30 Simple and Cute Hairstyles for Indian Boys

If you are looking for the best hairstyles for Indian boys, you have just landed on the right page. Indian men usually have naturally soft, fine, and wavy hair, making their locks excellent options for trendy men’s hairstyles. These characteristics provide natural flow and texture. You can undoubtedly pull off complicated haircuts as your hair possesses the required attributes for fashion.

We are about to show these cool and fashionable hairstyles to Indian men. These styles work for any Indian guy who wants to change their appearance and make a great impact!

30 Simple and Cute Hairstyles for Indian Boys

1. Buzz Cut

Buzz Cuts for Indian Boys

Buzzcut hairstyle goes well with everything and anything. This hairstyle is perfect for any place or situation because it can be styled without applying any hair product. It also goes well with any attire and is low maintenance. This is ideal for those who do not want to use hair wax, gel, or any hair product every day but still want to look fresh and clean.

2. Side Sweep Indian Guys Haircut

Side Sweep for Indian Boys


You can always be fashionable without spending much on hair maintenance. The Side Sweep style features a top section brushed to one side, and all sides are shaved short. With this hairstyle, you can stand out among the crowd. This hairstyle is also seen with famous people in the entertainment industry and sports personalities.

3. Straight Shag Indian Men Haircuts

Straight Shag

When it comes to hairstyles for Indian boys, you can never go wrong with the Straight Shag. This style lets you show off your toned and chiseled jawline, attracting many women. This haircut involves long hair in front that descends both sides of the forehead and medium layers on both sides and back. This hairstyle is perfect for all occasions, even for summer escapades.

4. Ponytail with Shaved Sides

Ponytail with Shaved Sides

Another cool hairstyle you might want is the Ponytail with Shaved Sides. Like most hairstyles for Indian boys, this one does not require high maintenance. You can copy this haircut by having both sides shaved. Comb your hair and pull it up into a sleek ponytail. You can also pair it with glasses for additional zest.

5. Wild and Messy Indian Boys Haircut

Wild and Messy for Indian men

If you have a confident and daring approach to your hairstyle, you might as well want to go with the Wild and Messy hairstyle. This haircut has a rolled-out-of-bed appearance that women find exciting and enticing. Ensure that you apply just a tiny amount of pomade or gel to keep your messy strands in place. You can wear this style for both formal and casual attire.

6. Man Bun Hairstyle

Man Bun Hairstyle for Indian boy

If you have long hair and do not want to cut it short, you can always wear a man bun hairstyle. You can quickly achieve it by pulling your hair to the back and tying it with a rubber band into a ponytail or a medium-sized bun. This hairstyle can help you become the center of attraction, as many girls are attracted to men with ponytails or buns.

7. Medium Shag Indian Guy Hairstyles

Medium Shag for Indian boy

One of the gorgeous hairstyles for Indian boys is the Medium Shag. This sleek and sexy hairstyle makes it an excellent choice for casual outings, holiday trips, and formal meetings. Apply a small amount of pomade and comb your hair backward for a sleek appearance. You can also add some highlights on top for additional spice.

8. Fade with Side Part

Fade with Side Part

Another cool hairstyle that you might want to try is the Fade with Side Part. You can also choose other designs to add style to your high fade or low fade. You can do this at any barber and request designs on one or both sides. You can also visit an African-American salon, as fade designs are their specialty.

9. Short with Texture

Short with Texture for Indian Boys

The Short with Texture hairstyle is a great choice for those who want to keep their hair short stylishly. Have your hair trimmed short by your favorite barber or stylist. You can create some texture with a small amount of gel. Add some spikes on top for extra zest.

10. Shaggy Crop Indian Boys Haircut

Shaggy Crop for Indian Boys

This shaggy crop has a messy style that creates a sophisticated appearance. One of the best hairstyles for Indian boys is wearing slightly messy for a professional and modern image. You can achieve this style with the help of a high-quality gel. It is an excellent choice for casual wear and attending special occasions and formal events.

11. High Fringe Indian Guy Hairstyles

High Fringe hairstyle for Indian Boys

Here is another modern hairstyle that can surely turn heads. It features a long quaff curled and dyed slightly for additional spice. The hair on top is brushed towards the front and upward for a beautiful design. This hairstyle also involves defined angles on both sides and back that depict an excellent college appearance.

12. Slicked Back Hairstyle

Slicked Back Hairstyle for Indian Boys

This slicked-back hairstyle can make your picture look perfect. One of the best hairstyles for Indian boys can be easily achieved with an effective gel on top. It is best to shape your hair after showering with the help of a blow dryer and comb. Use hair products to keep the style in place throughout your busy day.

13. Wavy Mop Indian Boy Hairstyles

Wavy Mop Hairstyle for Indian Boys

One of the best ways to create a seriously badass appearance is by allowing your hair to grow longer. Hairstyles like the Wavy Mop give a tough look, and any guy who wears this becomes unbreakable. Another great thing about this hairstyle is that girls find it irresistible! This hairstyle can be worn for both formal and casual wear.

14. Short Pompadour

Short Pompadour for Indian Boys

One of the common celebrity hairstyles, the Short Pompadour, involves long hair on top that is curled to one side with the help of a blow dryer, brush or comb, and high-quality hair gel. The sides and back are trimmed short with a fade design to accentuate the hair on your crown. Pairing it with large dark sunglasses gives a superstar appearance.

15. Voluminous and Spiky Indian Guy Hairstyles

Voluminous and Spiky Style for Indian Boys

Hairstyles for Indian boys do not need to be severe or flat. You can have a different personality and height that matches any season with this hairstyle. You can easily pull this off if you have thick hair by brushing your hair on top while blow-drying. Apply your favorite gel to keep your spikes in place, and you are ready to rock!

16. Rock Star

RockStar hairstyle for Indian Boys for Indian Boys

If you are still dreaming of a rock-star life, you can always have a hairstyle that reflects your passion. This applies not only to hairstyles for Indian boys but also to other hairstyles. You can have a metal or rock appearance by allowing your hair to grow long and letting it rest comfortably on your shoulders.

17. Big Spikes

Big Spikes for Indian Boys

Here is another cool hairstyle that might inspire you on what style to wear for your next formal event or special occasion. With your medium-length hair, you can easily copy this style by applying some hair gel and creating spikes not just on top but also on both sides and the back of your hair.

18. Natural Waves Indian Men Hairstyles

Natural Waves for Indian Boys

For Indian men with wavy and medium-length hair, you can go for this hairstyle that does not require any hair product to be stylish. You can allow your natural waves to do the styling for you. Comb your hair and use your fingers to distribute your hair strands, placing some short strands above your forehead.

19. Serious Long Spikes

Serious Long Spikes for Indian Boys

Here is another cool hairstyle for men who want to keep their hair on top long. One of the best ways to accentuate the length of your hair while adding volume and height is by brushing them upward and creating spikes using your fingers. Both sides and the back are shaved short in this style, while the top has a significant amount of hair.

20. Neat and Short Indian Guy Hairstyles

Neat and Short for Indian Boys

You can always wear this hairstyle if you have to attend formal events or special occasions. Keep your hair short, and use a small amount of styling product to sweep your hair to one side.

21. Pompadour with Side Part

Pompadour with Side Part for Indian Boys


Another cool hairstyle that might give you some ideas on being creative with your hair is the Pompadour with Side Part. This style involves a high pompadour on top that adds height and volume to your hair. Both sides and the back are shaved short, and a side part accentuates the design on the crown.

22. Nicely Trimmed Hairdo

Nicely Trimmed Hairdo for Indian Boys

Are you looking for a stylish haircut that is low in maintenance? This effortless and edgy hairstyle only requires a small amount of gel, and you’ll be ready to rock the stage. It has a clean and professional look, making it an attractive option for attending special occasions and everyday wear.

23. Alluring Curls Indian Boys Haircut

Alluring Curls for Indian Boys

You can win the hearts of all people around you with this hairstyle. If you have naturally wavy hair, it will be easier to pull this off! You can accentuate your natural texture with the help of a high-quality gel. Use only a tiny amount of hair product to keep the style in place, and you’re ready to go. This hairstyle is ideal for casual meetings and holiday trips.

24. Front Waves

Front Waves for Indian Boys

This is one of the most fabulous hairstyles for Indian boys that show a romantic appearance. This style also looks gentle with a tint of sharpness. You can copy this hairstyle using a blow dryer, brush or comb, and your favorite styling gel. After a shower, dry your hair with a towel. Use a blow dryer while brushing your hair to create front waves. Apply enough gel or wax to maintain the style.

25. Retro Indian Men’s Hairstyles

Retro Style for for Indian Boys

Indian men can quickly try different cuts and styles as naturally thick hair. Take retro style, for example. This hairstyle requires a significant amount of dark hair. You can achieve this style by creating a side part. Comb your hair and use a styling gel to keep them in place. Comb your bangs back and upward.

26. Curly Top Taper Fade

Curly Top Taper Fade for Indian Boys

Men with wavy hair are considered blessed as there is no need to devote a lot of time styling their hair. They can take advantage of their locks and show off their waves with taper fades. This hairstyle can be achieved by having a low or mid fade. Ask your barber to leave about three to four inches of hair on top.

27. Thick Pompadour

Thick Pompadour for Indian Boys

You can always go for a thick pompadour if you need to add more height and volume to your hairstyle. It may take days to master this style, but creating it will be like a breeze once you have it! Apply your favorite heat-protectant cream and use a brush while blow-drying your hair. Finish your look with hair spray, and you’re ready to go!

28. Long Undercut with Geometric Designs

Long Undercut with Geometric Designs

Undercut geometric designs are rare, but you can try to pull this off if you are looking for a unique hairstyle. This style also involves a cute bun. Ask any lady, and she will tell you that ladies like men with buns!

29. Edgy Indian Boys Hairstyles

Edgy Hairstyle for Indian Boys

You can always go for a romantic hairstyle by allowing your hair on top to grow long and combing it on one side. This edgy hairstyle has a dreamy look that ladies will surely like.

This one will reign supreme if you are looking for an irresistible hairstyle. You can copy this hairstyle by brushing your hair or a part of it to one side. Apply a small mousse or pomade to keep the style in place throughout your romantic evening.

30. Wispy and Messy Indian Men’s Hairstyles

Wispy and Messy for Indian Boys

Since long hair is becoming a trend, you might as well want to try this hairstyle. Allow your hair to grow long, and tie it into a top knot or man bun. Allow strands to fall on one side of your head for an additional charming look.