50 Trending High Fade Haircut For Men (2023 Guide)

High fade haircuts are trendy these years because they complement all men’s hairstyles! This is a short haircut around the sides and back of the head. It gives the appearance of thicker hair that can maximize contrast for an edgy look. You can cut down the fades to the skin for a high bald fade or taper fade. Furthermore, you can also add a hard part, a lineup, or a design for a unique, trendy look.

High-volume styles can work for every face shape, especially for guys with round faces or wide cheeks. High fade works all hair lengths and textures, including curly, wavy, straight, thin, or thick hair. To make the difference, you can combine the fade with a pompadour, a faux hawk, a side part, and a faux hawk.

We have collected some best high-fade haircuts for men in recent years, with so many different types of fades to choose from. It will make you look sleek, versatile, cool, and modern, whether your hair is short or long.

How do you ask for a high fade haircut?

If you want to go for a clean high fade style, you can try applying a styling cream or mousse from the top of your hair towards the ends. This will give your hair some volume at the top, and you can comb it to one side or slick it back as you like.

If you want a messy look, you can go for a styling wax instead of a cream or mousse. What you need to do is rub the wax between your palms and then work it through your hair. Then, use your fingers to comb the hair in the direction you want.

50 Trending High Fade Haircut For Men

  1. High fade with side bangs

The High Fade Haircut with side bangs


I want to start this list on a creative note with this hairstyle combo that will undoubtedly inspire anyone. The style above has mixed a layered top hard part with side bangs that will make any emo kid envious. Try it out, and let me know what you think.

  1. Narrow Tailed Pomp

The Narrow Tailed High Fade pomp


Style this hairstyle, make a razor-side part, then let it drop slowly into a smooth tapered fade that you will also blend at the back of your head. Subsequently, award the top side a light trim until you leave a narrow patch of long hair.

Texture the long hair locks and use pomade wax to create the elegant pomp that will award you a dramatic-tailed end to complete the look.

  1. Kinky Bun

Kinky Bun with a high fade hairstyle


Styling this hairstyle is pretty easy, and you won’t even need to visit a professional barber. Isolate the top side with a comb part, then drop the part into an undercut which sorts a high skin fade on both sides of your head.

Do not forget to give the ends of the long hair locks on top that kinky look and then color them in a light brown shade like the gentleman above. To finish, pull up the top and grab it into a ponytail positioned at the top. Also, ensure you secure the ponytail base using a ribbon to award yourself that classic kinky bun.

  1. Boxed Wavy Pomp

The Boxed Wavy Pomp


Trim the back and sides high up until you create the box-style top for this haircut. Let all sides end in a skin fade that drops to the backside. Also, texture the top side of your long hair locks. This will give it that wavy style that ensures your hair maintains a vertical look along the edges. Finish it off with a clean razor outline.

  1. Highlighted High Ponytail

High fade with a highlighted high ponytail


Why not go for this high skin fade haircut on the sides, then make a blend with the short hair at the back? Pull back the top locks from the front side and ensure you make a light trim along the edges. Then grab the pulled-back waves into a ponytail that you will position at the crown.

Finally, secure the base of the short ponytail using a hairband, then add a blonde streak for the golden touch.

  1. Sectioned Pompadour

High fade with a sectioned pompadour


Award your hair locks a side part by letting it drop to a buzzed fade on one side. On the other hand, give it a tapered fade that goes back. Create the comb part to separate the hair at the front.

Also, texture the sectioned front side as well as the top. Give the front that curvy look, then use pomade wax to transform the topside into classic pomp.

  1. A smooth high fade

A smooth high fade


You can turn some high-fade haircuts into works of art quite quickly. If the part is what you want to emphasize, deepen the transition as much as possible. I am confident that you and your friends will be left with awe on your faces by the super smooth fade outcome you will create.

  1. Buzzcut

High fade with a buzz cut


Would you want to escape style-related haircuts that bring along stress altogether? Then this haircut would be the perfect fit for you. Simply chop all your hair off and go with a buzz cut. Not only will you appreciate the extra time you saved, but you will also look like a total badass wherever you go. That is what I call a win-win situation for sure.

  1. Middle Part with High Fade Haircut

Middle part haircut


By now, I am pretty sure that you have come to realize how most, if not all, haircuts are very adaptable. In simpler words, just imagine that you can easily rock one together with a mid-length hairstyle and a middle part.

I now believe the sky is the limit for things you can achieve in the realm of haircuts.

  1. Disconnected undercut with a mustache

A high fade plus a disconnected undercut as well as a mustache


As I mentioned earlier, not all gentlemen want to boast a dramatic haircut, and this hairstyle comes into play. Some individuals just want to boast a slightly faded, disconnected undercut.

You can get a disconnected undercut along the upper sides of your head or a bit lower than shown in the image above. It will all depend on the effect you desire to attain.

  1. The mullet with a high fade

The mullet with a high fade


You can always take advantage of your mullet haircut if you want to make a statement. And if you are about attitude, you can also take advantage of a high fade to accentuate a longer hairstyle.

Regardless of how long the central part of your hair is, a full or partial undercut will work wonders and make it look even edgier.

  1. A gelled top with High Fade

A gelled top with a high fade


You would be surprised to see just how big a difference a decent hair product can make on your looks. If your hair is longer than an inch, you should consider researching to find a good wax or gel.

A high fade will take care of your head’s lower part. But remember that you still have to attain the longer area in tip-top shape.

  1. Surgical line with a short high fade style

Surgical line with a short high fade style


The surgical line, coupled with short hair, is a shaved style that goes well for gentlemen of all ages. It is similar to the hard part, which is usually shaved on the lower part of one’s head. You can simply use a surgical line to define the limit from top to bottom to attain this haircut.

  1. Shaved design +  High Fade

Shaved design with a high fade


If you think a high fade is not enough for your bubbly personality, you can quickly bring it to life with the hair tattoo. Even though it might sound striking, a hair tattoo is a shaved design in a strategic region of your head.

That said if you are a child or want to style this haircut on a kid, ensure it would be okay for school.

  1. Asymmetrical Bowl Cut

Asymmetrical Bowl Cut


Believe it or not, asymmetrical bowl cuts are back in the realm of haircuts with a bang. Like most other haircut comebacks from the last decades, the modern bowl cut has a twist. Do not be afraid to play around with the asymmetry, particularly if you want to show off the high fade under the top layer.

  1. The rounded high fade

The rounded high fade


A skilled barber will always know how to create the ideal silhouette that best matches our personality traits and physical features. This haircut will look highly excellent on polished individuals.

But do not try it yourself. I advise you to work out the haircut with a professional barber.

  1. Brushed up + a neck tattoo

Brushed up high fade plus a neck tattoo


Men with thick hair can count on this brushed-up haircut as their go-to look and couple it with a neck tattoo. When you combine the brushed-up style with a high fade, the class brings volume and shape to the table. You could also further mold the thick hair locks into a slight pompadour.

  1. Braided top for kids

Braided top for kids with a high fade


You can easily plan a high-fade haircut with other styles you may have in mind. For example, if you like braided styles like the one above, you can easily shape your style to accommodate them.

  1. Short Spikes

Short spikes


Do you think you would instead go for an office-friendly hairstyle? Then low cropped spikes with a high fade will likely respect any dress code and style you may have in mind.

  1. A high fade with highlights

A high fade with highlights


Would you want to go above and beyond with your change of look? Then think about going through all three stages required for an ultimate makeover: color, style, and cut.

  1. Side-swept fringe

Side swept fringe with a high fade haircut


I have yet another fresh idea for all teenage boys out there. If your hair is naturally straight, you can quickly grow it out and attain the high fade on the bottom half of your head. You can sweep the top part to any side you want (and look fabulous while doing it.)

  1. Ivy League

The Ivy League haircut coupled with a high fade


I think nothing says stately like an Ivy League hairstyle coupled with a high fade. Whether you are old, young, or somewhere between does not matter. This haircut will undoubtedly, make you stand out in class wherever you go.

The fade addition will bring out the toughness and manliness in your entire appearance to top the haircut off.

  1. A comb-over with a hard part

A comb-over with a hard part


Whether or not you boast a hard part, a comb-over haircut is perfect for individuals with a strong sense of style. Provided the long part of your hair is at least two or three inches long, then all you ought to do is comb it to one side so you can reveal the high fad.

A small drop of wax, gel, or hairspray will also help you easily secure the hair in place.

  1. A high fade with a quiff

A high fade with a piecey quiff


I am bringing you the first timeless quiff, and this one has one of the most excellent approaches I have ever come across. For years, the best piecey haircuts have been the icing on the cake for imposing haircuts. If you get this high fade, a piece quiff is an excellent idea for the top side.

  1. High fade with long bangs

High fade with long bangs


If you ever run out of ideas that you can experiment on your head, know that these bangs have your back. Coupled with a high fade, you can easily sport short and long bangs. A set of edgy bangs will undoubtedly make you’re overall look more memorable.

  1. A bleached textured top

A bleached textured top with a high fade


Like boasting spiked hair, bleached locks are all the rage once again. The main difference is that most gentlemen prefer only to bleach the top side of their hair. Therefore, a high fade can easily be the final touch you need to become the ultimate showstopper wherever you go.

  1. A high burst fade (AKA Frohawk)

A high burst fade


You may know this haircut as the South of France hairstyle. But alternatively, you can call it the burst fade. In any case, we are talking about the super cool Mohawk-like haircut if you have textured hair. Here, use the high fade as a cutting technique for the sides of your hair.

  1. Tall colored spiked

Tall colored spiked plus a high fade


A spiky hairstyle is usually associated with the early 2000s or the late 90s. Nonetheless, the trend is timeless and will look good in years. Today, I bring it back to you with a modern upgrade. Instead of going overboard with the jagged boyband spike, simply soften them into fewer blow-dried pieces like in the image above.

  1. Dapper haircut + a mustache

Dapper haircut with a mustache


Make way, guys. Dapper coupled with a mustache is the new edgy. Own your classy style with the right high fade hairstyle. Regardless of the top side’s length, you can look good with this hairstyle. But make sure you utilize any good styling product of your choice to attain the polished allure.

  1. High fade with a curly top

High fade with a curly top


Why not flaunt those curls? High fade haircuts go incredibly well with any textured tops. With this haircut, you can form a curly angular fringe silhouette or opt for an effortless and short crop. Either way, I strongly recommend that you ensure you make the most of your natural curls.

  1. Man Bun with a Beard

Man Bun plus a beard


This is like the fourth combination of a high fade and a man bun we have looked at today. And even though there are lots of young men going for long locks while styling man buns, there are other gentlemen who are only going for the faded undercut.

Coupling the haircut with a beard will also increase the impact of the look.

  1. High Taper Fade for Afro-textured Hairstyle

A high fade for Afro-textured hairstyle


The Afro is one of the most retro trends that black men were dying to style back in the day. These days, however, afro haircuts come with different twists that vary depending on the person styling the cut. For instance, a perfectly done high fade cut is bound perfectly with the Afro.

  1. High Bald Fade

High bald fade


The bald fade cuts hair down to your skin and ends. It is like the skin taper fade but is more fresh, clean-cut, and simple to style.

Some men prefer natural and almost indistinguishable high fades. On the other hand, others live for the striking effect of a razor-sharp transition. If you fall in the latter category, seek your barber’s skills and let him award you a high bald fade like in the image above.

34. High Taper Fade

High Taper Fade

The high taper fade is a professional look that looks stylish and professional. It starts near the top of the head and gets shorter as it gradually moves down the side of the head.

Unlike a bald fade, this haircut doesn’t cut down to the skin. It is cut down to short hair, making it classy, fabulous, and clean. This haircut needs low maintenance. You can combine it with a buzz cut, slick back, or crew cut to tailor the styling.

35. High Skin Fade

High Skin Fade

The high skin fade cuts the hair on the sides and back. This haircut starts from the top of your head and blends the short hair into the skin. This hairstyle can work well with a buzz cut, crew cut, faux hawk, slick back, bun, or top knot. You can also combine it with a comb-over, quiff, french crop, and pompadour.

36. High Fade Undercut

High Fade Undercut

The high fade undercut is an excellent haircut for men with short hair. The undercut leaves your hair disconnected, with all one length on the sides of the head. The faded undercut is trendy because it is sexy and fashionable. You can also combine it with a quiff, a pompadour, a slick back, a faux hawk, or a side part to make a difference.

37. High Fade with Short Hair

High Fade with Short Hair

Combining short hair on top with a high fade can be simple to cut and style. It makes a short haircut on top with a high fade on the side and back. It will make you look clean and stylish. You can add a crew cut or a buzz cut on top with faded sides if you have fine hair.

38. High Fade with Long Hair

High Fade with Long Hair new

Although short haircuts will never go out of style, many people have chosen medium-length to long hairstyles in recent years. The fade with long hair on top can give you a very sexy look.

The thicker, longer hair on top allows you to style several popular looks. These good haircuts include quiff, comb over, faux hawk, brush back, etc. A high fade cut on the sides can further highlight your look.

39. High Top Fade with Part

High Top Fade with Part

The high-top fade was a trendy haircut for black men in the late 80s and early 90s. The high-top fade with a part is a unique and incredible haircut for men. It is perfect for men with kinky or curly hair. You can brush your hair straight and make the top hair stand tall. This will accentuate the longer hair on the top of your head.

You can also ask your barber to add a part; the side part will fade boldly with a shaved line. This modern business professional haircut is edgy and unforgettable.

40. High and Tight Fade

High and Tight Fade

The high and tight fade is another cool hairstyle that fuses classic and modern. This military haircut gives very short hair with a high bald fade. It is a simple yet good-looking cut that is easy to style. You can remove the side for a skin-tight fade or buzz your hair.

41. High Skin Fade with Comb Over

High Skin Fade with Comb Over

High Fade Comb Over is one of these years’ classic and cool haircuts as it offers maximum flexibility. The comb-over can be combined with many styles, such as pomp, faux hawk, quiff, spiky hair, or slick back. This haircut will give you a clean, simple, or sexy bad boy look style. You can also brush your hair to one side to make a natural styling.

42. High Drop Fade

High Drop Fade

Like the burst fade, a High drop fade can also give you a special and unique look. This haircut tapers the hair high with a curved cut around the sides and back. The hair can be curved and drop down to your neck in the back.

43. High Temp Fade

High Temp Fade

High temp fade is a very cool haircut that starts around the temples and comes down the sides of the head. This haircut usually has distinct, sharp edges and lines around the temples. The temple fade works for almost any style, especially for black men.

44. Dreads with High Fade

Dreads with High Fade

Dreads with a high fade are one of the most fantastic haircuts of the year. This can work well with a man bun, top knot, or ponytail. This haircut can make for a sexy look, especially for black men. You can add shaved sides or a high bald fade for a different look.

45. High Fade with Short Braids

High Fade with Short Braids

The high fade with short braids is trendy these days. Braids or cornrows can give you a fantastic design. This haircut usually goes with a skin or taper fade that emphasizes the dread more.

46. Military High Fade

Military High Fade

This haircut means the hair length decreases gradually until it blends in with the skin. This haircut is perfect for men who need a low-maintenance and straightforward style. Military High Fade can also combine with a crew cut, flat top, or buzz cut.

47. Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk with High Fade

This high-fade faux hawk has rapidly become one of men’s most popular fade haircuts. This haircut looks bold and daring with spiky hair on top. This good-looking men’s haircut will give you an edgy and fashionable look.

48. Crew Cut

Crew Cut High Fade

The crew cut is a classic yet stylish haircut for men nowadays. The hair starts gradually above the ear and up to the top. This is an excellent haircut with the sides buzzed tightly. You can also leave your hair textured or brush your hair forward to make a french crop.

49. French Crop Top

French Crop Top High Fade

French crop top high fade is easy to style haircut that suits any occasion. This classic short men’s hairstyle involves a taper fade with short hair. Compared to Caesar’s haircut, the French crop haircut leave a long fringe. You can also add a razor bald to make a difference.

50. High Fade For Wavy Hair


Wavy Hair High Fade

This has been a popular modern haircut for guys with curly or wavy hair. The wavy hair fade gives men texture and flow. You can style wavy hairstyles on top with short sides and back. You can combine it with a slick back, fringe, comb-over, spikes, side part, or crop top.