26 Popular Jewfro Hairstyles for Men in 2022

The word “Jewfro” comes from the blend of the words Jew and African. The Jewfro hairstyle is popular among Jews and African men in the past. Curly-haired men prefer to style this hairstyle nowadays. The main advantage of this hairstyle is that the curly hair puffs up and shows a natural thick volume of your hair. You can style this hairstyle if you have at least 4 inches of hair length. With long hair, the hairstyle looks more beautiful. This hairstyle, otherwise called white afro, will let people admire you for your voluminous hair.

As you can see from the pictures, the Jewfro hairstyle might look easy to style. But, this styling requires lots of effort and patience. You must know the tricks to grow your hair patiently and maintain it for this hairstyle. This hairstyle, popularized in the ’70s, is now again trending for the wavy coils. You can personalize this hairstyle based on your neckline, facial features, and hair texture. The personal customization of this styling makes it more attractive among men these days.

Maintenance of JewAfro Hairstyle:

This hairstyle is best suitable for those with naturally curly hair. You can style it on your shorter or longer hair lengths. You must grow your hair to at least 4 to 8 inches. The length of the locks must be similar to create this hairstyle. If you wish to show your hair more voluminously, you can do it by brush cutting the sides of the head. As we already mentioned above, this hairstyle requires a little too high maintenance depending on the style you choose.

  • Avoid Hair Products: You might think that a hair cream or oil might keep your coils intact. But these products will weigh the root of your hair. You will lose the puffiness of the hairstyle. The attractiveness of this hairstyle is its voluminous hair.
  • No combs: Brushes are the real enemies to curls and twists. It can detangle the curls and straighten them. So you must avoid brush and comb. You can alternatively use your hands to brush your hair.
  • Less Shampoo: Do not wash your hair with shampoo more. The shampoo will deprive your hair of natural hair oil. It, in turn, creates dry hair and thinning. It is wise to use shampoo three times a week.
  • Conditioning: After every shampoo, using a conditioner is a must. By conditioning the curls, you maintain the moisture in the hair. It will help in the growth of hair. The conditioner will help you keep the curls in place.

26 Best Jewfro Hairstyles for Men

We are going to present you with the 30 best Jewfro hairstyles. You are just a stroll away from trying these newer and attractive outlooks.

  1. Medium fro with tight curls

Medium fro with tight curls


This hairstyle is more attractive for tight curls. You can style this hairstyle in a shorter or medium hair length. A shaved beard will add more beauty to this hairstyle, as you can highlight the facial line. The fluffiness of the hair allows you to boost the volume of your hair.

  1. Jewfro with shiny curls

Jewfro with shiny curls


This hairstyle is suitable for all medium and shorter hair lengths. The long curls at the tip of the hair hold the shape for a long time. The consistency of the long curls gives a shining texture to your hair. You can style it to sport it for a party or to work every day.

  1. Mini Jewfro with a beard

Mini Jewfro with beard


If you are someone who is an ardent fan of beard and mustache, then this hairstyle is perfect for you. A thin beard will go best with this hairstyle. Short hair with medium locks and a thin beard will give an elegant outlook to you.

  1. Shaggy Jewfro

Shaggy Jewfro


The shagginess of the hairstyle is because of the non-uniform curls all over the head. It gives you a rough outlook on your face. You can match it with a thin beard to make it look more attractive.

  1. Golden Jewfro

Golden Jewfro


One of the most beautiful of all the Jewfro styles is the Golden Jewfro. It is cute, especially when you style it in short or medium-length hair. This hairstyle goes well with blonde hair. You can also highlight the curls with blonde to signify the tightly locked curls.

  1. Caramel mini Jewfro

Caramel mini Jewfro


The caramel color of the hair adds richness to the texture of the hair. When added with Jewfro curls, the caramel hair adds beauty to your outlook. The shiny texture of the hair will yield admiration from your colleagues and friends at the party.

  1. Matured Jewfro Hairstyle

Matured Jewfro Hairstyle


If you wish to style the hair with less maintenance, then this hairstyle is for you. You must grow your hair at least 4 inches to achieve the desired curl locks. You can trim the hair to make it look very short. This hairstyle is more convenient and requires less maintenance.

  1. Modern Jewfro

Modern Jewfro


This hairstyle lets you use some setting cream or hair cream to achieve a certain texture and shape of the hair. In contrary to the traditional Jewfro hairstyle, this styling lets you volumize your hair stylishly. The hair with no uniform curl lengths makes you look ruggedly handsome.

  1. Jumbo Jewfro

Jumbo Jewfro


To look unique and stand apart from the crowd, try one of our favorite hairstyles on this list, Jumbo Jewfro. This hairstyle gives the best outlook with dense hair. For this hairstyle, you can grow your hair as long as you want. The longer your hair, the sexier the hairstyle looks.

  1. Mini fro

Mini fro


If you are tired of waiting to grow your hair longer, then we are here to tell you that you don’t have to wait anymore. You can style this hairstyle with a shorter hair length. Monochromatic hair color will add more details to this hairstyle.

  1. Forward Sweep Jewfro

Forward Sweep Jewfro


The fun experimentation with Jewfro hairstyles has no limits. You can trim or brush cut the sides of the head to sweep the hair to the top of the head. You can either shave the back or trim it to the nape of the neck. This hairstyle creates a beautiful thickness of hair at the top, giving you a unique outlook.

  1. Long hair Jewfro Curls

Long hair Jewfro Curls


If you are a fan of longer hair, suit yourself to try this hairstyle. You must wait patiently to grow your hair longer to try this hairstyle. But the wait is worth it when you see the outcome.

  1. Classic Jewfro

Classic Jewfro


Isn’t it cool to create a replica of the classic Jewfro hairstyle? It definitely will fetch you second glances from the crowd. You can highlight the hairstyle with the hair color of your choice. We prefer blonde, as it looks cooler with this styling. What do you think?

  1. Dark coiled Jewfro

Dark coiled Jewfro


To increase the rugged style, try this hairstyle. The pitch-black color of the hair increases the sexiness of this hairstyle. It looks more like dreadlocks but in a shorter hair length.

  1. Out-of-control Jewfro

Out-of-control Jewfro


There is more than one way to create fun and cool hairstyles with longer hairs. When you can boast voluminous hair with long curls and flows freely in hair, would you prefer to set it still? To express the sporty personality in you, isn’t this hairstyle a perfect way?

  1. Dreamy Jewfro Curls

new Dreamy Jewfro Curls


The dreamy Jewfro will set you apart from others in the crowd by expressing an elegant personality in you. The wavy curls with a rugged beard will make you look more attractive at a party.

  1. Ginger Bob Jewfro Curls

Ginger Bob Jewfro Curls


This cute hairstyle will need a medium to longer hair lengths. The outcome might look shorter, but the tight curl locks will need dense hair. To highlight you at a costume party, isn’t this the best way to do it?

  1. Striking Jewfro Curls

Striking Jewfro Curls


As the name implies, you get to sport a dashing outlook with this hairstyle. Suitable for any occasion, this hairstyle strikes with an elegant outlook instantly. You can use hair cream to set it without falling on your face if you want it to be more convenient.

  1. Nick Jonas Jewfro Curls

Nick Jonas Jewfro Curls


You can try this hairstyle inspired by the famous star Nick Jonas. To look more handsome, you can personalize to set these wavy and non-uniform curls.

  1. Carefree Jewfro Curls

Carefree Jewfro Curls


You will love this hairstyle if you want to display the ‘I woke up like this’ outlook. The ruggedness of the hairstyle enhances your tough personality. You can match this styling with a rough and rugged beard and mustache.

  1. All-consuming Jewfro

All-consuming Jewfro


The all-consuming Jewfro consumes your entire head and the neckline. It represents bob hair, but with thicker hair. You can add highlights to the hair, but monochromatic hair color does the job of creating a beautiful impression pretty well.

  1. Trimmed Back style Jewfro

Trimmed Back style Jewfro


You get to highlight the neckline and facial features with this trimmed back style Jewfro. You can trim the sides and back of the head to create thickness on top of the head. The style matches well with a thin beard and mustache.

  1. Two-toned Jewfro

Two-toned Jewfro


This hairstyle will suit you if you wish to express your hairstyle more outwardly. You can choose any two colors that you prefer. We suggest you use magenta, blue or blonde with your naturally black hair to create this stunning effect.

  1. Perfect Jewfro

Perfect Jewfro


You cannot have a perfect personality, but you can have a perfect jewfro hairstyle. To look more elegant and perfect, trim your beard shortly. You can leave your natural hair color as it is to create that perfect outlook.

  1. Highlighted Long Jewfro Curls

Highlighted Long Jewfro Curls


With longer hair, it becomes cool to try different ideas in highlighting the curls. This hairstyle lets you tint towards the tip of the hair with the color you prefer. This hairstyle will look more attractive with a nicely grown beard and mustache.

  1. Wild Style Jewfro

Wild Style Jewfro


The wild-style Jewfro is more suitable for people who wish to express their sexy personality outside. You can enjoy the rugged outcome of this hairstyle when people admire you at a party or any occasion. A trimmed eyebrow, mustache, and beard go well with this hairstyle.

The Jewfro hairstyle requires maintenance of the curls after styling. You might add shampoo and conditioner to the water and spray it on the scalp to avoid dirt or other contaminations. It is also necessary to wear a cap before going to bed. An abnormal sleeping position can cause detangling of the curls in the head.

We have listed the best of our handpicked Jewfro hairstyles. Each one on this list is our favorite. Try one or more of them, and let us know about your experience in the comments below.