50 Hairstyles for Short Natural Hair You Will Love to Sport

Today, women around the globe look to embrace their hair as short as per their desires. A breathtaking way to carry your coils is to carry them, short sister! There’s no doubt that kinky hair with all of its volume, texture, and spunky vibe can also be very difficult to maintain, and when you chop it short, you can still manage and work those curls as you embrace them.

As true as this unpopular opinion is, natural hair has nothing to do with the color of your hair or the length but the texture. Natural hair can be a little hard to manage, but you go natural if you want to go bold. Quit torturing your hair with chemical alterations, artificial relaxing, head, et cetera, and take your natural hair to your heart, girl.

50 Hairstyles for Short Natural Hair You Will Love to Sport

Here we have a list of 50 of the best hairstyles for your short natural hair to help you keep your mane unique and gorgeous.

  1. Springy Cut

Springy Cut


To get the springy look, you will have to follow the overnight Bantu knots method. In this method, you basically divide your post-shower hair into six sections and then twist them. You then leave the knots overnight, and as you open your hair in the morning, you will get defined and springy no-heat curls.

  1. Mohawk Hairstyle

Mohawk Hairstyle


Get yourself the basic Mohawk hairstyle for a total spunky and fun vibe with your hair. You can also experiment with colors and highlights of whichever tone suits you well.

  1. Short Natural Curls

Short Natural Curls


Ethnic hair requires a lot of maintenance; it requires limited heat and a lot of moisturizing. You can always rock those natural curls when you have short hair without worrying about styling them or any extra protection.

  1. Tapered Cut

Tapered Cut


A simple and clean tapered cut helps you get rid of all of your daily styling problems in one go; with regular minimal hair care, a tapered cut can go a long way in providing you with that gorgeous ‘fro look.

  1. Twists with Undershave

Twists with Undershave


The magic that twisted coils and an under shave bring out when together can’t be expressed in words! After all, it’s both beautiful and bold together and leaves all those heads turning for you.

  1. Natural Pixie Cut

Natural Pixie Cut


This is the best “wash-n-go” hairstyle for short natural hair as all it really needs is for you to use a good quality shampoo and some leave-in conditioner, and voila! You’re good to go.

  1. Bob-length Spiral Curls

Bob-length Spiral Curls


Now, who doesn’t love a springy natural bob? The twist hairstyle is the best! They come with a vibe that makes you feel like a queen and walk around with all that confidence.

  1. Side Braids

Side Braids


You can always spice things up with these easy, go-to braids for any and every occasion. Braids also help you lock in that moisture and serve as protective hairstyles from the environment.

  1. Thick Nape Braids

Thick Nape Braids


If you feel like going different, go for this nape braid look and leave some lovely loops out in the front. The hairstyle is classy, and it literally takes 5-7 minutes to do.

  1. Swoopy Braids

Swoopy Braids


Getting your braids done for the short term can help you cut all that daily struggle of styling and washing your hair frequently. You can get really thin protective done for your natural hair and still look stylish with the right accessories.

  1. Short Hair with Etched Sides

Short Hair with Etched Sides

Etched sides can make you look really bold and fashionable. You can try out various patterns of your choice on your nape or the side of your head. These are timeless and will be trendy until the end of time.

  1. Natural Fade Hairstyle

Natural Fade Hairstyle women


You can try a simple yet classy fade hairstyle if you’re not too much about that snazzy and pop. This hairstyle is deficient in maintenance and will give you a very subtle and elegant look.

  1. Undercut for Natural Hair

Undercut for Natural Hair


Your hair type or texture doesn’t really matter when it comes to undercutting hairstyles. Any and every hair type can rock an undercut!

  1. Braids and Bantu Knots

Braids and Bantu Knots


Bantu knots are an excellent way to protect your hair against pollution, and they are also really cute. If you’re in the mood for some chic and flirty vibe, you should definitely go for Bantu knots or braid them out!

  1. Coily Bob

Coily Bob


Coily hair is very high-maintenance and hard to manage. However, you can leave it open and long with a simple bob hairstyle and some leave-in conditions to let those locks breathe.

  1. Gradient Buzz Cut

Gradient Buzz Cut


Natural hair can get really messy during the summer season, and it can cause a lot of trouble like sweaty hair and forehead, oily scalp, et cetera. To save yourself from this struggle, consider getting a buzz cut that gives you a free feeling and relaxation.

  1. Mohawk Hairstyle with Etched Sides

Mohawk Hairstyle with Etched Sides


Mohawk gives you a classy and baddie look, while the etched side shows your creative side. Altogether, the hair will shape your confidence and give you an amazing look.

  1. Extra Short Natural Hairstyle

Extra Short Natural Hairstyle


This hairstyle is simple and comfortable yet bold and different. You won’t even have to bother about washing, styling, or even brushing your hair with this hairstyle.

  1. Corn Rows for Short Hair

Corn Rows for Short Hair


Cornrows are the best hairstyle to get your hair out of your face, up in braids for a few days. These are everyone’s go-to hairstyle and help in locking in the moisture, all while staying snazzy!

  1. Top Curls

Top Curls


If you don’t want to go too short and feel like preserving your long, luscious locks, you can go for the long-top haircut. Although the top will need some extra care, you still get to rock those coils like anything, girl.

  1. Poppy Pink Tapered Hairstyle

Poppy Pink Tapered Hairstyle


To get a nice, poppy, and bold look, you can try dyeing the upper half of your hair in pink and leaving the roots in their natural color. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can experiment with some etched sides as well.

  1. Twisted Protective Hairstyle

Twisted Protective Hairstyle


We all are well aware of the toll that pollution in the cities takes on the health and quality of our hair. It is for this very reason that protective hairstyles were made a thing. To protect your hair in style, you can go for any hairstyle of your wish, twists, or braids.

  1. Blonde Coils

Blonde Coils


If you are someone who loves to stand out from the crowd, this very hairstyle is made for you. Dare to be different with those blonde coils and rock them in a manner that only you can.

  1. Curly Redhead

short Curly Redhead


When paired with that bold red color, curls give you the hair some people can only dream of. Get your hair dyed or do it yourself and slay with this hairstyle.

  1. Kinky Short Crop

Kinky Short Crop


For someone with a hectic schedule, a kinky short crop is the best alternative amongst all. It is manageable, gives you a pretty look and neat edges, all while being super easy to style in various ways.

  1. Layered Coils

Layered Coils


The layered look is a nice and decent option if you like the length of an afro but are bored with your hair. You can keep experimenting with the color and texture of your hair, all while maintaining the length and layers that you desire.

  1. Tiny Curls with Etched Nape

Tiny Curls with Etched Nape


Another effortless and stylish hairstyle would be getting your name etched in whichever way you want and letting those curls be their way on the crown of your hair.

  1. Afro Puff

Afro Puff


You can go for this easy, go-to afro puff hairstyle to create a chic look while putting all of your hair back up in a puff or bun as it may look.

  1. Nape-to-Crown Twists

Nape-to-Crown Twists


Twists may be a little hard to manage, but oh, the bold look you get with them. You can go for this nape-to-crown look for a little edgy and unique vibe going on in your hair. You can also try getting the tips colored differently from the roots in the mood for some color.

  1. Pineapple Updo

Pineapple Updo


This hairstyle looks bomb when styled with some dainty diamond earrings, light makeup, and a nice outfit! Although it does take a while to do this hairstyle, if you’re getting ready for an event or anything important but are out of ideas on how to do your hair, a nice pineapple updo has got your back, girl.

  1. Shaved Lines and Undercut

Shaved Lines and Undercut


The undercut hairstyle is known for its power and boldness. You can spice up the basic undercut look with some lines and patterns underneath for a fun look.

  1. Cropped Curls

new Cropped Curls


If you’re planning to go for a perky and cheerful vibe, this is the most suitable hairstyle as the curls provide you with all the bounce, and you feel jolly throughout the day.

  1. Curls with Highlights

Curls with Highlights


Want to go for something new while also sparing some length to play with? Try this chin-length layered hairstyle with some highlights. Highlights may not be a massive change, but they totally change your look, while keeping the length allows you to try various new hairstyles as per the occasion.

  1. Purple Short Hair

Purple Short Hair


Getting your natural curls colored purple will give you a fresh and young look. You can also get your mane cut really short and an under-shave to try this particular style for a dainty new look.

  1. Natural Textured Coils

Natural Textured Coils


To get this look, you’ll need to detangle your coils using a brush and then start moisturizing them part by part. Once you’re done, do a side parting or any parting of your choice. This is a very subtle and easy-to-carry look.

  1. Short Hair with Finger Waves

Short Hair with Finger Waves


When styled with chic diamond earrings, some lip gloss, and a snatching outfit, finger waves are perfect if you like keeping your hair short, and they’re also really easy to create.

  1. Pixie with Finger Waves

Pixie with Finger Waves


You can try taming your hair using some hair gel and a brush, and then use your fingers to create these fresh finger waves look.

  1. Puffy Tapered Hairstyle

Puffy Tapered Hairstyle


As we all know, natural hair has an excellent ability to hold shape. So one can give it whichever shape they desire, and it will stay that way for long. You can go for this puffy tapered hairstyle for a modish and attractive look.

  1. Braided Mohawk

Braided Mohawk


Mohawks are one of the boldest hairstyles on this list, and once paired with some braids, they give you a really matchless look. You can try doing the braids from the sides or from nape to crown, whichever you may wish to.

  1. Natural Rich Curls

Natural Rich Curls


Keep it natural with your hair down as you grow it out. This is the classic look for women with natural hair as they embrace their curls and congenital texture with grace and beauty.

  1. Galaxy Buns

Galaxy Buns


Let’s bring back the galaxy buns trend with this cute, easy-to-do hairstyle which gives you a lively, sweet vibe and looks absolutely adorable with literally any outfit.

  1. Short Mohawk with Beads

short Mohawk with Beads


To make a very basic short Mohawk look unique, try accessorizing with beads. This will give you a lovely and fashionable look for almost any occasion.

  1. Braid-crown for Natural Hair

Braid-crown for Natural Hair


Remember when our mothers used to make these cute little braided crowns for us in childhood? Please bring it back by trying the hairstyle once again. It may ask for a little extra time and effort, but the result will be indubitably stunning and fabulous!

  1. Flat Twists

Flat Twists


Flat twists are a very easy and stylish way to protect your hair while you’re growing it out. You can pair these up with rings or beads in your hair, and they will look gorgeous.

  1. The Kriss-Kross Hairstyle

The Kriss-Kross Hairstyle


As complex as this hairstyle may appear to be, it is rather early to do. To attain this look, you have to divide your hair into sections and pin them in a criss-cross manner.

  1. Rings and Pineapple updo

Rings and Pineapple updo


You may have seen models doing this hairstyle for their photoshoot, and you can try it too! All you need is a brush, bobby pins, and a set of rings. You will have to start braiding your side hair up with rings as you go for a basic pineapple updo and then secure all of it together with bobby pins and hair ties.

  1. Half Buns for Natural Hair

Half Buns for Natural Hair


Half buns are very easy to make and require no heat or any other effort; this is a very cute and classy go-to hairstyle if you’re confused about what to do with your hair.

  1. Kinky Rock Hair Vibes

Kinky Rock Hair Vibes


This hairstyle will take you back to the 90s will a spunky vibe all over. It is very easy to attain; all you have to do is brush your hair out and leave it that way.

  1. Magical Blue Hair

Magical Blue Hair


If you’re looking forward to changing your look entirely, you must preferably try this angelic blue hair color for your gorgeous natural curls.

  1. Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde


Lastly, you can go for this platinum blonde look with dark roots for an appealing and vigorous vibe with extremely short and coily curls.