52 Gorgeous Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Are you over 50? Want to best short hairstyles for women over 50? Try some awesome hairstyle that will give you a great look and also help you to take off your age! There are plenty of short hairstyles for women over 50 that can give you beautiful as well as youthful look! You age or even the society will no longer dictate the length of your hair anymore!

You can pick the style according to your choice as well as according to your facial structure. You just need to choose the style that will fit you, your texture, your complexion as well as your personality. Due to the post-menopausal hormone deficiencies older women may have thinner hair. You have to choose the style that will go with your hair.

It may difficult to maintain tough hairstyle at this age.  You can try something that is easy to maintain but still much more stylish! You can also follow the hairstyles of the older celebrities to get tips! Consider the following easy to maintain hairstyles for you!

52 Gorgeous Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

1.Short and Choppy

Short and Choppy

It is an easy to maintain hairstyle and best for the curly and wavy hairs. Tell your hair stylish to cut the hair below your ears. You can also try few layers. The layers can vary from 1 or 2 inches. If your hair is naturally straight, then you can use the curling iron to give your hair a slight wavy look. For the super sleek look, you can also go with natural straight hair. Before you go outside you just need to blow dries your hair slightly.This will makes you very beautiful.

2.Razor Cut

Razor Cut

This is a hair style that you need not to maintain at all! It will be perfect even after you wake up from sleep. You can blow dry your hair and can use serum to give your hair a shiny as well as pulled together look. To try more conservative look you can brush forward. This is a very choppy cut. You need to trim your every 6 weeks if you always want to maintain this style. You can try two toned hair color to add depth to your hairstyle.

3.Tapered Hairstyle

Tapered Hairstyle

If you want to get a chopped look with a relaxer, then this tapered cut is only for you. This style helps your hair to look polished. This style does not require a lot of maintenance but still it will give your professional hairstyle. You can cut your hair in low lairs. You can keep you back hair very low. Keep the top of your hair only 2 to 3 inches long. You can also add layered style to give your hair more choppy look. Before you go outside, you can just blow dry your hair to give it a polished look.

4.Bob Hairstyle

Bob for African American women

It is a popular hair style and it goes great with the elegant straight hair. This hairstyle fits almost anyone. You can try a variety of bob hair styles. You can leave the front of your hair longer. This will give you a look like the celebrities. If your hair is thin enough, you can try wispy bob hair style.

You can above or even below your chin for nice bounce. You can also add bangs or even you can layer your hair if you want more volume. If you want to keep your hair natural, you need not to use flat iron to give your hair elegant straight look. Curly bob will also give you a natural flirty look!

5.Cute Hair Styles

Cute Hair Styles for Women Over 50

Arriving at this age brings awesome opportunities to a woman in every facet of her life including different hairstyles. At this age, you can also try some of the cutest hairstyle. Most of the women over 50 want some simple option but still they want to make them look attractive. You can try the following hairstyles to give you a cute look!



This is a great hairstyle at this age. This hairstyle comes with the flipped ends, so you need not to trim your hair frequently. You can part your hair according to your own choice to achieve this hair style. To make the most attractive flipped effect you can use the jagged part of your hair. It will make your hair more flattering. This is a very classy hairstyle. You can use wax or even the gel to add more classic look. You can also add layer style to add twist.

7. Messy Layered Hairstyle

Messy Layered Hairstyle

This is an excellent low maintenance hairstyle. It is very simple but still flattering on women over 50! You can try different look with this hairstyle. It will allow for self-styling as well as customization. You can also try long layers. Short layers will add extra volume. This is the messy arrangement of your hair. This is one of the super stylish hairstyle. This hairstyle is also known as anti-aging hairstyle as this hairstyle is able to give you a youthful look!

8. Side-swept Bangs

Side-swept Bangs

The history of bangs is a long and storied history dating back to Cleopatra’s era. The side bangs, however, can be traced back to the 1990s and the haircut seen around the world known as The Rachel.

Side-swept bangs give a relaxed feeling to any haircut. They go well with a simple short bob. The bangs give the traditional bob a more modern, younger feel.

9. Short Pixie with Long Top

Short Pixie with Long Top

The pixie cut became cultural phenomenons in the 1950s and 60s when popular actresses Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow wore the styles. Not every woman can pull off a pixie cut. Yet, every woman over 50 manages to look fantastic in pixie cuts! Running a dab of hair product through the tips gives the pixie a volume boost.

The pixie is a shorter version of the crop that leaves hair longer on top for styling purposes.

10.Grey Pixie

Grey Pixie

After a certain number of years, many women put down the hair color and let their natural grey shine through. The short, grey pixie cut is very trendy these days.  A recent fad saw girls in their 20s purposely coloring their hair grey.

Pixies are easy to maintain and versatile to style. The cut has risen in popularity since the early 2000s.

11.Spiky Pixie

Spiky Pixie

If you’re in the awkward stage of growing out your pixie and are undecided about whether to cut it short again, try this shaggy pixie. Add spikes to give your hair some volume.

12.Mussy Layers

Mussy Layers

This is another look for the growing out stage. The messy layers give the style a youthful look to it. A casual look with a little rock n’ roll to it, the cut is a surprisingly soft look.

13.Classic Shag

Classic Shag

This classic shag resembles the layered look but with more structure and elegance. It works with or without bangs, though most ladies opt for bangs.

The shag became popular in the 1970s when various celebrities wore the hairstyle. Shags are known for having layers at the crown with fringe edges.

14.Short Shag

Short Shag old woman

This hairstyle is a bit shorter in the back while leaving the sides a little over the ears. Leave hair longer on top so you can style it into a bedhead look.

The shag is generally a unisex haircut that looks attractive on men and women of all ages. It is easy to keep up and style.

15.Long Bob

Long Bob

Long bobs are sophisticated looked that are surprisingly low maintenance. The short cut is easily styled to look professional or for a date night.

The bob was popularized in modern culture by the swing dancers of the 1920s. The long bob is a fresh, updated take on the traditional bob.

16.Casual Bob

Casual Bob

Look chic and trendy with this easy-to-style bob. Curtain bangs give help make this cut flattering for any face shape.

When bobs were popular in the 1920s, they tended to be a more severe look. The casual bob is a relaxed update to an older style.

17. Short Bob

Short Bob

Short bobs are a modern, fresh take on a timeless haircut. This versatile cut doesn’t take much styling. You can simply show and blow-dry your hair and be out the door.

Bobs in the 1920s were typically shoulder-length. The hair was meant to swing in time with the dancers. A shorter bob gives new life into a classic hairstyle.

18.Wavy Bob

Wavy Bob

If you have straight hair, you can use products and curlers to add some texture to your bob. Ride the waves!

Bobs have many variations and can frame any face. Thinner hair may look better in a shorter bob or wavy bob.

19.Under-flipped Bob

Under-flipped Bob

You will flip out for this layered bob. Use a curling iron or brush to slightly flip the ends underneath for an update on a look from the 60s.

The flipped-under ends can give the bob a sleeker and more professional appearance. If you really want to go against the grain, flip the ends out instead of under.

20.Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs are bangs that frame your face on each side. They are different from side-swept bangs because side-swept frame just one side of the face. They are a lighter look than full bangs if you’re afraid of commitment.

Curtain bangs were a huge trend a few years ago and is still popular today.

21.Middle part

Middle part

Short hair cuts are usually parted on the side, but this look shows you can pull off the middle part for a sleek look.

The middle part is typically seen with long, flowing locks but it can work on short hair, as well. The hair on the sides lovingly frames the face.

22.Curly Bob

Curly Bob

Curly hair can be a hassle. If you cut it too short, it can look like springs on your head. This curly bob is adorable and will be the envy of every girl with straight hair.

Perms were a staple of the 1980s and it seems they are coming back into style in 2019. But even a perm can’t recreate the natural boing of curls.

23.Silver Shag

Silver Shag

Embrace your age with this shag that highlights your grey hairs. You can be the female equivalent of a silver fox.

Olympic medalist Dorothy Hamill is still rocking her famous shag haircut, though she has yet to let it go completely grey.

24.Curly Crop

Curly Crop

If you prefer to have hair a little longer, try this crop. Add some curls to give your hair that beachy waves look.

Curls can be difficult to manage, but this look is a no-fuss style for those blessed with natural curls.

25.Layered Crop

Layered Crop

The layered crop is on the longer side of short. The face-framing locks can highlight your facial features and make your face appear slimmer.

This look involves cutting layers and waves of hair cascading over a closely shorn neck.

26.Sleek Bob

Sleek Bob

This sleek bob is great for women who want to present themselves as professionals or don’t want to spend a lot of time styling their hair in the morning.

To make this cut even more chic, consider angled edges. Sleek AND trendy! No one will believe you’re over 50.

27.Bob with Bangs

Bob with Bangs

Bobs with bangs are one of the most popular looks for women of any age. Sweep the bangs to the side for a relaxed look.

Also known as the flapper, the bob with bangs style can be traced back to 1915 when a ballroom dancer cut her hair short to keep it out of the way while dancing. Her name was Irene Castle and the cut was known as the Castle bob for many years.


Pompadour for woman over 50

If you want to make a big impression, style your hair in a high pompadour. It’s a look that’s fresh and unexpected from a woman of a certain age.

The Pompadour was named after a mistress of King Louis XV of France. It was a popular look for men in the 1940s and has seen a huge resurgence in both men and women in recent years.

29.Short Curls

Short Curls for woman over 50

If you’ve tried the curly bob and want to go even shorter, this haircut is for you. The curls frame the face is an attractive way.

Short curls are easy to maintain because curly hair looks great even if it goes unwashed for a few days. This style is trendy and popular for all ages.

30.Pushed back

Pushed back

This look is a more tame version of the pompadour. Slick some gel into your hair and push your hair back from the crown.

Also known as slicked back, this haircut is the most popular cut for men but it can also look great on a woman’s more feminine features.

31.Short and Spiky

Short and Spiky

Women like spikes, too! This hairstyle is fierce and fabulous and lets the world know age is just a number.

This look is a tame version of the punk rock hairdo of liberty spikes, which mimics the crown of the Statue of Liberty with thick, upright spikes.

32.Short Chignon

Short Chignon

One of the downsides of having short hair is there aren’t a lot of options for up-dos. This chignon can be worn during the day or at fancy events.

The origins of the chignon can be traced back to ancient Greece, when the hairstyle was worn by both men and women.

33.Flat and Forward

Flat and Forward

The flat and forward cut is a stylish low-maintenance look for any age. Simply brush the hair forward from the back and you’re set for the day.

34.Voluminous Shag

Voluminous Shag for woman over 50Voluminous Shag for woman over 50

Pump up the volume with this fuss-free shag. A blow-dryer and brush are all you need to recreate this look.

35.Center-parted Bangs

Center-parted Bangs

Center-parted bangs are close to curtain bangs, but with a smaller space between the curtains. They are a great way to hide large foreheads while keeping the bangs light.

36.Edgy Crop

Edgy Crop

This look has sharp edges and is a great compromise if a pixie is a little TOO short for your taste. Keep the top a bit longer so you can change up your style.



The Lob is a long bob, for women who want to keep their hair a little longer than the other cuts on this list. They’re generally one-length cut just below the shoulders, but they can also be layered lobs.

Haircuts are an important part of women’s lives. That shouldn’t change as you become older. How you style your hair is representative of your personality. Many people think of older women as feeble or frail, but these 30 hairstyles will change that impression. You can look just as hot at 50+ as you can at 30. 50 is the new 30, after all.

38. Angled Bang with Short Shag

Short Shag for old women
An angled bang with short shag is another great option for the women over 50. You can leave the bangs longer and cut your hair above your ears. Bangs will give your face a nice seeping look. You can also add choppy layers with this hairstyle. If your hair is naturally curly or even slight wavy, then you can use hair gel to give your hair a shiny wavy look!

39.Soap star Judi Evans Luciano’s pixie

Judi Evans Luciano pixie

40.Helen Mirren Short Bob Hairstyle

Helen Mirren Short Bob Hairstyle

41.Short Grey Hairstyle with Glasses

Short Grey Hairstyle for Women Over 50

42.Chic Short Hair Style

Chic Short Hair Style for Older Women

43.Short Hairstyles For Women With Oval Face

Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50 With Oval Face

44.Short Hairstyles For Women With Fine Hair

Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50 With Fine Hair

45.Bangs on a Short Cut

Bangs on a Short Cut

46.Wispy Feathered Style

Wispy Feathered Style for old women

47.Two Tone Short Tapered Haircut

Two Tone Short Tapered Haircut

48.Short Blonde Messy Voluminous Hair

Short Blonde Messy Voluminous Hair

49. Very Short Hairstyles

Very Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

50.Trendy Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles for Women Over 55

51.Modern Hairstyles

Modern Hairstyles for Women Over 50

52. Short Curly Hairstyles For Round Faces

Short Curly Hairstyles For Round Faces Over 50


A perfect short hairstyles for women over 50 can help you to look younger than your age. It is not a matter that you are above 50; just choose a perfect hairstyle for you. If you are above 50, it will be better for you to try the hairstyle that is easy to maintain and stylish!

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