What are the Best Hairstyles For Very Thin Hair?

Getting the best hairstyle that suits their look is every woman’s dream. But what if you didn’t have much volume or very thin hair? It’s a worry many women face, especially if they look to sport some beautiful hair locks. Thin hair can make it difficult, but don’t worry – there is a way around it.

Best Hairstyles for Thin Hair That You Can Sport

Forget your worries; here are some of the best hairstyles you can try that will go with your thin hair.

  • Long Bob or Lob

Long Bob or Lob


This hairstyle features hair with a length just enough to reach your collarbone. When matched with side-swept front hairstyling, it will give your face a specific structured frame that will accentuate your eyes.

It will make your hair look thicker and more elegant. You will look great from your side and your front profiles. If you plan to try shorter haircuts, the long bob will be your stepping stone. If you like how it turns out, you can even go for an asymmetrical bob haircut.

  • Uneven Bangs

Uneven Bangs


Full-fledged bangs are ideal for thick-haired women, for they will appear compact and complete. That doesn’t mean women with thin hair cannot have bangs – you need to make some adjustments.

Instead of heavy blunt bangs, you can go for a chopped or uneven bang. While it’s better to keep the aforementioned blunt bangs unparted, you can part the uneven bangs from the sides of the middle, according to your face’s shape and structure. If you have a big forehead, you can use this style to cover the forehead part.

  • Wispy Front Layers

Wispy Front Layers


If you prefer keeping your long or medium-length hair and do not want to experiment, you can get some wispy front layers. You can ask your hairdresser to cut your hair evenly in a straight horizontal line and then wisp out the front layer so that it would get a fluttering effect.

The length of this layer should be shorter than the hair on your back. This styling will add a great texture to your hair, making it look thicker.

  • Tousled Bob

Tousled Bob


It might sound similar to a long bob in most attributes, but a tousled bob is entirely different. Even though it could have the same length as a normal bob or long bob haircut, it sets this style apart because it gives a wavy texture to your hair.

When tousled perfectly, your hair will appear to have gained volume. It is airy and comfortable. You can also test the waters by coloring your hair ombre, where the shade tends to set slowly from the middle of your hair.

  • Long Shag

Long Shag


If you prefer mid-length hair, this is your pit stop. The long shag is different from the usually preferred shag haircut with bangs. This style adds an extra texture to your hair which will thus look thicker. It is a light hairstyle with fringes that are longer than bangs. It is fit for all face shapes and structures. It is simple yet elegant, and you can style it by tying it into a loose ponytail or a messy bun or pinning it on one side.

  • Short Bob

Short Bob


The short bob is the hairstyle for women who wish for less maintenance and thicker-looking hair. This haircut will accentuate your cheekbones and jawline, short enough that your hair is barely reaching your jaw.

You can curl or incorporate a wavy look into your hair to increase its texture. Or you can settle for chopped or uneven edges to give it a rough look. Either way, this hairstyle will give you a flattering look and is mostly suited for oval and round faces.

  • Chopped Pixie Cut

Chopped Pixie Cut


The pixie cut has been one of the crowd-favorite short haircut styles. It is easy to maintain and manage and will look great on people with thin hair. A chopped pixie cut is better than a regular pixie cut as it gives off an asymmetric aura to your hair so that it will look voluminous even though the hair is short in length. When paired with the perfect highlights, it will be the best hair-related decision you have ever made.

  • Layered Long Bob

Layered Long Bob


This is another variety of the long bob, where your hair is cut into different subtle layers. These layers will add to the highlighting of your hair. This little trick will make your hair seem thicker and fuller. When the smoothened hair is paired with a deep side parting, it will have an asymmetrical but ordered look: the hype these days.

  • Blunt Cuts

Blunt Cuts


Blunt haircuts are where the edge of your hair is cut evenly to form a straight horizontal line. Its increasing popularity has rendered it a crowd-favorite. The best when set with straight hair, this style can invoke uniformity and orderliness. If you want to color your hair with this style, you can opt for a balayage. Your hair will seem healthier after getting this haircut.

  • Layer Cuts

Layer Cuts


Different layer cuts will help with the thickness of your hair. You can opt for soft layers, flowy layers, or wavy layers according to your face’s shape and preferred hair length. Layer cuts will frame your face and give a more compact look to your front profile, while the fluttering layers will give off an air of elegance.

These hairstyles will help you with your thin hair and make it appear voluminous. You won’t have to worry about not having thicker hair anymore! Which design do you like the most?