65 Amazing Short Pixie Haircut For Women

Who loves those short pixies? One thing is for sure we love them and keep posting them with good reason. It’s insane how many women have opted for the short cuts in 2018. Especially with winter around the corner we would think women would shy away from cutting it too short which is not the case! So ladies if you have never tried a short pixie now is the best time to give it a shot.

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65 Amazing Short Pixie Haircut For Women

1. Stylish Casual Pixie

Stylish Casual Pixie

Kina Grannis looks simply adorable with her gorgeous and laid back short pixie cut! We love seeing simplicity go along way which Kina sure knows how to do just that.

2. Short Edgy Pixie

Short Edgy Pixie

Simply amazing! The coloring job on this one has to be one of the hottest we have come across in a long time. The way the colors transition from a cool purple to a red/orange gives the effect that there are several colors and works so well together.

3. Kelly Rowland Short Pixie

Kelly Rowland Short Pixie

How cute does Kelly look with this gorgeous short pixie. It’s such a simple hairstyle and also looks great on the former Destiny’s Child beauty! Ladies looking for a change dare to be bold and go short with lovely pixie hairdo.

4. Pink Riri Pixie

Pink Riri

How cute is this sort pink pixie worn by the beautiful young diva Rihanna. When it comes to stealing the show you can always count on the young Baijan Queen to do just that. This short pixie works so well on her due to her gorgeous heart shaped face.

5. Short Colorful Pixie

When it comes to meshing several colors together it is important to get someone who knows and has experience with hair coloring. This fusion of colors is the perfect example of some colors put together so well.

6. Short Pixie with a nice Flare

Short Pixie with a nice Flare

Summer around the corner is 1 good reason to cut off some length and give your medium or long hairstyle a short flare! For the daring ladies out there try out this cool and edgy pixie cut.

7. Mess Short Edgy Pixie

Mess Short Edgy Pixie

We love how the hair just falls so casually into some gorgeous messy curls and waves.

The great thing about this hairstyle is that it doesn’t take that much preparation simple sponge your hair with a dry towel after the shower and put in a little curling mousse to give it that nice little bounce and volume.

8. Short Blonde Pixie

Short Blonde Pixie

One of the hottest celebs to cut off some length and go with a messy edgy pixie has to be the young and beautiful Kate Winslet who surprisingly looks phenomenal with a short pixie. Never in a hundred years would we have though she would take the plunge be we are surely glad that she did and she did with such elegance and originality!

9. Tracey Devine Smith Scruffy Avant-Garde

Tracey Devine Smith Scruffy Avant-Garde

Simply astonishing! From the outstanding coloring job which looks like straight up FIRE in this short bob hairstyle which is also tastefully placed in an upward flame like do! This avant-garde look by Tracey Devine Smith is simply outstanding and so unique. Just when you think reds are dying we always seem to find some new and creative ways to fusion colors and keep the reds going.

10. Pixie Hair by Ginger Boyle

Pixie Hair by Ginger Boyle

Pastels are such a refreshing look to hair coloring but we do often see a lot of poorly applied coloring, which is not the case when looking at some of the styles pulled from Ginger Boyle’s portfolio. The tone of purple really works well with the short scruffy pixie, a definite head turner for the ladies that are a little more daring and bold with their fashion and looks.

11. Pixie Hair Ginger Boyle

Pixie Hair Ginger Boyle

Another great look by non other than Ginger Boyle at it again creating stunning looks, this casual pixie looks great especially for those ladies who are a little more daring and adventurous. Going short with your hair is not always an easy decision but going blue is a risky one and one that needs to be done by a professional to get such a fantastic outcome.

12. Avant-Garde Pixie

Avant-Garde Pixie

Pavel is one creative hair stylist, his avant-garde visions are something pulled from another dimension. Always so creative and very trendy. This avant-garde pixie is very captivating going from a short buzz cut leaving more length at the top and creating this extremely cool futuristic bangs with a nice blue spike piercing through the dashing red.

13. Short Purple Pixie

Short Purple Pixie

Seems like short is the new long, it’s sexy confident and surprisingly popular this year especially that it’s still winter and we are seeing all types of cool short pixies. This stunning purplr avant-garde pixie is the perfect example of such a cool very short style that has flair and such a nice vibe to it pulled straight.

14. Hair by Casey

Hair by Casey

This short pixie is such an elegant and beautiful look that shows you exactly what we mean by accommodating the everyday look. It’s got personality, it looks fresh and so casual.

15. Outrageously Hot and Creative Pixie

Outrageously Hot and Creative Pixie

A picture is worth a thousand words and this work speaks for itself! From the amazing cut which is just flawless with all the layers and placement adds such a nice touch at making the colors stand out. It almost looks like she pulled out every color in the book but in such a tasteful manner. We see a lot of multicolored hair which just look like a mess but this one flows so nicely and every single color chosen compliments the following attached color to perfection!

16. Insanely Creative Coloring Pixie

Insanely Creative Coloring Pixie

Hair stylists from around the globe are pushing the boundaries when it comes to hair coloring and creativity. Here is a great example of such a unique coloring job which really brings something new to the table when going for that avant-garde look. The combination of blue and orange work so well together but what is even more impressive is how seamless the blond fuses in with the orange towards the back of the cut really showcasing pure and raw talent!

17. Avant Garde Short PIxie

Avant Garde Short PIxie

What a lovely rendition of a classy pixie! A lot of women have been shaving their sides but check out this awesome hairstyle with only a portion of the sides shaved and keeping a little length at the top to really give this hairstyle a cool and classy vibe. Very short with bangs yet ohh so feminine and very confident.

18. Awesome Colored Pixie

Awesome Colored Pixie

Simply WOW! Ginger Boyle has to be one of the few rare stylists who really knows how to create an impact with her outrageously mesmerizing coloring jobs! A true stylist and perfectionist at work. The fusion of black to dark pinks to stunning light pinks towards the bangs just works so well and really showcases her raw talent when it comes to Avant-garde hairstles.

19. Pixie Haircut with straight bangs

This straight cut at the back and messy look at the front not only defies what we are use to seeing but really puts such a nice reversal twist on hairstyles all together. So often we see straight bangs with layered nape cuts but this one is the total opposite which really looks stunning.

20. Midnight silky black Pixie

Midnight silky black Pixie

The perfect fusion of midnight silky black and beautiful caramel brown. When it comes to coloring your hair it’s important to really have a good idea of the look you are trying to create we tend to see a lot of stylist do a lot of “experimental’s” which comes out a little too extreme at sometimes. Less is not always more but in this case it surely is, we love how the subtle caramel just shines through but without over powering the black.

21. Short Pixie with Straight Bangs

Short Pixie with Straight Bangs

There are no wrong way to a pixie but there are definitely some highlights and some done that stick out more than others and here is a perfect example of a gorgeous pixie cut done to perfection by non other than Allen. From the cut to the awesome coloring job this pixie just looks fabulous.

22. Short Funky Pixie

Short Funky Pixie

How bout trying something a little more on the wild side stepping into 2019! This extremely short pixie with subtle light purple over a platinum white color looks totally awesome for women that are a little more daring and bold with their hairstyles.

23. Voluminous Messy Pixie

Voluminous Messy Pixie

Ever since we have seen Miley Cyrus go short and try out various renditions of a short pixie combed back or ruffed up we are seeing more and more variations of some pretty cool side shaved pixies just like this gorgeous duo toned one by haircoif. Which looks stunning how she ruffed it up giving it such a cool laidback messy look while still coming across as elegant and very trendy!

24. Short Cute Pixie

Short Cute Pixie

25. Half shaved short pixie

Half shaved short pixie

This half shaved short pixie brings out natural beauty and the pink colour complements golden skin colour. With this bold hairstyle, you will make a statement no matter what you’re wearing and stand out in a crowd. You go girl!

26. Short curled out pixie

Short curled out pixie

Angel Melaku better known as Lola Monroe looks amazing with her short naturally curly short pixie. We love how there is no order to how her hair falls but it just works so well flowing a little all over the place. To add to this already sexy hairstyle the way she points her fringe just looks amazing and really works well with the curls which we don’t tend to see too often with short pixies or any bangs.

27. Short Buzz Cut Avant-Garde pixie

Short Buzz Cut Avant-Garde pixie

For the bold and daring women only! Wow this amazingly short buzz cut pixie leaving the bangs in such a cool futuristic red point looks awesome and is such a creative and refreshing take on short hairstyles especially short pixies.

Obviously this is an avant-garde look but we can easily cross over to the mainstream for the bolder women out there who like a to be a little different and that are not afraid of a little attention good or bad because this cut is very provocative and not for everyone.

28. Layered Pixie

Layered Pixie

How sexy is this stunning short layered pixie? When it comes to pixies we are seeing a lot of great crosses in between a bob and a pixie which looks amazing especially when you sweep the bangs and fringe to one side giving it a nice asymmetric style.

Keeping the sides shorter really gives a nice emphasis on the entire hairstyle as well. The maintenance on this hairstyle is also a breeze, waking up in the morning and getting ready literally can take less than 10 minutes just putting a little water ruffing it up downwards in a nice manner normally does the trick.

29. Slick and Classy Pixie

Slick and Classy Pixie

Women with short hairstyles tend to often ruff it up and go with a messy look and we often complain that it’s hard to do a formal hairstyle without extensions when going short which is not absolutely true.. yes it’s a little harder when we look at all the classy longer hairstyles but women tend to shy away from sleeking their hair and combing it into a nice formal hairdo. Use a little hair gel and a fine comb or brush to get the fringe to stay like this. Applying some hairspray afterwards is a must just in case some hair tries to fall out of place.

30. Short Black Pixie

Short Black Pixie

Short around the back leaving an amazing spiky side swept fringe is one way to go when cutting your hair short into a pixie! Short pixies are perfect for fall and winter since we are always wearing hats and various other gear to shelter us from the cold leaving our hair in a mess every-time we pull our hats off. It literally takes a good 5 to maximum 10 minutes getting your hair ready when you go this short, ruffing it up and tossing the fringe to once side with a good hair paste is all that is needed.

31. Red Headed Pixie

Red Headed Pixie

How cool is this awesome red headed pixie with different well defined layers giving this cut such a fantastic and trendy edge. The sharpness of the cut really frames the face perfectly giving it such a cool Manga type of style which seems to really becoming popular among young adults this year. Wether you fake the red head or you have it natural this color is perfect for fall and we are seeing more and more women opting for this rich and beautiful color.

32. Platinum Short Pixie

Platinum Short Pixie

Amazing how edgy this pixie looks with it’s various lenghts starting from short almost shaved towards the back keeping a little more length on the sides and giving it some really cool layered long strands towards the bangs.

When it comes to avant-garde haircuts there is no wrong way to express ones creativity and this stylist really went all out and is showcasing so much creativity with so little hair! We absolutely love this style of pixie, we hope to see a lot more short trendy ones like this.

33. Short Edgy Avant Garde Pixie

Short Edgy Avant Garde Pixie

There is no wrong way to rock a short pixie if you have the guts to go short and sport it with confidence, more power to you because it takes a lot for a women to hit the salon and shed off some length.

This avant garde haircut looks absolutely stunning and so futuristic. The way the stylist cut the bangs extremely short leaving the sides longer and even more length towards the back really gives this haircut such a cool urban and semi anime vibe which we see quite often in Japanese cultures.

34. Gorgeous and Rebellious short pixie

Gorgeous and rebellious short pixie

How bout a short messy hairdo for fall ladies? Olivia looks stunning with her gorgeous and rebellious short pixie. A great thing to keep in consideration when going short is to always make sure you are going with a short cut that works with your facial shapes.

For example this layered pixie works super well with women who have a square or heart shaped faces. Another key into getting this looks is making sure the layers are really poignant giving every strand different lengths.

35. Super Short Pixie

Super Short Pixie

How awesome is this short pixie hairstyle worn by the beautiful and soulful Estelle. It’s edgy and we love the asymmetry behind this cut going super short on one side and side sweeping her bangs or at least what’s left of her bangs to the other.

You can also notice some very subtle highlights throughout her silky dark black hair which just ads a little more style to this already stylish pixie. Another great thing about short hairstyles is that it leaves your neck line free giving your plenty of great necklace or shoulder line wardrobes.

36. Sexy Short Bob

Sexy Short Bob

Short blonde bobs are very in style at the moment. We are seeing a lot more dark haired stars taking the plunge and going platinum blonde and short like the beautiful Anne Hathaway with this cross in between a pixie and a bob which surprisingly suits her very well. This cut is a breeze in the morning barely any maintenance goes into it, wake up and you are almost good to go, you might just need a little water and a couple minutes of blow drying and you are set.

37. Edgy Red Pixie

Edgy red pixie

Pixies are bursting lately and I can understand why! Combine sexy red and orange ombre with an asymmetric slick cut and be sure to steal the spotlight !

38. Mohawk Pixie

Mohawk Pixie

Short hair and more powerful than you think! If you want to make a strong and sexy statement with your hair,this avant-garde mohawk pixie will give you nothing but a seductive allure!

39. Platinum Pixie

Platinum Pixie

When done properly the platinum blonde color looks outstanding, especially on women with short hair as it seems to not only catch the light better but really compliments short layered hair in such a beautiful and sexy way.

40. Short Pixie Bob

Short pixie bob

No matter if her hair is long or short, Rihanna can rock any style. Dare this sleek pixie bob and bring out your feminity all the way ! All you need is a good straightener and some paste for texture, then style to the side with a comb, tadam!

41. Short Copper Pixie

Short Copper Pixie

Emme Watson is one of those celebrities that took the plunge and went short and still looks drop dead gorgeous. The 23 year old young actress is one of Hollywoods most desired women at the moment with her amazing sense of fashion and beautiful short pixie.

42. Creative White Pixie

Creative White Pixie

What an amazing avant-garde look, the stylist behind this one nailed it spot on with the amazing platinum white color accentuated by some hints of flashy red and purple.

43. Layered & Thin Pixie

Layered & Thin Pixie

An amazing and creative rendition of a pixie. Layered and thinned out to give almost a flat look works so well on this model.

44. Rugged Pixie

Rugged Pixie

Ladies tired of always spending hours doing your hair? Try this amazingly cute and rebellious short pixie, the beauty about this cut is that it is easy to maintain and looks “hella” sexy!

45. Short Pixie Cut

Short Pixie Cut

The pixie craze is not about to end with so many celebs chopping it all off. Here is another great rendition of a short pixie with attitude, the way the layers fall give this cut somewhat of a cool futuristic almost anime feel which looks amazing.

46. Short Black and Red Pixie

Short Black and Red Pixie

What’s different and great about this pixie is the fact that not the entire half of her head is shaved which is not something we see quite often. It gives her beautiful short pixie a cool unconventional vibe and looks amazing.

47. Edgy Pixie

Edgy Pixie

This pixie is absolutely amazing. The way she pointed out the fringe hiding one side of her beautiful face give her that mysterious and sexy look. The color is just phenomenal going from a platinum white with hints of blue, puple and greens.

48. Hot Avant Garde Pixie

Hot Avant Garde Pixie

Pixies are awesome especially when done right exploring different creative ways to make theirs different. Here we have an amazingly creative one leaving the bangs with longer layers of flashy yellow which just works so well with the dark reddish short pixie cut.

49. Crazy Half Up Pixie

Crazy Half Up Pixie

Two words come to my mind looking at Kimberly’s awesome hairstyle.. Sexy & Wild! Kimberly has to be one of those stars that tends to go under the radar a lot musically but when it comes to fashion she definitely has our attention and is doing a great job.

50. Layered Colored Pixie

Layered Colored Pixie

Looking for something eye catching? Check out this amazing short pixie with cool layers and stunning variations of yellow, blondes and copper with a darker under tone.

51. Sexy Short Pixie

Sexy Short Pixie

This short pixie with very short bangs was popularized a few years back when Halle Berry decided to go short and has only gotten more and more in style as the time goes by.

52. Cute Short Layered Pixie

Cute Short Layered Pixie

Pixies are such a fun and sexy trend! You can easily have fun with very short hair lengths. Try pushing your points forward with some men’s paste to give it nice layers and movement.

53. Short Trendy Pixie

Short Trendy Pixie

We are seeing so many variations of cool pixies as of late, this short pixie looks amazing with her head unevenly shaved to one side leaving her with a cute layered and waved fringe to the other.

54. Short Messy Pixie

Short Messy Pixie

Low maintenance and hot as a tamale, this short pixie is the perfect hairdo for women that like to get attention without spending hours in front of the mirror trying to place their hair. This cut works perfectly with women that have fine facial features.

55. Short Platinum Pixie with Bangs

What makes this pixie really stand out is the short length and uneven bangs. The beautiful thing about having a short hairstyle like this, is the multitude of styles a women can pull off. Ruffing it up or combing them down properly or even turning it into a cool pulled back pompadour.

56. Red Fauxhawk PIxie Style

Red Fauxhawk PIxie Style

Ladies with with short pixies try switching the style up bu brushing your sides down and your mane forward into a sexy and rebellious fauxhawk!

57. Very Short Messy Pixie

Very Short Messy Pixie Bob

When it comes to pixies the key to keeping it looking proper is all in the attitude and the fringe or bangs. Toss your bangs slightly to one side giving the cut that extra edge and movement.

58. Cute Short Blonde Pixie

Cute Short Blonde Pixie

Short and messy is one way to go when trying to get the perfect pixie cut. What’s great about this hairstyle is not only does it look cute and trendy but can also be combed several different ways. Throw it back into a nice pompadour or even curl it up and make it into a hot curly mess!

59. Pixie with Sharp Fringe

Pixie with Sharp Fringe

Summer is the best tiem to go short why not try to take the leap with something rebellious and sexy like this amazing short pixie with a sharp side-swept fringe. The great thing about this cut is that you can style it several different ways and easily turn it into a cool pompadour but brushing your bangs backwards.

60. Flaming Pixie

Wow! This fiery red pixie is simple amazing. The stylist behind this haircut is brilliant combining a messy look to this cut that almost looks like flames coming out of her hair to accentuate the scorching red color chosen in this look.

61. Gorgeous Short Side Swept Pixie

Try pinning down your fringe with bobby pins to give your short pixie that classy, cute retro look.

62. Short Red Pixie with Side Swept Fringe

Short Red Pixie with Side Swept Fringe

Gorgeous red pixie with subtle pink highlights and side swept fringe looks amazing on women with a diamond or heart shaped face.

63. Pixies, Pixies and more Pixies!

Pixies, Pixies and more Pixies!

When it comes to short hairstyles pixies has to be one of our favorite this summer! Not only is this short pixie cute and sexy it’s also a bold and confident cut. It takes a women with attitude and confidence to pull this off.

64. Short Pixie with a Big Voluminous Fringe

Short Pixie with a Big Voluminous Fringe

What a fabulous work of art done with the fringe on this amazing short pixie bringing some of the 90’s back with style!

65. Messy Pixie Pompadour for Girls

Messy Pixie Pompadour for Girls

Pompadours used to be worn mostly by men but not in 2018! We are seeing more and more women going short and throwing their hair back just like men, roughing it up giving it that messy look and complimenting it with that flashy pink gives it that feminine feel.

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