Six Reasons to Love Your Long Hair

Anyone with long hair knows that there are days when you get tired of it. Sometimes it’s because you’re experiencing long hair boredom (those times when a change, any change, seems desirable over keeping your length). Other times it’s because it’s gotten in the way yet again (and let’s face it, the opportunities for long hair to get caught in things are virtually endless).

But the fact is that if you do succumb to the scissors and get it all cut off, you’ll be missing out on what it is that made you want to become a longhair in the first place. The reasons for growing and keeping your long hair will be different for everyone, but here are my top six – no doubt one or two of them will strike a chord with you and hopefully encourage you to keep on growing.

Six Reasons to Love Your Long Hair

1.Long hair is timeless

Striking Brown Hair with Golden Highlights

Fashions, and consequently hairstyle trends, will come and go; they are transitory by their very nature. And sure, there will be times when long hair is less in vogue than it was a couple of years ago, but you can rest assured that it will always come back into fashion eventually, for the simple reason that long hair is timeless. Pick just about any period film, and you can guarantee that several actresses and extras will possess gorgeous long manes (my favorites are Braveheart and Little Women, set in the 13th and 19th centuries, respectively).

So even though the fashion industry’s preference for long-haired models on the catwalks and in magazines may fade now and then, they will always make a comeback in time, because ultimately long hair is a style that transcends fashion altogether.

2.Long hair is easier to maintain

Now wait just a minute: surely if there’s more of something, shouldn’t it become more difficult and time-consuming to take care of? While this may be true of many things (including, but not limited to, children, pets, work, and study), when it comes to hair, I’ve found the opposite to be true: that in general, the longer my hair is, the easier it is to look after. I’ve had short hair before – a pixie cut, and later, a chin-length bob – and I can tell you from experience that it took a lot more time and effort to keep those styles looking good than it does to keep my current length of hair (mid-back) looking amazing.

Why is this? Because long hair is a wash-and-wear style, short hair requires daily styling in the form of blow-drying and hair sculpting products. Sleep through your alarm with long hair, and all you have to do is put it up (when time-poor, I usually go for a quick and simple romantic updo); sleep through your alarm with short hair, and you’ll have to accept the fact that you’re going to be late – unless, of course, you don’t mind stepping out in public with it sticking up in all directions. Still, if this is the case, you may also shave it all off and call it a day!

Now, there is a point of diminishing returns (for lack of a better description) when your hair reaches a length that requires a lot of maintenance – but we’re talking thigh-length or knee-length here. Many women with hair this long really don’t mind the extra work to maintain their unique beauty.

3.Your man will love your long hair too

First, a disclaimer: Every man will have different tastes in women, and there are no doubt millions in the world who find short hair on women to be more attractive than long. But psychological and evolutionary theory-based research has shown that by far the greatest proportion of men in our society prefer women to have long hair. There are countless reasons for this phenomenon, but they include the ideas of long hair demonstrating genetic strength and good health, of long hair connoting classic femininity, and the simple fact that long hair flatters more women’s face shapes than short hair does.

As for me, personally, my boyfriend loves running his fingers through my hair, brushing it, and just playing with it when we’re hanging out together. It’s just another way a man can show affection for his partner, and it feels pretty amazing for the woman as well. Obviously, you don’t want to decide upon a hairstyle simply because your man (or the man you have your eye on!) will prefer it over another, but it is nice knowing that you’re probably not the only one who loves the way your hair looks when it’s long.

Long laired haircut for thick curly hair

4.Long hair is cheaper to maintain

This reason is something of a subset of long hair being easier to maintain, but it’s a relevant one nonetheless: overall, long hair is much cheaper to maintain than short hair will ever be. This is mostly because of fewer visits to the hairdresser – short hair needs reshaping every six to eight weeks, whereas long hair can be left to grow for six months or more without needing a trim.

In addition, because long hair requires fewer styling products than short hair does, you’ll find that your monthly hair care expenses will be minimized too. To stay in shape, short hair will usually require a daily (or more!) application of a sculpting cream, wax, or gel, whereas these products will only weigh long hair down and make it look lank and greasy. Aside from shampoo and conditioner, the only product your long hair will need is a shine serum or leave-in conditioner. And if you really want to get finicky about your hair care expenses, you can consider the fact that less heat styling means less electricity used, and therefore a reduction in your household bills.

5.Long hair is an investment

This reason could be considered controversial, in that many of us wouldn’t dream of selling our hair… but for me, it’s nice to know that such an option is available, should I ever find myself in dire financial circumstances. Long hair, particularly that which is considered ‘virgin hair’ (i.e., hair that has never been highlighted or colored), can command quite a decent amount of money, should the owner decide to sell it. Human hair is highly sought-after by wig makers for the obvious reason that it is so much more natural-looking than its synthetic alternative.

While the price of human hair will vary depending on the length, color, and quality of the hair, as well as the economy as a whole, you can expect to receive a reasonable payment in exchange for the long locks you’ve grown tired of. There are several different ways to go about selling your hair, whether directly to the wig manufacturers or by alternative means, so make sure you do your research before you go for the big chop.

Obviously, such a decision is entirely up to you, but if you’ve had long hair for more than ten years or so and absolutely must try a different look, then it’s comforting to know that it needn’t end up being swept into a dustbin on the hairdresser’s floor.

Dark Blonde Highlights on Long Cascading Brown Hair

6.Long hair is becoming increasingly unique

Let’s face it: there aren’t many people in this world who have the patience that growing long hair requires. Right now, we’re living in an age of consumption, where having the latest gadget or garment is (for some) an absolute must and where everything else is tossed aside. It’s a time of ever-increasing change, and naturally, the kinds of women who have their wardrobes set on a constantly updating rotation will also be more likely to change their hairstyle frequently as well…. and they can only color it, add a fringe (bangs), straighten it or curl it so often before they are compelled to go for the chop.

As a result, short hairstyles are becoming more and more the norm, and longer hairstyles increasingly unique. Back in the 1970s (I’m told), it was commonplace to see women with hair brushing their waists; now, it’s a genuine rarity and, as such, has become a standout; something truly eye-catching in the crowds of medium-length and short hairstyles.

It also says something about the wearer: that while she may choose to pick up on certain trends, she is not one to be pulled along by the undertow of fashion and turned into something less than herself. Rather than wearing the same old haircut as everyone else, she’s chosen to keep this part of herself unique. Such a decision speaks volumes about her personal strength and commitment to her own sense of individuality to an interested bystander.

While there are many other reasons to love your long hair, these are the ones that really speak to me when I’m experiencing a moment of long hair boredom – they’re the ones that remind me why I wanted to become a longhair in the first place. Long hair is not for everyone (it wouldn’t be anywhere near as special if it were!) but for those who choose it, it can be one of those elements in their lives that make their existence that much better.

So if you’re sick of your long hair and are contemplating a cut, make sure you remind yourself of the reasons you love your long hair before it’s too late. Whether it’s mid-back, waist length, classic length, or longer, hair that falls below your shoulder blades is a thing of true beauty and not something to be removed on a whim.

If you need inspiration from the visual variety to keep your long-haired dreams alive, check out my extra long hairstyles gallery here. Happy growing!