40 Amazing Military Haircut Styles For Men(2023 Trends)

Military Haircut Styles refer to a range of short and practical hairstyles that draw inspiration from the grooming standards and traditions of the military. These hairstyles are known for their simplicity, low maintenance, and clean-cut appearance. Military Haircut Styles typically involve short hair length all around the head, often achieved through buzz cuts, crew cuts, high and tight cuts, or flat tops. These styles are favored for their functionality and versatility, making them suitable for military individuals and those who appreciate a neat and disciplined look.

Military Haircut Styles are popular among men of all ages and can be customized to suit different hair types and face shapes. This article will list the 40 best military haircuts for men.

40 Amazing Military Haircut Styles For Men

1. Buzz Cut

Undercut Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut is a popular military haircut for men. This neat and smart cut is incredibly easy to maintain and gives you a classic, distinguished look. The buzz cut can range from just long enough to cover the scalp to an inch in length.  Traditional styles of the Buzz Cut can be traced back to the military, but it has also become a trendy style in the modern world. It is perfect for those hot summer days and a formal look.

2. Crew Cut

crew cut with beard

The Crew Cut is a close-cropped, simple, classic haircut. The top is slightly rounded, and the sides and back are cut short, usually no more than an inch in length. The length of the cut can vary from very short to long, depending on the wearer’s preference. This shorter version is often referred to as a High and Tight, with sharp lines and a tapered look.

3. Burr Cut

Burr Cut

The Burr Cut is a classic military haircut for men and a staple for the armed forces. It features a neat and even all-around cut with a high-and-tight appearance. The back and sides are tapered short with a clipper guard, and the top is left slightly longer to look some depth and style. The uniformity of the Burr Cut makes it both easy to maintain and stylish. It’s also practical, as short hair is easier to keep clean and neat.

4. Butch Cut

Butch Cut

The Butch Cut is a military haircut for men with a straight cut around the sides and back of the head. This haircut follows a straight line from the top of the head to the ears and goes to an almost square shape at the back. It is also known as the High and Tight or the Burr Cut. The sides and back are usually clipped off an eighth of an inch, and the top is cut to about an inch in length. It is an excellent choice for young professional men looking for a low-maintenance style.

5. Flat Top

Flat Top Haircut

Flat Top haircuts are a classic military style for men. It involves close-cropped sides that create sharp lines, forming a flattened look on top. With this style, the top stands proud, accentuating the men’s features. The look is both sophisticated and smart. As the most famous military cut, it exudes a sense of authority and experience. Flat Tops often feature a high side fade that matches the top for a balanced look. This emphasizes the top, creating a powerful profile. This helps put you in the driver’s seat, conveying an intense sense of focus.

6. Military High and Tight

High and Tight Military Short Haircut

The Military High and Tight is a classic military haircut worn by many men in the armed forces. It is achieved by cutting the hair on the sides and back very close to the head and clipper trimmed high at the top. The cut is neat and precise, with well-defined lines and parting. For a sharper modern look, hair on the top may be cut shorter than the sides or kept longer for a more rugged appearance.

7. Military Undercut

The Military Undercut is a style that has recently become popular with soldiers. This cut begins with the short hair on the top left, with the sides and back closely cropped. The hair on top can be left either spiked up with pomade for a slick finish or brushed down for a more natural look. The neckline is often buzzed or finished with hard lines framing the face. This edgy, high-contrast cut requires minimal upkeep and maintenance to look stylish.

8. Ivy League Cut

IVY League

The Ivy League Cut is a classic military-inspired haircut for men. This no-nonsense cut features a conservative, low-fade undercut tapered slowly toward the neck. The top is neatly trimmed and left long enough to comb it away from the face. The sides and back can be cut either flat or with a fade. It is the perfect style for the professional man who wants a classic, clean-cut look.

9. Short Brush Up

Short Sides with Brushed Up

This timeless style features a soft cut close to the sides and slightly longer on the top. The top is left long enough for your barber to brush it up for maximum height and texture. It’s an excellent style for those who want a cut that isn’t too extreme and still looks brilliant on any occasion. The short brush-up is easy to manage and always looks good.

10. Swept Back Military Cut

Back swept mushroom cut

The Swept Back Military Cut is an excellent option for men looking for bold, military-style statements. This cut features a tight buzz on the sides and a longer length on top that is neatly combed away from the face. It’s easy to maintain and helps create a robust and confident look. Opt for a fade on the sides for a classic military look. This cut pairs well with a nice clean beard, so if you want to stay trim, keep it with the same cut.

11. Mid Fade

Mid Fade buzz cut

Mid Fade is a classic military-style cut for men. With this look, the sides and back are clipped short and tapered, fading from the neck to the hairline. The top is usually kept longer to contrast the shorter sides. One main advantage of this style is that it doesn’t require tons of product and is perfect for those who want an effortless look. The fade also adds a nice transition between the top and the sides, creating a much more polished look.

12. Taper Cut

Tapered Buzz Cut

The Taper Cut is one of the most famous military haircuts for men. It consists of a shortcut on the sides and back, with the top longer and often styled up and away from the face. The top can range from a few inches to a few centimeters in length, depending on the wearer’s preference. The hair on the sides is usually clipped or shaved to give a sharp, tapered look and feel. This military-inspired cut is suitable for any event and is easy to style in a few minutes.

13. Regulation Cut

Regulation Cut

A Regulation Cut is a classic military-style haircut for men. It is one of the most common military haircuts typically seen on recruits entering basic training. Short, shaved sides and a tapered top characterize the Regulation Cut. The sides are cut to a length of 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch, while the top is usually left at 1 to 2 inches. This style is generally paired with a clean-shaven face, commonly seen in US Marines. The Regulation Cut is the perfect choice for any man who wants a clean, professional look that’s easy to maintain.

14. Recon Cut

High and Tight Recon Haircut

The Recon Cut is a modern military hairstyle that’s easy to manage and popular amongst men. It has a neat look that will maintain its shape and style all day. This low-maintenance, no-fuss watch features a short back and sides that gradually taper down the sides and around the ears. The top is left longer, allowing for some stylish variety when styling. It is a versatile haircut that looks great on many different face shapes and can be easily modified to fit any desired look.

15. Horseshoe Flat Top

Horseshoe Flattop

The Horseshoe Flat Top is one of the most iconic military haircuts for men. It features longer hair on top of the head combed up in a flat, even line with a distinct ‘horseshoe’ shape. The sides and back are shaved short, usually to a length of 1/4-1/2 inch. This particular cut is versatile and can be styled in various ways to fit the man wearing it. It is a popular choice for those going into military service, as it is easy to maintain and looks professional.

16. Induction Cut

Induction Cut

The Induction Cut is a classic men’s haircut recognized the world over. It’s a practical yet stylish choice for anyone in the military or anyone looking to embrace a military-style cut. This classic cut is based on the U.S. military’s standard haircut regulations since the 1940s. The cut consists of a short, even length around the sides and back, with the hair gradually getting longer as you move up the top of the head. A razor or clippers can be used to achieve this look.

17. Short Pompadour

The Short Pompadour

The Short Pompadour is a stylish military haircut for men who prefer uncompromising trends. It is a take on the classic pompadour with a short overall length. The haircut is created with an undercut on both sides, focusing on the longer top section. To make the look, the hair on top is styled up and slightly back with the help of pomade or gel. The Short Pompadour is an excellent option for men of all ages, as it is modern yet timeless. It is also fuss-free and requires minimal maintenance, making it ideal for those with a busy lifestyle.

18. Slicked Back

High and Tight Slicked Back Hair

Slicked Back is one of the most famous military haircuts for men. It is a clean-cut, trimmed style that has been used for generations. The cut includes the sides and back of the hair clipped short and close to the head, with the top left a bit longer. It is then combed straight back, away from the face, in a classic, sleek look. This stylish cut offers a sharp, masculine edge and makes a great addition to any man’s grooming routine.

19. Comb Over Fade

Comb Over Temp Fade

The Comb Over Fade is a stylish and modern military haircut for men. It showcases a fade on the sides and back with a longer top. The top is combed over to one side, giving it a subtle flair. The comb-over fade is an edgier version of the standard comb-over, and it’s suitable for any face shape. It also pairs well with a beard for a cool, classic look.

20. Short Fade

Shorter Fade Haircut

Short Fade is a classic military cut for men. It features a short, faded layer at the sides and back, combined with a longer top layer. This cut works best for those with straight to wavy hair and is ideal for any face shape, especially those with a longer face. This cut is easy to maintain and can be tailored to different occasions with styling products like gel, wax, or pomade. For a clean, sharp look, keep the top slightly longer than the sides, and ask your barber for a tight fade at the sides and back.

21. Side Part

A Side Part Taper Haircut

The side part is a timeless and classic choice for any man. Its versatility makes it one of the most famous military haircuts for men. It is a stylish yet serious look, perfect for any setting. To achieve the side part, the sides of the head are clipped short and close to the head with a clipper, and the top of the head is left a bit longer. The top hair is then neatly divided into a straight, thick part from the left side of the head to the right. Hair on both sides is combed across the forehead and swept to the side.

22. Spiky Cut

Short and Spiky Asian Men Haircut

The Spiky Cut is an iconic men’s hairstyle, popular in the military and beyond. This cut involves short, spiked layers of hair, usually sculpted using scissors and a comb. Depending on the initial length, the Spiky Cut can range from having shorter, popping spikes to a more subtle and spikier effect. This style looks good on any face shape and can accommodate most hair types.

23. Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk

The Faux Hawk style is a modern take on military haircuts. It is a versatile, half-shaved look that pairs well with a high-and-tight or an undercut. This cut has quickly become a popular look among men seeking a short and modern style. Suitable for all hair types, the Faux Hawk aims to be stylish and easy to maintain. Short, textured layers create a sleek contrast to flowing longer layers at the top.

24. Mohawk Fade

Mohawk Fade for Medium hair

The Mohawk Fade is a classic military haircut for men. It consists of short, shaved sides that gradually transition to longer hair on top. This cut is easy to style, making it an excellent choice for men who prefer a low-maintenance style. It will also give you a handsome, professional look to help you stand out. The cut is perfect for those who desire a contemporary military look.

25. Caesar Cut

Caesar Buzz Cut with Taper Fade

The Caesar cut for men is a classic military-style haircut. It is short on the sides and back and features a fringe of slightly longer hair on the top. It is named after Julius Caesar, as it is believed to be the style he favored. This cut works for all face shapes and is the perfect choice for a low-maintenance style with a classic, timeless look. It is easy to style, taking only a few minutes of effort daily. The Caesar cut requires regular trims every 4-6 weeks, which helps keep it looking sharp and precise.

26. Short Quiff

Short Quiff Professional Hairstyle

The Short Quiff has become one of the men’s most famous military haircuts in recent years. This stylish cut combines the practicality of an army cut with a modern edge. The sides are kept short and neat, while the hair on the top is left longer and styled into a messy quiff. This look looks great with any face shape or hair type and is a great style to keep you looking smart and cool.

27. Classic Taper

Classic taper fade

The classic taper is one of the most famous military haircuts for men. It’s a timeless style offers a professional and well-groomed look with minimal styling. It involves cutting the top of the hair shorter than the sides, with the sides being cut gradually shorter towards the bottom. The classic taper is versatile and easy to maintain; it’s ideal for those who don’t want to spend too much time or energy styling their hair.

28. Crew Cut Fade

Crew Cut High Fade

The Crew Cut Fade is a popular military haircut for men. This classic style is characterized by a short length all around, with the sides and back of the head blending into a gradual fade. The top of the head is left longer to give a classic, masculine silhouette. This haircut is ideal for professional men wanting a manageable, low-maintenance look. It is a classic look that will not go out of style and can be customized to fit your face shape and hair type.

29. Textured Crop

Textured Crop with Temple Fade

The Textured Crop is a classic military haircut for men. This hairstyle is a close-cropped cut, usually about one to two inches long and slightly longer at the top. It is styled with texture for a neat finish, and the sides and back are cut short. This style is perfect for men who want a low-maintenance cut that still looks sharp and presentable. It is also an excellent choice for those who want to add a bit of edge to their look and show off their angular features.

30. Forward Sweep

Forward Sweep Haircut

Forward Sweeping is a famous men’s military haircut known for its bold, stylish look. With the hair combed heavily forward and with a sharply angled cut, the along-swept style provides structure and definition to any face shape. Longer hair that falls around the face is often used to add to the squared-off form of the cut, while the sides and back are usually cut shorter and fade down to the scalp.

31. Short Back and Sides

The Short Back and Sides are men’s most famous military haircuts. This style requires both sides of the head to be cut shorter than the top and back, resulting in a neat look with minimal effort. This style works best on medium to thick hair textures. It is easy to maintain – simply use regular clippers to keep the hair clean and sharp.

32. Razor Fade

The Razor Fade

Razor Fade is a military haircut perfect for men who like a clean and modern look. It combines a smooth, sharp fade with a high-precision razor line around the sides and back of the head. The fade gradually becomes shorter and more defined as it reaches the nape area. The result is an overall sharper and cleaner appearance. As a bonus, this haircut is low maintenance and easy to style, requiring only a tiny amount of styling product to keep it looking fresh all day.

33. Skin Fade

Skin Fade with Short Spikes

A Skin Fade is a military-grade haircut for men with a gradually shorter trimmed length from the top to the bottom of the head. It typically begins with a shorter distance at the bottom, blending up the sides and the back with clipping and scissor work. It’s an edgy way to stay within Army regulations and looks that can be tailored to the individual.

34. Drop Fade

buzz cut with drop fade

Drop fade haircuts are an excellent choice for men seeking a military-inspired style. This cut features a high fade that drops low at the neck and temples, creating a gradual transition from short to longer lengths. The length on top is kept longer and parted to the side, while the sides and back are kept clipped close to the scalp. The finished look is polished and put-together, making it an excellent choice for creating a professional and stylish look.

35. Short Layered Cut

The Short Layered Cut represents a classic military cut. This style focuses on shorter layers to create a neat look. This cut is ideal for those with medium hair who want a professional, clean-cut style. This style is easy to maintain and can be done at home with essential grooming tools. The final look will be an attractive, short style that will keep one looking polished and neat.

36. Tapered Crew Cut

The Tapered Crew Cut is a versatile military haircut for men designed to give a professional look and feel. This style is typically short on the sides and slightly longer on the top and can be tapered for the desired look. The sides are cut to the desired length, and then the top is left slightly longer, usually around one to two inches. This style is great for any face shape and for men who may prefer a more conservative look.

37. Messy Crew Cut

The Messy Crew Cut is one of the most famous military haircuts for men. Characterized by a short back & sides with low to medium tapering on the back and sides, the top is kept long and can be styled in any fashion you choose. Often, individuals use some product to give their hair a disheveled, messy look. The Messy Crew Cut is an excellent choice for active military personnel or any man looking for a low-maintenance style. It looks great when worn in a neat, clean style and in a more laid-back style.

38. Temple Fade

Sleek Temple Fade with an Elegant Brushed Up Top

The Temple Fade, a military haircut that can work on any man’s hairstyle, is a great option no matter your hair type. It starts with a short buzz on the sides and back, with the top hair cut with scissors and blended to perfection. The bald fade begins near the temples and sweeps around the sides, gradually fading to an almost-invisible line. Clean lines run around the edges of the faded sides, giving the temple fade a perfectly symmetrical look.

39. Hard Part Fade

Temple Fade with Hard Part

Hard Part Fade is a popular military hairstyle for men. The look features a crisp line that divides the sides and back from the top of the head. The sides and back of the head are shaved very close with a hair clipper, while the top is left longer. On the sides and back of the head, the hair is faded or blended using a different blade size. The result is a handsome but disciplined look, perfect for the modern military man.

40. Low Fade

Low fade blowout

The Low Fade cut is a popular military haircut for men. It is characterized by the hair on the sides and back of the head being gradually tapered down to the skin. The look is completed with a short-to-medium length on top combed back for a clean look. This style is perfect for showing off facial features and looks great with any face shape.


1. What are the benefits of a Military Haircut?

There are several benefits to having a Military Haircut. Firstly, it requires minimal styling and upkeep, making it convenient for those with busy lifestyles. Additionally, the short length helps keep the hair cool in warm weather. It also gives a disciplined and professional look, making it suitable for various work environments.

2. Can anyone get a Military Haircut?

Yes, anyone can opt for a Military Haircut. It is a versatile style that can be adapted to different hair types and face shapes. However, it’s important to consider personal preferences and consult a professional hairstylist to ensure the chosen Military Haircut style complements your features.

3. How often do I need to get a Military Haircut?

The frequency of getting a Military Haircut depends on how quickly your hair grows and how well-maintained you want to keep the style. Generally, it is recommended to visit the barbershop every 2-4 weeks to maintain the desired length and sharpness of the cut.

4. Is a Military Haircut suitable for all face shapes?

Yes, a Military Haircut can be adapted to suit various face shapes. However, certain styles within the Military Haircut category may be more flattering for specific face shapes. A skilled hairstylist can guide you in selecting a Military Haircut style that complements your facial features and overall appearance.

5. How do I maintain a Military Haircut?

Maintaining a Military Haircut is relatively simple. Regular visits to the barbershop for trims are essential to keep the hair at the desired length. Daily washing and conditioning of the hair and proper grooming practices, such as using a comb or brush, will help maintain the style’s neat and clean appearance.