31 Fabulous Highlight Ideas for Dark Hair 2021

Dark Colored Hair whether it is brown or black can be stunningly beautiful, rich, and shiny. The dark brown hair color has a ton of depth on its own so you can easily turn this one-dimensional brunette hair color into a multi-dimensional masterpiece by adding a pop of color bold or even subtle highlights. Check out some inspirational and fabulous highlight ideas for dark hair.

31 Fabulous Highlight Ideas for Dark Hair

  1. Half up Blonde

Half up Blonde

In order to give an extra kick to your dark brown one-dimensional hair color, Textured Blonde highlights are the best idea. This hair color gives a warmer look so it is best to carry for light to medium skin tones as it rocks with the blonde highlights. To create this hairstyle long and thick hair is the best base and the example of this can be shown in the picture below.

  1. Red Glow

Red Glow

If you have a dark brown hair color then adding soft red ombre highlights at the ends of your hair is a subtle and trendy way to add a pop of color and interest. Wearing warm tones of reds, greens and oranges are best for the light to medium skin tones, and hair that has healthy ends takes coloring and lightening red best. Use dry shampoo and wash your hair less if you want to keep the red color bright for a long time.

  1. Ruby Ends


In order to brighten up, this dark look rich ruby ends is the best solution as it can take your look to an entirely different level. Hair colors like reds, plums, and violets look fabulous on those who have dark to medium skin tone. To achieve the effect of these ruby ends on your dark brown or black hair color, hair that is beyond your shoulders provides length and healthy is the best to carry this look.

  1. A little goes a Way Long


Here is the best example of highlights for an extra short haircut with a dark base color. Adding caramel highlights to your short-length dark brown hair can give this sharp cut a little extra texture and definition.

Hair colors like navy, plum, and emerald greens work well on light to medium skin tones so the caramel highlights look great on girls with a light to medium complexion.

This hair color will be easy to carry on the hair that is naturally medium to dark brown and is straight in texture. In order to upkeep a breeze, keep a small amount of brown to lie over your new highlights.

  1. Peek-a-Blue

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If you have a dark brown or black base hair color then the bright blue highlights look intriguing and eye-catching. This hair color idea looks amazing on a very short hair length; you can also carry the highlights of blue if you have shoulder-length hair.

Highlights of bright blue pop color look perfect on the light and cool skin tones as shown in the picture. Hair that is dark brown or black as a base color and is straight in texture works well to carry this hair color and hairstyle also.

  1. Slight Lighting Highlights

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In order to make a big difference in your color, you don’t always have to go big with the highlights. The addition of soft light brown babylights also creates a major impact. These slight lighting highlights look great on girls with light to medium skin tones. The perfect starting point to achieve this hair color is the hair that is naturally dark brown or colored and is straight in texture. Carry the babylights of soft light brown with a stylish short haircut, it looks trendy and stylish.

  1. Creative Caramel Highlights

Best Dark Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights:

When different tones of caramel are mixed or woven in your dark brown hair then it not only gives a lighter look to your hair but also a bolder one. You can carry the highlights of creative caramel with medium-length hair as it gives the trendiest look to your hair. Tones of warm browns, oranges, and reds perfect to wear on light to medium skin tones. This warm highlighted look is easy to carry on hair that is a dark chocolate brown in color.

  1. Hidden Highlights

Hidden Highlights

Here is the unique and trendiest idea for highlights in which the highlights are hidden underneath your base color but the highlights are gently pop through in order to add the perfect touch of dimension.

If you have a warm brown color all over and you want to add some warm or lighter tone of brown, then this look is absolutely magical. This look is incredibly low maintenance which is an added bonus to your hairstyle. This is perfect for you if you want to add little brightness around your face and you have cool-toned skin. You can carry these hidden highlights with a short, layered haircut and this hairstyle will be easy to achieve on hair that is naturally straight in texture.

  1. Ombre Perfection

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Low maintenance and stunningly natural ombre are some of the biggest trends as of late. This hairstyle cannot force you to be a slave to your roots as it allows plenty of dimensions to your hair. This hairstyle or look is easy to carry for anyone who wants to add some lightness around their face.

The natural-looking ombre that goes from dark to honey-toned ends is perfect to carry for any skin tone. This ombre perfection looks stunning on the long hair lengths but it works well for short hair also. You can see the best example of ombre perfection in the picture below. Naturally straight or wavy textured hair looks amazing to carry this hairstyle.

  1. Completely Crimson

Completely Crimson

In order to create a bit of dimension and contrast to your dark brown hair, the addition of warm copper and red tones is the best. The addition of copper and red highlights in your dark brown hair can just create an auburn masterpiece.

This look is much easier to carry if you have natural and never been colored hair. Be patient with your stylist because it may take multiple processes to create this color on the previously colored hair. This completely crimson highlight looks great on the medium or short hair length as shown in the picture.

  1. Ravishing in Red

30 Blushing Burgundy Ombre Hair Ideas — Ravishing In Red Check more at http://hairstylezz.com/best-burgundy-ombre-hair-ideas/:

The addition of red can be quite complementary and stunning to brunette hair. Red hair color is not for everyone because its maintenance is major if you want a stylish and trendy look. This tone of red is right for you if you have a medium skin tone with warm or cool tones.

You will have to make frequent visits to the salon in order to keep this red looking vibrant and always keep in mind before carrying this hair color that red color is not low maintenance. As red color requires maintenance so carry a trendy haircut with the highlights of ravishing in red. Shoulder-length hairstyles are perfect for this look.

  1. Caramel Crush

Caramel Crush

The addition of these bold and warm-toned highlights to your dark brown or black hair color gives plenty of dimension and sheen to your hair. This caramel crush highlight is truly one of the most versatile options as it contains a stunning mix of honey and dark brown tones.

This trendy hair color idea looks perfect on the cooler or light skin tones because the caramel crush highlights contain so much depth. You can easily pull this look off on both long and short hair lengths. You can avoid being a slave to your roots by keeping the highlights only a few levels lighter than the base color and also by keeping the other colors away from the roots.

  1. Completely Copper Highlights

50 Hairstyles Featuring Dark Brown Hair with Highlights:

In order to add dimension and so much interest to your dark brown base color, this deep coppery-red tone is the best. Tones of red can add edginess and spice to your one-dimensional dull brown hair. Red and copper hair colors fade very quickly so they require a lot of maintenance. You can carry the highlights of copper if you have healthy and thick hair. It looks amazing on the short or shoulder-length haircuts.

  1. Absolutely Auburn Highlights

Love these colors. Probably will do my hair like this for winter!:

Here is another amazing example of trendy highlights of reddish-toned brunette which is totally soothing over. These auburn highlights give a trendy and stylish look to your personality when carried with the very short haircut as shown in the picture. This color fades very quickly so it requires high maintenance and it looks perfect on girls with light to medium skin tones.

  1. Red Hot Highlights

Dark red highlights:

Here is another unique and trendy combination of red highlights with the dark brown base color. These red hot highlights are low maintenance and eye-catching. Here is the smart way to add plenty of colors while not having the slave of your roots. This idea of red hot highlights looks perfect with the warmer complexions and carries a sexy short haircut to look trendy and stylish.

    16. Center-parted Straight Hairstyle

Center-parted Straight Hairstyle

      17.Natural Straight Hair

Natural Straight Hair

     18.Loose Waves

Loose Waves

    19.Curls with Highlights

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25.Lovely Princess Look

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26.Cool Side-parted Hairstyle

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27.Cute Lower Waves

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 28.Intensive Waves

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29.Flame Look

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31.Sexy Big Waves

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