76 Amazing Short Hairstyles For Men(2022 Trends)

Short men’s hairstyles refer to any hairstyle with a little length from the top of the ears to the bottom of the chin. Short hairstyles are easy to style and look fresh and clean. If you’re looking for trendy, modern men’s hairstyles such as disconnected undercut, faux hawk, comb over, buzz cut, messy textured fringe, or high fade, check out our lists of best short hairstyles for men. Whether you have thin, thick, curly, or wavy hair, a haircut idea fits your personal style and looks.

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76 Amazing Short Hairstyles and Haircuts For Men

1. Short Taper Fade Hairstyles

Taper Fade Hairstyles for Men

If you adore the smooth look yet do not need all that length, this is the cut and style for you. Hair is no more than 1.5″ on top and styled straight back with a characteristic completion. A tape up around the hairline finishes the neat and tidy style.

2. Angular Fringe Hairstyles

Short Angular Fringe Hairstyles For Men

It is a developing pattern among male style models, and it is so generally well known that we are sure it will be a broadly prominent pattern among all men this year. This look is accomplished with decreased sides yet keeps the top layer long and cut at the edge. It looks awesome on all face shapes yet is most appropriate for men with a round face.

3. Crew Cut

Short Crew Cut for men

This military-roused cut is upgraded with blurred sanctuaries that mix into short facial hair. The top is a tiny bit longer than control, however sufficiently short for simple styling. Simply work item through hair and push hair forward from the back, pulling hair along the brow straight up.

4. Caesar Cut

Short Caesar Hair Style For Men

It is a mainstream buzzcut. However, all things considered. This is a short hairstyle, so it is easy to maintain and unbelievably easy to spike. You can use a dab of hair cream or even hair styling gel, and the gorgeous look can easily be done within a minute. It will stay set up throughout the day, with next to zero upkeep required.

5. Foggy Fade

Trendy Hairstyles For Men Foggy Fade Hairstyles

Indeed, even without a great deal of length on top, there are many crisp styling alternatives. This is working the textured periphery incline that works hair forward of the brow with inexactly characterized brush marks.

6.Simple Casual

 Simple Casual Hairstyles for Men

This hairdo is awesome in light of current circumstances. This can be accomplished with a hair styling cream or even hair gel. Keep your hair short on the sides and more on the top for a simple-to-look-after look.

7. Classic Taper

Short Classic Taper Hairstyles for Men

It’s a low-maintenance hairstyle with a high level of style. While the sides and back of the head are shaved short, the highest point of the head still has a little hair for styling. It’s an ageless cut that is as good as can be expected.

This trim is best for young men who would prefer not to object a lot with their hair. The short hair at the top can be spiked for composition or brushed forward with gel or mousse. This hairstyle works best with oval confront short temples and solid cheekbones.

8. Buzzcut Hairstyles

Short Buzzcut Hairstyles for Men

In case you are burnt out on the work that accompanies long hair, consider the buzzcut. Short hair is all around the head, yet it’s sufficiently still to be called hair. This is an incredible alternative for young men who are included in games or other high-vitality activities.

Normally, this hairstyle is another style that takes into account followers of low upkeep. A little measure of gel or mousse can be utilized; however, this hairstyle is frequently kept characteristic. It works best with oval confront short temples and also solid jawlines.

9. Wavy Hairstyle – Undercut Hairstyles

Short Wavy Hairstyle For Men Undercut Hairstyles

It has made an enormous imprint in the latest hairstyle this year. The hair is trimmed short around the sides and back of the head while the top stays long. The most mainstream approach to style this hairstyle is by running the hair smooth back; however, there are a few different approaches to style it.

While most pictures portray it with straight hair, it works awesome for wavy hair. This style requires a considerable measure of styling with gel or mousse and should be kept up by shaving day by day. It works best with solid jawlines and a gloomy appearance. This is perfect for more seasoned high schooler young men who need to keep up a tasteful appearance.

10. Short Clean and Taper Hairstyles

Short Clean and Taper Hairstyles for Men

With tight twists, only a tiny bit of length is sufficient to see the hair’s surface. A fast decrease around the hairline tidies up the edges all around.

11. Side Pompadour Hairstyles

Short Side Pompadour Hairstyles For Thin Hair

It will make a rebound. Pompadours have usually been seen all through design history since they should be possible with hair of different lengths – keeping it either long or short on top. Keep the style set up with grease.

12. Straight Shag Hairstyles

Short Straight Shag Hairstyles for Men

This hairdo has developed into a standout amongst the most in-vogue hairstyles for young men. Contingent upon what sort of hair you have, it can be entirely low upkeep, requiring just a brush and perhaps some mousse. If you do not have straight hair, you may need to utilize a level iron to pick up that stick straight look. More often than not, this style works best for young men with actually straight hair, a gloomy appearance, round cheeks, and high temples.

13.Cool Top Curls Hairstyles

Cool Top Curls Hairstyles For Men

A more drawn-out on top, short sides, and back slice for low upkeep twists are the approach. This cool-cut style twists on top while killing the sides with a high razor blur.

14.Short Butch Cut (Burr Cut)

Short Butch Cut (Burr Cut) For Round Face

This hairstyle, likewise called a burr, is a to a great degree, a short buzzcut. This is a style that is well known among men in the military. It’s low support, and on account of its short length, sweat won’t make the hair look awful. This kind of hairstyle likewise should not be styled.

Numerous young men will like its manly appearance and the general effortlessness of the cut. If you’re going for this hairstyle, you might be capable of avoiding the excursion to the hairdresser and either trim it yourself or request that a guardian out.

15. Short Textured Haircut – Spiky Crop

Spiky Crop Hairstyles

This blast and facial hair combo is not your standard trim or style. With the textured volume at the back and straight cross periphery, it is an activity in differentiations. A high-low blur and calculated sideburn finish this style-forward look.

16. Mohawk Hairstyles

Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

Courageous young men with comprehension guardians might need to try a mohawk. This is unquestionably a standout amongst the most well-known hairstyles. It is named after the Mohawk tribe of Native Americans. Their warriors would regularly shave their heads, spare one strip in the center. This style was said to rouse dread in their adversaries.

Adolescents will like its wild and one-of-a-kind look. Some guardians, in any case, may discover the style a bit excessively forceful. This is unquestionably a teen’s hairstyle that lives on the edge.

17.Simple Short

Simple Short Hairstyles for Men

This style keeps the hair somewhat more on the top, with sides and back short. This hairstyle is the best for those who need an easy hairdo. They will get the opportunity to play with this new look. A little hair gel and tussle of the hair will make a spiked or bedhead look in no time flat.

18.Spikes Men’s Short Hairstyles

Spiky Fringe Hairstyles

It is a prominent teen hairstyle, and the spiky periphery is a pleasant other option to the porcupine spikes of the 90s. A just about wind-blown look makes a delicate yet spiky style that looks awesome.

More often than not, this style works best with mousse since gel tends to make the hair lose its delicate look. It takes little upkeep; everything it needs is a fast go-through with styling mousse every morning. Since a wind-blown look is the premise of this style, it doesn’t take a great deal of chiseling. The style works best with solid jawlines and solid cheekbones.

19. Rough Messy Hairstyles

Rough Messy Hairstyles for Men

Like every single extraordinary hairdo, variety is critical. This variety of the precise periphery is a rough, practically spiky kind of hair that has short sides additionally a shorter length on top with an unmistakable separation of the hair close to the top. This is an incredible search for men with straight, thick hair.

20.Afro Hairstyles

Afro Hairstyles for Men

A short, decreased afro gives an African American’s textured hair the delicate and common twist that is broadly famous today.

Since African Americans have a characteristic thickness and composition to their hair, they frequently do not have experienced a great deal of support to get the twist; however, they could require a little measure of gel for styling. This style works best for African Americans with the characteristic surface required for afro, round or oval faces, and short brows.

21.Short Dread

Short Dread Hairstyles for Men

The common composition found in an African American’s hair flawlessly to dreadlocks. Albeit long fears are still in style, short fears are making waves.

The fears stand around the head with textured styling. It is regularly seen with the head shaved on the sides and back with fears on top. This style takes little support since dreadlocks tend to stay set up. Young men with the slice just need to keep rolling the dreadlocks to keep them from getting to be tangled. This teenager hairstyle works best with the composition of African American hair and an unmistakable jaw or even jawline.

22.False Hawk Hairstyles

False Hawk Hairstyles for Men

It is short around the sides and back, and it step by step gets longer as it pulls towards the center of the head.

This hairstyle brings styling with gel to keep it in the center. It works best with people that have a gloomy appearance, solid buttons, and high cheekbones. Like the mohawk and pigtail, this is a cut for the more expressive high schooler young men.

23. Side Part Combover +Short Pompadour

Short Pompadour Hairstyles for Men

This is an extraordinary teen hairstyle that looks smooth and spruce. This style has long hair all around and gets longer at the top. It is styled smooth back yet not tight against the head, making a “poofed” appearance.

This cut takes a great deal of support and a considerable measure of gel. It works best with solid cheekbones, round countenances, and short temples. Alongside the undercut and side part, it’s a superb decision for tasteful teenage young men.

24. Cornrows Hairstyles

Cornrows Hairstyles

It is a generally African haircut designed by utilizing an upward, underhand movement to make columns of interlaces near the scalp. Regularly framed in straight lines, cornrows can be controlled to frame distinctive shapes or waves on the scalp’s surface.

Cornrows are low-maintenance and can be left in for drawn-out stretches of time, gave that the wearer considers delicately washing the lines on a reliable premise and oil the scalp. Cornrows can take drawn-out stretches of time to accomplish, so persistence is critical.

This is one of the funkier teen hairstyles on this rundown; however, it is a decent decision for a teen who needs something somewhat strange.

25.Induction Cut Hairstyles

Induction Cut Hairstyles for Men

It includes shaving all the hair utilizing an electric razor without a watchman. This razor setting is alluded to as #0, and it adequately diminishes the length of your hair to the briefest conceivable without abandoning you bare.

This hairstyle is low-support, and it’s particularly effective in regions that are inclined to high warmth. Likewise, this style gives you the chance to design the whole scalp with extremely sharp edge dispensed examples, as the scalp is currently, as it were, a clear canvas.

High schooler young men that live in colder territories might need to avoid the instigation cut since it can prompt an always crisp head in the wintertime. It functions admirably with a wide variety of face shapes and hairdos.

26.Tousle Hairstyles

Tousle Hairstyles for Men

Shockingly, it takes a touch of experimentation to get right. It’s extraordinary for high schooler young men who need a laid-back appearance.

For this look, you ought to skirt a hairstyle so that your hair is staying in the closures. This will give the best conditions for the perfect tousled style.

27. High Contrast Fade Hairstyles

High Contrast Fade Hairstyles

Blur hairdos are turning out to be greatly well-known amongst men of late. The blur hairstyle normally goes with shorter hairstyles; however, we presently see longer hair on top with a blur come into men’s hairdo patterns. An awesome looking, at times an all the more unpleasant and not as mixed blur can look extraordinary.

28.Short Wavy Undercut Hairstyles

Wavy Undercut Hairstyles Men

You may think that it is hard to discover a style that fits you on the off chance that you have wavy hair. Provided that this is true, consider this style. It utilizes an undercut yet permits the twists to hold their shape, giving your hair a one-of-a-kind identity.

In this hairdo, the twists are trimmed to suit and case the face shape, so they’re not wavy chaos. In case you’re utilized to raucous twists, attempt this cleaner look.

29.Modern Cowlick

Modern Cowlick Hairstyles for Men

It permits you to tame your coarse hair and receive a stellar trim in return. This is a short hairstyle that is longer at the front. This gives a wet hope to short hair, highlighting numerous characterized closes along the scalp and an indication of an undercut. So on the off chance that you have shorter hair, try this hairstyle. Use hair gel or other styling products to make you look gorgeous.

30.Military Roused Cut

Military Roused Cut

There was a time when the military roused cut was trendy that many men had this hairstyle, but more and more styles have taken over over the past years. This is usually achieved by having all portions of the hair tapered. Yes, that is right, you will have tapered sides, back, and top.

31.Slicked Back Haircuts

Slicked Back Hairstyle

This is a very simple hairstyle wherein all hair strands should be short aside from those placed in front. The front strands of the hair will be pushed back with gel or cream to make them look more formal. This can work best for men with oval faces.

32.Side Part + Short Haircuts

Side Part Hairstyle For Men

This hairstyle had gained popularity recently when men realized that they can have a side part and still have short hair at the same time. This is usually achieved by having one side of the hair longer than one side, and the long portion will be placed over the side to make the whole hairstyle look neat and manly.

33.Fade Taper Undercut+ Slicked Back

Taper Fade and Slicked Back Hairstyle For Men

You may love the slick look because you feel that it makes you look dapper, but you do not want to wait that long before achieving the look. This is the best haircut for you because this style does not require you to have hair that is too long before you can achieve the style you want. The top portion of your hair will not be longer than 2”. The hairline will be taped up to complete the look.

34.Crew Cut + Modern Twist Haircuts

Crew Cut with a Modern Twist Hairstyle For Men

The crew cut has always been a favorite, but if you feel that this is already outdated, you will have a grand time checking out the modern crew cut that comes with faded temples. This can work well if you are planning on having a beard. The top portion of the hair is a bit longer than the sides, but they will still be easy to maintain. To style, use cream or gel on the hair and push hair forward from the back portion. This is the definite opposite of doing a slick back.

35.Spiked Flat + Top Haircuts

Spiked Flat Top Hairstyle For Men

The flat-top has made its appearance again after not being done by men for a decade, but it is back with a vengeance, and it is sharper than ever as the top portion is spiked instead of totally flat. To make the hair look better, have burst fade on the sides of the hair to emphasize the top portion of your hair.

36. Messy Crop

Messy Crop Haircuts

There is a big possibility that you do not want a lot of length on the top portion of your hair for different reasons. You may not like it because you are impatient, or you know that you will get a memo from your office if you would continue trying to grow your hair.

What you can do is have a textured fringe that you will style on your forehead with distinct comb marks. Make your hairstyle more evident by having a blurry fade that is more evident on the back portion of your hair.

37.Vertical Pompadour + Razor Part

Vertical Pompadour Hairstyle For Men

When you hear the word pompadour, you will assume a lot of hair. Since you are not too fond of having long hair, you may not give the pompadour some thought, but perhaps you will change your mind when you see the vertical pompadour. You can still get a lot of height without the need to have long hair. Your hair will be styled vertically (hence its name), but the edges are rounded. You can make this look cooler by adding a razor part on one side of your hair.

38.Short and Clean Buzz Cut

Short and Clean Buzz Hairstyle For Men

There is nothing like a buzz cut that can make everything seem fuss-free, but it will be hard to carry off this look if you are not used to not having a lot of hair. You can make this more modern if you choose a mid fade and have a beard if you do not want to look too clean.

39.University Style

University Style Haircut For Men

This type of hairstyle can make you look younger if this is what you are trying to achieve. The sides and the back portion of the hair are cut short of making this hairstyle easier to maintain. The front portion of the hair and the crown are usually longer and fuller. If you would like to style this haircut, then you can do this easily. Many men prefer using gel to slick it back a bit, although a side part would be nice too.

40.Brush Cut Haircuts

Brush Cut Haircut For Men

Do you wonder how this cut has gotten its name? This is because of how short the hair strands will be once you have gotten this hairstyle. The back portion and the sides are tapered to make this look neat, while the crown portion is a bit longer but will follow the shape of the hair. The strands of the hair will look similar to the bristles of the typical hairbrush.

41.Very Short Haircuts

Very Short Cut

If you do not like to have too much hair on your scalp but you do not want to appear bald, this is the best hairstyle for you to try. Your hair will be cut so much that only about 1/8th of your hair will be left behind. You will know if the barber has cut your hair well if your head feels like sandpaper when you run your palm across.

42.Businessman’s Cut

Businessman’s Cut

If your office has strict rules about hair and your hair is not supposed to be too short, then this is the best hairstyle for you, as the name implies. The hair’s back and sides are tapered, while the crown portion of the hair is a bit longer. This will allow you to change it a bit so you can brush it and part it.

43.Butch Cut

Butch Cut

If you are not too fond of the induction cut because you still want a bit of hair, this can be a good alternative. Instead of 1/8th of your hair is removed, only 1/4th of your hair will be removed, so you will still have soft hair on your scalp. Basically, all of the portions of your hair will be of the same length.

44.High and Tight Hairstyle

High and Tight Hairstyle

The sides and the back portion of your hair will be shaved to have short hair all around. The crown portion of the hair will still have some short hair strands that will be just enough for you to style a bit; whether you would like to spike it up or place it on the sides will be up to you.

45.Small Mohawk Haircuts For Curly Hair

Small and Curly Mohawk Haircuts

This can be great if you have always been fond of the mohawk hairstyle. This is not as extreme as the spiked mohawk, though, and it may work better on you if you have wavy or curly hair. Basically, the sides and the back portion of your hair will be shaved, and the only hair that will be left behind is the one in the middle portion of your head.

46.Landing Strip Haircuts

Landing Strip

If you want to have hair that looks slightly different from the styles you see many men donning, you can try this type of hairstyle. This is basically a shorter version of the flat top. This is so short that your hair part will already be evident. The sides of your hair will be shorter than the hair that can be found on top.

47.Tapered Sponge Curls

Tapered Sponge Curls

If you have sponge curls that you would like to tame, this is the best hairstyle for you to have. You only need a bit of length to show the texture of your hair. Your sponge curls already look cool on their own. You just have to improve them a bit by making sure that the edges of the hair will be clear. This can be achieved with the tapered cut.

48.Short Curly + Bald Fade

Curly with Bald Fade

Once again, if you have curly hair, then this hairstyle will look great on you. The curls you will have on your head will be a bit longer than the hair you will have on the sides and the back, but not long enough to become stressed over it when you try to style it in the morning. The bald fade on the sides can improve the silhouette of your hair.

49.Regulation Cut

Regulation Cut

If you have ever tried to enter the military, you may be aware that one thing they are very particular about is your haircut. A military cut is usually so short that your hair will stay flat on your head. If you do not want your hair to be that short, there are some types of regulation cuts that you can choose from, namely low regulation, medium regulation, and high regulation.

50.Whitewalls Haircuts

Whitewalls Haircuts for Men

When it comes to men’s short hairstyles, the list will never be complete without whitewalls. If this is the first time you have heard of it, this refers to a type of hairstyle so short that some portions of the scalp can be seen easily already. The hair on the back portion and sides is shaved to fit well with the whitewall of the crown area of the head.

51.Faux Hawk Haircuts

Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk Haircuts is the type of hairstyle you want; if you want your hair short but not too short, you will have some trouble with it once it starts to grow out. The back portion and the sides are a lot shorter than those on the top of the head. This will allow you to style your hair still the way that you want it. You can make it into a sort of mohawk if you want.

52.British Band Style Haircuts

British Band Style Haircuts

If you have checked out some British bands before, you will notice that the band members seem to have similar hairstyles. The back and the sides are not that short that your head will still be covered, but the front portion of the hair, particularly the bangs, will be long and thick. This is recommended for men with naturally thick hair. It will also work well for you if your hair is a bit wavy, as you need wavy hair to keep the hairstyle dramatic.

53. Designed Haircut

Designed Haircut

This is usually a short hairstyle wherein the crown portion is longer than the rest of the hair. The sides, in particular, will be designed intricately with different symbols or sometimes even words. You must go to a highly skilled barber in making some designs, or the side of your head will look messed up.

54.Spiked Crop Haircuts+Beard

Spiked Crop

If you would like to have bangs but still keep your hair’s sides and back short, this is possible. If you want to make this look better, you can achieve it by having a disconnected beard. Obviously, this is meant for men who already have a beard; otherwise, if you would only start growing it now, your hair will also grow out before your beard can be ready.

55.Curly Temple Fade Haircuts

Curly Temple Fade Haircuts

This is another style to try if your hair is naturally curly, but you want to make it look more modern. The fade should start from the time going down but leave the back part with a lot more hair so that the fade style will be evident. The forehead should be lined straight, while the neck portion will resemble a sort of arc.

56.Super Short Haircut with Beard

Super Short Haircut with Beard

The best thing about this haircut is how it will be cut and styled. All of the edges will be emphasized. Your hair will have a super short quality but will still be obvious because of the way that your hair has been fixed. You can make the beard seem to be connected to your hair. Take note that doing this hairstyle on your own will be impossible. Allow a professional to do it for you.

57.High and Tight Military Short Haircut

High and Tight Military Short Haircut

When you hear the word “military,” and you have to relate it to hair, you cannot help yourself; you think of something short. This type of military hairstyle appeals even to those who are not part of the military because it looks neat and put together. The sides and the back portion of the hair will be cut extremely short, while the hair on the top portion of the hair will be really long. This is the type of hairstyle you should have when you want to transition from short to long.

58.Slicked Back

Slicked Back Fade Cut

The hair is short all over, but instead of using a razor, scissors are used to trim the hair as close as possible to the scalp. The scissor cut will make sure that the hair strands have more texture. The hair located on the top portion of the head can be pushed back a little to look neater. If your hair does not want to cooperate, you may be using the wrong hair products. The right gel or cream can give the effect that you want.

59. Short and Side Part

Deep Side Part Comb Over

If you want to have a hairstyle that will look great when working in the office, this is the right hairstyle for you to have. If you are wondering about the side part, you can choose the natural side part of your hair.

60.Ivy League

Ivy League Haircut

If you have always wished to look like those college students studying at Ivy League colleges and universities or want to bring back those days, you can choose to have this hairstyle. Actually, you may have this hairstyle as long as you like the way that it looks. The sides and the back portion of your hair will be cut short.

The top portion of your hair will then be tapered and placed towards the sides to have an overall neat appearance. Remember that the crown and the front portion of your hair will be thicker than the rest of your hair when you choose this style.

61.Brushed Up + Side Parted Pompadour

Side Pompadour Hairstyles for Men

If you are familiar with the usual pompadour, you know that this is usually brushed up. This time, you can have a more modern pompadour as it will be side parted. You can even do a hard part which means that the natural part of your hair will be lined to be emphasized. A skilled barber or stylist can do this. Achieving the side-parted pompadour will be easy to do without the hard part.

62. Simple Short Back and Sides

Simple Shortened Back and Sides

If you do not want to fuss about the type of hairstyle you will have, this is a good option. Leave the back and the sides of your hair short while the hair on top and the crown portion of your head will be kept long. This is a flattering hairstyle that can fit all face shapes, so you will have no trouble pulling off this look.

63.Brush Cut

Brush Cut with Fade

Do you want a type of short hairstyle that is so short that your hair strands will already resemble the bristles of a brush? This may be the one that you are searching for. You can work out this hairstyle with or without facial hair. Once again, the sides and the back portion of your head may be a bit shorter than the one on the top portion, but not so much that they will look uneven. This wash and wear hair can give you a few more minutes to spare when you prepare for work in the morning.

64.Office Short Haircut

Perfect-for-the-office Short Haircut

One of the reasons you are so particular about the type of hairstyle you will pick is the type of work you do. You want a hairstyle that will make you fit in in the corporate world. You want a hairstyle that will make people take you seriously when they are talking to you or discussing things with them in a meeting.

This hairstyle is short enough to look neat but not short enough that they will make judgments about you. The back and the sides of your hair will be tapered, while the crown portion of your hair will be a bit longer. This will make it easier to brush and part on the right side.

65.Flat Top

Flat Top

There was a time when people thought that the flat top is gone for good, but it came back in a more modern and appealing way when it came back. Gone are the days when you have to look like a pencil eraser to pull off this look. The flat-top now does not have to be that high. Of course, you still need the right hair products, and having naturally straight hair will help a lot.

66.Mohawk Short

Small Mohawk Short Hairstyle

If you do not work in the corporate world and you work somewhere wherein you are encouraged to show off your personality, then you are in luck. You can easily try this small mohawk hairstyle. If you are still confused why this is a small mohawk, just remember how large the usual mohawk should be. This will be small enough that you will barely notice it. The mohawk sides will be buzzed close to the scalp to emphasize the thicker portion of your head.

67.Short and Layered Haircut

Short and Layered

Some men hear the word layered, and they already assume that this is similar to what women are wearing. Layered hairstyles for women are extremely different from men’s. This layered haircut can look amazing on you as it can give your hair a more messy look without trying too hard. You can style this differently, too, depending on your mood because the length is just right for styling. Remember that to maintain this hairstyle, and you may need to have all of your hair trimmed.

68. Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk Cut

Some men have always wanted to try the mohawk style, but they know they will never be allowed or unsure if it would suit them. A nice alternative will be the faux hawk style.

The hair will be cut so that it is not too short, but of course, it will not be reaching your chin in any way, so this can still be classified as “short” hair. The sides and the back portion of the hair will be slightly shorter than the one on the crown of your head but still short enough to emphasize the middle portion of your hair.

69.High Skin Temple Fade with Spikes

High Skin Temple Fade with Spikes

If you have always loved how spiky hair looks on you, but you do not want to have spikes on the sides of your hair, then you can have the high skin temple fade. The spikes should look uniform in appearance, so you might need to pay a little bit more attention to them in the morning when you prepare for work.

70.Shaved Fade + Slicked Hair

Shaved Fade with Slicked Hair

Do you want to give the appearance that your hair is cut higher than it should? You can have the lower portion of your hair shaved totally while keeping the top and the middle portion in a fade style. The upper portion of your hair should have long strands that will easily slick back using the right styling products.

71.Indie Short

Indie Short Hairstyle

Once again, let us reiterate that as long as your hair does not reach your chin yet, then it can be considered short. This is the reason why this hairstyle is a part of this list. This is actually really short if you ignore the front portion of your hair that will fall near your eye. To make this look cooler, you can have your hair curled so that it will go upward. This will work best for men who have naturally soft and curly hair.

72.Short Curls

Short Curls

Who says that having curly hair will not look flattering on men? It is all about styling. You know that your curly hair is hard to tame, but you do not have to hate it. You can keep the front portion of your hair long while the sides of your hair and the back portion will be cut closely. This hairstyle will work whether you have facial hair or not.

73.Undercut + Cool Design

Undercut with Cool Design

The undercut is surely becoming a classic style that men would choose from time to time, especially when they feel that they need a change, but you may choose to have an undercut hairstyle with a cool design if you want to look different on the side. There are different designs to choose from too. Some will go for some horizontal or vertical lines, but you can unleash your creativity (or at least your barber’s creativity) to have a hairstyle, unlike the others you have seen before.

74.Slick + Winged Back

Slick and Winged Back

If you would like to have the slick back style, but you noticed that many men already have it, this is the best one for you to choose. The great thing about this is you do not have to cut your hair too short of achieving this. The back portion of your head will also show the four parts you have slicked back to get this look.

75.Short Shaggy Hair

Short Shaggy Hair

The shaggy hair does not have to make you look like a hermit or a rocker. You can look decent and still keep it short but still have hair on your head using this hairstyle. This normally works best for men with prominent foreheads because you can cover your forehead with the fringes you will have. Still, even if you do not have a prominent forehead and want something different, you can try this style.



If you do not like to have hair on your head or you truly feel that the bald look suits you well, this involves completely shaving all of your hair from your head until it is already shiny. This requires a lot of maintenance, though, if you are not naturally bald. It can also be harder to maintain if your hair is thicker than most.

Now that you have reached the end of the list, you already have 76 great men’s short hairstyles that you can pick for yourself. Whether you want to revamp your whole style or go for something similar will be up to you. The important thing is that you already have some ideas about what you want.

So… what are you going to try this year?