50 Brilliant Senegalese Twist Styles You Should Try

The Senegalese twist is a trending hairstyle that can help strengthen your natural hair. When you are bored of straightening or curling your hair, you can try this natural styling to give you a fascinating look.

The Senegalese twist, also called a rope twist, provides benefits similar to hair braiding. You will require a lot of patience and time to wear this Senegalese twist hairstyle, but the output is outstanding.

Like other braiding techniques, this Senegalese twisting technique lasts two to three months. You can use this technique to create a natural hair extension, avoiding glues or stitches. If you have long and thick hair, you will not need any hair extensions. So, aren’t you interested to know how to wear a Senegalese twist? In this article, let’s see how to do Senegalese twists and 50 different styles to sport them for various occasions.

How to do Senegalese Twist?

Following a few easier steps will give you a perfect Senegalese hairstyle. A professional hairdresser can ace this hairstyle, but you can try it at home, getting help from your friend.

This hairstyle is much easier than micro braids and cornrow fashioned braids. If you are a beginner, get some help from a friend to braid this hairstyle. With practice and experience, you will become the best at doing Senegalese twists. Proper care and maintenance will ensure the twist lasts for months.

  • Preparing your hair: Determine if your hair is at an appropriate length for wearing a Senegalese twist. It must be at least 1.9 cm or longer to do this hairstyle. If you have shorter hair, choose a perfect hair extension that would suit your natural hair. Kanekalon and Toyokalon extensions should only be used to do Senegalese twists.
  • Partition of the hair: Partition the hair and the hair extensions into two divisions until the sections are less than 1 inch in width. Now, twist each section and hair extension (if you use it) to form a Senegalese twist.
  • Set the twist: Set your Senegalese twist in the boiled water. It must be set for 4 to 6 weeks if taken care of properly. It should be redone after six weeks, as it will lose its perfect texture.

50 Best Senegalese Twist Hairstyles

Here is our favorite list of 50 best Senegalese twist hairstyles for you to try and sport a fashionable look.

  1. Small Senegalese Twist

Small Senegalese Twist Hairstyle


The Small Senegalese twist hairstyle involves the micro-braiding of your hair. It is time-consuming and requires lots of patience, but it gives better results. Try it to witness the awesomeness of this hairstyle.

  1. Medium Senegalese Twist

Medium Senegalese Twist Hairstyle


The braids are neither narrow nor large but in a perfect size to give a trendy look. You can add hair accessories to highlight the medium braided hairstyle.

  1. Large Senegalese Twist

Large Senegalese Twist Hairstyle


These large braids are not of jumbo types but bigger than the medium ones mentioned above. You do not need any hair accessories to highlight this hairstyle.

  1. Jumbo Senegalese Twist

Jumbo Senegalese Twist Hairstyle


The Jumbo Senegalese Twist gives you denser hair than you would wish to boast. This vibrant hairstyle is easy to maintain and accessorize.

  1. Crochet Senegalese Twist

Crochet Senegalese Twist Hairstyle


This beautiful hairstyle suits every African-American woman out there. It gives a stylish and sleek outcome to your hairstyle. This hairstyle is best as you can style it too long or medium according to your preference.

  1. Twist with Side Partition

Senegalese Twist Hairstyle with Side Partition


The Senegalese Twist Hairstyle is even better now with side partitioning. If you wish to look more attractive with a side-swept hairstyle, you should try this one.

  1. Twist with Golden Accessories

Senegalese Twist with Golden Accessories


What is more attractive than decorating your hairstyle with suitable accessories? As you can see from this picture, the appropriate accessories add elegance to your beauty.

  1. Half Up-do

Senegalese Twisted Half Up-do Hairstyle


This attractive hairstyle has a Senegalese twist in a half-do position, giving a beautiful look with low maintenance. This hairstyling does not require effort to redo again and again.

  1. Thick Donut Senegalese Bun Hairstyle

Thick Donut Senegalese Bun Hairstyle


This beautiful and elegant hairstyle is not easy to do as it seems to be. It requires a professional touch and also proper care for a lavish look.

  1. Easy Side Part Long-hair Looks

Easy Side Part Senegalese Twist Long-hair Looks


Who told you that you could not enjoy these hairstyles without long hair? The Senegalese twists go well with the long hair falling on one side of the shoulder if you braid after careful partitioning.

  1. Long Auburn Rope Twist

Long Auburn Rope Twist Hairstyle


This beautiful hairstyle highlights the dynamic rope twists with different colors, thereby giving away the vibrancy of the hairstyle. If you are concerned about natural hair damage due to hair coloring, you can try hair extensions in different colors.

  1. Big Twist with Highlights

Big Twist with Highlights


What is more beautiful than highlighting the bigger yet dynamic rope twists on your head? If you have concerns about dying your natural hair, you can always opt for suitable hair extensions.

  1. Gorgeous micro-braiding rope twists

Gorgeous micro-braiding rope twists


The micro-braiding technique is for you if you would like to boost your long hair in a free hairstyle. By braiding it in micro twists, your hair would look elegant and beautiful without any inconvenience. You can also choose to wear a ponytail after micro-braiding the hair.

  1. Highlighted Updo

Highlighted Updo Senegalese Twist Hairstyle


This cool hairstyle is achieved by shaving the sides of the head. By shaving the sides, you get to highlight the Senegalese styled up-do. Of course, you will have to trim the head now and then to keep the hairstyle intact for weeks.

  1. Pretty Senegalese Twisted Pony Hairstyle

Pretty Senegalese Twisted Pony Hairstyle


This pretty hairstyle gives a youthful look to you on any occasion. To make you look prettier, try putting the ponytail a little higher on your head.

  1. Cute curly Senegalese Twists

Cute curly Senegalese Twists


The cuteness always multi-folds when you do a Senegalese twist on curly hair. You can experiment with various ways to style the twist on the top of the head, like a ponytail or trying a headband.

  1. Two-tone twists with Up-do

Two tone twists with Up-do


While there are various ways to style an up-do, an exciting way is to do an up-do with twists of two different tones. You can achieve this by using suitable hair extension and braiding it with natural hair.

  1. Jumbo Side-Swept Rope Twists

Jumbo Side-Swept Rope Twists


These side-swept Rope twists are the sophisticated yet perfect braids for someone who wants zero inconveniences. You can boast the dense hair and avoid its hassles falling on your face.

  1. Trendy Short Senegalese

Trendy Short Senegalese


As mentioned above on the first page of this article, the length of 1.9 cm is necessary for doing a Senegalese twist. But if your natural hair is thick and has the appropriate length, you don’t have to use hair extensions.

  1. Long curly rope twists

Long curly rope twists


We already discussed that curly-haired people would be more fun to try this fun. This hairstyle is the perfect opportunity for you if you would like to boast the medium-haired long curl-roped twists.

  1. Braids with Highlights

Senegalese Twist Braids with Highlights


The beauty of this hairstyle lies in highlighting the braids at the bottom. The turquoise blue gives you a vibrant outlook if you wear it for a party or date night.

  1. Mohawk Senegalese Twist

Mohawk Senegalese Twist Hairstyle


The trending Mohawk hairstyle with the Senegalese twist gives you the unique trend-setting outlook that you are craving. It does not look masculine. Mohawk gives you a sassy appearance, though. Why not be a badass for a day and steal those admiring glances?

  1. Half Rope Twist Half Curly

Half Rope Twist Half Curly Hairstyle


As you can see from the picture, this hairstyle is unique, for it has a Senegalese twist braid only up to half of the back of the head. If you have naturally curly locks, you can leave them with a beautiful finish.

  1. Side Swept Senegalese Twist

Side Swept Senegalese Twist


The Side Swept Twist gives convenience and comfort of hair not falling on your face. Since the hair is braided to fall on one side of the shoulder, it gives you a chance to boost the density of the hair.

  1. Freestyle Senegalese Twist with Highlights

Freestyle Senegalese Twist with Highlights


This style is one of our favorites as it allows you to rock both the world of free-flowing hair and Senegalese micro-braids. It is cuter when one or two strands are highlighted with the color of your favorite choice.

  1. Blonde two-tone

Blonde two-tone Senegalese Twist


The Senegalese twist primarily suits black hair, as you can see in the list. But two-toning the braids gives immense beauty to the hairstyling. Adding a blonde hair extension will highlight your hairstyle at the party.

  1. Bold Bright

Bold Bright Senegalese Twist


Who would want to miss the fun of having a change of hair color without dyeing the natural hair? A hair extension allows you to try bright and vibrant colors like red without causing any damage to the natural locks.

  1. Two-toning with Up-Do Rope Twist

Two-toning with Up-Do Rope Twist


As the name suggests, you get to have a suitable hair extension of a different color from your natural lock for this hairstyle. You get to experiment with an Up-do with a two-tone. Blonde or vibrant red gives an excellent outlook for any occasion.

  1. Tiny Mahogany Knots with Rope twist

Tiny Mahogany Knots with Rope twist


The hairstyle gets cuter when you add tiny mahogany knots to the Senegalese twist. Let your adorable little daughter feel like a princess with this hairstyle.

  1. Vibrant Red Mohawk with Micro-braid Twist

Vibrant Red Mohawk with Micro-braid Twist


The natural curl locks give you the convenience of doing micro-braids on the top of the head. The cornrow fashioned locks on the sides of the head provide a beautiful Mohawk. A vibrant red tone of the Mohawk will never fail to highlight your fashion sense at the party.

  1. Jumbo twists with straight ends

Jumbo twists with straight ends


This hairstyle has jumbo Senegalese twists that extend into straight hair without twists in the end. You can add cuffs on the strands to make them look more fashionable.

  1. Twists with dual highlights

Senegalese twists with dual highlights


The fun experimentation to create a trendy hairstyle should never end. This is one of our favorites because a dual-tone highlights the rope twists, as you can see in the picture.

  1. Rope twists with gypsy locks

Rope twists with gypsy locks


It is advisable to visit the hairdresser to achieve a perfect pattern like this, as shown in the picture. Hairs are braided into jumbo braids after partitioning the hair sideways, and each twist extends to the back of the head in a pattern. To add chic to this look, cuff and highlight colors are added.

  1. Long Curl Rope Twist

Long Curl Rope Twist


The Long Curl Rope Twist hairstyle involves curling the medium-sized Senegalese twists. These twists give you an exquisite fashion sense.

  1. Bright two-tone Rope Twists

Bright two-tone Rope Twists


When setting the trend in the fashion sense, do not hesitate to try newer things every day. This bright and vibrant red combined with Blonde natural or artificial locks gives a wild outlook.

  1. Low Slung Half Up Style

Low Slung Half Up Style


Sporting this kind of hairstyle extends you various opportunities for styling your hair every day. The dense Senegalese twist at the top of the head and gradually gets thinner towards the end. For the same reason, you can wear an up-do that would let you show the varied thickness of strands.

  1. Colorful Ombre Plaits

Colourful Ombre Plaits


This hairstyle could be your perfect choice if you wish to highlight boldly yet discreetly the rope twists. You can ask your hairdresser to choose a bold color for you and add it at the ends of the twist leaving the top untouched.

  1. Protective Style

Protective Style Senegalese Twists


The main advantage of a protective hairstyle is that it causes no natural locks damage. So, if you hesitate to try fearing the damage to your natural hair, then this hairstyle is for you.

  1. Lemonade Senegalese Twists

Lemonade Senegalese Twists


The Lemonade Senegalese Twists on either side of the head provide a unique fashion to the person wearing it. As you can see from the picture, you will steal second glances from people at the party.

  1. Palm Faux Locks

Palm Faux Locks Senegalese Twists


If you want to sport the hairstyle like the lady in the picture, you must visit a professional hairdresser. As simple as it seems to be, it is low-maintenance.

  1. Side-swept Crochet

Side-swept Crochet Twist Braids


Crochet braids with side partitioning give you the convenience of no hair falling on your face. You get to enjoy the admiration with comfort and low maintenance.

  1. Micro twist braids with a headscarf

Micro twist braids with a headscarf


Do not miss this hairstyle, as it adds value to your flattering outlook with accessories like headscarves and beads. You can either partition the hair sideways or leave it with a center partition.

  1. Ponytail with two-tone twists

Ponytail with two-tone twists


These ponytails highlight your charming outlook by adding extra tone at the ends of the twists. Ask your hairdresser not to touch the color of the natural hair locks on the top of the head.

  1. Jumbo Mahogany rope twists

Jumbo Mahogany rope twists


Would you like to sport two jumbo mahogany twists, one at the front and the other at the back, giving you a sassy appearance? Make sure to wrap your head before you go to bed to properly maintain the hairstyle.

  1. Creative free-style rope twist braids

Creative free-style rope twist braids


This hairstyle allows you to do cornrow fashioned braids on the top of the head to create a beautiful pattern. The ends are left in a free-style fashion for you to style according to your preference every day.

  1. Outrageous tone Spring twist bob braids

Outrageous tone Spring twist bob braids


For all those short-hair lovers, one of our favorite choices in Senegalese twist, bob braids, is your perfect choice. This is for those who wouldn’t hesitate to sport an outrageous outlook. Highlighting with a vibrant orange hair extension adds beauty to this hairstyle.

  1. Senegalese twist with Marley’s hair

Senegalese twist with Marley hair


Try this hairstyle if you want to look elegant with your Marley’s hair. These long locks of rope twists, extending up to waist length, let you simultaneously boast about the twist and freestyle.

  1. Bold and Bright Tone with Curl Twist Ends

Bold and Bright Tone with Curl Twist Ends


The waist-length hair with a bold and beautiful tone like red or orange will make you stand unique and beautiful in the crowd. Feel free to try this hairstyle and flaunt your fashion sense.

  1. Crown head with Senegalese twist

Crown head with Senegalese Twist


Create a crown by twisting one strand after the other towards the back of the head. Join it into a loose tail at the back. You can add cuffs or beads to the strands to add beauty to the already charming hairstyle.

  1. Blue Up-do Rope Twists

Blue Up-do Rope Twists


This hairstyle with a vibrant blue in the up-do creates an excellent finish to your appearance. Try it to know the awesomeness of this hairstyle.

Care and Maintenance of Rope Twists

Are you looking to go about it the right way? Here are a few simple tips to help you out.

  • You can expect to have a posh rope twist for 8-12 weeks, after which you will have to undo and redo your hair at the salon.
  • While using hair extensions, make sure to protect your natural hair locks from dryness.
  • Do not forget to wrap your head in a bonnet before bed.
  • To avoid frizzing, massage the scalp with the right shampoo and water mixture.
  • Take care of the edges where the hair extension is braided tightly to the natural locks. If braided very tightly, it might cause damage and hair loss.

These are our favorite top 50 Senegalese twist hairstyles. We would like to hear from you about your favorites in the Senegalese or Rope twist hairstyles. Try at least one and leave us your experience in the comments below.