55 Popular New Hairstyles For Men(2022 Trends)

Are you looking for the latest famous men’s hairstyles in 2022? New hairstyles for men have been abundant in 2022. We have even seen the different types of fades getting used to sprucing up different haircuts.

What’s more? Haircuts from the late golden 50s have also been significant contributors to the modern man’s haircuts choice, and their reoccurrence has also been well incorporated into the current trends. Among the highest trending haircut designs was the hit top low sides cut, which can easily be spiced up in many different ways.

Man Buns have also been making rocky entrances into the men’s realm of fashion. Even though most men were hesitant to embrace the look in the past, they are becoming gradually comfortable with it these days. Without further delay, let us skip to the main section of the post and look at the 50 best new haircuts in 2019 and beyond.

55 Popular New Hairstyles For Men in 2022

  1. Side-swept pompadour

Side-swept pompadour


This new hairstyle is a high top with low sides that you can spruce up by altering your hair’s side. This also awards the haircut a sexy lopsided look. The stunning blonde touches will quickly enhance the radiance of the hair locks and play up the depth and dimensions of the body of the hair locks.

  1. Crisp pomade haircuts

Crisp pomade haircuts


The use of pomade to style different haircuts and give them the slicked-down look men around the world love to the moon and beyond has become popular once again. We used to see this practice in vintage haircuts. But now it is back, but with modern twists. The gorgeous hair locks are punctuated better by the sharp fade and a great, full beard.

  1. New Classic Man Hairstyle

New Classic Man Hairstyle


As much as tapers and fades have taken over the realm of haircuts by storm, there still exists a safe place for the sophisticated gentlemen who love a composed sense of style like the gentleman above. The thick wavy locks boasted sufficient character and texture to make the look one of the most stylish haircuts to sport in 2019.

  1. New Long Haircut

New Long Haircut


Regardless of the not-so-warm welcome, long hairstyles also look set to stay for a while. In the past, this haircut was rocked only by superstars. Lately, however, the hairdo has found a niche in all men who consider themselves adventurous by nature.

  1. New Spiked Pompadour Haircut

New Spiked Pompadour Haircut


Texture matters a lot when styling some of the new hairstyles we will look at today. The surface is usually what will distinguish one man from the next. This one, in particular, is a badass haircut with a hot spiky quiff that has been beautifully accented using blonde highlights at the tips of the hair.

  1. New Gentle Fades Hairstyle

New Gentle Fades Hairstyle


Gently fading is a somewhat more relaxed option for gentlemen who prefer the shape of the cut but not the crisp contrasts. This haircut boasts a relaxed appeal that will enhance the youthful nature of anyone sporting it and remove any masculinity from the look.

  1. New Tight Man Bun Haircut

New Tight Man Bun Haircut


One of the most vital things about this haircut is that it will always look highly better if you have facial hair like the gentleman in the image above. It is one of the simplest ways to rock your long hair since it is one of the few haircuts that include typing it up into a tight, small bun right on top of your head.

  1. The Curly Locks

The Curly Locks


As most men begin to embrace the natural growth of their hair locks, long haircuts have continued to dominate the men’s fashion world. This is one of the most basic long haircuts for gentlemen with locks. It has also been stylishly curled up.

  1. New Sharp Pompadour

New Sharp Pompadour


Even though it is usually the distinguishing factor of the pompadour haircut, the quiff on top has remained unchanged over a long period. And the sides have been faded to different degrees of shortness to deliver a crispier look and create even sharper contrasts.

  1. Razor fade beard disconnect

Razor fade beard disconnect


This beard disconnect is one of the most underappreciated aspects of modern haircuts. It will exquisitely separate your hair on the top from the sideburns on your side by fading out the hair locks where they connect.

  1. High Top with a Fade

The high top with a fade


This haircut has grown to become the staple for the modern man in 2021. Of all new haircuts for men I have seen over the last couple of years, this hairstyle has also definitely taken off since more barbers and stylists worldwide have learned the required skill to execute more excellent fades, hard parts, lineups, and more on different haircut variations.

  1. New Slicked Haircut with a Twist

New Slicked Haircut with a Twist


Most of the vintage haircuts reemergthat ed in 2021 have heavily relied on the taper fade to get them in tune with the more current trends. Somewhat of a mix and match style, this hairstyle involves a huge band that holds a beard.

  1. Curly Man Bun

Curly man bun


A bit of texture has never gone unappreciated regarding different men’s haircuts. This laidback haircut looks to combine a scruffy full beard, wild curls, and an unruly overall appearance to create the man bun haircut that is excellent for all head shapes and is guaranteed to turn heads wherever one goes.

  1. New Curly Bangs Haircut

New Curly Bangs Haircut


This looks could be exciting this year as it makes way for crispier and more defined haircuts. I agree that it has been a favorite look among most men for a while now, and the untamed, curly bangs will always look stylishly boyish.

  1. Close Cropped Haircut

Close cropped haircut


Amidst all the flair out there, I have seen more than quite a few basic haircuts, but the most stylish haircuts make their entrances exceptionally well. This close-cropped haircut, in particular, is an easy-to-maintain haircut example that uses a smooth razor fade to smoothly transition the short hair locks left on the top side into the skin fade towards the edges.

  1. The suave

The suave


For gentlemen used to using pomade, cleaning up is a cinch for them, and that is where this haircut comes into play. This crisply placed together looks like a smooth bald fade that has disconnected the sideburns from the hair and then neatly slicked the locks with an asymmetrical part.

  1. Street Style Haircut

Street style haircut


Some barbers have decided to transform this craft into a pure art form in 2021. Some of the new haircuts for men, like this one, have also shown signs of exquisite artistry in applying a lineup and crisp bald fade.

  1. New Crossover

The crossover


This new haircut is an amalgamation between street fashion results and a vintage haircut. They blend seamlessly to deliver one of the most tasteful crossover haircuts I have seen this year. The expert combination of fading and tapering, topped off by the hard parts and sharp lines, also gave this look the definition it deserved.

  1. The low fade haircut

The low fade haircut


Low fade haircuts are also, without a doubt, less flashy and more placed together compared to all other haircuts out there. The fade is usually used to enhance the outline of the hair and, at times, to deliver a pretty stylish disconnected beard look.

  1. Curly and sharp haircut

Curly and sharp haircut


So far, so good; curly tops have been some of the best matches with hard parts and sharper fades. The textural contrast created by the two different lengths of haircuts is also quite tasteful, even though some may argue that the look is too boyish.

  1. Fade and locks

Fade and locks


No haircut will not look better with the fade above. For dreadlocks like the ones in the image, touching the sides using a smooth razor fade is also a great way to eliminate the annoying growth around the nape of your neck and the temples.

  1. New Shaggy Hairstyle

New Shaggy Hairstyle


This list would not be incomplete if I did not include the charm delivered by a shaggy haircut. Regardless of how short or long your hair is, you can feel free to rock this shaggy haircut that will bring out your nonchalant side.

Just like the flow haircut, I’ll look at it in a minute, and this shaggy haircut works best with loosely curly and wavy hair locks.

  1. New Business Casual Modern Haircut

New Business Casual Modern Haircut


What better way for you to combine pleasure with business than with a haircut that could easily go well for both scenarios? The typical business casual haircut is usually between a regular haircut and a quiff.

This will all depend on how you eventually decide to style it. So ensure that it is appropriate, stylish, and comfortable at the same time.

  1. Flow haircut

Flow haircut


I promised you we would look at the flow haircut, and here it is. In 2021, it was all about the flow of haircuts among guys. You may have also heard of it getting referred to as the hockey haircut or the bro flow, but I am sure that you will instantly recognize it if you see the photo; that is why I have included it above.

If your hair is naturally wavy, then this is undoubtedly one of the most flattering ideas you could try out today.

  1. Styled beards plus long hair

Styled beards plus long hair


Furthermore, anyone can pair their long locks with a mustache and a beard that will make heads turn wherever they go. Do not forget that if you contemplate keeping your facial hair long, you should style it just like you would do the rest of your haircut.

  1. The afro-textured hairstyle for curly hair

The afro-textured hairstyle for curly hair


If your hair locks are naturally afro-textured, do not be afraid to outline them with your ringlets. Let the afro grow, then get it trimmed into your favorite shape when you feel the need to refresh it.

  1. The modern buzz cut haircut

The modern buzz cut haircut for men

You could always go for the buzz cut if you intend to maintain the ultimate simplicity. Consider growing the mustache or beard to complete the look for a more modern approach.

  1. The young and refreshing modern haircut for young boys

The young and refreshing modern haircut for young boys and old men alike


If you intend to show off your youthful side at any age (even 50), I advise you to try this short and playful haircut. Even though it does not deliver a fresh impact, it is still perfectly alright to style at formal and semiformal events.

  1. New High and Tight Haircut

New High and Tight Haircut


Even though this is quite similar to the best crew cuts, this high and tight hairstyle is the military version of the crew cut. And although those in the past almost commonly sported it, it has evolved to become one of the best modern haircuts for gentlemen who would like to count on a good look.

  1. The low-maintenance hairstyle

The low maintenance hairstyle


This is yet another hairstyle that requires virtually no maintenance at all. Of course, you can feel free to add some gel, but it is unnecessary for any step in styling the cut. This haircut is also great for gentlemen on the go who would not like to do too much when they’re getting ready to leave for somewhere.

  1. New Medium Tapered Modern Haircut

New Medium Tapered Modern Haircut


If you would not like to hit the razor, cut entirely, then think about executing a tapered haircut. The transition delivered will be discrete, and you will end up with a well-shaped haircut to wear on all sorts of occasions.

  1. High Fade Mohawk

High fade Mohawk


This is a version of the Mohawk among those who want to be accepted on all sorts of informal occasions. It is not exaggerated, and the nicely groomed beard makes it one of the richest haircuts.

  1. The messy modern haircut for shorter hair

The messy modern haircut for shorter hair


Feel free to adopt this messy modern haircut for men and make it your own for a more rugged look. The haircut works well for textures of all types and head shapes of all sorts. Most importantly, the haircut will not take up lots of your free time regarding styling.

Just utilize some gel and then casually rake your five fingers through the hair to the upside, and you will be free to go.

  1. New Quiff Haircut

New Quiff Haircut


There has been nothing like the quiff haircut over the last couple of years when it comes to showing off one’s tasteful choices regarding grooming. The key with this haircut is to have your hair strands casually brushed back and up, then away from your forehead.

  1. Vivid Modern Haircuts

Vivid modern haircuts for men


Why don’t you make your haircut more astonishing with the help of a bright color like one of the Jonas brothers above? Of course, this haircut is usually destined for those with equally colorful personalities. The electric blue shade may be an excellent way to start, but with time, feel free to browse through other tones such as purple, green, orange, and red.

If you have a specific color that you love, then feel free to style it as well.

  1. Simple, short haircuts for black men

Simple, short haircuts for black men


This short hairstyle may be simple, but do not let that fool you. It does not make it any less impressive. This haircut’s significant upside overall modern haircuts because you can quickly rock it with very afro-textured and super thick hair without a hassle.

  1. Gelled back modern haircut for men who have faded undercuts

Gelled back modern haircut for men who have faded undercuts


Are you thinking about getting a slicked-back haircut but would also want to top it off to make it stand out? Then a faded undercut is exactly what you need. This haircut will contour the top section of your hair perfectly while at the same time keeping the overall look on you as edgy as they get.

  1. Edgy modern haircut

Edgy modern haircut for men


As you may know by now, undercuts are one of the most exceptional ways to take modern haircuts for men to a whole new level. To attain the harmonious outcome in the image above, I urge you to consider getting a fade or taper hairstyle like in the example.

  1. Asymmetrical haircut for men with facial hair

Asymmetrical haircut for men who have facial hair


Do you have a long, full beard, and would you like to style the perfect haircut that can go perfectly with it? Then the asymmetrical style is the one for you. You could ensure the length on the longer side can reach the end of your entire beard. This haircut also works the other way round, meaning that you could have a hairstyle like this and are contemplating getting facial hair.

  1. New Layered Haircuts

New Layered Haircuts


Layers are one of the most fantastic ways to keep their styling time to a minimum. So if you are a busy man who always has to leave the house every morning in a hurry, it is the one for you. And when a skilled stylist or barber has done the haircut, you can rest assured that your hair locks will naturally fall into the perfect shapes.

You will not need any additional products to maintain this haircut.

  1. Africa inspired modern haircuts for men

New Africa inspired modern haircuts for men


If you would like to explore your roots as a black man, then take things one step further and embrace this African haircut wholeheartedly. There is an abundance of stunning haircuts you can choose from in African culture, and most are suitable for all sorts of hair lengths.

  1. Haircuts with long bangs

Haircuts with long bangs


Gone are the days when bags were only associated with distressed teenagers. These days, you can easily find this memorable hairstyle everywhere worldwide, from the runways to offices. It is also an excellent choice for gentlemen who have fine hair strands.

  1. Modern hairstyle for men with rough beards

Modern hairstyle for men with rough beards


What makes this beard and haircut combo so extraordinary is its simplicity. Like a few other modern haircuts for men that I have presented to you on this enumeration, this look is also highly office-friendly and will leave a good impression on you wherever you go.

  1. Haircut for men with shaved designs

Haircut for men with shaved designs


This list keeps getting exciting. This haircut, in particular, allows you to go wild with the creative part of your hairstyle. This is where I usually tell people to let their creativity run loose. With that in mind, getting a playful shaved design may be more fit for younger gentlemen, but do not let that stop you.

Even if you’re old, feel free to have fun with yours if you truly want to.

  1. New Office Haircut

New Office Haircut


If you need a hairstyle that will work perfectly for the corporate environment, you should look into this type of modern haircut. The respectable, sharp, and admirable look will allow you to look great while at the same time looking professional.

  1. Comb over haircut

Comb over haircut


When it comes to styling the best comb-over hairstyles, Justin Timberlake is undoubtedly one of the best examples of how good one would look with them. The haircut is quite simple to style well. And note that it will also deliver a remarkable style for the individual wearing it.

  1. Short dreadlocks haircut

Short dreadlocks haircut


Whether you like them long or short, dreadlocks are one of the most excellent ways to wear one’s hair. These short locks, for instance, are easy to combine with a large undercut and a subtly shaved design on the sides.

  1. New Long Top and Short Sides Haircut

New Long Top and Short Sides Haircut


One of the top amalgamations among modern haircuts for men involves shorter sides and a longer top. This haircut is easily among the trendiest haircuts that will not be going out of fashion any time soon, owing to its excellent way contours the gentleman’s head shape and face.

  1. V-shaped faded haircut

V-shaped faded haircut for men


If you are contemplating getting the best haircut from a respected and skilled barbershop, you will benefit from some great techniques. For instance, you have the freedom to get your hair expertly shaped the way you want. A great example is this V-shaped haircut that is imposing and brilliant at the same time.

  1. New Shoulder Length Hairstyle

Shoulder length hairstyle for men


Here comes another rugged but charming look highlighted by the shoulder-length hair locks. This haircut is ideal for young men and boys who would lie to show off their effortless style. That said, the haircut will look just as well on full-grown gentlemen with confidence and attitude.

  1. Brush up haircut

Brush up haircut


A neat and brushed-up haircut will always be the sign of one of the most polished men in the crowd. This princely hairstyle is a favorite among those who would like to go for elegance as their statement. The results are, without a doubt, attractive in the end.

  1. New Braided Modern Haircut

New Braided Modern Haircut


If you opted for rocking long braids, you could outline them in a series of different ways. One of the best ways is to get the steep undercut, adding some edge to your look. Feel free to tie the braids into a knot at the back. Letting them down free is an option as well.

  1. Ivy league haircuts

Ivy league haircuts


The name of the haircut is relatively self-explanatory. An Ivy League hairstyle delivers a bright, clean look that will be appropriate for professional and student situations. It is among the most appreciated modern male haircuts in colleges in 2019.

  1. Faux hawk

Faux hawk hairstyles for men


For most individuals, faux hawk haircuts are a safe way for anyone to experiment with the daring side of life. The best thing about this haircut is that you do not need to completely shave the sides of your head if you are uncomfortable.

Go for a simple fade, just like in the image above.

  1. Modern hairstyle for men over 50

Modern hairstyle for men over 50


Do you think I would conclude this list without including a new haircut that is trending among men who are over 50 years of age? I didn’t think so.

With this haircut, your age does not matter. You can still look stately and suave with the semi-slicked-back look. Complete the look with the well-trimmed beard. This haircut is also one of the best ways to cut off some edges if you want to feel young again.

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