What Is the Rezo Cut and 26 Amazing Examples(2022 Update)

Have you been looking for a way to change the shape of your curls to a better one or turn your frizzy hair into a hot chic style? Do not worry; there’s a solution for you. The Rezo Cut, created by Nubia Suarez, a Master Stylist and Curl Expert, is a method of cutting curly hair to enhance its volume, texture, and shine.

It is a hair-cutting technique that only women with naturally curly and wavy hair beginning with type 2B are eligible to wear. As said earlier, it is one of the most fashionable curly haircuts and is frequently mistaken for other cuts that seem similar.

To achieve this style, your hair must be sectioned into V’s and cut into triangles and circles to achieve a beautiful round shape. The Rezo cut is perfect for curly women who love their length since it keeps length and volume while forming a shape.

What is a Rezo Cut

What Is the Difference Between a Rezo Cut and a Deva Cut?

 The Rezo and Deva cut are both curly hair techniques, so It is possible to think they are the same, but they are not.

The Deva Cut is a unique method for cutting curly, wavy, or coily hair developed by the Devachan Salon. The hairdresser can see how each curl is fashioned and how each curl will fall because the cut is done on dry hair and the primary purpose of the style is to allow your curls to frame your face.

The Rezo Cut is a method developed by Master Stylist and Curl Expert Nubia Suarez that keeps your hair curly and at the same length as the tips. Your curls are released from the root region to move around freely.

According to an expert, the significant difference between a Deva Cut and a Rezo Cut is that “the Rezo Cut maintains an even length around your head, while the Deva Cut focuses on framing your face.”

Another difference is that when the Rezo cut hair is straightened, the hair aligns evenly; unlike the deva cut, when straightened, your hair may appear uneven at the tips.

How Long Does a Rezo Cut Last?

How long your  cut lasts usually depends on how tight your curls are. If you have tight curls, consider going for hair maintenance within six months, while those with loose curls should go for maintenance within three months.

However, if you notice your curls losing shape before this speculated 3 to 6 months, don’t hesitate to go to your salon for a retouch.

Is a Rezo Cut Done on Dry Hair?

This haircut is performed while the hair is dry and aims to give your head even-length curls allowing them to breathe freely. Using the this technique, there is a massive volume, and the beauty of your curls is highlighted on dry hair.

How to Style Your Rezo-ISH Cut AFTER Your DIY HAIRCUT

26 Best Rezo Haircuts For Women To Try This Season

This haircut is a super trendy style that makes every curly woman the day’s talk. Here are 30 best rezo haircuts for women To try.




Accepting your curls is all that matters when creating a Rezo cut, but as you know, we have different curl types and textures.

Luckily, you can create the Rezo cut despite these different textures. The picture briefly demonstrates how you can use the Rezo and Afro hairstyle to create a beautiful effect.

If you have type 4 hair, Consider going for a shape like this if you want to embrace a little frizz, and I know that you’ll fall in love with it.




This season, face-framing bangs are all the rage, and curly girls are joining the trend as more and more clients ask for alternatives ranging from blunt, statement-making bangs to curtain bangs that highlight the cheekbones.

Even a fat face may not look well with long hair drooping down; that’s why you need to get a pretty Rezo cut to highlight your lovely waves and achieve a light, bouncy look with your bangs spicing the look. If you don’t like bangs, wear your blonde Rezo without them and show your beautiful curls to the world.




The side part Rezo is a glamorous style that is always in vogue. Just get a rat tail comb and use it to draw a precise line on your part as you create a beautiful work of art on your curls.

Where to position your side part solely depends on you, be it the left or right side; I suggest you choose the one that fits your face perfectly. I’m very sure that your curls will be exceptionally even, and the side part will make you look more youthful in whatever color you want to wear it.

4.    REZO BOB



This haircut is a beautiful example of how curly hair can help you contour your face. It leaves you with gorgeous eyes that are much highlighted by the shorter haircut.

Getting this style gives off an elegant and artsy impression without the dreaded coconut head looks, making it perfect for those who prefer short bangs.

Consider getting this haircut if you want a beautiful Rezo cut that requires low maintenance.




While loose curls are also gaining popularity, this Rezo cut is for anyone who wants to look gorgeous effortlessly,

If you don’t want to alter the way your hair looks drastically, the Rezo cut can still give you the modest curl boost you need without making many modifications to your hair.




With this haircut, you can look more refined or give off a rock’n’roll attitude. Even minimal styling is sufficient and goes well if your hair is thick. Anyone who recreates this style can bring back the old 90s vibe.

7.    Short Rezo Cut

Short Rezo Cut


Shorter curls are easier to maneuver, and they are bouncy, too. When adding the Rezo cut technique, we can see not just your bouncy curls but your beautiful face, which is more prominent.

By retaining the thick hairs on the top of your head, you can give your face a more confident and bold appearance. For a prettier look, rock this style in a color that fits your skin.

8.    Medium Rezo Cut

Medium Rezo Cut


Check out this beautiful illustration of the medium-length Rezo style since you’ve seen an example of the shorter Rezo cut. The fashionable medium cut delivers style above and beyond expectations. Therefore, this style keeps the hair at the ideal length while maintaining outstanding tight curls across the head.

If you don’t like having your hair short or too long either, consider opting for the medium Rezo style.

9.    Messy Rezo Cut

Messy Rezo Cut


Although the Rezo cut is popularly known for its precise length, you can play around with your curls a little and give it a wild touch with your curls’ messy feel without looking like you just got out of bed.

10.    Coily Rezo Cut

Coily Rezo Cut


When a tiny bit of intricacy is added to the curls, it might help elevate the appearance. Thanks to their slightly coiled ring cuts, they have a softer, more appealing look. Thus, the delicate and inviting curls are made possible by Rezo’s evenness. This look emphasizes curls with softer waves, a little coiling, and minimal definition. It gives the Rezo cut’s evenness a refined and delicate appearance.

11.    Long Rezo Cut

Long Rezo Cut


These Rezo cuts are fashionable, long, and emphasize the curls. They provide a uniform contour all around the head. As a result, this cut complements the skin tone, particularly the stunning coils, which endow the personality with an appeal.

12.     Kinky Curls Cut

Kinky Curls Rezo Cut            


The super kinky curls create even volume around the head, and these Kinky curls work perfectly with the afro style. Also, they look attractive and appealing.

13.    Round Rezo Cut

Round Rezo Cut           

Source: Instagram

This  Rezo cut style was majorly created for those who have lengthy hair. The hair’s curls and texture help it keep its volume all around the head. Consider going long and round like in this example if you believe the round style will suit your face.

You can have the popular round trendy cuts, bringing significant volume to the side of your head.

14.    Highlighted Rezo Curls

Highlighted Rezo Curls

Source: Instagram

Here, you can see how well highlights work. The blonde highlights stand out exceptionally well against the large volume of darker hair. The haircut also manages to look relaxed and polished at the same time. The doubled-tone curls are modern, and they never go out of style. The highlighted curled Rezo cut is something you want to consider for your next hairstyle.

15.    Soft Undefined Rezo Cuts

Soft Undefined Rezo Cuts

Source: Instagram

Rezo cut doesn’t always mean having defined, bold and enlarged curls. Sometimes, soft and undefined curls are what you need to look chic.

16.   Spiral curls

Spiral curls


The equal length of a Rezo cut is still an option, even though spiral curls are heavier and may not remain up evenly in all directions.

17.   Standard Rezo Cut

Standard Rezo Cut

Source: Instagram

This example showcases a standard Rezo cut with full-volume curly hair and an actual length around the entire head. The black color of this woman’s hair blends perfectly with her skin and facial tone, and this haircut screams gorgeous curls!

18.   Red Head Cut

Red Head Rezo Cut

Source: Instagram

This sample demonstrates that you can wear the Rezo style with the traditional redhead hair color and texture. You have beautiful red color curls; why don’t you recreate the Rezo cut and achieve that significant volume and length?

19.   Balayage Rezo Cut

Balayage Rezo Cut


Adding a balayage effect to your Rezo cut curls is an excellent idea that would help to enhance your curls’ look.

Like the color in the picture, no one could resist your beautiful curls.

20.   Salt and Pepper Cut

Salt and Pepper Rezo Cut


If you’re in your late 50s or older and are scared to rock your grey hair but still want to rock the Rezo hairstyle, try using the salt and pepper coloring technique for a refined and elegant look.

 21.    Large Curls Rezo

Large Curls Rezo

Source: Curlcentric

This Rezo haircut is characterized by large curls, which is fantastic since it can be worn by everyone, regardless of the size and shape of their curls. Whether your curls are small or enormous, you can rest assured that the end effect will blow not only your mind but that of those whom you will meet.

22.   Gray Rezo Cut

Gray Rezo Cut

Source: Instagram

It might be sometimes difficult to accept your white hair, but with the Rezo cut, the beauty of your curls would be unique. This hairstyle is perfect for women in their 70s with grey hair.

23.   Rezo Cut on Very Short hair

Rezo Cut on Very Short hair


Don’t think your hair is too short to get this haircut because you might be wrong. Your hair is just as perfect as any other curly hair. Even though the Rezo was designed for women with longer hair, it can still be worn by those with shorter hair and retain its elegant look.

24.   Colored Ends Rezo Cut

Colored Ends Rezo Cut

Source: Joemiguel

A little tint of your desired color to the ends of your Rezo curls gives you a unique outstanding look. Don’t forget to use a color that matches your skin tone.

25.   Rezo Diffused Curls

Rezo Diffused Curls

Source: Kyle J

After defining your curls with the Rezo cut technique, squeeze out any remaining water with a microfiber towel. Use a low heat diffuser to dry the hair, and then apply a little oil to moisturize your curls and give them more shine.

26.   Rezo with whisky Bangs

Rezo Cut with whisky Bangs


Without making the total commitment of full bangs gives your face dimension. If natural bangs don’t usually work out for you, this is a terrific alternative for people with curly hair.