45 Cool Neymar’s Hairstyles You Can Try Out

One of the most expensive footballers in the game, Neymar is known for his mad football skills and sense of fashion. Neymar has notably been known to rock eccentric and out-of-this-world hairstyles and colors. Of course, if you’re as handsome as the famous Brazilian footballer, you could probably rock any hairstyle!

Whether you’re looking to change your look for the new year or just getting bored of the same hairstyle you’ve had since high school, here we have 45 different styles to give you some inspiration. It will provide you with a new, fresh look, and a new hairstyle can unlock the confidence you never thought you had! From curly straight to the mohawk, you are guaranteed to find your perfect look that will make women stare in awe!

45 Cool Neymar’s Hairstyles You Can Try Out

  1. Gelled high top

Gelled high top


Make your high-top stand out by shaving everything from sideburns to back. You will need to grow your hair in the middle to heighten it for this look. To add to the neatness and make it look sleeker, adding wax or gel to style this high top will make your hair stay in place. This look can be made even with just your fingers. This hairstyle would suit more men 20 years and above, especially if you have a longer face.

  1. Forward comb with bangs

Forward comb with bangs


The classic Neymar look is his relaxed cut when he’s not sporting his famous eccentric styles. Comb all your hair forward, covering your forehead but just above the eyes. Add some wax to the tips for a similar fresh look to make it spiky. The look is brought together by connecting the sideburns with a bit of stubble.

  1. Bleached blonde

Bleached blonde


This is the classic everyday Neymar hairstyle with a twist! The twist is faux bleached tips that pair well with the sideburns connecting facial hair that properly frames the face.

  1. The elegant Neymar

The elegant Neymar


Neymar attends fashion shows and charity events with this elegant look when he’s not on the football field. With shaved sides and back, a few inches of sideburns are left to frame the face. The top is parted to the side with fingers to give it a wavy look and is waxed or gelled to stay put.

  1. Messy and relaxed

Messy and relaxed


Neymar’s definition of messy isn’t the same as ours. With the sides shaved, the longer top is left loose to give him a boyish look. This look is simple to duplicate, does not require any styling products, and suits younger boys.

  1. Short and curly

Short and curly


This haircut was Neymar’s original hairstyle, as you can tell from its naturally short perms and black hair. One of his shorter hairstyles was back in the days before he grew his hair out and straightened it.

  1. The Platinum blonde

The Platinum blonde


Going full platinum blonde on his head, this hairstyle screams for attention! This look goes well with his natural curls and does not require different styling. The color speaks for itself.

  1. Platinum Disconnected

Platinum Disconnected


Not that a Platinum-colored hairstyle needs any spicing up, but if you’re looking to spice it up, you can create a confused look with contrasting dark roots and platinum-blonde tips to give your hair more depth.

  1. The Brush top

The Brush top


Natural, messy, and rugged, this hairstyle can be done by letting your hair grow out at the top and a little at the sides. Bring out your boyish charm with this haircut that requires little to no styling.

  1. The Quiff and Mohawk

The Quiff and Mohawk


Neymar is famous for his bold, mohawk-styled hair; this is one of the fan’s favorites! With an almost cleanly shaven side and sideburn, the lightly bleached silver color of the mohawk is brushed into a quiff, adding a more sophisticated touch.

  1. Classic high top

Classic high top


The high top is the go-to look for men nowadays. Although relatively simple, it can make you look ssignsand even taller! The sides are shaved, with some sideburn left for some structure. The middle is left to grow, and volume is added using volumizing products.

  1. Mohawk with highlights

Mohawk with highlights


One of Neymar’s mohawk variations, this style is made differently by highlighting the tips of his mohawk to give it extra spice. With shaved sides and a clean back, it is cleverly designed to show off his neck tattoo.

  1. Long Spikes

Long Spikes


You can achieve this look by letting your hair grow out longer at the top and crown area. The spikiness is achieved by using a flat iron to straighten the hair to the front. The rest of the head is kept cleanly shaved with a bit of sideburn joining the stubble.

  1. Rugged Dark Caramel Brown hair

Rugged Dark Caramel Brown hair


This hairstyle can be easily achieved by turning your head a dark caramel brown color. The haircut is achieved by being short at the front but leaving the sides and sideburns long until it joins your beard. Only a comb is needed for this hairstyle, as the hair color should be the show’s star.

  1. Dual-tone Mohawk

Dual tone Mohawk


The dual-tone Mohawk will make you look like the ultimate badass. With cleanly shaved sides, the middle part is left long and styled into a mohawk. The mohawk’s top is a bright blonde for a maximum height illusion to make it stand out.

  1. Messy Spikes

Messy Spikes


Not all spikes have to be straight and pointy. This messy and spiky hairstyle looks chic due to its cleanly shaven sides. Spikiness can be achieved by using wax or gel, but instead of waxing the hair, have a little fun and mess it up.

  1. Natural blonde curls

Natural blonde curls


When he’s not spotting his usual mohawk or spikiness, his short and curly hair makes him look different! Curly hair makes men (and even women) look more mature and never goes out of fashion. He takes things up a notch by dying his curly ends blonde.

  1. High top with razor lines

High top with razor lines


Are you bored of the usual high-top? Please take it to another level by adding razor lines to properly define the top of your hair’s volume. Razor lines accentuate the contrast between the closely shaved sides and the voluminous top.

  1. Angular fringe

Angular fringe


Cleanly cut from the sides to the back, the angular fringe is like a mohawk, except it isn’t styled to stand at the top. With longer top and front hairs, the hair is combed to the front instead to make a fringe at an angle.

  1. Curly Highlighted Long Half Mohawk

Curly Highlighted Long Half Mohawk


The half mohawk fades just above the temple and leads into a clean shave down the side of the head. Instead of styling his hair straight into a regular mohawk, he leaves his natural curls, highlighted blonde, for a stronger statement.

  1. Disconnected Blonde and Brown Fauxhawk

Disconnected Blonde and Brown Fauhawk


Take two of Neymar’s favorite hair colors and hairstyles and mash them together; what do you get? I’ve never seen anyone other than the footballer pull off anything like this.

  1. Mullet and Mohawk with bangs

Mullet and Mohawk with bangs


Yes, this is the first time we’ve seen these two words in the same sentence, let alone the same hairstyle! Shaved at the sides, his front hair is longer to give him bangs. Dyed his standard hair color, the back of his hair is also left long to provide him with a mullet-like frame.

  1. Copper Mullet and Mohawk

Copper Mullet and Mohawk


Neymar grew out the front and back of his hair with a fiery copper mohawk into a mullet style. If this isn’t brave, we don’t know what is.

  1. Gelled Fauxhawk with Bangs

Gelled Fauxhawk with Bangs


Another two words do not belong in the same sentence, but Neymar did it! With a lot of gel, Neymar created this fauxhawk by erecting the hairs straight up on the top. At the front, his hair is gelled straight down to cover his forehand, giving him bangs. The back is also unique, with slightly longer tails.

  1. Gelled mullet with bangs and hairband

Gelled mullet with bangs and hairband


Seriously, how creative can he get? To keep his mohawk-mullet-with-bangs in place while on the field, he added a hairband to the whole mix, and its fans loved it!

  1. The Red Crew Cut

The Red Crew Cut


This regular crew cut is unique, leaving the top side a little longer than usual. The hairstyle is also accentuated by dying it a cherry red color. I guess blonde is not his only color.

  1. The Flaming Mohawk

The Flaming Mohawk


How can you make a mohawk stand out? Set it on fire! With an additional fringe and tail, this fiery red hair color goes well with darker skin complexions.

  1. The mohawk braid

The mohawk braid


Are you still surprised? The athlete sported this hairstyle during his early days. With his classic mohawk at the top, the several long braids down the back surprisingly suited his slender physique.

  1. Dreads



Yes, he did it! Neymar wouldn’t be the king of hairstyles if he didn’t try out dreads at least once! He looks good wearing his dreads both down naturally and in an updo.

  1. Neymar, the pop singer

Neymar the pop singer


With his charming good looks, this haircut works so well for him! One of his simplest looks yet, and he looks straight out of one direction!

  1. The extremely blonde mohawk

The extreme blonde mohawk


Leaving his mohawk all-natural and fluffy, this platinum blonde color contrasts with his darker skin tone.

  1. The Grindelwald

The Grindelwald


Neymar looks as badass as the most powerful dark wizard of all time! This faded look begins from the dark roots and fades into blonde towards the top. You don’t need to be a wizard to rock this look!

  1. The warrior

The warrior


His cleanest cut yet, this is one of Neymar’s more ‘normal’ hairstyles. Shaved all around except a little at the top, it makes him look warrior-like and ready for battle.

  1. The classic pompadour

The classic pompadour


Neymar rocks the classic pompadour but with cleanly shaven sides. The pompadour gives volume and height if that’s what you’re looking for.

  1. Backcomb with copper peekaboo

Backcomb with copper peekaboo


Slightly shorter at the tops and shaved at the sides, this haircut is achieved by combing everything to the back. It is made unique by having copper highlights.

  1. Disconnected messy curls

Disconnected messy curls


This hairstyle looks messy, but it’s intentional. With black roots disconnecting with blonde curls, you can achieve this look using your fingers and a little hair wax or gel.

  1. Gelled curly

Gelled curly


Going back to basics, Neymar let his natural curls grow out in this simple hairdo. Only by using wax or gel can you keep the curls in place.

  1. Curly brown hair with blonde highlights

Curly brown hair with blonde highlights


Following Neymar’s back-to basics with his natural curly black hair, he spices it up by dying his roots brown with specks of blonde highlights, which brings out his eyes and is perfect for his complexion.

  1. Blonde Spaghetti

Blonde Spaghetti


This hairstyle causes quite a stir, with fans making fun of his spaghetti-style hairdo. Letting his curly hair grow longer than usual, the spaghetti-ness is accentuated by him dying the strands blonde.

  1. Braids



At first, what fans thought to be dreads turned out to be ultra-thin three-stranded braids. With a top ponytail and his classic beard, Neymar looked fantastic with this well-put-together hair-do.

  1. Bleached blonde with parted bangs

Bleached blonde with parted bangs


In this style, Neymar didn’t part his bangs with the usual side or middle part. Instead, he went for a half-up and half-down hairdo! He kicks it up a notch.

  1. The umbrella

The umbrella


This hairstyle will make you look like an umbrella, but it will not protect you from the rain like one. With dark roots with blonde ends, this effortless hairstyle will make you look rugged.

  1. Dark Chocolate brown

Dark Chocolate brown


Going back to basics, Neymar dyes his hair a warm dark chocolate brown that brings out his eyes. Paired with his usual Neymar daily hairstyle, it goes so well with his skin tone.

  1. Braided updo with razor cuts

Braided updo with razor cuts


One of his most creative hairstyles yet; this surprisingly suited him so well! With blonde braids put into an updo and razor cuts on the shaved bottoms, he looked remarkably clean and handsome with this hairdo.

  1. Skinhead Neymar

Skinhead Neymar


Go back to basics (fundamentals) with this skinhead lWhetherether he has a full head of hair or not all, Neymar pulls it off! This is the ultimate effortless look.

From pulling off the Skinhead look to dreads to platinum blonde hair, it’s safe to say that Neymar truly is the King of hairstyles. Among all these 45 looks, you are guaranteed to find the look of your dreams. Which one is your favorite?