55 Popular Beard Styles for Men of All Face Shapes(2022 Update)

Beards are in fashion now, and they come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. For some men, a full, thick beard is the best look, while for others a goatee or goatee-style beard might look better on their face.

For best results, you may want to visit a barber or stylist for advice on how to maintain your beard. Depending on the length of your facial hair, these experts can help you shape your beard and cut it to look the best on you. You can also do quite a bit to style your beard and make it look stylish on your face.

There are many different styles for beards, including goatees, mutton chops, and lumberjack beards. Depending on your face shape, some styles may work better for you than others. This article will show you 55 popular beard styles for men of all face shapes.

How to Choose the Best Beard Style For You?

Beards come in many different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to know how to style your facial hair to get the look that you want. From goatees to mutton chops, there’s a wide variety of styles to choose from. What’s more, beards come in different lengths, so you can decide how long or short you want your facial hair to be.

One of the most common mistakes that guys make with beards is going too heavy on the length. You don’t want your beard to be too long or it will look scraggly, which makes your face look even longer.

Keep in mind that your beard will likely look different when it’s fully grown in. It will also depend on your hair type. For example, if you have a very curly beard, you may want to go with a shorter length to make sure it’s not too clumpy looking.

55 Popular Beard Styles for Men of All Face Shapes

  1. Wiseman Bearded Look

Wiseman Bearded Look


If you have wavy and thick facial hair, then you can get this amazing Wiseman to look just by letting your beard grow as long as you want it. All you ought to do is shape the beard from time to time and pay some special attention to your mustache as well.

This is a classic example of a Woodsman beard style that could be sported by fans of the outdoors.

  1. Chin curtain with a pencil mustache

Chin curtain with a pencil mustache


While it looks simple and small, this chin curtain with a pencil mustache beard style is actually not very easy to maintain. It is not for those who are used to Woodsman beard types. Frequent trimming will be needed to keep the shape intact.

Other than that, the overall result will be truly amazing and will conquer multiple hearts wherever you go.

  1. Short Full Beard

Short Full Beard


Just like the chin curtain with a pencil mustache, full beards are normally hard to create and maintain, but rest assured, they will look the most striking of most beard cuts we will look at today. When and if you choose this haircut, you will need to spend around a month growing it, but as soon as you learn how to keep it neat, then you can reap the amazing benefits of a beard stubble that turns heads wherever you go.

  1. Hipster beard with a knot hairstyle

Hipster beard with a knot hairstyle


The longer your mustache, the more efficient your beard will look. The amalgamation of a long mustache and a full beard is the best indication of a fashionable and dedicated gentleman.

  1. Beard with Ivy League Haircut

Beard with Ivy League Haircut


An Ivy League hairstyle involves an elegant beard with a shaved neck and pencil or pyramidal mustache. The tidier your facial hair looks, the more suitable it will be for all essential occasions you attend.

  1. Mutton Chops

Mutton Chops


Make your beard cut appear even more stunning with the help of some mutton chops. Not all gentlemen usually have sufficient facial hair on their sides to make this haircut, so do not be mad if you do not grow mutton chops that are too long.

  1. Short and stubble

Short and stubble


When picking the length of your beard, the short one may seem like the best choice. However, you ought to always remember that short beards will need daily touchups, whereas longer ones will only need weekly maintenance at the most.

  1. Night curtain

Night curtain


This chin curtain with a mustache is perfect for men who boast very thick and dark hair. Through playing around with the shape of the mustache, you can attain a fully covered lower part of your face.

There won’t be any hassle with attaining the soul patch.

  1. Asymmetrical beard

Asymmetrical beard


Just like with all hairstyles, the asymmetry in the beard boasts a myriad of styles. So create some beard hairstyle that involves asymmetry and see how they will look on you. Do not go for anything drastic at first because you may not like it, and coming back from such a beard style may be hard.

  1. Full beard plus long hair

Full beard plus long hair


If you boast a long beard and know how to style it, then the world will be at your fee. Contemplate on creating multiple shapes, including but not limited to round, curved, triangular, and rectangular beard shapes. All of them will look fantastic, just like the gentleman in the image above.

  1. Full beard plus a comb-over haircut

Full beard plus a comb-over haircut


Your amazing full beard will look particularly prominent if you pick a suitable haircut. Consider picking something short, such as a taper fade, a mohawk, or even an undercut to create the contrast.

  1. Hollywoodian



Neat hollywoodiwan beard style is exactly what you need if you intend to sport a celebrity haircut. The hair in between the jawline and sideburns is shaved to create the gap. The rest of your beard will be full and neat.

  1. A full beard with a soul patch

A full beard with a soul patch


The beard soul patch is a mesmeric wonderful addition to any beard style. It may take a while to shape it, but once you do, it will make your overall image look more striking than ever before. A full beard and mustache and a soul patch make one of the best beard styles you will ever encounter.

  1. Dyed beard

Dyed beard


A nice beard can be easily dyed into any color you prefer, just like the hair on your head. So why don’t you take advantage of such a technique? Take this opportunity to make your beard darker or lighter than your natural hair, or feel free to try out any outrageous colors you have in mind.

  1. The fuller, the better

The fuller the better


A full beard will never go out of style. In fact, the fuller it is, the better it will always look .that said, there are several downsides you should note before choosing to sport a long and full beard. Some of these issues include clean eating as well as skin troubles.

Other than that, try out any full beard, and I assure you to leave looking as spending as the dude in the image above.

  1. The Prominent Mustache

The Prominent Mustache


At times, the way that your beard looks is sort of upstaged by a nicely styled mustache. An amazing mustache coupled with a simple beard will also create a really wonderful impression. With this beard cut, keep the focus on the pyramidal mustache.

  1. Easy game

Easy game


This moderately short beard stubble with a mustache does not need too much styling effort or maintenance. You will only need to pay attention to the neatness of the mustache while the stubble can grow out without too much trimming.

  1. One size chin curtain with a stubbly mustache

One size chin curtain with a stubbly mustache


Chin curtains and chinstraps are gaining upon the goatee in popularity. A nicely styled short chin curtain amalgamated with a stubbly mustache just like the image above will look solid and efficient in any situation and occasion. Better yet, you do not need a mustache to sport the look.

  1. Let it grow out

Let it grow out


Other guys believe that an unmanageable beard ought always to stay a bit messy.  But all is dependent upon how you view your style. If you think an untidy bead will suit your image better, then you can enjoy a maintenance-free option.

  1. Highlights Beard



If you thought that highlighting hair was a practice only set aside for the hair on your head, I am sorry to let you know that you are wrong. You can do it on your beard hair as well. With a beard style, feel free to come up with an astounding style with the help of several hair shades.

Also, contemplate on dyeing your mustache a lighter hue compared to your beard. This will create an awesome illusion.

  1. Spade beard coupled with a handlebar

Spade beard coupled with a handlebar


If your hair is thick and long, then why not take advantage of it on your facials hair? A prominent spade beard with a neat handlebar mustache will, without a doubt, make your image more interesting and respectable.

  1. Short Verdi Syle

Short Verdi Syle


This beard style is specifically designed to take the round shape of your head away. The sharp edges of the beard will also be enticing and appealing. You can also add short pyramidal sideburns and a mustache.

  1. A full beard with the walrus mustache

A full beard with the walrus mustache


The amalgamation of a neatly styled full-bearded, a stylish taper fade, and a walrus mustache is exactly what you need to stand out from the crowd wherever you go. If you can manage your beard, then all the style options are open to you.

  1. Short and romantic look with a wavy hair cut

Short and romantic look with a wavy hair cut

Nicely styled and short chinstraps amalgamated with a mustache of any shape are a wonderful way to create the romantic look you have always desired. Use such an image to change your image as well completely.

  1. Triangular goatee

Triangular goatee

Learning how you can shape your beard is a simple art that any man can quickly master. All you need is practice and consistency. You can start your practice with a little on your long beard before making any drastic moves. If you are not certain about how to do a great job, then consult a professional before getting started.

  1. Extended goatee

Extended goatee


This neat and short extended goatee will be perfect for all occasions, be it a business meeting or a wedding. That said, learn how you can shape the sides, and you will enjoy the most attractive beard style each day you step outside.

  1. Full outstanding beard

Full outstanding beard


This beard style is easy to style and maintain if you already have thick facial hair that does not grow in patches. It is also a wonderful addition to any hairstyle, dependent upon how neat you decide to make it.

If you manage to pull off this beard cut, then you should be proud.

  1. A handlebar coupled with a classic chin curtain

A handlebar coupled with a classic chin curtain


This classic chin curtain is particularly what you need to make an impression. The top part of your hair needs to be clean shaved while the bottom section remains a neat curtain cascade. The handlebar mustache will also be a great addition.

  1. The long and attractive beard style

The long and attractive beard style


As I mentioned in the preceding section of the post, the longer you grow your beard, the more striking it will look. And as you can see from the image above, the beard style is quite exclusive and will look great on anyone.

Having said that, start by sporting a shorter beard before jumping to the beard style above. Once you learn how to sport a short beard styling, a long one will be as easy as a piece of cake.

In addition to that, add a long mustache, and you will realize the magnificent image is ready.

  1. The westernized beard style for men

The westernized beard style for men


It is now again time to look at the unique model of a short goatee. They always give you the audacious and bold look that will instantly deliver your manly attitude.

They are also mostly entertained by the men who are in their middle ages.

  1. Elegant short beard style

Elegant short beard style


This particular fashion beard from men ought to boost the same thickness from your ears to the chin. Here you can also keep your mustache away from the beard and give it a more uplifted look.

  1. Fashionable beard style

Fashionable beard style


With his beard style, you can see the awesome beard style in the image above, which shows you a high-end beard style with a close shave on the gentleman’s cheeks. That said, the density of hair growth on the gentleman is higher on the lower chin than the upper side of the chin, which permits the bear style to deliver a whole new beard style.

  1. Black men trendy beard style for men

Black men trendy beard style for men


Now let us look at a bread style that is specifically set aside for our brothers. This particular beard style boasts a full stubble type beard with a medium-sized goatee. Its also grown with a mustache of a high length that reaches up to the ears.

For some extra masculinity, combine it with a completely trimmed head.

  1. Modern beard cut

Modern beard cut


Here comes another style of a short goatee-type beard cut for the corporate fellows. The men who are pursuing uniqueness with their beard style while at the same time maintaining the simplicity can opt for such a king of low shave short model of a goatee beard, which delivers different beard shapes.

  1. Comfortable beard style for men

Comfortable beard style for men


Just take a look at these latter-day styles of beard for men. This is a concise stubble type of beard usually famous among guys who are progressive and not conservative. This nice beard style is also quite easy to sport and maintain in the long term.

  1. Dynamic beard style

Dynamic beard style


If you wish, you can look at this brand new model of beard, which is attached to the haircut above and the mustache. This is another sort of thick and short goatee type beard that most rugged and bold men prefer than other beard styles I have come across.

  1. Anchor beard style for men

Anchor beard style for men


Even this sort of Balbo-style model beard type is again too short. It will award you that uncomplicated look with the ease o both styling it and maintaining it in the long term. If you do it just right, you can look just like Robert Downey Jr. above.

  1. Exclusive Beard Styles for Men

Exclusive Beard Styles for Men


Here comes a second, but quite a different beard style from Robert Downey Jr. his beard style is short and will be sweet to grow. Furthermore, it will award you a neat regal look if you top it off with suitable attire.

The only downside with this type of beard style is that it will require regular maintenance and most preferably from a professional.

  1. A chin curtain coupled with a chevron mustache

A chin curtain coupled with a chevron mustache


Chin curtain haircuts look perfect with a chevron mustache if you manage to keep the areas in between shaved and neat. A neat patch below the lips will also make this beard style somewhat more attractive.

  1. A full and uniform beard

A full and uniform beard


Keeping your beard neat at all times is an ar on its own. Suck facial haircuts like the image above can be easily attained if you have straight and thick hair. You will also need to learn how to maintain it daily.

  1. Goatee and chinstrap mix

Goatee and chinstrap mix


This goatee and chinstrap combination is a perfect way to make a statement while looking neat at the same time. The lower part of the beard can also be patchy. The mustache, on the other hand, doesn’t matter at all.

  1. Bristly beard

Bristly beard


If you boast curly hair on your head, you can easily create an attractive bristly beard just like the guy in the image above. The whiskers on you remain pencil-thick, whereas the lower section of your beard remains at least an inch long.

You can also add a chevron mustache if you want.

  1. A respectable and neat short beard

A respectable and neat short beard


Short full beards with modern handlebar mustaches usually create a very respectable appearance easily. If you think you need to add more respectability to your hair look, this beard cut will really help.

  1. The whiskers beard style

The whiskers beard style


Adding full whiskers to your beard, just like the image above, will utterly change your appearance. The only downside is that they are a little harder to grow because not all men usually have sufficient hair growth in that area.

If you do, then you are one lucky individual.

  1. Fun Shapes

Fun Shapes


The greatest advantage of beard styles is the fact you can shape it however you like. In this situation, let your imagination run loose and take the scissors to create what pops in your mind. You have the freedom to make it square, round, or even triangular. There are no limits whatsoever when it comes to this haircut.

  1. The handlebar mustache

The handlebar mustache


Even the simplest chin curtain like the one in the photo above will look particularly stunning when coupled with the right design of mustache. Handlebars mustaches also look amazing, even though a little bit tricky to style.

Do not worry, though, because you will get the hang of it really fast enough.

  1. Brutal Macho

Brutal Macho


One of the most modern ways you can go about growing your beard is to keep it neat on the face and let it grow wide down your neck and beyond, just like tom hardy above. Such an approach will instantly create a serious macho look most guys would like to flaunt.

  1. The patchy beard

The patchy beard


Dependent on how uniform your facial hair is, you can feel free to choose this beard style. For instance, if there is no uniformity, but you still would like a full beard, do not be afraid to let some patches show. They are stylish, and you can even try fixing the patchy beard.

  1. The light goatee

The light goatee


This goatee will instantly appeal to gentlemen who do not have too much facial hair on them. The main section is usually focused on the chin, even though the sides can also be left covered or shaved with sparse hair.

  1. The connected goatee

The connected goatee


Goatees have been conquering the world for years now, and they still are. These beard styles also come with great variations, and it is always easy to find something unique that will set you apart from all other goatees you come across in the street.

In addition to that, a goatee coupled with a full mustache is also a great choice for the macho look.

  1. The eastern beard with a pencil mustache

The eastern beard with a pencil mustache


If you come with thick facial hair, you can enjoy a striking eastern beard like the one above. The cheeks should look almost fully covered with your hair, whereas your mustache remains thin. The contrast will make your beard look very stylish.

  1. Chin covering curtain

Chin covering curtain


Most of the time, gentlemen opt to keep their necks shaved. However, this exact sort of beard is also an amazing choice because it eliminates the need to shave. If you boast sensitive skin, then keeping the shaving to a minimum is highly recommended.

  1. Cool curly and patchy beard

Cool curly and patchy beard


The lazy way to go about your beard is to permit it to grow as it wants. There is almost no shaving needed when you choose this haircut, even though you will still need to pay close attention to your beard’s shape.

If you are an outdoor individual who does not want to maintain your beard more frequently, this is the look for you as it will also leave you looking great.

  1. Urban style beard

Urban style beard


This specific goatee type beard opts for men who have long elongated face cuts. For you to get back with a new beard style regardless of your facial structure, you can opt for this haircut that will also do a great job of boosting your personality.

  1. The Chris Hemsworth haircut

The Chris Hemsworth haircut


This is a short stubble beard type that you will see on most young men and Chris Hemsworth. Most individuals choose this haircut due to its less effort that will be needed to grow and maintain it.