30 Beautiful Women Hairstyles for Round Faces

Looking for the best hairstyles for round faces? Your hairstyle is important for first impressions, it is just right to keep your hair presentable and arranged. Plain t-shirts and pants or a boring dress can look ten times better if partnered with beautiful hairstyles.

Hairstyles may also depend according to the shape of your face. Although you can try all the hairstyles that you desire, choosing the right styles based on the shape of your face is way much better. If you have a round face, some hairstyles may only make your face look even bigger. If you need a little bit of inspiration, here is a list of beautiful hairstyles for round faces.

30 Beautiful Hairstyles for Round Faces

Choosing the right hairstyle that suits the shape of your face can increase both beauty and personality.

#1 Dazzling Waves Hairstyles

Dazzling Waves Hairstyles for Round Faces

If you have a round face, you will love this amazing style. This hairstyle gives a wave effect that can make your face look slimmer. The division of the hair is at the side and you can also dye your hair according to your preference.

You might want to have two different and matching colors in order to place the attention on your hair instead of the round shape of the face. This style is great in any kind of setting or event.

#2 Blonde Hairstyles

Blonde Hairstyles for Round Faces

There is something with blonde hair. People who have a round face and natural blonde hair are considered blessed. The white color can make a slim appearance.

You can also put more styles by adding small wave effects at the bottom of the hair but not too much. This hairstyle has a loose curl in front that cover ¼ of the face. It definitely makes the face look slim.

#3 Peek-a-boo Hairstyles

Peek-a-boo Hairstyles for Round Faces

If you are a fan of bangs, you might want to try this cool hairstyle for round faces. The bangs are placed at the side that can cover a little bit of the forehead and eye. It also has soft layers that can beautifully balance the round shape.

The layers hug the neck part but far enough from the chin to make the face look narrow. You can also choose your desired hair color.

#4 Formal Hairstyle

Formal Hairstyle for Round Faces

For attending formal parties or events, this hairstyle does not only offer beauty but also class. The framing tendrils create a spiral effect on both sides of the face can also make the face appear thinner.

The locks at the back of and side part can also draw more attention. This hairstyle is perfect for people with chubby faces. There is no need to have an extravagant dress if you have this hairstyle.

#5 Professional Hairstyle

Professional Hairstyle for Round Faces

For an office settings, this hairstyle is one of the best for round faces. It is great not only for blonde but also for other hair colors. The hair at the sides is creatively brushed to make perfect waves that highlight your beauty.

The haircut is also not too short and just enough for an incredible professional appearance. It also has slanted bangs that cover the forehead partially which can make you look even younger.

#6 Loose Waves Hairstyle

Loose Waves Hairstyle for Round Faces

Full bangs may not be the most ideal style for round faces but having loose waves and highlights can balance the shape of your face as well as your hair. This hairstyle creates messy waves but does not make the hair look thick or ugly.  This style is perfect not only for an office settings but also for parties and other events.

#7 Simple Bob Hairstyle

Simple Bob Hairstyle for Round Faces

If there is no need to exert too much effort or you do not want waves and curls, a simple bob can be the right hairstyle for you. The haircut is above the shoulders and brushed inwards. It draws more attention to the jawline.

Aside from making the face look slimmer, it can also give you an angelic appearance.

#8 Sweeping Bangs Hairstyle

Sweeping Bangs Hairstyle for Round Faces

Another great hairstyle that can make the face look slimmer is the sweeping bangs. The bangs are swept creatively to the side which makes the cheeks appear thinner. It also attracts attention to your eyes which becomes mysterious.

This hairstyle draws the attention away from the chubbiness of the face with the medium length swept bangs.

#9 Mauve Hairstyle

Mauve Hairstyle for Round Faces

One way to deal with round faces is to experiment with different hair colors. You can try to dye your hair mauve or your preferred colors and see which one will look great on you. Accessories like colorful glasses can also enhance your appearance. What’s important is that you are having fun!

#10 Bob with Short Bangs

Bob with Short Bangs for Round Faces

Not because you have a round face does not mean you need to avoid bangs. With the right hairstyle, bangs can also improve your appearance and boost your self-esteem.

This hairstyle has short bangs that end right above the eyebrows. The sides are layered which makes the face look slimmer and highlights your beauty. If you have a round face and you want to enjoy short hair, you might like this hairstyle.

#11 Half Up Style

Half Up Style for Round Faces

This hairstyle is great for people with long and straight hair. The hair on the crown area is brought together towards the back while the rest are loose. It may not reduce the roundness of the face but it is an attractive hairstyle for round faces.

It highlights your facial features and your hair at the sides act as the frames. It is also easy to perform this hairstyle as you can do it in just a minute. For more experiments, you can also try to tie more hair or less hair on top and add more styles.

#12 Dark Bob Hairstyle

Dark Bob Hairstyle for Round Faces

This is one of the haircuts that can create an illusion by angles. Round faces may not look so round because of the difference in the length of hair. The length from the other side appears to be longer than the other. It also highlights the collarbone. For the haircut to be noticeable, the dark color would be the best.

#13 High Bun Hairstyle

High Bun Hairstyle for Round Faces

There can be times that the best hairstyle for round faces is to simply tie it in a bun. It can also look formal with a gown or dress. A high bun hairstyle can make the face look longer so it appears thinner. That additional height can instantly change the shape of your face while you highlight your whole and natural beauty.

#14 Low Bun Hairstyle

Low Bun Hairstyle for Round Faces

If high bun style can make a difference, low buns too! With this hairstyle, there is no need to bring out your hair tools! All you need to do tie your hair in a bun. Instead of making it high, you can keep it low around the nape area. This can also elongate the shape of the face and make it look slimmer.

#15 Medium Messy Hair

Medium Messy Hair for Round Faces

Medium messy hairstyle is not only great for men but also for the ladies. This hairstyle may not seem to be arranged carefully but it looks sexy enough to make the cheeks appear slimmer. It can also highlight the curves of the cheeks and make the face look softer. You can also try different medium messy hairstyles and apply your desired hair length.

#16 Ombre Updo Hairstyle

Ombre Updo Hairstyle for Round Faces

This elegant and formal hairstyle gives medium-sized tendrils on both sides of the head. These tendrils served as the frame of the face that makes the cheeks appear slim. It also highlights the jawline as well as the eyes. The hair at the back is also curled. This hairstyle is great for attending formal parties.

#17 Pixie Cut with Sweeping Bangs

Pixie Cut with Sweeping Bangs

Not because you have a round face shape does not mean you cannot enjoy pixie haircuts! This hairstyle is cut short just like the hairstyle of Tinkerbell. The bangs are also swept on one side while the back area has layers that elongate the appearance of the head so it gets the attention away from the chubbiness or roundness of the face.

#18 Long Locks with Bangs

Long Locks with Bangs for round face

Long hair and lose curls can do wonders for people with round faces. The length of your hair gives a different shape to your face. This hairstyle has long locks that make the face look slimmer. It also has bangs sweeping bangs above the eyebrows. Even if the face is round, this hairstyle makes the appearance just right!

#19 Braided Bun Hairstyle

Braided Bun Hairstyle for Round Faces

The braided bun hairstyle is also like a low bun hairstyle. However, the hair is braided which gives more beauty and elegance. Like a low bun, it also elongates the shape of the head so the roundness of the face is not highlighted. This hairstyle also adds a few strands of hair on both sides of the head to make a thin frame.

#20 Flip Out Bob Hairstyle For Round Face

Flip Out Bob Hairstyle For Round Face

This hairstyle does not require you to hide some parts of your cheeks just to make it look slimmer. The layered hair is styled outwards which makes a cool flipping effect. This gives more highlights to your hairstyle.

There is also no need to flip your hair as it looks flipped naturally. You can also ask your stylist to make short bangs that you can place at the side.

#21 Accessories Hairstyle

Accessories Hairstyle for Round Faces

Another easy hairstyle that can draw attention away from the shape of the face is to add hair accessories. You can simply get the right accessory that matches your outfit. This way, the attention is on your hair and not on the shape of the face. It is also fun to accessorize and you can try thousands of hair accessories out there.

#22 Crown Braid Hairstyle

Crown Braid Hairstyle for Round Faces

This style creates an elegant braid on the top area of the head. It looks like a headband but instead of getting a headband, your stylist can create it for you using your hair. It also has loose curls on one side of the head that ends just above the shoulders. You can also place some accessories or flower that matches your lipstick.

#23 Braid at the Side for Round Faces

Braid at the Side for Round Faces

You can easily style your hair at home with a side braids. This is one of the most elegant and beautiful hairstyles for round faces. If you have layered hair, you can include a few strands on both sides of the head to make a frame. Braid is also beautiful so no one would even notice the plumpness or roundness of the face.

#24 Medium Locks Hairstyle

Medium Locks Hairstyle for Round Faces

If your hair is not long enough to try long locks, you can always apply medium locks hairstyle for a round face. It also gives additional volume and the hair is distributed evenly which also makes you look graceful.

#25 Fine Pixie Hairstyle

Fine Pixie Hairstyle for Round Faces

This fine pixie haircut includes side-swept bangs and encourages you to just be confident with the face of your shape. The hairstyle is also formal and perfect not only for events or parties but also for an office settings.

It also highlights your eyes so you can add two colors of eye shadow to create smoky eyes. You can also try other hair colors.

#26 Straight and Layered Hairstyle

Straight and Layered Hairstyle for Round Faces

Some people with round faces dislike the idea of having straight hair as the roundness of the face is emphasized. However, this hairstyle is layered with medium length bangs swept to one side. It is not only stylish but also fabulous.

#27 Elegant Hairstyle

Elegant Hairstyle for Round Faces

For attending formal events or special occasions, this hairstyle can be your inspiration. Smooth locks are gathered around the nape area. The bangs are also styled to one side and create a crest above the forehead.

#28 Incredible Brown Curls Hairstyle

Incredible Brown Curls Hairstyle for Round Faces

This hairstyle gives additional volume from the crown area down to the tips. The luscious curls are attractive enough to get all the attention. It can also make the face look slimmer. This style is perfect for any kind of setting whether going to a friend’s party or to a formal event.

#29 Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyle

Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyle for Round Faces

Here is another pixie cut hairstyle for a round face. This style is a bit messy on top but looks great and fab for both formal and informal settings. If you like pixie haircuts, you might want to try this one out!

#30 Soft and Charming Hairstyle

Soft and Charming Hairstyle for Round Faces

This bob haircut is great for people with round faces. The swept bangs and short asymmetric style make the face look slimmer while highlighting your features in a soft way.

31. Short Shaggy Layers

Short Shaggy Layers is perfect for round faces as it can add a bold color accentuates the layers. This will help balances out your curves of the face.

32. Short Wavy Hair

Short Wavy Hair is perfect for women with round faces. This haicut make your face look slim, improves your bounce and brings in a beautiful texture.

33. Medium Hair with a Side Part

Medium length hair with a side part will creates an asymmetrical look . This will highlight dramatic cheekbones rather than cheeks.

34. Long Colorful Shag

Long Colorful Shag haircut give straight hair the edge. This will complement a round face and bring drama to this look.

35. Long Layered Waves

Long Layered Waves looks wonderful in layers to frame a chubby face.

36. Simple straight hair

Simple straight hair
This is one of the best hairstyles for chubby girls that will never go out of style. To achieve this look, you just have to blow-dry your hair very straight and apply a strong hold gel.

37. Beach waves with bangs

Beach waves with bangs

This haircut is definitely one of the styles that flatters any type of face especially for round face. They are very easy to create and make sexy waves.


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