30 Cool and Amazing Haircut Designs for Classy Men

Men are searching for the coolest hairstyles all the time. In fact, most men are willing to pay a fortune just to get the coolest hairstyle that can make them stand out among the crowd. Having a great hairstyle does not only give additional points to one’s appearance but it can also boost confidence. The best thing about haircut designs is it allows you to express your thoughts with your unique hairstyle!This article show you 30 amazing haircut designs for classy men.

Fortunately, there are hundreds or thousands of sexy haircut designs for classy men that you can choose from. If you are looking for the top trendy hairstyles, you have landed on the right page. Here are the 30 cool haircut designs that can give you inspiration.

30 Cool and Amazing Haircut Designs for Classy Men

Haircut designs have becoming popular today not only for boys but also for adults. These designs can make men look unique. Since most men want to have incredible hairstyle to catch the attention of women, professional hairstyles allows you to be confident with the design you wish to try. It doesn’t matter if your hair is long, short or medium. Any hair color will also do!
#1 Wave Design
wave design

The wave haircut design for men is one of the best as the back area is shaved off to form cool waves. Like other haircut designs, the scalp is visible to give more emphasis on every wave. Some lines can also be longer than the others and your professional hairstylist can do the job perfectly. The hair on top is cut short and enough to synchronize with the waves. This style is perfect for going to the beach or parties as it can definitely catch the attention of the people around you.
#2 Multiple Strips Design
Multiple Strips Design

This haircut design starts from the forehead area and the lines are created throughout the sides. The lines meet at the back of the head. The hair on top is combed upwards to create spiky designs. You can always ask your stylist for the number of lines you have in mind. Multiple strips haircut design is great for people with square shaped face.
#3 Batman Style
Batman Style

If you like Batman and a die-hard fan, you would love this batman haircut design. The entire area will be shaved except the bat part which is formed by cutting the hair short. It also has a lining to emphasize the bat on the head. You can also ask your professional stylist to make more bats on your head with some building styles on the nape area if you like. You can also add yellow highlights to make eyes. This will definitely gain a lot of attention even if they are not a fan of Batman.
#4 Lotus Flower
Lotus Flower

Lotus flower haircut design is not only stylish but it can also attract the ladies! If do not like abstract designs, you might like something different like this one. The upper hair is long with highlights as both sides are shaved which makes it like a faux hawk. Lines are shaved at the back to create a lotus flower which is more visible with short hair. Shaving the rest of the parts can also highlight the design in the nape area.
#5 Egyptian Haircut Design
Egyptian Haircut Design

Another trendy haircut design that turns every head is the Egyptian style. Parallel lines are first shaved from the upper-right area towards the bottom-left. Short lines are then shaved in between of the parallel lines which result to Egyptian symbol. If you have an understanding with the symbols in Egypt, you might love this design on your head! Having this haircut design is like a walking tourist spot and people would definitely ask if they could take a picture of it.
#6 Feather Style
Feather Style

If you want something different that most haircut designs out there, you might like the feather haircut design. This style creates a visible lining to give emphasis to the feather. The insides of the feather are then shaved carefully to show the shape. The hair about the feather is just trimmed and can be designed easily with combed or fingers. This style looks like you have a light yet beautiful feather just above your right ear.
#7 Starry Night
Starry Night

This unique haircut design looks like the Starry Night painting. The lines starting from the tip of the forehead down to the nape area represents the beautiful landscape. The small circles are the stars and the circular lines represent the wind. This design looks incredible whether you are a fan of the painting or not. It can definitely catch the attention of many and allows you to stand out among the crown. It is also suitable not only for adults but also for little boys.
#8 Spider Design
Spider Design

Do you like spiders or are you a fan of Spider Man? This style could be the perfect haircut design for you. The design requires full details to form the web together with the spider in the middle. The legs of the spider are carefully shaved so that they are visible among the lines of the web. It is a unique and incredible design which looks great not only for adults but also for kids.
#9 Zipper Style
Zipper Style

If you want to add an accessory to your head, zipper haircut design might interest you. This style creates a V-shape where you can add your Zipper and a different style is displayed in between those two lines. The design inside could be different as you can always ask your stylist to modify the design. The hair outside the V-shape is cut short but enough to emphasize the zipper design. This style is great especially for parties.
#10 Snake Line
Snake Line

The snake line haircut design is simple yet unique. The hair is cut short with fading effect on both sides of the head. It also forms a square shape on the forehead area. Then the line starts on the tip of the forehead down to the back area. This curvy line looks like a snake but without a head. Even if it is a simple design, it is unique and can catch all attention around you. Like the saying goes, “less is more”.
#11 Rose Design
Rose Design

Ladies love roses and if you have a rose haircut design, many women would definitely like your style. The rose style design starts with a Mohawk as both sides are shaved but not completely. The middle part remains long in order to make spiky effect by brushing the hair backwards. The rose is then formed by shaving lines carefully at the side of the head. It is perfect for all gentlemen out there!
#12 Wave Effect
Wave Effect

This is another cool wave hair cut design that you will love. Both sides of the head are shorter while the middle remains grassy. Waves are then formed by shaving the sides carefully and creating lines to emphasize the waves. The hair on top are combed upwards but not brought together which creates more wave effects.  This style is perfect not only for parties but also during the summer. It gives a Hawaii feeling.
#13 V-Design

Another classy haircut style is the V-Design. Both sides of the head have a fading effect but the areas around the ears are totally shaved. Then two intersecting lines are created to make a V design at the back. More lines are also used to create much better effect for the V shape. The hair on top is cut short to give emphasis on the design.
#14 Leopard Design
Leopard Design

Leopard haircut design displays the skin of a leopard. It is carefully shaved to make incredible patterns that resemble the strong animal. This design can also represent your strong personality. From a Mohawk style, the sides of the head are styled creatively to make a leopard. If you’re an animal lover, you would definitely like this!
#15 A Face
A Face

Do you want to style your hair with someone’s face? It can be your favorite singer or your partner’s face. As long as your hair designer has that gift, you can enjoy this kind of beautiful and unique haircut design. The hair on top remains long so you can create waves or spikes according to your preference.
#16 Heartbeat

This design starts from Mohawk and it allows you to take your style to the next level. You can have a heartbeat design starting from the forehead area to the back of your head. The hair remains short to make the heartbeat’s lines darker. The hair on the crown is longer than the rest has spiky effect.

If you want to take your hair style to the next level, you might want to try the lizard design. Except the lizard part, the rest of the area is shaved completely to give emphasis on the design. The hair at the back also remains long to serve as the lizard’s tail.
#18 Mohawk with Shapes
Mohawk with Shapes

You can always add different shapes on your Mohawk haircut just like this one. The middle part remains standing at a medium length while both sides are short. It also has a square shaped in front. Lines are then created to make shapes.
#19 Slanted Design
Slanted Design

This is a faux hawk haircut with a slanted line that separates the medium-length hair from the short and faded ones. Both sides are faded and a clear line is visible and creates a cap-like appearance. The hair in front also has a square shape which gives a clear view of your face.
#20 Multi-Layer Design
Multi-Layer Design

This haircut design is very popular for African-Americans. This unique design requires a thick hair in order to create the incredible shape. It is a faux cut haircut as both sides are faded while the top remains long. It is then trimmed to make multiple layers.
#21 Star

Most people like to have their star design on the crown of the head. But you can also have your star at the side of your head. The sides are shaved but not completely. Lines are then created to make a star shape. There is also an extra line to make an outline.
#22 Maze

Do you like mazes? A maze-haircut design might be the one you have been looking for! It is always great to try something new and many would definitely try this one out. It is a faux hawk haircut and the maze is created on both sides of the head.
#23 Top Knot
Top Knot

You can also gain a lot of attention with the top knot haircut design. Both sides of the head as well as the back are faded while the top area is longer and can be tied easily with a knot. If you like to try something cool and different, this style might interest you.
#24 Length waves
Length waves

This is another faux hawk haircut with a little bit of spice. The top part has spiky effect towards the bottom while both sides are faded. A wavy line is also created on both sides to make a length wave.
#25 Three Strips
Three Strips

Another easy but unique haircut design is the three strips style. Starting from a faux hawk haircut, three lines are made at both sides of the head and another curvy line to emphasize the design.
#26 Aurora

This design looks like the reflection of the Aurora lights that appear on the Northern region. It is indeed beautiful and attractive. The top part remains long while both sides and the back area are short. Lines are then formed to make the design.
#27 Music Notes
Music Notes

Music lovers would definitely love this haircut design. The middle and top parts have medium length while the left side is cut short. Keynotes are then added. The lines emphasize the notes. Lines start from the tip of the forehead towards the nape area.
#28 Arc

Another simple yet unique haircut design is the arc. From short and square shaped faux hawk, two intersecting lines are drawn on both sides of the head to make creative arcs.
#29 Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt

If you like lightning bolts, this design could be the one that you are looking for. The top area is thicker than the rest as both sides are faded. A lightning bolt is then shaped at the side of the head which can definitely turn many heads around you.
#30 Tribal

This tribal haircut design would be great for people with thick and long hair. It may also require natural curls to form the depth on top.

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