33 Funny and Weird Haircuts That Help Improve Your Mood

If you want to try a crazy and funny haircut as well, then you are in luck because I have scoured the internet and come up with the 33 best funny and weird haircuts. They are the perfect designs if you want to turn heads everywhere and leave everyone’s face with a smile or something to talk about when they get home.

Better yet, if all you want to do is try out something unique and odd, this post I have curated will also help you. I have compiled the list and sourced the images and descriptions to understand how you will explain the haircut to your barber.

You ought to note that all these haircuts are not for everyone. You ought to be bold and courageous enough to have these cuts on your head. Even though most people will smile every time you go, do not be surprised if some people decide to make fun of you. So if you are a sensitive individual, it is best not to wear haircuts.

33 Funny and Weird Haircuts That Help Improve Your Mood

Without further delay, let us skip to the main section of the blog post and look at my 30+ best funny haircuts that you ought to sport at least once in your life.

  1. Extreme spiky Mohawk

Extreme spiky Mohawk


This is a hard-to-beat haircut, and even though it may not be as crazy as most haircuts we will look at later in this post, it will require that you have lots of courage to try it out. With this haircut, your hair is shaved into a Mohawk-like design, but you leave a thin strip of hair in the middle and with your sides closely cut.

You then color the middle section and style it with thick and high spikes.

  1. The Pineapple Guy

The Pineapple Guy


The dude in the image above is, without a doubt, a pineapple lover. That is why he decided to visit his barber and get the pineapple hairstyle. He went a step further and chose even to die hair green and yellow to complete the look.

  1. Bangs, Spikes, and a long sideburns haircut

Bangs, Spikes, and a long sideburns haircut


As you can see, this haircut looks ridiculous and odd because it is not proportioned well as expected. The sides you can see have been left much longer, and the hairs are extended beyond what you would expect from ordinary sideburns.

The front bangs in the images are also kept with some gel. The bottom line is a hilarious haircut that looks uniquely crazy, and no one you come across will fail to turn their head.

  1. The Beard on Head

The Beard on Head


Here comes one for needy students. This can be helpful for those who tend to be sleepy during their boring lectures in the classroom. The only problem would be explaining why you got such a haircut when you were out of school.

But try it out, and I’m confident you will leave everyone around you in tears.

  1. The double-face hairstyle for men

The double face hairstyle for men


Here comes a second double haircut that can be styled on men. And it is relatively more straightforward compared to number 4. The only difference between this one and no 3 is that this will be placed on the back of your head, creating an illusion of a second face.

Doesn’t it look hilarious?

  1. The Whorl Hairstyle for Guys

The Whorl Hairstyle for Guys


This hairstyle that scoops position 6 is not that funny like most haircuts on this enumeration, but at the same time, it looks highly innovative. As you can see in the image, the natural whorls on the hair are further extended and enhanced to make them more visible.

Furthermore, the haircut looks fantastic and is the best haircut of 2021.

  1. The Rat on a Head with a long tail

The Rat on Head with a long tail


How many times can you say you come across a guy who sported a rat on their head, and it had a long tail? Not many times, I guess. This haircut gives you a new opportunity to wear a unique haircut that probably no one in your neighborhood has ever sported.

Give it a try, and let me know how it looks.

  1. The Rainbow Haircut

The Rainbow Haircut


This looks like the ridiculous haircut I have ever seen in my entire life. This chubby gentleman in the image has decoded to tan all the hair on his head and the beard into a rainbow shoe.

I would laugh if I came across such a haircut on the streets.

  1. Purple Spiky Hilarious Mohawk

Purple Spiky Hilarious Mohawk


As you can see in the image above, the hair all over the head has been fully shaved and replaced with some gothic tattoos. Then only narrow strips of long spiky hair were left on both sides to create the dual Mohawk we aspired for.

  1. The pooping guy on ahead

The pooping guy on a head


I have to give the barber who created this look some props. He ensured he crossed all the limits with this haircut and decided to draw a man pooping on a man’s head. Who even goes to a barber and decides to get such a cut? But I have to say, it is funny as hell, and I thought I should throw it just in there if you would be inspired to give it a try.

  1. The Messy Fringe haircut EMO inspired

The Messy Fringe haircut EMO inspired


This enumeration would be incomplete if I did not bring you this EMO-inspired haircut that would look amazing on any man’s head. It is also a fantastic haircut that boasts long shaggy locks covering both sides of the guy’s face and forehead.

  1. The Long Braided Ponytail

The Long Braided Ponytail


This hairstyle boasts an undercut with a ponytail on the back and a messy top, creating an amalgamation of women’s cuts and homeless haircuts. But it is mainly spotted by men on a quest to try out new haircuts that push their comfort zones, making them look hilarious around their friends.

  1. The Hairy Hat

The Hairy Hat


Where are my African people at? Over the last couple of years, this haircut has been tried out by multiple African American guys from all over the United States. It is a ridiculous haircut that was first sported in Africa.

It may look just funny, but it is thoughtful as well. The hat on the front side protects the individual from the sun’s heat. Smart, isn’t it?

  1. The Colorful Chameleon Mohawk

The Colorful Chameleon Mohawk


I have come across multiple haircuts in my life, but I have to say, this one was both funny and creative. I couldn’t believe how this dude’s barber created this look. When I first set my eyes on the cut, I laughed out loud, but I was impressed at the same time.

  1. The Furious Hairstyle with a spider cut

The Furious Hairstyle with a spider cut


Are you one who loves horror? Here comes a scary haircut that boasts a mighty spider at the center of the guy’s head. The spider has also created a spider web that you will make by leaving hair strips all over your head.

  1. The Dual Face Hairstyle

The Dual Face Hairstyle


This is the third dual-face haircut we will look at in this enumeration, but you ought to agree that this is the most creative of all three. That said, that also implies that it will also be the hardest to sport, and only an expert barber who has been in the industry for quite a long time can perfectly sport this look.

  1. Cool black reverse Mohawk

Cool black reverse Mohawk


This excellent and impressive yet funny reverse Mohawk haircut has both sides of your hair black. It will award you a mysterious, cool, attractive style that is hard to match.

  1. Nice and neat

Nice and neat


Boasting a reverse Mohawk on a crew cut can make you look polished and intelligent on top of funny if you execute it perfectly, like the individual in the image above.

  1. Fiery Red Mohawk

Fiery Red Mohawk


If you have ever played mortal combat, you know exactly what this individual looks like. It is a funny haircut, but it is quite understandable when you spot it on an elderly’s head.

  1. Barely sported line

Barely sported line


His bold individual just decided to add a small and thin line between their hair and sported it alongside the buzz cut. He doesn’t look that bad if you ask me.

  1. Adorable Mohawk

Adorable Mohawk


I do not know who gave this kid this idea, but I am sure everyone at school was thrilled that day. It looks like a millennial way of punishing their kids nowadays. I think I will give it a try on my kids real soon.

  1. Cool purple reverse Mohawk haircut

Cool purple reverse Mohawk haircut


Reverse Mohawks are meant to be cool and fun, aren’t they? But they can also be fun if you add a dab of funky shade to the haircut.

  1. Spikey Reverse Mohawk

Spikey Reverse Mohawk


Okay, why should you stop clearing off a patch of hair from your head when you can look more fun by getting the remaining part of your hair to stand up in spikes?

  1. Red and Black split haircut

Red and Black split haircut


This gentleman has a fun twin of colored haircut that speaks so much of his sense of style and personality. The sides are red and black, each contrasting the other.

  1. Crazy and all blue

Crazy and all blue


If this dude had chosen a distinct shade for his hair, most individuals would not notice how crazy his haircut looks. But I agree that this qualifies as one of the funniest haircuts in this enumeration.

  1. The Viking warrior

The Viking warrior


Viking warriors and warriors for a few other communities in the Middle East and Asia were known to keep a haircut like the one above. You can try it out, and it may look more fantastic than funny on your head.

  1. White Spiky Afro

White Spiky Afro


If you are unsure what to do with your long afro or spiky hair, here is a great idea. Dye it all white and then use any product to stand out as the guy in the image above.

  1. Flamed up top

Flamed up top


This haircut has been specifically designed to leave you looking like a flame. From the shape the haircut takes to its shape, it will look exactly like a flame, and no one will question that.

You can also use it to better express your personality. It is also very simple to sport a haircut because other than the flame-like color, the only notable thing about the haircut is the scissor-trimmed-like shape.

  1. Braided Locks

Braided Locks


I do not think this haircut qualifies as too crazy or funny, but it is not like the conventional haircuts we are used to, so I decided to include it in this enumeration. As you can see, when you meet the lady above, you can only admire their look and maybe try it out yourself.

  1. Extra-High Top

Extra High Top


Like the extremely spiky Mohawk, the extra high top may take lots of work and a good amount of holding the product to get the look right. But in case you intend for a simple but funny and crazy haircut, then this is worth your effort and hard-earned cash.

This is quite simple for the sport. All you will need to do is maintain long hair at your head’s top, with the back and sides left slightly short. You will need to apply some product on the long top and then style it to give it the extra height you can see in the image.

  1. Himba Dreadlocks

Himba Dreadlocks


This more than weird haircut has been inspired by the traditional culture of the Himba individuals from Namibia in Africa. They are simply dreadlocks that you do in a different sort of way from the conventional and famous locks that we know today.

In this haircut, the ends of your lock will boast fake hair, not necessarily your own. Many hair locks will also not be locked like the rest of your hair. And this is what will form the look that looks like a fallen tree on your head.

  1. Green



It is quite common nowadays to see men all around us will colored hair locks, but you will realize that the choice of colors is mostly pretty conservative in most cases. Most men I have come across prefer to go with their natural hair colors or some sort and shade of gray are brown.

But this haircut we are looking at today takes a very different turn. What makes it funny and crazy is the dazzling green color with maroon and pink patches. It is also worth noting that everything else about the haircut is pretty natural, apart from the colors that make it funny.

  1. Double Decks Faux

Double Decks Faux


If you were contemplating getting the renowned faux hair and adding something to it, so it looks as funny as it gets, I urge you to try out this haircut that will undoubtedly make you stand out from the crowd wherever you go.

As you can see, it is quite an ordinary faux hawk in every sense of the word, but just like Mr. Green, it is made unique and somewhat funny by the double decks you will create by giving your hair two different colors.

The guy in the image decided to make the hair below black and change the hair section on the top to brown.