braids casually dangling on both sides, giving this hairstyle such a cool and summery feel.

12. Awesome Fishtail Braids

Awesome Fishtail Braids
What makes this braid so awesome is the fact that the 3 strands used to braid the hair were braided into a separate fishtail braids prior to making the main one.

13. Casual Classic Fishtail Braid

Casual Classic Fishtail Braid
Well needless to say fishtail braids are a little longer to do than your normal braids but once you get the hang of it it get quicker and it doesn’t need to be perfect to looks good, I actually often prefer to have mine looking a little messy like this one.

14. Fun Fishtail Braid

Fun Fishtail Braid
This summer try twisting in some colored strings into your braids. We love how she braided a variety of colored strings before throwing her hair into a beautiful colored fishtail braid.

15. Gorgeous Side-Swept Fishtail Ponytail Braid

Gorgeous Side-Swept Fishtail Ponytail Braid
The perfect fishtail braid garnished with flowers for that special wedding day.

16. Stunning Fishtail Braid

Stunning Fishtail Braid
Beautiful hairstyle idea! We love how this hairstyle started off with the fringes halo braided all the way to the back into a gorgeous fishtail braid. Spicing it up with hints of brown through her lovely blonde hair.

17. Sweet Long Black Hair With a Great Fishtail Fringe

Sweet long black hair with a great fishtail fringe

Sexy long dark hairstyle from Sherri Jessee. Complete with a great fishtail braid in place of a fringe. Super sexy.Long and layered with bleached streaks.Black and Blonde streak.

18. Long Side Braided Fishtail Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

Long side braided fishtail hairstyle with side swept bangs
This beautiful messy fishtail braid is nothing but classy and eye catching! I love how she is wearing her bangs to the same side of her braid giving her braid a lot more weight and prominence.

This hairstyle is perfect for an evening out with the girls or even your man 😉Long layered towards the front hair.Dark brown with lighter blond streaks

19. Long and Beautiful Straight Blonde Hair Woven Into Fishtail

Long and Beautiful Straight Blonde Hair Woven Into Fishtail

Long, warm honey blonde hair with lighter highlights and ends provides the perfect base for a lovely fishtail braid. The braid starts low with a loose ponytail at the back of the head, and is draped over one shoulder, showing off the lighter blonde of the ends.

The main body is casually sectioned into three, with most of the back and half of the crown going into the braid. The forelocks are mostly pulled out of the braid and sport a casual side part. Most of this chin-length fringe is waved into the side opposite the fishtail. The look is ultra-soft, ultra-feminine, and plays up the hair colors.

20. Half Up, Half Down Fishtail Braid

Half Up, Half Down Fishtail

If you would like to look enchanting without having to make a lot of effort into your fishtail braids, you know that this is the perfect style for you to try. It is easy to do and can fit any type of occasion.

  • You simply need to make fishtail braids with some small sections on each side of your head.
  • Make sure that the ends will meet in the middle.
  • You can then choose if you would like your hair to be curly or straight but either way, this can emphasize the fishtail braids you have placed.

21.Natural Fishtail Ponyail Braid

Fishtail Ponyail Braid Hairstyle for Prom

If you would like to go beyond the usual ponytail but you still want to integrate it into the type of hairstyle that you have on your hair then you may choose to have the fishtail ponytail. You can expect that this will emphasize how thick your hair looks and will make it look perfect for different occasions especially your prom.

  • Braid your hair in a fishtail braid style.
  • Pull your hair from all sides of the hair to make it look more relaxed rather than tight all over.
  • Make sure to secure the braid with the proper ponytail or elastic.
  • Secure some sections of your hair with bobby pins.

22. Fishtail Braid Around Low Bun

Fishtail Braid Around Low Bun

Do you want something that is interesting and can take you from your prom straight to the party? You know that you will be able to do this easily as long as you know how to do both the low bun and the fishtail braid.

  • Before creating your low bun, decide on the strands of the hair that you will be making into a fishtail braid.
  • After you have made the decision, put your hair up in a low bun.
  • Braid your hair.
  • Wrap the braid around the bun and secure with pins.

23. Double Fishtail Braid for Prom

Double Fishtail Braid for Prom

The thing about this hairstyle is that you may not immediately see where the other fishtail braid is since this will require you to have a tight fishtail braid situated on one side of your head. The surprise here is that before the start of your fishtail braid, there is also a small sized fishtail braid that will be placed on the side of your head.

  • You would have to do the small fishtail braid first.
  • After you have done it, do the big fishtail braid until it reaches the ends of your hair.
  • Secure the braids with elastics or pontails.

24. Halo Crown Fishtail Braid Braid

Halo Crown Fishtail Braid Braid for Prom

Just imagine if you would have the right gown for the prom but you were unable to choose the proper hairstyle? This can be hard for you mainly because it will make your whole outfit look drab. With the various fishtail braid styles available, you can complete your overall look. If you need to put your hair up, this halo crown fishtail braid will be perfect.

  • Depending on your hair part, you would pick up a section of your hair from the side that is thicker.
  • Do the usual fishtail braid.
  • Make sure that you will be getting some hair strands on the back portion of your hair until you are able to create a dutch fishtail style braid.
  • Finish in a regular fishtail if all portions of the hair are already included in the braid.
  • Secure the hair with pins.

25. Relaxed Fishtail Braid

Relaxed Fishtail Braid for Prom

The hair that you are going to wear to the prom does not necessarily have to look too stuffy and hard. What you can do instead is to choose something that looks relaxing. This relaxed fishtail braid  can be perfect for gown styles that will make you look like a garden nymph instead of a princess that is stuck in the castle for a long period of time.

  • Instead of starting your braid from where you usually place your ponytail, you may start a bit lower than that.
  • Do the usual fishtail braid that is situated on one side of your head.
  • It is best if you would choose the side with thicker hair for greater results.
  • Secure the ends with the elastic.
  • Since this is a relaxed style, you do not need to have hair products to keep it intact.

26. Fishtail Braid All Over Updo

Fishtail Braid All Over Updo

If you still want a fishtail braid that will seem like your whole head has a fishtail braid then this is the perfect style to try. Do remember that this will only look great on those with naturally thick hair as thick hair is needed to achieve the effect that you are going for.

  • Make a fishtail braid from one side of your head up to the very last strands.
  • Once you have reached the ends of your hair, you will then start wrapping the fish tail braid that you have created similar to a head gear all over your head.
  • This may be a bit tedious to do as you have to wrap your hair in a slow manner to ensure that everything will be fixed thoroughly.
  • Secure the different sections with pins so that they will not fall off.
  • You may need to use hair products to let the hair stay for as long as you need it for your prom night.

27. French Fishtail Braid

French Fishtail Braid for Prom

Do you want to have something that looks different and unique? You will not have any trouble with doing this as long as you know how to do french twist ponytail. Incorporate it into your knowledge of doing the french braid and you will surely have a nice looking hairstyle that will make other people at your prom give you compliments for your unique hairstyle.

  • Start twisting hair for the french twist.
  • When a certain portion of the hair has been twisted, the top portion may have to be loosened a bit.
  • Do the usual french braid style.
  • The ends of the hair would also have to be placed on a french twist to complete the overall look.

28. Tight Fishtail Pony

Tight Fishtail Pony

If you want something that is simple but looks complicated to make then you can have this hairstyle easily. Just imagine sporting it together with your amazing gown. It will make you look cool. It is girly enough but not too much that it will make you look sweet. If this is the effect that you are going for then you should choose this hairstyle for your hair.

  • Secure your hair into a low ponytail.
  • Start doing the fishtail braid.
  • Make sure that you are doing the fishtail braid tighter than usual so that each portion of the hair will be emphasized.
  • Secure the ends and you are already good to go.

29. Messy Fishtail with Bangs

Messy Fishtail with Bangs

If you would like to have a hairstyle at your prom that will not make you look intimidating but will make you look amazing at the same time, you can expect that this is the right fishtail braid for you to try. Not only will it look amazing on you, this is also a type of hairstyle that you can wear again when you are just going out with your friends.

  • Make sure to separate your bangs from the fishtail braid.
  • Continue with the fishtail braid you are going to place on the side of your hair.
  • Secure the ends with elastics.
  • You may add some appliques to your hair if you would want to but keep your bangs perfect to make the whole look different from the usual fishtail.

30. Stunning Waterfall Braid and Fishtail Braid

Stunning Waterfall Braid and Fishtail Braid

31. Long medieval knotted braid with a crown of leaves

Long medieval knotted braid with a crown of leaves

32. Beautiful messy fishtail braid ponytail

Beautiful messy fishtail braid ponytail

33. Close up of a beautiful fishtail braid

Close up of a beautiful fishtail braid

34. Simple and clean fishtail braid

35. Gorgeous and huge fishtail braid ponytail

Gorgeous and huge fishtail braid ponytail

36. Massive and intricate fishtail braid with red hues

Massive and intricate fishtail braid with red hues

37. Beautiful hairstyle with side fishtail braid and fringe

Beautiful hairstyle with side fishtail braid and fringe

38. Massive and messy fishtail braid hairstyle

Massive and messy fishtail braid hairstyle

39. Massive and beautiful fishtail braid

40. Fishtail braid ponytail hairstyle with green highlights

Fishtail braid ponytail hairstyle with green highlights

With all of the fishtail braid hairstyles that are mentioned above, which one are you going to choose for your prom night? Remember that these different styles may look perfect with certain cuts of dresses and gowns. Choose wisely to have the style that you would like to achieve for your prom night.

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