50 Amazing Hairstyles for Short Wavy-Haired Women in 2022

Be it the 1920s or 2000s, the wavy-hair trend is timeless and always bangin! While both straight & curly hair textures have perks and struggles, short wavy hair falls somewhere between. It gives you the best of both worlds with that bounce and frizz-free volume. A total win is that you can easily switch between styles. And that’s not even the best part. The best thing about having wavy hair is that you can rock it at literally any length!

This article is specifically for girls with short, cute, and wavy hair, as there aren’t many options available for things you can do with your hair. Short hair comes with only two moods and no in-between; either you are completely obsessed with your chop, or you dreadfully regret your choice and cry on the inside while looking at your pictures from the “good old days” when you had long hair.

We’re here to your rescue with these 50 best short wavy hairstyles for you to keep experimenting and keep that hair game strong!

 50 Amazing Hairstyles for Short Wavy-Haired Women in 2022

  1. Angled Wavy Bob

Angled Wavy Bob


An angled bob is a timeless trend. The haircut is angled, i.e., short in the back, and then gradually transitions to a longer length towards the hair in the front.  It’s a very versatile haircut that anyone can easily pull off.

  1. Wavy Bob with Bangs

Wavy Bob with Bangs


To spice up a basic bob look, you can try having some cute bangs, dense according to your face shape. Bangs give you a pretty, fresh, and adolescent look. 

  1. Long Wavy Bob

Long Wavy Bob


A lob or a long bob is also suitable for wavy hair if you don’t want to go too short on those babies. It falls in between medium-length hair and short-length hair. The best part about it is that it can be styled numerous ways.

  1. Asymmetrical Wavy Bob

Asymmetrical Wavy Bob


An asymmetrical bob is slightly shorter in length, uneven in shape, and slightly longer on one side of the parting. It gives a very shaggy and cool look. 

  1. Wavy Inverted Bob

Wavy Inverted Bob


Also known as graduated bob or concave bob, an inverted bob hairstyle has a tapered back with stacked layers, making it exceptional. When combined with some highlights, this hairstyle looks really chic. 

  1. Wavy Pixie Cut

Wavy Pixie Cut


This hairstyle is low-maintenance and saves you the struggle to even bother doing your hair. Pixie cuts are real classy and easy to both handle and style.

  1. Blunt Bob for Wavy Hair

Blunt Bob for Wavy Hair


Unlike other bob hairstyles that transition from shorter to longer, blunt bob is cut straight and even at the ends. Go for a more classy, edgy, yet simple look simultaneously; go for a blunt bob. 

  1. Tousled Wavy Hairstyle

Tousled Wavy Hairstyle


Tousled hairstyles are something that can never go out of fashion. A tousled short bob provides your hair with a look voluminous and bouncy.

  1. Jaw Length Bob

Jaw Length Bob


If you have a round or oval-shaped face, a jaw-length bob helps to delineate the shape of your face. On the other hand, if you have a structured face, this hairstyle lets you show off your jawline.

  1. Tapered Pixie

Tapered Pixie haircut


A tapered pixie hairstyle is easy to manage and provides enough length to play with your hair’s color and texture. This hairstyle will rock with a little blowdry if you have wavy and thick hair.

  1. Undercut for Wavy Hair

Undercut for Wavy Hair


The undercut is one of the boldest and classiest hairstyles for women among all there are to choose from. Thick and wavy hair is ideal for an undercut, as you get both texture and volume, all while looking so gallant. It’s a win-win.

  1. Wavy Side Bangs

Wavy Side Bangs


Getting side bangs isn’t too much work, yet it changes the look of your hair thoroughly. If you are in the mood for some experiment but don’t want to go too far, get some side bangs and style them accordingly.

  1. Long Undercut for wavy hair

Long Undercut for wavy hair


This is the best option for you if you want to get an undercut but are afraid of the top hair getting too short. It allows you to have an undercut while maintaining your desired length and texture.

  1. Nape Undercut with Bob

Nape Undercut with Bob


A nape undercut with a bob hairstyle is a very eye-catching look. Paired with some highlights, it’s snazzy! 

  1. Layered A-line Bob

Layered A-line Bob


This haircut will have you reaping the benefits of a line-bob and a messy layered look, all while you get those effortlessly gorgeous beach waves. 

  1. Jaw-length Bob with Fringes

Jaw-length Bob with Fringes


This cute hairstyle will help you spice up your short hair and change your look for the better. So go for it if you love short hair or fringes!

  1. Razor Bob

Razor Bob


A razored bob hairstyle is one of the hottest looks paired with wavy hair. It’s super easy to carry, and style and will turn those heads for you! 

  1. Long-top Short Haircut

Long-top Short Haircut


If you are someone who loves experimenting with their mane, this hairstyle is perfect for you! Remember that Katy Perry rocked it one time, and everyone went crazy over her? Yes. This hairstyle gives you a very charismatic and bold look. 

  1. Blunt Bangs

Blunt Bangs


Simple yet adorable. Wavy short hair with blunt bangs gives you a bright and young vibe, regardless of your age.

  1. Long-top Pixie

Long-top Pixie


Who said that only straight-haired women could rock a pixie? Well, whoever did, they weren’t aware of the power of a pixie and wavy hair together. This long-top pixie style will provide you with both volume and texture. 

  1. Messy Choppy Bob

Messy Choppy Bob


For a messy and shaggy hairstyle, we suggest you go for a choppy, short bob. Simple and easy to carry by any hair type and texture. 

  1. Blonde and Wavy Locks

Blonde and Wavy Locks


Marilyn Monroe was an iconic and stunning woman, but her most prominent feature was her hair. Her beautiful, blonde and wavy locks. You should consider going for the glamour waves looks at least once in a lifetime! 

  1. Neck Length Bob

Neck Length Bob


This hairstyle is perfect for summers to keep your hair short and off your shoulders, keep them easy to manage, and carry on a scorching summer day.

  1. French Bob

French Bob


French bobs give you a pretty, playful, and retro look. With a subtle and sophisticated vibe, this hairstyle is super manageable.

  1. Comb-over Short Waves

Comb-over Short Waves


Let’s admit it, any hairstyle when comb-over turns wig-snatching! Well, so is the case with short-wavy hair. Try the pretty comb-over style and give your forehead some time to breathe.   

  1. Extra-short 90s Wavy Bob

Extra-short 90s Wavy Bob


Another one of those styles will take your hair an era back, making everyone want to ask the name of your hairstyle and leave them astonished as you move. This 90s bob is one of the feistiest hairstyles for wavy hair. 

  1. Retro Style A-line Bob

Retro Style A-line Bob


This is the perfect match for short and wavy hair if you’re a vintage-style lover. Just some hair spray, a round brush, and elegance, and you’re good to go! 

  1. Cute Wavy Mullet

Cute Wavy Mullet


Remember that one time when Winona Ryder rocked all Gen X’s worlds with her little messy and effortless mullet in Reality Bites(1994)? Of course, you can go for this one with those wavy locks! 

  1. Short Choppy Bob with Bangs

Short Choppy Bob with Bangs


Effortless yet fantastic! A short choppy bob will make styling your hair a two-second task, and you’ll look amazing all day long. 

  1. Heavy Top Curly Pixie

Heavy Top Curly Pixie


If you’re confused between wanting a short haircut but also need some length in the front to cover your forehead, a heavy top is a preferable hairstyle. It’ll give you a pretty and feminine look but will carry a free-spirited and bold vibe. 

  1. Pixie With Bangs

Pixie With Bangs


You can also go for this hairstyle if you have subtly wavy hair; it’s a soft and light-weighted haircut that doesn’t demand much styling and care. Especially suitable for summers.

  1. Wavy Lob with Fringes

Wavy Lob with Fringes


It’s understandable if not someone to go crazy with lengths and shaves; this is the perfect haircut for you. A lob with some fringes is a mixture of spicy yet classy personae. 

  1. Multidirectional Pixie

Multidirectional Pixie


This look is perfect for the fans of tousled hair and messy style, as your hair looks incredibly cool as it leans forward with a classy pixie look. 

  1. Sophisticated Short Cut

Sophisticated Short Cut


This one is for all of our lit-major personalities who like to keep it simple and adorable. A sophisticated short pixie to cut the struggle of all the complicated hairstyling while you’re on your way to run to the library, we got you! 

  1. Feathered Layers

Feathered Layers


Another one in the tousled hair family comes the feather cut, especially if you have thin hair. It’ll help make it look thicker.

  1. Super Short Layers

Super Short Layers


Old, simple, but a timeless trend! Layers are easy to grow out of and give you that bouncy, voluminous hair texture. 

  1. A Pixie-Bob

A Pixie-Bob


This hairstyle combines two of the most widely-known and classic hairstyles- the bob and the pixie. It is said to be a hairstyle for straight-haired women only, but that’s a myth. As hair is shorter and closer to your scalp, this hairstyle works perfectly for wavy hair! 

  1. Asymmetrical Half-shaved

Asymmetrical Half-shaved


Feeling rebellious? This hairstyle’s got you! Remember that you can always play with the texture and colors of the longer section of the hair. 

  1. Wavy Blonde Faux Hawk

Wavy Faux Hawk


Take it to another level with the faux hawk if you had it on your bucket list. Tick it off! This hairstyle is everything but basic. You wouldn’t go unnoticed after a little blowdry, hair gel, and magic! 

  1. Cropped Curls

Cropped Curls


Bring back the grunge-style boy cuts with this cropped-curls hairstyle, both chic and feminine. A little mousse or spray and the curls will go a long way. 

  1. Graduated Pixie

Graduated Pixie


When it comes to pixie haircuts, there is much room for experiments. One such example of the experiments is this graduated pixie hairstyle. Elegant and fashionable, the texture depends on how you style it- you keep it natural or straighten it- the hairstyle rocks regardless. 

  1. Electric Pink Bob

Electric Pink Bob


Trying out new things should never stop when it comes to your hair. After all, it’s just hair. You can try this poppy, electric pink color with the classic bob hairstyle for a brand new look. 

  1. Wavy Bowl Cut

Wavy Bowl Cut


If you’re also one of those people under the Hallyu-wave influence, this hairstyle must be on your bucket list. Whether you have a round face or an oval, this hairstyle is perfect for thick and wavy hair. 

  1. Balayage Waves

Balayage Waves


Balayage gives your hair a subtle and light look with your wavy and beautiful locks. 

  1. Wavy top and Etched side

Wavy top and Etched side


Feel like you weren’t born to fit in? Or basic isn’t your thing? Go for an etched side on your hair for a completely rebellious look. 

  1. Bowl-cut-inspired Pixie

Bowl-cut-inspired Pixie


This hairstyle is a perfect go-to for women with shaggy and wavy hair. It doesn’t require even blow-drying, just your fingers and it’s all set. 

  1. Bold Bob

Bold Bob


This look is one of the eye-catching, prettiest, and boldest looks. The tone of your red color may vary as your will. 

  1. Short Shaggy

Short Shaggy


Naturally wavy or curly hair, when cut short, is itself a whole look. Go for jet-black hair color for a more simple and subtle look. 

  1. Wavy Pageboy Haircut

Wavy Pageboy Haircut


Bring back Prince’s Valiant haircut with a light head and a gallantly chic look. Plus, you also get to rock the old trend, but in a contemporary way. 

  1. Wavy Mushroom Haircut

Wavy Mushroom Haircut


Fresh, cute, and very adolescent, this hairstyle will give you a youthful look and won’t even ask for any extra styling or care.

Which one of these hairstyles do you like the most? Did we miss out on any hairstyle you think you would want more? Let us know below – we would love to hear from you!