50 Trendy Cute Short Haircuts for Girls(2021 Trends)

Short haircuts for girls have always been in fashion over the last couple of decades. In fact, opting to have a short hairstyle as a cut is a choice that most people consider a bold step in the typical stereotype society. Not hard to imagine why.

In addition to that, short haircuts for girls can also be edgy, cute, masculine, bold, and feminine at the same time. It is all dependent upon how you decide to style it.

Most ladies around the world go for short hairstyles because they create a cute look in the most effortless manner. There are also lots of choices to pick from when it comes to choosing a short haircut. Some of them include bold pixies, the cutest boyish cuts, fun bobs, edgy hairstyles, and much more.

All of these are here and are able to award you an entirely different appearance with very low maintenance.

With that introduction in mind, let us skip to the main section ff the post and look at the 50 best short haircuts for girls out there in the world.

50 Trendy Cute Short Haircuts for Girls

  1. Multi dyed pixie

Multi dyed pixie


When you are styling a short hairstyle for young ladies, it can usually be hard for one to be innovative when they have such little length. But I think it’s time for you to turn in scissors and hot tools in exchange for texture and color.

All you ought to do is filter complementary shades of golden blonde, orange, and burgundy all through the front side of your top hair and it’ll be easy for you to create one of the most interesting looks you have ever achieved without overwhelming your cropped haircut.

  1. Easy pixie hairstyle for red hair

Easy pixie hairstyle for red hair


If your goal is to create a cool and fresh look this year, then the short crop hair will be one of the most perfect choices you could pick. This hairstyle is featured with uniform layers that are of super short length. As you can see in the image above, this is one of those few haircuts that can leave you looking spending without you having to execute hours of maintenance in the long run.

  1. Short haircut with side-swept bangs

Short haircut with side-swept bangs


This cute and short haircut with bangs will never go out of trend for the girls. In fact, it has also been a perfect option for a cool summer look this year.

  1. Choppy Bob for fine hair

Choppy Bob for fine hair


A chin-length short hairstyle for girls can easily be spiced up with some choppy layers. To attain this look, simply spritz your hair locks with some dry shampoo and this will award you a messy kinda look but with a little bit of extra volume.

  1. The Vintage Bob Cut for Young Girls

The Vintage Bob Cut for Young Girls


I am sure that most, if not all of us rocked this haircut when we were young at least once. The good news is, now it is popular once again among little girls. Teenage girls can style the hair as well and rest assured they will look great.

  1. Cute short haircut for girls

Cute short haircut for girls


This second super cool short pixie haircut with side bangs and brown has is also a strong preference for your everyday look. Another thing I love most about this haircut is the fact you can sport it almost anywhere, may the event be official or not.

  1. Trendy short wavy haircut

Trendy short wavy haircut


This special short wavy haircut has been featured by a voluminous and textured top. It will also work better on thick hair. But if you do not have thick hair, do not let that point discourage you. Go to a skilled stylist or barber and ask them to style it on you. If done right, it could look just as great as if it were created on thick hair.

  1. Layered crop with blonde highlights

Layered crop with blonde highlights


Incorporate highlights and shades of blonde into the already dark brown base of your cute layered haircut in order to brighten up your look and lend some edge to your long bang. This short haircut for girls will also work well for those with round faces because the side angled bangs will slim full cheeks.

  1. Shoulder length bob haircut

Shoulder length bob haircut


This is also one of the trendiest ways to have a straight bob haircut this year and beyond. As you can see in the image above, the bottom line is decreasing gradually from the backside to the front side and also ends below the chin. This is a must-try haircut for the bold ladies out there.

  1. Short layered haircut for those with fine hair

Short layered haircut for those with fine hair


I have not forgotten to include a haircut for girls who exclusively have fine hair. The short pixie above will look pretty cute and attractive to any young girl regardless of the length of their short hair. You can also style the long front side layers into side bangs in order to frame your face better and turn heads wherever you go.

  1. Highlighted faux hawk

Highlighted faux hawk


This is the perfect haircut for young girls who would like to experiment with a more edgy look but at the same time do not want to commit to a full style transformation due to parental restrictions or school dres’s codes.

The faux Mohawk is also a fun style anyone can style for the weekend, and it can also be easily transformed into a more appropriate formal weekday cut with a long bang. All you will need to do is brush it down.

  1. Short and sweet pixie for young girls

Short and sweet pixie for young girls


Intricate buns and braids are obviously fun. But the no-nonsense girls out there will also benefit from this gorgeous short style. If you decide to style the hair on your young one, you can also coif it to the side in order to attain the cool stylish flair you can see in the image.

This haircut will also look equally great on both 9-year-olds and toddlers.

  1. Short layered hairstyle for blond hair

Short layered hairstyle for blond hair


This short haircut layered all around the head will look great on girls who boast round face shapes. The haircut’s subtle fringe at the front side will without a doubt help with accentuating your beautiful cheekbones and attractive eyes for a bolder look.

  1. Edgy purple bob haircut with a shaved side

Edgy purple bob haircut with a shaved side


There is a good reason why purple is such a famous color all around the world. It is the shade of royalty and it is vibrant while at the same time being in the darker sides of the colors. By amalgamating a mixing pop violet into your hairstyle with a really short section like the one above, you can then break up the black hair shade and further balance out the shaved design.

  1. Shaved haircut for fine hair

Shaved haircut for fine hair


Here is another polished design to style short, blonde hair for girls. For this luscious and sleek look, you will need to apply lots of pomade over the length in order to hold the look in place.

  1. Shaved Haircut for short, blonde hair

Shaved Haircut for short, blonde hair


I wouldn’t forget to include another wonderful way to make your side-shaved short hairstyle look super chic and cool if you also have an undercut at the sides. The top layers have also been heavily tapered in order to result in a slightly tousled effect.

  1. Creative and cool updo

Creative and cool up do


What I loved most about this hairstyle is that it was fun to create and wear as well. It also made my baby girl’s hair look way longer than it actually was, thanks to the embellishments and hair elastics that brought the hair strands up.

  1. Short boyish haircut

Short boyish haircut


Most women around the world cut their hair as a sign of independence or in order to start over when it has been damaged. Whatever the reason behind this move maybe, you do not need to sacrifice your style while sporting the short haircut for girls. Simply shift the focus to your attractive face with a bright swipe of bold earrings and lipstick.

  1. Zoe Kravitz’s Super Short Trim

Zoe Kravitz’s Super Short Trim


In order to show you how trendy short haircuts for girls have been taking the world by storm over the last couple of years, I also decided to include some of the celebrities out there with the most astounding short haircuts styled on them.

The first one in this section is Zoe Kravitz. I won’t even waste a lot of time on this haircut. It is, without the slightest doubt, Zoe Kravitz’s soul haircut. As you can see in the image above, it is quirky, punk, and totally badass to sport.

  1. Lana Condor’s Flippy Do

Lana Condor Flippy Do


This haircut falls on the slightly longer side in this enumeration. Just like Cara Delevigne, Lana Condor sported this haircut for a movie role, but she decided that would be a major haircut change in her personal life as well.

She cropped her long hair to create the super short bob and she has been serving all the 90s vibes since then.

  1. Curly top with etched side

Curly top with etched side


Some women are not meant to blend into the background and if you are one of such individuals, then this haircut is definitely for you. Whatever angle you decide to look at it, there will always be a little something that can help you make a statement: from the wild curls, to maybe a shaved side. The zig-zag design is also something to consider.

This hairstyle is perfect for the lady who’s working in a creative field such as graphic design and fashion.

  1. Amandla Stenberg’s Bleached Look

Amandla Stenberg Bleached Look


Okay darling, SERVE IT UP. This list would be incomplete if I did not mention Amandla’s astounding look. Amandla decided to crop her braids to a chic height, and the amalgamation of warm hues you can see above make it perfect for all hairstyles.

  1. Lucy Hale’s Short Laid Back Waves

Lucy Hale Short Laid Back Waves


This Pretty Little Liars star’s shoulder touching lop is an amazing option for those of you who want to rock a crop but at the same time are not ready for all the full commitments that come with the haircut. In addition to that, Lucy’s bent styling is a funky take on the classic waves that have been rocking the world lately.

  1. Platinum Buzz Cut

Platinum Buzz Cut


If there is one person in the whole white world who is known for her strikingly blonde shaved head, then it is Amber Rose. Luckily for you, she is also a muse for the artists, which implies that a look like this is sure to have a great effect on any head shape.

It is also a style that will easily suit all women regardless of their ethnicities as long as they have a tough girl attitude just like amber rose.

  1. Zendaya’s Modern Mullet

Zendaya Modern Mullet


Only Queen Zendaya could rock one of the worst haircuts ever invented all around the world but still, make it look trendy as any other haircut out there. This 2016 Grammys looked also marked one of the few times in life any of us wanted a mullet.

If you want it, feel free to style it as well. You never know, you could pull it off just like Zendaya did. In fact, you could do it even better.

  1. Vanesa Hudgen’s Messy Ringlets

Vanesa Hudgen’s Messy Ringlets


These natural corkscrew curls are a classic for Vanesa and have blended seamlessly with her signature Queen Coachella vibe. Try it on yourself as well and let me know in the comments how it turned out.

  1. Keek Palmer’s Sleek Pixie

Keek Palmer’s Sleek Pixie


This Keke’s super short pixie haircut is most daring and chic. Over the last couple of years, she has been styling a new haircut every week, but this one definitely tops the entire list.

  1. Bold undercut for fine hair

Bold undercut for fine hair


Ladies who have thin hair can use undercuts and dye to gain an appearance of luscious locks within their short haircuts. With the dark color underneath, then the top hair will appear denser, and the slight height of the slicked back bangs will prevent locks from looking lackluster and limp.

  1. Emma Robert’s Choppy Cut

Emma Robert’s Choppy Cut


This Emma Robert’s Choppy cut is so glam. And the subtle layers she has also sported further add just the ideal amount of texture to leave her looking splendid.

There you have it, my selection of celebrities from around the world who best sported short haircuts for girls. If this is not the perfect inspiration for you to adopt one of the looks, I do not know what is.

  1. Modern short cuts for full hair

Modern short cuts for full hair


Straight and sleek, this short hairstyle for girls was inspired by the emo vibe. This haircut also uses subtle layering and blunt edges, which makes it look extremely cool and easy to maintain when done on straight hair.

  1. Asymmetric Pixie

Asymmetric Pixie


Thanks to the trending amalgamation and matching distinct cutting and styling techniques in the short haircuts, the asymmetric pixie could not be hotter. And in case the difference in length between the shorter and longer profiles is exaggerated, then it makes it even trendier.

For a better look, feel free to couple this haircut with some-sided long bangs.

  1. Ginger Pixie Bob

Ginger Pixie Bob


Anyone who has had short hair in the past definitely understands the difficulty that goes into growing it out without one looking like a scarecrow. This ginger pixie to bob transition has been aided by several short top layers in order to help it distribute the hair’s weight evenly.

The bright color will also distract everyone from any unevenness that may be there.

  1. Short brown bob with caramel ombre

Short brown bob with caramel ombre


To this day, short bobs are still among the most famous short haircuts for ladies all around the world. If you are looking for something that is a bit more individual than the same old teen ponytail people style, then this is the hairstyle for you.

Bobbed short haircuts for ladies with fine hair can also look super appealing and short with light twisty waves if you decide to add volume to the sides. Also, include a gentle caramel ombre or two different tone highlights in caramel and honey in order to attain a subtle and classy short haircut.

This haircut is also perfect for those who usually prefer a natural look when it comes to haircuts.

  1. Short haircut with a pattern

Short haircut with a pattern


Are you a creative young girl, then I have also included a haircut that allows you to let your creativity run loose? As you can see in the image above, the girl included pyramid-like patterns on the cut part on the backside .feel free to replace this pattern with any creative design you may have in mind.

Whichever pattern you pick, you can rest assured that the haircut will look amazing and turn heads wherever you go.

  1. Vintage Cropped Curls

Vintage Cropped Curls


Short haircuts for girls surely do not have to be boyish at all, and this haircut proves it. With just a few strategic curls, you can easily create a vintage style that is both feminine and eye-catching. Simply use your mousse to supplement volume all around the crown of your cut. This will also loosely secure the curls around your face.

  1. The short twist for African American Girls

The short twist for African American Girls


Natural hair tends to get unmanageable and frizzy if it grows too long, and that is why I always suggest that young black American girls sport looks that don’t need long hair. These short twists are one of them.

  1. Updo with Cute Twists

Up do with Cute Twists


This is the hairstyle if you would like to style your little girl’s hair in a way that gives off the illusion the hair is longer than it is. All you ought to do is pull the hair strands back into an updo with twists or braids and a bun.

Also, feel free to add in a larger bow or flower in order to secure the loose locks that might try falling out.

  1. The easy side braid

The easy side braid


Simple and cute, don’t you agree? This style is easy to style, easy to maintain, and will have your little princess looking good than she ever has. Give it a try and I’m confident you’ll love it.

  1. Girl’s buzz cut

Girl’s buzz cut


The most dramatic of the short haircuts for girls is this female buzz cut. Attaining the look can also be as simple as shaving off your hair to an extremely short length and then slightly fade it to make the winning edgy look above.

As expected, styling and maintenance will not be required in the long run with this haircut.

  1. Sophisticated Long Pixie Cut

Sophisticated Long Pixie Cut


And last, but by no means, the least is the sophisticated long pixie cut. This hairstyle is longer than most of the pixie cuts we have looked at in this enumeration, but the shortness around the ears still awards it one of the cutest effects.

Leave lighter colors on the top side of your hair to show off the short layers that have been styled at the back as well as the slightly longer bangs on the front side.

  1. Silver pixie quiff

Silver pixie quiff


For those of you who would like to style short hair but have plenty of height, then let me introduce you to the pixie quiff. These short sides and back have created a stunning contrast s with the long hair strands on the topside.

  1. Braids on a messy short hairstyle

Braids on a messy short hairstyle


You might have come across this particular haircut in a magazine pin-up in the past. And I personally think that it is a very great haircut for any individual who would like to attain a no-nonsense look that has been jam-packed with style at the same time.

And even though the haircut might look a little bit odd to the older generation, I can assure you that youngsters all around the world are dying to try out the hairstyle.

  1. Stacked platinum wedge

Stacked platinum wedge


Modernize the wedge cut with a silver shade and the steep slant from the back to the front. To further make the style a little less severe, then add textured layers. You can also show off the sharp shape with super straightened locks like the image above.

  1. The cool short hair with patterns

The cool short hair with patterns


If you have still not found the best haircut to try out on your short hair, then here is something you could easily try out. This style really looks great on short hair regardless of the person’s hair texture or head shape. You can even top it off with the design placed on the side as well as the spikes you can see all over.

To top it off, the haircut can look great on young ladies who have passed the age of 18 years old as well.

  1. Super short fringe and sides

Super short fringe and sides


Short haircuts for ladies with oval-shaped faces will look particularly great with short bangs. A style that is boasting cropped sides and front will also highlight your best facial features. Keeping some length on the top side will permit you to have fun with crunched or spiked layers.

  1. Creative hair hues

Creative hair hues


I firmly believe that any short hair will look straight and wavy in a great way if it is styled in a creatively colored haircut. As with the lady’s hairstyle above, feel free to dye your hair strands black and then add an ombre front section or bleached tips.

I know that this is not a haircut that most people pictured when they were young, but if you are a young lady, you can rest assured that it will look awesome on you.

  1. The asymmetric rainbow pixie cut

The asymmetric rainbow pixie cut


I looked at a different asymmetric cut in one of the numbers before, but this lady in this number has topped hers with a rainbow cut that looks superbly splendid. It is actually one of the coolest I have ever come across.

The only catch with this haircut is that it takes both color and cut maintenance to keep it looking great in the long run.

  1. The short punk haircut with a deep side part

The short punk haircut with a deep side part


Choppy, straight, sleek, and taking full advantage of the deep side part, this haircut has been cut into cool angles and layers in order to deliver the uniquely exclusive look. This is, without a doubt, one of my favorite haircuts for little girls who have short, thick hair.

  1. The short and simple bob

The short and simple bob


This is a straightforward and easy-to-style hairstyle that will be super flattering and natural for all face shapes.  Since the haircut is also perfect for young girls of any age, your little one can also enjoy the haircut from preschool and throughout high school.

  1. Choppy Graduated Pixie

Choppy Graduated Pixie


At the top of my personal list of my favorite short snips is this graduated pixie. What makes this hairstyle particularly interesting is the fact it has used different angles and lengths. If you want a hairstyle that can show off the artistic spirit in you, then this is it.

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