30 Popular Modern Hairstyles for Men(2022 Trends)

Whether you are searching for classic hairstyles or cool short haircuts, we have here a list of modern hairstyles for men inspired by the best stylists and barbers worldwide. There are so many amazing styles that you can try, and look for the right one can be tough. Bear in mind that you should not be afraid to experiment and pick a few styles that can help you change your appearance every few months.

As you try to keep up with our modern-day, here are the best trendy looks that you can choose from.

30 Popular Modern Hairstyles for Men 2021

1. Side Designs

Side Designs haircut


One of the best ways to add extra spice to your look is by having side designs. With the help of your skilled barber, you can achieve any design that you want on one or both sides of your head. Make sure to ask your barber to show you some photos that he can take. Keeping medium hair length on top is also a great idea so that you can brush your hair forward, backward, or to one side.

2. Shape Up Comb Over Undercut

Shape Up Comb Over Undercut


You can take your undercut to the next level by having a thick and shape-up comb-over. You can achieve this hairstyle by brushing your hair upwards after a shower. Dry your hair with a blow drier and apply a generous amount of gel to keep the style in place throughout the day.

3. Layered Shaggy Haircut

Layered Shaggy Haircut

Shaggy is not new to us, but you can make it look even better by adding extra zests to it. In this hairstyle, added fringe provides an accomplished appearance. Both sides and the back are also trimmed short, while the top has curly waves. You can also keep your bangs covering half of your forehead for a mysterious look.

4. Slick Back Undercut and Faux Hawk

 Slick Back Undercut and Faux Hawk

The great thing about modern hairstyles for men is that you can always combine classic hairstyles and still look great on them. This hairdo comprises several things together that will certainly be envied by many. The slicked back forms a faux hawk while both sides and the back are given a clean undercut. It also involves some highlights on top for a bright appearance.

5. Low Taper Fade with Messy Spikes

Low Taper Fade with Messy Spikes

Here is one of the modern hairstyles for men that can turn many heads toward you. This hairstyle involves a low taper fade on both sides and the back. It also has a visible line that adds extra attraction to the style. In addition to blonde highlights, the hair on the crown is also styled into messy spikes that many women love.

6. Disconnected Pompadour

Disconnected Pompadour


It may take a while to learn how to create pompadour, but once you’ve got it, creating this cool hairstyle will be a breeze. First, you will need to ask your barber for a disconnected haircut that involves some cool designs according to your preference. Next is to style your hair on top with the help of a blow drier, brush, or comb, and gel.

7. Front Sweep Waves

Front Sweep Waves


Another modern style for men that you might want to try is the front sweep waves. You can achieve this hairstyle by allowing your hair on top to grow long enough so you can cover half of your forehead. Apply a small amount of gel or pomade for a sleek look. This hairstyle also involves a fade on both sides and the back.

8. Hipster Trim Pompadour

Hipster Trim Pompadour

This modern hairstyle involves a sleek and clean pompadour that any man would want to wear. In this hairdo, the parting line on the side accentuates the hair on top. It also creates a nice distinction between the upper part and the lower part. Use a comb to sweep your hair in two different directions and apply high-quality pomade.

9. High Taper Fade with Pomp

High Taper Fade with Pomp

When it comes to pompadour, you can always try something new that can attract the ladies attention. This pomp style involves a high taper fade on both sides and the back. The strands on top are brushed to one side while creating a distinctive part for a wavy appearance. This style can be easily done by blow-drying your damp hair and applying pomade or styling gel.

10. Messy Spikes

Messy Spikes


One of the modern hairstyles for men is the Messy Spikes. This hairdo can be worn in almost all settings and events. All you have to do is to have your hair trimmed with scissors. The sides should be cut shorter and messy style on the longer hair on top to finish. You will need to use your favorite styling product to keep your messy spikes in place.

11. Wavy ManeWavy Mane with High Undercut

Wavy Mane high undercut

Another incredible hairstyle that you can try if you have long hair on top is the Wavy Mane. This hairdo appears astonishing in its natural state. The waves on top look more splendid with a deep stripe on the side. You can easily copy this hairstyle if your hair is naturally wavy. This style also looks great with some facial hair.

12. Undercut with Top Knot

Undercut with Top Knot


Undercut hairstyles will never go out of style. If you are looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle to change your entire look, you might want to try this particular hairdo. It involves a high fade on both sides and the back, while the hair on top has long hair that can be pulled up for a cute bun.

13. Medium Curls and Faded Sides

Medium Curls and Faded Sides


Men with naturally curly hair can easily achieve this hairstyle. Another great thing about it is that there is no need to apply any hair product to keep those curls in place. Give the sides a nice fade or bald shaved and trim your hair on top. Men with wavy or straight hair can also try this hairstyle. However, it may take a lot of time to create some curls.

14. Hard Part and Fade

Hard Part and Fade


Many hairstyles look incredible, but what will possibly catch the most attention is the hard shaved line. This side part starts from the forehead to the back, separating the faded sides from the wavy top. You can achieve the top with some hair gel or wax.

15. Quiff with High Fade

Quiff with High Fade


One of the best modern hairstyles for men today, this hairdo involves a high fade on both sides and the back and a nice quiff that has been shaped up. This style gives extra height and charming points that can surely catch the lady’s attention. Perfect for everyday wear, formal wear, and casual wear, you can also couple this style with a short mustache and stubble.

16. Modern Push Back

Modern Push Back


You can always enhance your usual hairstyle with a little touch of creativity. In this hairstyle, both sides have undercut while the top remains long. With a small amount of pomade or gel, comb your hair back until you are satisfied with how high or flat the top is. A hard part line is also added on the side for additional spice.

17. Incomplete Line

Incomplete Line


There is no doubt that this is one of the simplest and coolest modern hairstyles for men. This does not require a lot of maintenance. There is also no need to apply any hair product. This hairstyle involves a hard curvy line that is incomplete, unlike the usual straight line. This line adds uniqueness and freshness to the overall haircut.

18. Slicked Back with High Taper Fade

Slicked Back with High Taper Fade

Here is another amazing hairstyle that might give you some inspiration on what to wear for your next holiday trip. It involves long, slicked-back hair and high taper fade on both sides. You can achieve the top with a generous amount of pomade and comb your hair backward for a fresh and formal appearance. You can also couple it with a long beard to finish.

19. Textured Top with V-Back

Textured Top with V-Back

V-back hairstyles are becoming a trend as it enhances the look of any hairdo. You can achieve this haircut by having skin shaved on both sides while the back has a V-shape. Apply some styling gel on top for a lovely texture. Sweep the front to one side to complete this perfect look!

20. Crisp Pomp Line

Crisp Pomp Line

The classic pompadour hairstyles have been around for years. While most of them look the same, you can give your additional zest by adding a crisp contour around the crown. The visible line makes sure that the attraction focuses on your pompadour. Keep both sides and the back short for a fresh look.

21. Textured Spikes with Beard

Textured Spikes with Beard


Textured spikes look incredible, especially when coupled with a sculptured mustache and beard. You can achieve this hairstyle by giving both sides a zero or mid fade, while the top has short textured spikes. This hairdo will surely give you an entirely different look. This is ideal for men who like to grow their beards and mustache long.

22. Graduated Top

Graduated Top


This hairstyle is created by maintaining voluminous hair on top of your head while both sides and the back are trimmed short. Give the longer strands an extra height by blow-drying them and applying a generous amount of pomade or gel. You can also add some stubble for a nice facial frame.

23. Double Contour

Double Contour


Modern hairstyles always try something new. You can experiment with some hairstyles and discover amazing hairdos that are suitable for your hair type. This haircut, for instance, involves two razor lines that make the style unique and trendy. They also create a pattern that adds life to this simple haircut. If you want to keep your hair short, add some zests to it by copying this style!

24. Step Up with Fade

Step Up with Fade

Here is another cool hairstyle that you might want to try, whether you want a casual or formal appearance. What makes this hairdo amazing is that it has a nice step up from skin fade to long hair on top. It is also textured for extra height. You can easily achieve this hairstyle with some pomade and blow-drying techniques.

25. Crown Braid

Crown Braid


One of the modern hairstyles for men is the Crown Braid. This may look complicated at first, but once you’ve got how to braid, doing this hairstyle will be a breeze. Keep the hair on top long enough so you can make a big braid. Pull it into a top bun, and you’re ready to go!

26. Long and Wavy

Long and Wavy


You can achieve a new look by growing your hair long and leaving your tresses resting above your shoulders. Mane is wavy, and tips are curled creatively. To copy this hairstyle, all you need to have is a comb and some styling products. You can also choose to let your hair flow naturally without applying any gel at the tips.

27. Sleek Doubled

Sleek Doubled

This sleek hairstyle involves two stunning double lines. One of those hard lines is soft or shallow, while the other one is deep and long. This hairstyle also involves curly hair on the crown done by applying a generous amount of gel.

28. Long Side Bangs with Beard

Long Side Bangs with Beard

If you prefer keeping your bangs long, you might want to try this hairstyle. This style looks great, especially when coupled with a long mustache and beard. Maintain your hair on the crown long so you can sweep your locks to one side. You may also consider adding some highlights for additional spice.

29. Neat Spikes

Neat Spikes

Spikes are easy to wear, and they make an amazing everyday look. In addition to its low maintenance, another great thing about spiky hair is that there are multiple ways to style it. If you want to have a neat spiky top like this hairstyle, apply some gel to keep your spikes in place throughout the day.

30. Elegant Bun

Elegant Bun

If you have long tresses, here’s one of the modern hairstyles for men that you might want to try. This hairdo involves pulling your hair to the back and tying it with a soft band. For an incredible look, you may consider pairing this style with a full beard.