55 Best Medium Length Hairstyles For Women 2019

Hairstyles for medium length hair comes with a variety of options. You can try any style according to your choice. Having medium length hair will not only allow you to play with your hair, but also you can give you a gorgeous look with your styling option. On many women medium length hair goes well.

It may take several minutes or even a couple of hours to try different hair styles. You can also try a casual hair style if you want to save your time. Formal hair style or even layered styles will also give you a pretty look. Here are some best medium hairstyles for women 2018 you can have a try.

55 Best Medium Length Hairstyles For Women 2019

1. Hallucinating Pixelated Hair

This hallucinating effect of pixels on your hair is so practical you can decide to apply it anywhere you want, your hair is the canvas and the only limit is your imagination.

2. V Edged Medium Hairstyle

V Edged Medium Hairstyle

Instead having a straight cut that can be very unappealing for medium hair because the hair tends to become super puffy, a V edged medium hairstyle may look better. There are usually some distinct layers that you can place on your hair so that it will be improved.

3.Gwen Stefani Fabulous Pompadour

Gwen Stefani Fabulous Pompadour
Gwen Stefani has been rocking different versions of a pompadour style along the years with different hair lengths, having her hair swept back and lifting it from her head gives her that edgy look and allows everyone to fully appreciate her flawless and ageless face. Her currently medium hair was beautifully swept into a coiffed bouffant, simple yet perfect to show off her Atelier Versace jumpsuit.

4.Face-framing Bangs

Face-framing Bangs
Bangs make a whole world of difference, in fact if you would like to have a 5-minute makeover just go ahead and have your bangs cut and you will receive an instant face-lift. Bangs are perfect to frame round faces since the focus point will be the area around the eyes, just were the bangs are located thus less attention will be drawn towards the cheek area.

5.Elegant Updo

Elegant Updo
Make most of your hair and style it according to its natural texture and volume. The truth is Afro-American women possess the type of hair that can be styled in ways women with straight hair would never imagine possible. Take for example this amazing updo, which can only be achieved with hair that has a certain texture. The result is absolutely breathtaking and exudes elegance and femininity.

6.Crochet Beanie Afro

Crochet Beanie Afro
Beanies are so versatile, it doesn´t matter if your hair is short or long, straight or afro, you will always be able to rock your own style with a beanie. Your afro will look smashing by simply tucking in the back of your hair inside the beanie.

7.Wear Bangs For a Change

Just one small change and you can practically make miracles! Wear a bang from time to spice up your everyday look, choose the length that best accentuates your eyes and facial features. Bangs are super functional they look great on round faces.

8.Stunning Turquoise Ombre Black Hair

Kylie Jenner sports a beautiful bob haircut accented with eye-catching ombre turquoise locks. Multi-colored hair has taken the world by storm and there are plenty of cool colors to choose from, some also sport various colors in different strands of hair. Colors such as turquoise look great both on blondes and brunets.

9.Medium Casual Haistyle

Emma Roberts looks amazing with her gorgeous casual medium lenght blond hairstyle. It doesn’t take much to look the part and Emma sure knows how without trying too hard.

10.Blonde Classy Dreads

Blonde Classy Dreads
How gorgeous are these blonde small dreadlocks who just fall so casually giving our model such an elegant and classy vibe. Dreads aren’t for all of us, it takes a daring and bold women to attempt this look but once you do and if done properly I’m sure you will get swarmed with compliments.

11.Sexy Sassy & Mesy

The messier the sexier in some cases. There is nothing like being able to leave the house without doing too much to your hair and still feeling sexy! Sometimes its great to just toss your hair up into a half updo and go on with your day this hairstyle is a great and easy hairstyle to achieve and is bound to get you a little attention with.

12.Gorgeous Blonde Hairstyle with Subtle Green

Simply stunning! The subtle highlights of green realy makes this hairstyle special and stand out. There are so many women trying to add colors to their platinum blonde hair which doesn’t always come out how it’s suppose to but this light green is on point and not over powering which really makes this hairstyle unique and really fun.

13.Edgy Futuristic Bob

Edgy Futuristic Bob
How cool is this amazing dual toned bob haircut? We love how perfectly the colors are separated leaving the undertone brown and giving the entire top a nice and flashy platinum blonde color! To top off the amazing color job the cut accentuates perfectly the colors giving straight edges letting the under tone shine through perfectly.

14.Medium and Choppy Bob

Long and Choppy Bob
Bobs are definitely in style this season no matter if you are wearing it short or long. The side swept bangs add so much to this look as it brings lots of depth and sexyness to the overall look, not to mention the beautiful blond highlights that fire up those brunette strands. Make sure to keep the colour regularly maintained and refreshed to always look camera ready!

15.Avant-garde Mullet braid

avant-garde Mullet braid
This hairstyle is the perfect example of how creative we can get with braids and a Mullet. Besides being very avant-garde, this hairstyle combines bold volume with softness from the side braids pinned in a coily shape.Not only is it amazing on a technical level, but on a visual side it makes those blond strands shine like fire and so alive. Definitely a look that will get you a lot of attention!

16.Avant-Garde Mullet

Avant-Garde Mullet
Well here is one creative and extravagant take on the the fauxhawk mixing it in with that mullet feel which works absolutely great especially for this runway avant-garde look. What really makes this hairstyle stand out is the distinctive separation between the top part of her hair and the hair around the neck area which we do not quite see often on mohawks.

17.Redhead with Copper highlights

Redhead with Copper highlights
when you have beautiful blue eyes don’t restrain your hairstyle to plain colours. Add some depth with a complementary colour like this sexy Copper colour and light up your whole face!

18.Rebel Mohawk

Rebel Mohawk
Wow! What an amazing and creative Mohawk! When it comes to pushing the boundaries of hairstyles and getting creative this beautiful model definitely knows how to do just that with this amazing long hairstyle turned into a gorgeous and rebellious fauxhawk. Who said you have to shave the sides it looks just as good with long hair, yes obviously a little more work but well worth the effort. Leaving the hair down at back into a cool rat tail just ads just an cool twist to this hairstyle and really works well.

19.Cute and Casual

Cute and Casual
A great medium length hairstyle for those who like to switch it up from their conventional longer hairstyles yet still remaining very feminine and cute. Parted at the center with the fringes different lengths at the back this style really gives acute allure and works so well on women who like to keep it simple, casual and cute. Another great element about this hairstyle is the way it’s a little flatter at the top with more volume at the base really giving it an older retro vibe.

20.Trendy Bob

Trendy Bob
Sharp stylish with a hint of various tones of purple colors is one way to go when trying to captivate the audience on a runway shoot! This avant-garde look is absolutely phenomenal from the amazing futuristic cut down to the incredible coloring job with so many cool variations of subtle colors. Another great feature about this hairstyle is how the bangs are so sharp and straight but start dipping into a longer fringe closer to one side really giving this bob cut such a creative outcome.

21.Amazing Avant-Garde Bob

Amazing Avant-Garde Bob
How cool is this futuristic avant-garde bob hairstyle by none other than the talented and creative hairstylist Allan Ngo. When it comes to pushing the boundaries of upcoming trends, hair coloring and creativity we can always count on Allan to give us just that! You can see the heavy anime and Asian influences to this hairstyle which just ads such a nice touch to real life hairdo’s. We can’t wait to see what’s next with Allan’s next hair shoots.

22.Straight Sedu Hairstyle

Vanessa Williams looks absolutely stunning with her gorgeous brown hair flat ironed down into this beautiful sedu style. A great look for the actress we love how her hair is cut in such a straight manner at the base which we do not see quite often anymore it seems everyone has different lengths and layers which really makes this hairstyle stand out. Parted into a beautiful straight line at the top really gives this cut such an elegance.

23.Sexy Coils

Sexy Coils
How sexy are these kinky curly coils? A great hairstyle for women who like to look natural but without overdoing it. It’s got such a cool and laid back vibe to it. What’s great about these curls is that it really give this hairstyle a lot of volume. So ladies don’t shy away from this sassy and beautiful hairstyle it’s such a great look for women who like their hair at a medium length. A great tip for this hairstyle is to spray in a little leave in conditioner to give those curls a little shine.

24.Sexy Natural Afro

Sexy Natural Afro
There is nothing like a lovely natural afro worn properly. It takes a confident women to rock those kinky curls proudly and it really shows in a women. We love how the curls just flow so beautifully and so naturally in an upwards manner really giving this hairstyle such a cute sassiness and elegance that is undeniable and that will definitely get some heads turning. So ladies if you have kinky curls don’t be shy to let them roam wildly and freely.

25.Cute Medium Hairstyles

Cute Medium Hairstyles
Scarlett Johansson looks absolutely adorable with her medium length ruffed up and wavy hairdo. It’s rare that we see pixies that go below the jaw line but when it’s done properly it looks fabulous. The great thing about this style is that it does not require too much maintenance depending on your hair texture. You can practically get up in the morning, wet your hair and dry it with a towel and put a little hairspray to the hairdo last’s through out the day.

26.Medium Length Elegant Hairdo

Medium Length Elegant Hairdo
Hair stylist Frank Provost knows how to really put the C into Classiness when creating his gorgeous visions of how a women should look like. This medium length hairstyle is such a great example of class, elegance and sexiness all mashed up into 1 and how every women should feel when it comes to hairstyles.

27.Rebellious Layered Fringe

BC Jean sure knows how to attract the cameras attention with her lovely smile and trendy and urban hairstyles. Sweeping her fringe to the side layered to perfection this hairstyle is a reminiscence of the early 90’s where women were feathering their hair down into a somewhat “punkish” and rebellious look.

28.Medium Length Hot Messy Hairdo

Medium Length Hot Messy Hairdo
Alicia Keys is one of those stars that just knows how to switch up her styles and really blend in, in such a beautiful and elegant way. The New York native singer looks astonishing here with her gorgeous messy curls flowing all over the place.

29.Medium Crown Braid

crown braid
always wondered how to get a romantic feel to your allure? then try this beautiful braid inspired look, by creating two french braids on each side of your head that you overlap to the other side, then secure with pins behind the opposite ear!

30.Messy bun

Messy bun
Messy meets sexy with this easy breezy top knot! Oumf it up with a bright lipstick and you’re ready to go!

31.Beach Waves

beach waves
Wonder how some celebrities always look hot on the red carpet? some of them don’t over do it and stay true to a simple yet sexy wavy hairstyle. While you hair is still damp, create 5-6 french braids all over the head, and spend the night with it. Undo them in the morning and apply some texturizing spray. Tadam! you just look sexy as hell!

32.Orange on blond ombre

Orange on blond ombre
Bold meets sexy with this daring orange ombre that fire up these blond sexy waves. Volume all the way please !

33.Medium Kinky Curls

Nothing say’s Seductive like gorgeous kinky curls especially on a medium length hairstyle they always seem like they have more volume.

34.Pink on Platinum

Pink on Platinum
How creative is this simplistic yet futuristic coloring job? A great avant-garde hairstyle, from the beautiful flashy pink overlaying the amazing platinum blonde this medium edgy bob is astonishing!

35.Straight Medium Hairstyle

Straight Medium Hairstyle
When it comes to black women and hairstyles here is a great look for women going for that straight sedu style. Part the hair at the middle into a beautiful straight line and flat iron the hair down. Once done you can use your flat iron to curl the tip of the fringe to give this hairstyle just a little more pizzazz.

36.Sexy Avant-Garde Fringe

Sexy Avant-Garde Fringe
Oh so messy yet exuding elegance and very In style with the fringe just waving out in such a rugged manner, swept forward and slightly to the side gives this hairstyle such a mysterious look.

37.Vintage waves

Vintage waves
Sophisticated meets sexy with this beautiful wavy and highlighted hair , you will get a 50’s flair to your look if you part your hair on the side. If you want fluffier waves, use hot rollers instead of the curling iron, spray and go!

38.Medium Pageboy Cut

Medium Pageboy Cut
What a great avant-garde look, voluminous up top layered down going down her beautiful medium length hair. Not to mention the gorgeous yet subtle reds shining through her dark chocolate hair.

39.Straight Medium Bangs

Straight Medium Bangs
What a gorgeous medium length hairstyle, the length falls to perfection in between a medium and almost short hairstyle without going too short. With straight bangs and a straight cut all around this hairstyle looks absolutely fabulous and works great one women with heart and diamond shaped faces.

40.Formal & Elegant Medium Hairstyle

Formal & Elegant Medium Hairstyle
Elegance does not go unnoticed, when Frank Provost puts his styling to a models mane he always comes up with amazing formal and refreshing hairstyles.

41.Silky & Sexy Medium Haircut

Silky & Sexy Medium Haircut
Sometimes you just have to let it all loose and flow like this gorgeous shiny hairstyle. Ladies a great product we have to suggest to keep your hair looking this beautiful is a hint of Moroccan oil which does a fantastic job and giving your hair this silky look and it also smells great.

42.Edgy Bob by Frank Provost

Frank is a genius when it comes to creating the perfect seductive bob hairstyle. The fringe on this bob is the key to achieving that beautiful seductive look, the way it is swept to the side with a little volume gives it movement and such an elegance.

43.Blonde & Purple Bob

Blonde & Purple Bob
Highlights of purple through her gorgeous blonde fringe is a great look for women that are a little more eccentric. We love the movement created in this bob with the variations of longer layers through her already long bangs.

44.Layered Blonde Hairstyle

Heidi Klum looks fabulous with her medium length blond feathered hairstyle with straight layered bangs. This hairstyle is a great look for any women with a heart or squared shaped face.

45.Seductive Medium Length Hairstyle

When it comes to seductive hairstyles Frank Provost is on point with this shot from his great collection labeled Smoking Couture. This medium short “ish” cut is the perfect lenght for ladies wanting to go short but still want to keep some length.

46.Curled Out Bob

Curled Out Bob
Tatyana Ali notoriously known for her role as Ashley Banks on the sitcom Fresh Prince along side actor Will Smith. Has grown quite a bit since those early acting days and looks absolutely stunning with her lovely medium to short length curly bob hairstyle.

47.Mature Sexy Curls

Mature Sexy Curls
When it comes to aging, every lady should take a note or 2 from Pop Queen Janet Jackson. No matter how old a woman gets, you cannot let yourself go and stop grooming yourself. It is important to always look and feel healthy and trendy. That is exactly how Janet looks at the age of 47 with her gorgeous natural curls that are running wild giving her this youthful and sexy appeal putting a lot of women half her age to shame.

48.Medium Beach Waves

Medium Beach Waves
There is not better hairstyle for those hot and long summer days out! Give your medium hairstyle some nice waves, which are great for hot days, you won’t have to worry about running to the bathroom every hour to make sure your hair is still holding. The messier the sexier 😉

49.Cute and Sassy Medium Haircut

Cute and Sassy Medium Haircut
Cute and sassy are 2 words that describe this hairstyle to the tee, Emilia always looks amazing no matter what she does with her hair but we love this medium length messy curls with a stunning long side-swept fringe.

50.Curly, Messy and Sexy

Curly, Messy and Sexy
Messy is the new sexy, especially for those women out there with their natural curls! Let them hang and coil around loosely. There is nothing sexier than a woman with exotic curls so why try to straighten what god has blessed you with.

51. Long Bob Medium Haircut

Long Bob Haircut for Thick Hair

Long Bob Haircut is actually a popular hairstyle right now mainly because this can make the hair look bouncy and natural. Hair does not necessarily have to be wavy to make this look amazing. It can be great for any hair texture. This can be the perfect hairstyle for people who used to have long hair who would like to transition to a shorter hairstyle.

52.Face Framing Layered Medium Hairstyle

Face Framing Layered Medium Hairstyle

The layers here can be different as the length of the hair remains one layered while the strands near the face will be the ones that will be layered. The cut will look more even than the usual layered hairstyles. Face framing layered medium hairstyle can be perfect for people with thick hair who have straight hair texture. This can always be improved by using a flat iron.

53.Medium Length Undercut Hairstyle

Medium Length Undercut

You may want a usual looking hairstyle that will not look different when your hair is placed down but the moment that you put up your hair, you can have a secret surprise. An undercut can spice up your hairstyle a great deal. Do remember that the maintenance of this can be a bit complicated so you have to be prepared to have it changed from time to time.

54.Medium Length Hair with Shortened Cuts

Medium Length Hair with Shortened Cuts for Thick Hair

You have to know that there will be times when you need a hairstyle that is different from the rest of the people with the same medium length haircut. You do not need to do anything that is too drastic. Simply shorten the front ends of your hair. The great thing about this hair is that it can make a girl’s appearance look more sophisticated.

55.Long Bob with Arched Bangs

Long Bob with Arched Bangs

Do you want to make sure that you will have great looking long bob with a twist? You can add bangs to your long bob. You do not have to place side swept bangs like everyone else. What you can do instead is make sure that you will have a different type of bangs. The choppy arched bangs can add a nice addition to this usual haircut.

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