30 Cool Hard Part Haircuts For Men to Try Out

Edgy, fresh, and classy all-in-one, hard part hairstyles for men are some of the most fantastic haircuts you could try out today. This year, they are among the top trending choices, and I do not see them losing momentum anytime soon.

Besides expressing refinement on individuals who sport them, this hairstyle is a straightforward attitude that all stylish men worldwide will appreciate.

Better yet, from being the foundation haircut for military hairstyles back in the ’50s, these hairstyles have transformed into a more polished choice in our times.

What is the hard part haircut?

In simple terms, a complex part is a type of shaved part. The cut section is also regarded as a razor part; the cut section features a clean section shaved down to the scalp using a razor or trimmer. Hard parts were also conventionally worn on the side and could work when coupled with a wide array of haircuts.

Even though they are helpful when it comes to creating a sharp definition, this haircut requires regular maintenance if you want to stay looking polished and stylish.

Hard part vs. soft part

When it comes to styling this trend, there are two primary methods you could employ. The first is the conventional soft part, and the second is the more modern hard part.

A hard part is usually shaved into a place, unlike soft hair, parts brushed or combed to separate the sections. For that reason, it delivers more contrast and definition. That said, it also tends to take a while to grow out should you ever intend to change to a different haircut.

With that in mind, let us look at the efforts that go into maintaining this hairstyle.

Grooming maintenance efforts

As I noted in the preceding section of the post, even though this hairstyle consists of a simple line that will leave you looking polished and attractive, the hairstyle still comes with its fair share of grooming wores.

After heading to your skilled barbershop, it is going to look amazing. However, after that, the cut will begin to look funky.

This implies that at some point, the once-crisp line will start looking quite odd as your hair locks begin to grow back. It is just the same as shaving your face. The stubble will still pop up again after a while.

With this haircut, you will need to commit to either consistent grooming, or you could wait things out by letting your hair gully grow its way back out. Remember, it is generally impossible to undo a hard part right away, considering it has been shaved to the scalp.

With that introduction in mind, let us go ahead and discover these hairstyles for men below. In this enumeration, you will also find a handful of popular but unique masculine hairstyles. Let us jump right in.

30 Popular Hard Part Haircuts For Men

  1. Colorful, artsy silver, candy pink, and electric purple haircut

Colorful artsy silver, candy pink, and electric purple haircut


Like always, I would like to begin this list on a bright note (quite literally). I always encourage my creative readers to experiment with their haircuts as much as they can. This is regardless of whether it comes to cutting, styling, or colors.

I have allowed you to observe a bit of both through the gentleman’s creative amalgamation of a good trim and colors in this number.

  1. Textured and parted pomp

Textured and parted pomp


A pompadour is among the few styles that can give anyone a glamorous look. The hair strands that make the one in the image above also boast a nice texture and subtle highlights. Apart from the pompadour, the hairstyle also boasts a sharp razor line styled on the side.

  1. Sleek and sharp comb-over

Sleek and sharp comb-over


This comb-over hairstyle works well for gentlemen who know how to style and cut it. The particular one in the image above boasts a comb-over design at the top but a side part that creates a disconnection with the skin taper fade on the sides.

  1. A low fade plus double razor lines

A low fade plus double razor lines


This majestic hairstyle is a perfect example of what you can get if you visit an experienced, skilled barber. The haircut has zero fades both on the back and the sides, but the two clean double lines are what make the haircut stand out as it does.

  1. Edgy Mohawk

Edgy Mohawk


This funky haircut is an excellent option for gentlemen who boast a long and thick mane. It entails leaving an upswept and thick hair at the middle of the head and chopping the sides short. You should then fade, spice up the entire look with a razor line and fade the sides.

  1. A side part and a cool quiff

A side part and a cool quiff


A comb-over haircut at the back and a small quiff immediately in front of it are the highlights of this hard-to-beat look. Apart from the quiff, the style also boasts a hard side part and a tapered drop fading that can be seen on the sides.

  1. Highlights hard part hairstyle

Highlights hard part hairstyle


As opposed to my first color example, this haircut specifically highlights a more discrete approach. If you are not into flashy shades, you could always pick a set of highlights in blonde or any other natural shade that best suits your personal preferences.

The wispier the highlights, the subtler the results will be.

  1. Custom hard part hairstyle

Custom hard part hairstyle


What makes a great haircut stand out in millions of other haircuts will be your personal touch. In simpler words, the more you decide and try to put your imagination in the process, the more impressive your resulting haircut will turn out.

Go above and beyond the norm by thinking about cool designs that supplement your hair for the best results.

  1. Hard part haircut with a faux hawk

Hard part haircut with a faux hawk


The optimum solution for gentlemen who are unsure about getting an entire Mohawk is the faux hawk haircut. As the name suggests, it is a recreation of the Mohawk, usually without the back part of a normal mohawk.

You can utilize a hard to emphasize the look.

  1. Jagged hard part undercut

Jagged hard part undercut


If you decide to go and get an undercut, why not make it impossible to forget those you come across? You can easily accomplish this through an intricate hard part. Instead of going directly across the surgical line that creates the hard part, make your lines interrupted and jagged.

  1. Choppy and blunt blue haircut

Choppy and blunt blue haircut


I think no one should ever limit themselves to ideas when it comes to their haircuts. If you would like to be the center of attention wherever you go, then go against the grain and decide to put some thought into your new haircut truly.

Mixing a blunt haircut with a choppy top is just among the ideas that one can explore.

  1. Hard part hairstyle with coloring

Hard part hairstyle with coloring


Once you have picked the best hard part hairstyle for your tastes, you can further express your personality through the shade you prefer. You can feel free to play around with any colors you want, from metallic tones such as silver to neon or bright colors.

  1. Slicked back hard part

Slicked back hard part


Here is yet another super classy slicked-back hair part style that still manages to pack more than enough attitude for anyone. Inspired by the rock and roll fashion, this haircut boasts a modern touch through the included taper fade.

You will also need a quality product to attain the style, ensuring you keep that detail in mind as you visit your barber.

  1. Mohawk hard part hairstyle

Mohawk hard part hairstyle


Are you all about the punk lifestyle? Then why not go ahead and attain a Mohawk with one or even more hard parts? In the example above, you can see that the young man’s barber has designed three hard parts on one side of the Mohawk.

That said, you can also choose to get them on both sides.

  1. The v-shaped hard part

The v-shaped hard part


It is impossible not to have seen any V-shaped haircut by now that made you stop and admire it or them for a second. It is one of the haircuts that would look highly intriguing when coupled with a hard part.

In addition, you can choose to maintain a long top or go completely buzz cut with the general length of your long hair locks.

  1. Long comb over hairstyle with a hard part

Long comb over hairstyle with a hard part


Naturally, it was impossible to complete a list of hard part hairstyles without talking specifically about a long comb-over hairstyle in the past. You can even find this choice of styling coupled with most other haircuts that boast hard parts, owing to the gentlemanly allure that it comes with.

  1. The double diagonal hard part

The double diagonal hard part


As we move forward with this concept of a double hard part, the image above displays another way someone can rock the haircut. Compared to all my previous examples, this hairstyle also boasts the two hard parts that have been shaved diagonally, beginning from the middle area of the gentleman’s forehead.

  1. Long double part hard part hairstyle

Long double part hard part hairstyle


Speaking of blending different styles, why don’t you get not one but two hard parts? This haircut will provide a highly incredible optical illusion while at the same time maintaining a sleek aspect. It is generally suitable for young men as well as boys.

In addition to that, the temple fade will top off the entire haircut perfectly.

  1. The double hard part with a surgical line

The double hard part with a surgical line


Often the best haircuts for men amalgamate into more than one style. For example, this hairstyle offers a hard part and delivers an additional surgical line on the sides. What’s more? The haircut boasts a taper fade that details the entire shape of the haircut perfectly.

  1. Flash hard part for young boys

Flash hard part for young boys


If you would like to transport your young man to the most tremendous dude on the block, show him this image, and I am sure he would love to get a similar haircut. The hard part has been started as it usually should, but it springs into an excellent flash lightning bolt design as it reaches the head’s peak.

  1. The hard part that has been swept up and to the side

Hard part that has been swept up and to the side


Are you not fully drawn to the flat-slicked hairstyle? You are not drawn to the idea of going directly upwards or sideways with your hair strands, either? Then I think experimenting with this haircut that brings out the best of both worlds together with plenty of dynamism is your best option.

  1. Medium length hard part hairstyle

Medium length hard part hairstyle


Would you like a haircut that is easy to maintain but is not too short? Then I think you would love to try out this hard part hairstyle. The locks at the top are medium length, and the taper that comes with the haircut also has its back and sides subtly shaved down and subtly faded.

  1. The curly haircut with an asymmetrical hard part

The curly haircut with an asymmetrical hard part


You will frequently see hard parts where a part would usually be, or if not, part of an undercut. Nonetheless, this curly haircut will go above and beyond regarding the hard part’s placement. Instead of following the usual corner of the line-up, the cut begins closer to the middle to deliver the striking effect you can see in the image above.

  1. Crew cut hard part hairstyle.

Crew cut hard part hairstyle


Hard part hairstyles do not always need to be rocked with long or medium-length hair. A hard part will look exceptionally well with a short haircut, such as the crew cut. What also caught my attention in the image above is the smooth gradient provided by the fade.

  1. The short and wavy hard part

Short and wavy hard part


Another short-haired way to wear a small hard part is simply shortening it and adding waves to the hair. As opposed to other small parts I talked about earlier, this haircut is razor straight. It also completes the 360 degrees waves style initially and freshly.

  1. Formal hard part hairstyle

Formal hard part hairstyle


Regardless of whether you seek an intelligent haircut for your young boy or are simply planning to attend a formal event yourself, allow me to present the ideal approach to your haircut.

Even though the haircut is polished, you can also wear it afterward in casual situations.

  1. Wavy hard part

Wavy hard part


To continue my list on creativity, take some time to think about what form of the hard part haircut you would like to try out. A wavy style like the one above will, without a doubt, make you stand out in a big crowd in the most excellent way. But feel free to change the cut. Any other angle that is not very common can attain the same result.

  1. A deep defined part with a curl up

A deep defined part with a curl up


Now, this is among the sharpest I have ever come across. It has been designed with surgical precision. Even though it might be a bit deep for some individuals, I guarantee you that it will be a haircut that is impossible to forget.

I also loved the curled-up styling for the bangs.

  1. The diagonal hard part hairstyle

The diagonal hard part hairstyle


This haircut does not need to go straight down your head. Plenty of hard part hairstyles will look even more interesting when coupled with a uniquely shaped part. For a simple but efficient haircut, see if a diagonal part could be what you are looking for.

  1. Tight and high hard part haircut

Tight and high hard part haircut


The same way I started the enumeration on a high note allows me to complete it with a simple but effective hard part cut.

This haircut is among the top trending haircuts for gentlemen with short hair this year. To own yours and make it more remarkable, follow the line of the high and tight with a part. You can also continue with a skin fade to attain the contrast.