56 Cute Haircuts for Boys to Try Out(2021 Trends)

Nowadays, there are many cute and awesome haircuts for little boys to choose from. Cool hairstyles can boost their confidence whether playing with family or their friends. Cool haircuts can also lift their self-esteem when going to school as most boys do not want to be outdated when it comes to hairstyle.

It is not true that only girls are concern about their hair. Even boys need to make sure that they wear cool hairstyles whether going to the mall with family or school. Haircuts for boys have become important. To help all parents and their boys, we have gathered 56 awesome haircuts for little boys that you can try out.

56 Cute Haircuts for Boys to Try Out

Choosing a haircut for your little boy can be challenging so you may want to try different styles to achieve the most suitable hairstyle for your son. Check out the cute and awesome haircuts for boys.

1. Long Layered Hairstyle

Long Layered Hairstyle

For a cool look, you can try this long layered hairstyle for your adorable boy. It has few layers that add volume to the hair which is a great hairstyle if your boy has thin hair. The hair not only covers the upper parts of the ears but also gives a free-spirited vibe. It also has bangs that can be styled easily.

2. Side-Swept


For toddlers, the side-swept hairstyle keeps the hair short. It is also easier for parents to style at home as the only thing needed is a brush or comb and brush it to one side following the natural hairline. This style is perfect for any shape of the face and it also looks really adorable! You can also apply hair products for additional volume.

3. Faux Hawk Haircut

Faux Hawk Haircut

Faux hawk haircuts are not only great for men but also look awesome for little boys. Both sides of the head are cut short to create a clean appearance. The hair on top remains long and styled with gel or wax to make a spiky effect. It also makes sure that no strands are resting on the face. This hairstyle is one of the best haircuts for going to school.

4. Classic Curls

Classic Curls for little boy

For boys with natural curls, this hairstyle can be achieved easily. The hair in the crown area is cut few inches from the roots so curls can appear naturally. The sides are cut short for small curls. Boys with thick hair can easily show off this hairstyle without exerting too much effort. Natural curls are already beautiful!

5. Mohawk

Mohawk for little boy

Mohawk hairstyle has never disappeared and many hairstylists for toddlers also apply this hairstyle to their young customers. Both sides are shaved while keeping the middle part long.  The middle is brushed outwards to make it look even longer. Mohawk styles look great not only for adults but also for little boys. You can also give the rest of the hair some shapes such as spikes.

6. Long with Sided Bangs

Long with Sided Bangs for little boy

One of the cutest and most adorable haircuts for boys is the long haircut with sided bangs. When the hair is already long and covers the tips of the ears, it can be brushed backward to create a soft wave. The hair division is at the side and the bangs are swept in the opposite direction. This hairstyle can make little boys look cool just like adults.

7. Pompadour

Pompadour for little boy

Pompadour or Elvis Presley’s hairstyle can be achieved by brushing the hair backward. This creates additional depth and width on the crown area and it looks just like the style of Elvis. Little boys, as well as toddlers, are also welcome to wear this style. Hair product is also needed while brushing the hair backward to maintain the wave.

8. Long Bangs

Long Bangs for little boy

For kids with long hair, this hairstyle can be one of the best choices. The hair is swept to one side which covers almost half of the face. Highlights can also make it look more eye-catching.

9. Beachy Long Hairstyle

Beachy Long Hairstyle for little boy

Even though most parents want to keep their boy’s hair short so that it is easy to manage, long hairstyles are becoming popular among kids. Many parents also think that their children look adorable with long tresses. This haircut has long bangs that have the same length as the rest of the hair. Natural curls also appear which accentuates the style.

10. Hipster Style

Hipster Style for little boy

One of the latest and awesome haircuts for little boys is the hipster style. Just like a faux hawk haircut, both sides of the head are shaved while the middle area contains a significant amount of hair. This haircut work great on any type of face shape. Simply brush the hair to the side and apply wax or gel while styling.

11. Punk Rock Haircut

Punk Rock Haircut for little boy

If your adorable toddler is already rebelling or he thinks that’s what he does, this punk rock haircut can be the right one for your boy. It creates a rebel look that you and he would like. It is like a Mohawk haircut with a visible line that separates the shaved sides from the long hair in the middle. There are also many shapes that can be done in the middle part such as waves, curls, or spikes.

12. Long and Messy

Long and Messy for little boy

Not only men can look great with long and messy hairstyles. Even little boys look adorable too! They look so cute with this haircut. The long hair is simply brushed to different sides or simply run your fingers through his hair. Bangs can also rest on the forehead for a more messy effect. This is great for little boys with silky hair.

13. Curly Mohawk

Curly Mohawk for little boy

For little boys with naturally curly hair, this hairstyle would definitely look great! Both sides are shaved completely. The middle part is cut near the roots and allows the small curls to appear. This haircut works great with medium and thick hair and also suitable for any shape of the face.

14. Skater Boy Style

Skater Boy Style for little boy

Another awesome haircut for little boys is the skater boy style. Both sides are brushed downwards while the hair in the crown area is pointed and brushed upwards for additional layers. Wax or hairspray can be applied to keep the style in place. It also gives highlights to the facial features of your little boy. It is very easy to do this style so it is perfect even if you are busy.

15. Textured Hairstyle

Textured Hairstyle for little boy

This hairstyle creates additional texture on the hair by adding few layers. The cut is also uneven so the style looks a bit messy but awesome. Some parts of the hair are also highlighted which emphasizes the hairstyle.

16. Medium Waves

Medium Waves for little boy

We love seeing kids with this kind of hairstyle as it looks super adorable. This hairstyle can be done with medium-length hair. Both sides are cut short while the middle part has medium hair. Simply brush your boy’s hair upwards to make medium-sized waves. You can also apply hair products like gel or wax for styling.

17. Slicked Haircut

Slicked Haircut for little boy

Another awesome haircut for little boys is the slicked haircut. It is very short and can be worn not only outdoors but also in school. This haircut gives your little boy a clean appearance as both ears are completely visible. It also has a fading effect on both sides while the top is brushed to the opposite side of the hairline.

18. Shaggy Hairstyle

Shaggy Hairstyle for little boy

Not only adults can wear shaggy hairstyles but also little boys and toddlers! If the hair of your boy is already long, you might want to try this one out. Simply leave the long locks and cut the bangs for additional texture but make sure that the bangs are above the eyes. This hairstyle is perfect for kids with thin hair and round faces.

19. Rock Star

Rock Star for little boy

You can transform your kid into a rock star by giving him a haircut that is edgy with both sides shaved completely. The rest of the hair is kept in medium length and you can try to make it spiky or simply brush it to the side to make it flat and neat. You can explore many other styles for this kind of haircut.

20. Sweeping Hair

Sweeping Hair for little boy

This hairstyle can make your adorable boy look magnificent with this hairstyle. It has smooth waves on top with fading effect on both sides of the head as well as in the back area. Ears are also completely visible. All you need to do is to sweep the top hair forward-backward and use wax or gel for more texture.

21. Spider Haircut

Spider Haircut for little boy

If your little boy is a fan of Spiderman, he would definitely love to have this hairstyle! Most boys want to become a superhero and changing their hairstyle to something that they are into, it would definitely boost their confidence. Lines are created to highlight the spider web which is located at the backside. You can also ask the barber to create the web on different parts.

22. Smooth Hipster

Smooth Hipster

For kids with medium hair type, this hairstyle will look great. Both sides are either shaved or faded while leaving the hair on the top and at the back. Simply brush the hair to the sides and you can also apply hair products such as wax or gel to keep the shape in place.

23. Faux Hawk with Bolt

Faux Hawk with Bolt for little boy

This little boy’s hairstyle is very cute! A faux hawk haircut is made first so both sides of the head are faded. The crown area has a significant amount of hair for spiky effects or waves. Then a zigzag line is shaved at the side of the hair which looks like lightning. This is very cute and can make your little boy stand out among the crowd.

24. Thick and Spiky

Thick and Spiky for little boy

For boys with thick hair, this hairstyle is one of the most awesome styles that they can wear. The hair is simply blended from the top to the sides. The spiky effect is also created on the crown. A thickening wax should also be used on the hair and a comb or brush to create the spikes.

25. Long Afro

Long Afro for little boy

For kids with natural curls, it will be easy to do this hairstyle. Afro hairstyle looks great in different types of hair and any face shape. To make it appear cleaner, you can ask the stylist to twist the hair into more locks.

26. High Wave Cut

High Wave Cut little boy

This hairstyle is for kids who want to keep their hair on top in medium length. The sides are cut close to the scalp so it looks very neat while the bangs are formed into a high wave. Two lines are also created on both sides for a more stylish effect.

27. Burr or Butch Haircut

Burr or Butch Haircut for little boy

This hairstyle is a short buzz cut and also similar to a military haircut. The hair is cut very short and there is no need to arrange it anymore. It can also keep your boy cool and sweat-free. There is also a visible line at the side for style.

28. Haircut Designs

High Wave Cut

If you want a touch of creativity in your boy’s head, this can be an incredible style that you can try out on him. The hair is shaved and under-shaved to create the patterns. You can also ask the stylist for other patterns that you wish to try on your little boy.

29. Dreadlock for Young Boys

Dreadlock for Young Boys

Little boys also deserve a set of gorgeous dreadlocks just like us grown men. This boy’s dreadlock haircut depicts how one can amalgamate dreads and braids in order to attain the easygoing half down, half up results that can even work for school.

30. The Mop Top Haircut

The Mop Top Haircut Young Boys

Just as the name sounds, the Mop Top haircut leaves your little boy looking like he is wearing another head. That said, it looks very cool and will cover the ears and forehead, also making it the best winter and hiking hairstyle.

As you can see from the image above, the hair is evenly trimmed all around the head. You could either choose to make it layered or blunt.

31. The Curly Undercut

The Curly Undercut


This undercut look qualifies as one of the best little boys’ haircuts that would particularly look splendid on a gentleman with curly hair. It allows you to curl the hair on the top side of your young one’s head while at the same time delivering a clean look.

The curly undercut is also a nice hairstyle if you intend to lessen the weight of your thick and bulky hair on your little boy’s head.

32. The French Crop

The French Crop


The French Crop is a classic cut that is both easy to style and maintain over the long term. It is a short hairstyle and it allows you to cut the top side of your hair in many distinct ways. You could either go for a blunt cut which will give your little boy more masculinity or you can also ask your barber for a pointcut if you would like the boy to have a rugged look.

33. Short Afro Hairstyle

Short Afro Hairstyle


Inspired by the style we sported back in the 1980s, this short afro hairstyle for little boys will keep the length of the hair on your young one’s head short and less bulky. If your kid boasts natural black curls, then this is a great style he should definitely try.

To attain the perfect short afro hairstyle, the hair can either be medium or short.

34. Caesar hairstyle

Caesar hairstyle


The Caesar hair cut for little boys is a buzzed hairstyle that is particularly ideal for summertime when long hair can usually become muggy.

Better yet, it is easy to style and maintain, which makes it even more perfect for little boys. At times, your little one won’t even need to comb it.

35. The Surfer hairstyle

The Surfer hairstyle


If your little boy is a die-hard fan of surfing, then scroll no further because this is the perfect haircut for them. As you can see on the image above, the hairstyle will leave your cute young one with a tousled hairstyle.

The type of surfer hairstyle you decide to pick for our young one will also depend on the type of hair he has. You could either go for a messy style, short tousled hair, shaggy cut, or even a long straight style.

36. Taper Cut for Little Boys

Taper Cut for Little Boys


Is your little boy’s hair a mess almost every time you leave him alone? If yes, then the taper haircut is the solution you need to control the situation. This haircut is short, easy to style & maintain, and it also adds a masculine look to your son.

This will also work wonders on any young boy from a five-year-old to a 15-year-old.

37. The crew cut hairstyle

The crew cut hairstyle


The crew cut is, without a doubt the most famous everyday hairstyle for boys nowadays, and for good reason. For starters, the haircut is very short and simple to style as well as maintain. The haircut will also award your young one a smart and neat look that will expose his face perfectly.

38. The Mushroom Cut

The Mushroom Cut for little boys


To be honest, Mushroom Cut is one of the cutest haircuts I have ever seen for little boys. Also regarded as the bowl cut, this haircut makes you look like a bowl of hair has just been inverted on top of your head. If your son boasts blonde or golden hair, then this astounding cut is the one you should go for.

You can also do it yourself if you do not feel the need to go to a stylist.

39. The ivy league haircut

The ivy league haircut for little boys


I believe the name says it all. This ivy league haircut will award your little boy a classy and elegant look. In this haircut, your son’s hair will be slightly longer than it would have been when one is sporting the crew cut. The length of your little man’s hair can be anywhere from 0.55 inches to 1.5 inches.

The exact number of inches you choose is dependent on your personal preference.

40. Side-swept haircut with a color on the top

Side swept haircut with a color on the top


The side-swept or side part hairstyle is among the simplest haircuts you can award your little boy today. It gives a young man the “good boy” look while at the same time adding more masculinity. To make it look even better, feel free to color the ends of the longer hair locks with your little boy’s favorite color.

41. The samurai bun

The samurai bun


This is a cool haircut for young boys who boast medium or long hair. The Samurai Bun is also easy to style and maintain. Your little boy’s hair ought to be at least six inches for you to style this hairstyle and ensure they look great as the gentleman in the image above.

You will also need to employ some styling gel and a hair tie.

42. Combed back

Combed back hairstyle for little boys


This combed back hairstyle is among the simplest hairstyles you can style on a kid. If your little boy is the kind who prefers something more formal and Godfather style, then the combed back haircut will be perfect for him.

All you need is some pomade and a hair gel to attain the look.

43. Star Power Hairstyle for medium hair

Star Power Hairstyle for medium hair


If any hairstyle for little boys would win the heart of the masses in an instance, it would be this haircut. As you can see in the image above, this is definitely the look of a superstar that is in the making. The hair is also layered and nicely sculptured around the young man’s ears, extending around in order to form the short layers at the backside of the head.

44. The Messy Froward Swept Bangs

The Messy Froward Swept Bangs


It will be pure magic for any little boy who decides to sport this haircut. The hair as you can see on the back is super short all the way to the top side of both ears. The burst of loosely textured and structured pieces erupt across the crown, casually shaken randomly and pushed to one side on the forehead so they can come rest on the brow.

45. Swirls and Curls

Swirls and Curls


With this haircut, curls play across the little boy’s head, front to back, and side to side. You can easily achieve this look either if your child boasts naturally curly hair, or just with the help of a good pomade.

You can also form the curls with the fingers or using a curling iron. The method you choose is not important. As long as the end result is mindblowing. This haircut is also perfect on the soccer field, so if your kid is a fan of soccer, it is the perfect selection.

46. Bedhead with highlights

Bedhead with highlights


Hot dude alert! What little boy would not feel like the king in the whole white world with this ultra laidback, rakish haircut? The hairstyle is also long tousled to the max, making it pretty fun and daring at the same time. The random long layers are nicely tucked behind one ear and then left so they can fall over the other one on the other side.

The rest of the hair locks are in delightful turns and twists all over the young man’s head, relaxing just a little bit across the brow.

47. Spiky and soft bangs

Spiky and soft bangs


The best thing about this haircut for little boys is the fact it is not too extreme, but it is not boring at the same time. In fact, it is one of the most exclusive haircuts for little boys I have ever come across. As you can see on the image, the sides and back of the head are cut very short, but not very buzzed to the temples.

Hair has been left at the medium length at the crown and then pulled upward on the front side in order to create the pseudo spiky look.

48. The young lord

The young lord for little boys


This youthful hairstyle for little boys evokes the same thoughts we usually have when we see the carefree lives of young royals, always modern and stylish. The hair is cut short on the backside and left just a little bit longer at the sides. The hair is then brought forward to caress the face on either side.

The top of the young man is left forward and long across the forehead but then flipped back into the deep wave to one of the sides.

49. Blonde huge waves

Blonde huge waves for little boys


Nowhere else will this hairstyle look more perfect than on your young man while he is still little enough to enjoy having other people pinch his cheeks. Note that that is exactly what will happen when people he comes across see this adorable hairstyle on his head.

50. The long parted side sweep

The long parted side sweep for little boys


I love this hairstyle for little men because it is exploding with personality and is super fun at the same time. This sweet haircut has also been seen on most of Tinseltown’s brightest young stars.

The side part depicted in the image permits the hair to fall in one length to the mid nape as one side is still whisked behind the young man’s ear and the other side lays smoothly over the eye in a sleek look that will draw all eyes directly to the face.

51. The Mini Muse with long Locks

The Mini Muse with long Locks


Some haircuts for little boys are undeniably works of art in their own sense and this Mini Muse is a perfect example of such hairstyles. The healthy, shiny locks fall just a bit below the shoulder-length, whereas the bangs are swept casually to both sides.

52. Free falling hairstyle with blonde hair

Free falling hairstyle with blonde hair


How adorable is this natural and extremely fun hairstyle? The long layers fall from the perfect center part of the head and then graze to the shoulders and then feathering back slightly at the sides.

53. Rocker boy haircut

Rocker boy haircut


Here is a boy band alert. This hairstyle is almost too good to sport every day your little boy will be walking outside the door. The long top layers ought to be swept to one side and then tucked behind your ear to create the rock n roll vibe.

54. Tousled throwback haircut

Tousled throwback haircut for little boys


Some hairstyles are in existence to evoke memories of our childhoods back in the day. This one is definitely one of such haircuts. In the mid-1970s, this was definitely the go-to haircut, and styling it today will look great on any child’s head.

55. Blonde curly hairstyle

Blonde curly hairstyle for little boys


I do not think you will see anything more fun and youthful than a whole headful of bouncy, big, blonde curls like in the image above. This easy-to-style and low-maintenance look also brings the playful side out of anyone, especially little boys.

Style it on your young man’s head if you want him to attract admirers everywhere he goes.

56. The Diagonal Fringe

The Diagonal Fringe for little boys


This little boy’s hairstyle is spiky and short on the front side, and the fringe is shorter only on one side. The fringe is also of an unequal length and as you can see in the image above, it goes from high to low from right to left on the young boy’s forehead.

If you wish, you could also make it shorter on any side or even longer at the center if you wish, which will form a V-like illusion on your kid’s forehead.

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