22 Easy and Cool Hairstyles For Men

There are always a lot of guys who are searching for cool hairstyles for men. If you are also on the lookout for a new style that you can try this year, you know that you do not need to look any further.Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of men who are also concerned about their hair. There are even some who make sure that they are equipped with all the right hair products that will allow them to achieve the styles that they want.

Men’s hair are all different. There are some that are curly, wavy or straight and the hairstyles that will be chosen by men should complement the type of hair that they have. Only when men are able to find the right hairstyle do they feel confident about themselves.

Sometimes, cool looking hairstyles can be hard to pull off especially for men who are working in formal and business settings like the office. It is a good thing that men’s hair styles have evolved. There are a lot of styles now that were not available before but can be done now.

22 Easy and Cool Hairstyles For Men

  1. Medium Length and Wavy

Medium Length and Wavy

For men who naturally have wavy hair, this type of style can look amazing especially given the fact that the medium length can be pulled off by a lot of different men. You may opt to have medium length hair with no facial hair although some people would like to pair their medium length hair with a beard.

  1. Round Shaped Cut

Round Shaped Cut

There is a big chance that you are going for a grunge look that will be perfect if you are young or if you would like to start a band. This haircut is usually heavily textured and you would need to have somewhat longish hair to pull it off. Make sure that you have enough layers so that it will fit you well. This may be perfect for men with square shaped faces and angular features.

  1. Slicked Back

Slicked Back

Do you think that you want to look perfectly cool? This is the perfect hairstyle for you. This is usually perfect if you have short hair with the top portion having longer strands that you can slick back with the use of gel or wax. If you usually dress trendy or you consider yourself a hipster, you know that this look will be amazing.

  1.  Semi Pompadour

Semi Pompadour

If you are searching for a hairstyle that looks slick and cool and at the same time can look amazing, then you do not need to look any further. This is the type of hairstyle that you know will look great when you go out with your friends or even by yourself at night but at the same time, it is classy enough to be worn in the office so that you can do your work duties.

  1. Classic Undercut

Classic Undercut

The thing about the undercut is that it is considered to be a classic hairstyle. They may have been a time when it was not so popular but donning this as a hairstyle can always make men look neat and trimmed well. This can look special but only if it is done correctly. Going to the right stylist to achieve this look is highly important.

  1. Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Shoulder Length

You may be surprised but the shoulder length hairstyle is back again for men although of course, once the hair goes past the shoulders, this can already look a bit too weird. Keep it just above your shoulders especially if you have medium to thick hair. This can look amazing if your hair has a bit of wave in it. Tie this back into a ponytail for formal events.

  1. Short Crop

Short Crop

Do you want to make sure that you will have a low maintenance hairstyle that you can just wash and wear? This short crop has come back and it looks like it is here to stay with more and more men opting for this type of hairstyle. This can be perfect for different hair textures although having hair that is too textured may change the overall appearance of the crop hairstyle.

  1. Surfer Hair

Surfer Hair

Based on the name alone, you can already guess that this is some sort of hairstyle that is a bit longer than what is expected for the corporate setting. This is perfect for surfers who have already acquired natural waves because of being exposed to salt water for a long time. This can also work for those who have wavy to curly hair.

  1.  Neatly Trimmed

Neatly Trimmed

If you want a classic hairstyle then this is the right one for you. You know that all parts of your hair from the top portion, to the back and even to the sides will look great on you. This can make any man immediately look classy but a man who has this type of hairstyle is required to maintain this hairstyle regularly so that it will look great.

  1. Pop Crop

Pop Crop

If you do like the crop hairstyle but you would want to have something that is more interesting or more young looking, you can maintain the shape of the crop that is usually a bit roundish along the crown of the head but make sure that you have some longer hair strands on top that you can spike up with the use of hair products to add to its overall textured appearance.

  1. Modern Pompadour

Modern Pompadour

The pompadour of the past may have suited the people of the olden times but you also have to change it up a bit so that you can wear it well. The modern pompadour usually have longer layers along the top portion of the hair and may also have longer sides that will be slicked back depending on the hair products that you are going to use.

  1. Choppy and Unkempt

Choppy and Unkempt

There are actually some women who get turned off by men who have a hairstyle that looks very stiff. They may find some men with these types of hairstyles boring. If you know that you cannot pull off a very neat hairstyle, you may choose to do choppy and unkempt hairstyle.

  1. Fade Hairstyle

Fade Hairstyle

If you would like to have a classic hairstyle that you know can just look amazing then you are better off choosing this fade hairstyle. The thing about this hairstyle is that it never grows old. It can fit well for any events and it can also look amazing with your current style.

  1. Business Hairstyle

Business Hairstyle

If you would like to have a hairstyle that can look amazing when worn in the business setting, you know that this is the right hairstyle for you to wear because it will never fail to look amazing. This will immediately look well groomed and the side part will surely add to its appeal.

  1. Cool Dapper Fade

Dapper Fade

Do you want to have a very short hairstyle that you do not have to fuss too much over? Of course, you would want to make sure that you will constantly keep your hair trimmed because if it gets too long, the hairstyle that you have will already change.

  1. Cool Wild Mane

Wild Mane

If yo have naturally curly hair, you know that people will not take it against you. It may even work to your advantage if the hairstyle can fit you well. Just make sure that you will have your wild mane trimmed from time to time so that it will not grow too long. You may never know, some women actually like running their fingers through wild mane.

  1. Fringed and Textured

Fringed and Textured

Do you think that you can pull off a haircut that will showcase an exaggerated fringe? This will not be a problem for you anymore as this textured haircut will also feature some fringes that will almost go near your face. You may need to use some products to maintain the overall texture of the hair.

  1. Cool Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut

There are some people who assume that the buzz cut is somewhat similar to the cropped cut but the main difference is that this cut may have some longer strands than the traditional cropped cut. This will make it easier to style this up and make this more modern.

  1. Cool Brushed Up

Brushed Up

If you would like to have a longer hairstyle than usual, you know that this can be a good hairstyle for you to have. This will allow you to keep your hair longer on the sides than your hair at the back. Just do not forget to make use of some hair products and this can be good enough for you to have.

  1. Side Part Pompadour

Side Part Pompadour

If you would like to have a pompadour but you do not want something that is too common, you can have a unique looking hairstyle if you would choose a side part pompadour. While the lengths of this hairstyle may vary depending on what you think will look good on you, it cannot be changed that this is a classic hairstyle that can be worn time and time again.

 21. Textured Pomp and Mid Fade Hairstyle

Textured Pomp and Mid Fade HairstyleTextured Pomp and Mid Fade Hairstyle


 22.Short Stylish Blonde Hair For Men

Short Stylish Blonde Hair For Men


Choose the right hairstyle for men and you can be sure that this will not be a problem for you anymore.

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