30 Popular Side Part Haircuts For Men[2019 Update]

Be it long or short hair, the side parting will immensely add a fashionable touch to your style, without making it look too monotonous or boring.If done the right way, side part haircuts look extremely trendy and chic.

In addition to that, there are also lots of different side part haircuts that would look good on all sorts of face shapes. So it is essential that you make sure you pick the right one that will best fit your hair as well as the shape of the face and leave you looking stylish and uber-cool.

What’s more? Not only does the side hair parting haircut look cool on long and short haircuts, but it also looks great on mid-length when done with some skills and experience.

Having said that, before I get to the main section and look at the 30 different types of side part haircuts, let us talk a little bit about the haircut to ensure we are on the same page before we get to the main section of the post.

What is a side part haircut?

Just like its name suggests, a side part hairstyle relies on a designed side part. But there is more to the hairstyle than that. The sides and top are cut in a conventional fashion in order to award you the side part hairstyle. The resulting look is always a short and neat style.

Another point to note is that the side part hairstyle best works with thicker hair. But do not let that discourage you from trying it out. I have seen lots of people who tried it on their finer hair and still looked great.

In addition to that, just like the comb-over as well as other short hairstyles, the side part best suits oval and square face shapes.

With that in mind, let us look at how you can get the side part haircut

How to get the side part haircut

Even though the hairstyle is widely regarded to as the “side part cut,” most stylists and barbers refer to it by distinct names around the world. Some off these names include the businessman hairstyle or a traditional hairstyle with a side part.

Bearing in mind the style has so many names, I urge you to bring a picture that you’ll show to your stylist or barber so they can know exactly what you expect them to style on you.

To help you further, below are better details of this side part hairstyle that will help you to specify exactly what you want to your stylist or barber.

Around two to four inches of hair on top of your head is about perfect for this hairstyle. Note that the more the hair, the more the volume you will boast. You should clip the sides using a razor on a setting anywhere from number 3 to number 6. You will also want to ensure you taper or fade the sides and taper the neckline.

If you want, you can also ask your stylist or barber to give you a hard part. This is a shaved line that will create an even more defined part. This will also make the side part hairstyle more noticeable since it’ll contrast the top from the sides.

Now that you clearly understand the side part haircut, let us look at my enumeration of the best ones in the realm of shaving today.

30 Popular Side Part Haircuts For Men

  1. The Light and Dark gradient look

The Light and Dark gradient look


This dark and light gradient style is perfect for those who have really short hair. As you can see in the image above, the cut will add volume to your hair without making it look heavy or bulky. The clean sidecut with a razor edge that has been included is what will make the hairstyle even trendier.

  1. Straight Clean Cut

Straight Clean Cut


At position two I have decided to include this astounding haircut for those who have mid-length hair. You can try out this casual style for your next office or company party and rest assured you will turn heads all day or night long.

Better yet, feel free to mix it up with some highlights in order to add more texture to the haircut.

  1. The Classic School Boy Look

The Classic School Boy Look


Would you like to bring out the memories of your good old school days with an oldie but goodie part haircut? Then this is the perfect side part for you. As you can see in the photo, the honey brown color best suits the pale skin tone extremely well.

You can add some more drama to this look by using distinct hair colors and lengths.

  1. A brown side part with hints of Gold

A brown side part with hints of Gold


This easy to craft haircut is looking very easygoing and relaxing. The gentleman also chose the colors with great finesse and the trimmed side section is adding distinct depths to the haircut.

  1. Vintage Hair Waves

Vintage Hair Waves


This haircut has managed to be very modern and vintage at the same time. It also oozes with confidence as you can see in the image. A great haircut for those with thin hair, this hairstyle is also manageable and easy to design as well as maintain.

Bonus point: set the hair using matte hair pomade in order to keep the haircut together.

  1. Faded elegant look with a side part

Faded elegant look with a side part


The lower portion of the haircut has been kept really trimmed in order to make the top side look full and more voluminous. The elegant parting is also making this haircut contemporary and edgy.

  1. Ed Westwick’s side part

Ed Westwick’s side part


As you may know by now, the side part is a classic and simple haircut: and Ed Westwick’s side part best exemplifies exactly those qualities. Nicely combed to the back and tucked behind his ear, this side part is a great definition of classy but relaxed.

  1. Ryan Reynolds undercut with a Side part

Ryan Reynolds undercut with a Side part


For a more refined look, you can never go wrong by combining two of the most famous contemporary haircuts out there today: the undercut and the side part. This is also the perfect opportunity to look like Ryan Reynolds (if that’s something you would be interested in.)

  1. George Clooney’s Side part

George Clooney’s Side part


George Clooney’s side part is a longer alternative of the style and it gives his hair the thicker and fuller appearance it needed. That said, it managed to remain one of the most defined haircuts due to its prominent part.

  1. Brad Pitt’s classic sided part

Brad Pitt’s classic sided part


Would you like to style one of the simplest hairstyles but still turn heads wherever you go? Then I urge you to try out this Brad Pitt’s wide part. You can easily and quickly attain this hairstyle by simply combing your hair in opposite directions and use the side part as a divider.

  1. Chris Pine’s Side part plus a beard

Chris Pine’s Side part with a beard


Even though most parts of a side part are usually very noticeable, you can also make them more subtle. Here. Chris Pine’s hair has only been parted slightly, and there is no visible part line. This has managed to make his hair look thicker.

  1. The Classic Gentleman Longer side part

The Classic Gentleman Longer side part


If there was such an award for the king of side parts, I think it would be won by Chris Pine. This is the second type of side part that he sported, but this time without a beard. The elegant side part, as well as the neatly styled hair locks, also award the wearer an extremely sophisticated and sharp appearance.

  1. Jake Gyllenhaal’s side part

Jake Gyllenhaal’s side part


If you have wavy hair like Jake Gyllenhaal above, then you can sport the side part as well and still look astounding. The mild part, as depicted above, can also be used to transform the direction of the hair while at the same time providing the additional texture.

  1. The Andrew Garfield side part

The Andrew Garfield side part


The last, but by no means the least celebrity to look at in this enumeration is Andrew Garfield. If there is anything he has taught us with his side parts over the years, it is that they can be used with other styling techniques as well in order to deliver more excellent results.

This hairstyle uses both a brushed back hair at the front side and a simple part on the side in order to deliver a smart, but slightly messy look.

  1. Classic Side Part with gelled hair

Classic Side Part with gelled hair


This is almost one of the most all-time most famous side parts, thanks to the classic silhouette it delivers. It is also a versatile alternative, with advantages for older and younger men alike. It will work best if your hair strands are naturally straight.

  1. Longer, wavy side part

Longer, wavy side part


The side apart hairstyle is also a fantastic styling choice if you boast a bit long, wavy hair. Thanks to their dynamic texture, your hair strands will naturally spring with volume from the defined part. The taper fade will also make the look even more memorable.

  1. Side Part couple with a short haircut

Side Part couple with a short haircut


You will usually find side parts among gentlemen who boast locks that are at least one or two inches long. Needless to say, that does not imply that it will not look great on individuals who have shorter hair. Take a look at the side part coupled with a buzz cut above, for instance.

  1. The curly side part haircut

The curly side part haircut


Most side part hairstyles you’ll come across in this enumeration today will perfectly fit individuals who boast straight strands. That said, this haircut is exceptional for men with all sorts of hair textures. If you boast curls, then do not hesitate to bring out the best in them using the sharp shaved part above.

  1. Military side part hairstyle

Military side part hairstyle


If this vintage military side part will not make you nostalgic, I honestly do not know what will. For this instance, I went very back in time to the most famous military haircuts from the 1950s. And even though more than ½ a century has passed since then, the hairstyle is still trending like it came out yesterday.

  1. The Soft Part Haircut

The Soft Part Haircut


We will be reviewing side part haircuts throughout this enumeration, but what about a haircut that also qualifies as a soft part haircut? Just like the name suggests, the soft part haircut boasts a subtle approach to a part.

Rather than defining or otherwise shaving the part, all you need to do is comb the hair to the sides to attain a natural cut.

  1. Short side part haircut for thick hair plus a neck tattoo

Short side part haircut for thick hair plus a neck tattoo


If like me, you boast significantly thick hair, then you understand that keeping it long can be a pain. For a more natural cut and less maintenance, in the long run, contemplate on keeping your hair as short you can.

To spice up the final look, ensure you always go for the hard part.

  1. Long hair with a side part

Long hair with a side part


At the beginning of the post, I also noted that individuals with long hair can also sport side part hairstyles and still look great. Well, here is one for them.

If you have thick and long beards, then you should also take a longer hairstyle like the individual above into consideration. That said, instead of keeping the hair long all around the head, opt for a taper fade coupled with a side part as the icing on the cake.

  1. Flat top side part

Flat top side part


No African American should ever underestimate the potential of the flat top coupled with a flat top side part. This barbershop haircut has been trending as one of the best for decades now, and it is still looking as fresh as ever.

The side part helps emphasize the haircut.

  1. Angular fringe with a side part hairstyle

Angular fringe with a side part hairstyle


The angular fringe is an ideal haircut to couple with a side part. Even though the part in this image is a little bit more discrete compared to most others we have looked in this enumeration, it still managed to show how well it could outline the textured top part of the haircut.

  1. Dandy side part hairstyle

Dandy side part hairstyle


Regardless of the fact a side part hairstyle would typically inspire the edgiest styles, this styling option is frequently used by gentlemen who choose the dandy lifestyle. As you can see in the image above, you can also couple the side part haircut with a well-groomed beard and mustache.

  1. A side part coupled with a spiky haircut

A side part coupled with a spiky haircut


Not only is the undercut in the image above done extremely well, but also is the hardtop. The top part looks softly spiked and textured at the same time: but without being loaded with a hair product.

  1. The modern pompadour with the side part

The modern pompadour with the side part


First things first, did you know that, originally, the pompadour haircut was a style for the women in the past? Curiously enough, however, it is now (around 250+ years after its introduction) worn mostly by just men and also considered the stable for men all around the world.

You can top up the look with a side part like the gentleman above.

  1. The layered Modern Pompadour with a side part

The layered Modern Pompadour with a side part


As I mentioned in an earlier section, the pompadour first came as a haircut for women. But when it did back in the 40s, it immediately made an impression on men. Most of them took notice of the new trend and started trying it out themselves.

But the haircut really caught the eye of the public when a young man started wearing it layered and heavily, and that was none other than Elvis Presley.

  1. A blue modern pompadour with a side part

A blue modern pompadour with a side part


Building on the haircut above, it may actually be some type of a duty to try and be as creative as you can be while styling the best pompadour haircut. Do this just to honor its history. Try out with all your favorite colors without holding back.

  1. The white modern pomp with a side part

The white modern pomp with a side part


I just love it whenever I come across astounding hair colors that can transition perfectly well from one season to the next. And this super white blonde coupled with a side part does exactly just that. You can further pair it with a demure pompadour like the gentleman above and you have got yourself the best haircut of the year.

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