40 Best Taper Fade Haircuts for Men(2021 Trends)

You have probably heard of the many types of fade haircut styles. One of them is the taper fade haircut which is becoming the first option of all stylish men. Taper fade haircut styles have been worn for decades, and now, these styles have increased in popularity.

Taper fade haircut is a modern haircut that is known to be a mixture of classic and modern. This is sharp enough that it can be used when you work in the office. It is still cool enough that it will look great when you want to have a profile pic.

Best Taper Fade Haircuts for Men

40 Best Taper Fade Haircut Styles for Men

1. Taper Fade Layered Style

Taper Fade Layered Style for men

The best way to add dimension and depth to your hair is by giving them lovely layers that blend well. This layered taper face makes the hair on top look thicker and allows the natural waves to show off. Both sides and the back have faded effects, and the bottom part is completely cleared. The best thing about this hairstyle is displaying your hair’s natural waves, so you do not have to add shapes anymore.

2. Mohawk

Mohawk Taper Fade

Mohawk styles inspire this taper fade style. The top middle is kept long while the rest of the parts are trimmed short. The bottom parts are not entirely shaved but look very neat. The top part also shows the natural waves of the hair. You can always apply hair wax or gel to make your waves or keep it straight if you have straight hair.

3. Curly Taper Fade

Curly Taper Fade

Men with natural curls can enjoy this taper fade style. The crown area is kept in medium length that shows off the small natural curls while both sides and the back have a faded effect. The bottom part is completely shaved. It also has strong lines that create a square shape on the forehead area.

4. High Taper Fade

High Top Taper with Low Fade Hairstyle For Men

This taper fade style keeps the hair on top long enough to keep it standing like a huge wave. This style can be achieved with hair products that can maintain the tightness of your hair, like pomade. The hair partition is also visible, starting the faded effect from the line to the bottom part. Both sides are trimmed short for a neat and professional look.

5. Slicked Back

Low Fade and Slicked Back Hairstyle For Men

This taper fade style keeps the length of hair on top in medium size. You may also keep it longer if you wish to but just enough to make waves going backward. The middle part is trimmed short, while the bottom part is cleared to make a light effect that looks clean and fresh.

6. Low Taper Fade

Traditional Low Fade and Tapered

If the hair on the crown is more than two inches, this type of fade is called a low taper fade. This hairstyle is excellent for men with dark hair and can also work with slightly wavy locks. In low taper fade, the hair fades an inch or more above the natural hairline. You can also apply hair wax or gel to maintain the style of the top hair.

7. High Top Taper Fade

Thick Top High and Tight

This fade taper fade haircut keeps the crown area long and thick. Men with thick and voluminous hair can quickly wear this hairstyle. There is also a clear line that extends the hairline into creative strokes. The fade effect starts from those lines towards the bottom. You can also suggest to your barber to extend the lines or keep them short. The possibilities are endless.

8. Afro Taper Fade Style

Afro Hairstyles for Men

This style is designed for men with naturally curly or kinky hair. The hair is trimmed and styled from the crown. The length of the hair is lessened from the upper part to the bottom until it becomes clear. This afro taper fade looks trendy and super cool. You can also ask your barber to add a visible slanting line from the forehead for added design.

9. Taper Fade with Curls

Golden Curls Fade

You can make it your asset with this style of taper fade for men with naturally curly hair. Both sides and the back part are shaved neatly while the hair gets longer towards the top level. The top has the longest hair and shows off the natural waves. It is also easy to manage this hairstyle as all you need to do is run your fingers in different directions.

10. Comb Over

Tight Crop Comb Over

Comb over is one of the most excellent taper fade haircut styles for men. Wearing this hairstyle can give you an amazing and fresh feeling. The hair on top is maintained long, and you can comb it backward with a messy style. You can also cover your hairline by running your fingers sideways. The sides are trimmed to stay shorter than the top.

11. Wall Taper Fade

Wall Taper Fade

This version looks like a Mohawk but with a faded effect on both sides. The faded effect starts an inch or so from the hair partition. The top middle hair is longer, especially the bangs, and the length decreases towards the back. The hair is combed upwards with gel to maintain its shape.

12. Bald Taper Fade

Bald Taper Fade

This version of the taper fade is cut very short, and the bottom part is completely shaved. The middle section has a faded effect from the tip of the line that forms a square shape. This style is somewhat similar to buzz cut but a different style of fading. This haircut style is perfect for men who are bald or almost bald to regain their confidence.

13. Kinky Style Fade

Kinky Style Fade

Men with natural kinds can take their taper fade haircut to the next level. This version keeps the top hair in the front area very long to achieve kinky bangs. The middle top has a medium length and shows natural kinds. Both sides are cut short with faded effects. There is a visible line around the head where the faded effect starts.

14. High and Tight

Cliff Hairstyle High and Tight

This style looks like a military haircut, so wearing this hairstyle gives you an authority feeling. Both sides are shaved neatly with a faded effect starting an inch from the hairline. The top-level remains long so that you can comb it backward with gel. The top front is also brought together to make it appear thicker and bigger.

15. Bleached Spikes Taper Fade

Bleached Spikes Fade

Bleach or blonde highlights can add more spice to your hairstyle. This version of the taper fade also has an extended line from the hairline for additional design. Both sides are shaved with a faded effect, while the long hair on top hair is brushed upwards to make spikes. The tips of the spikes are highlighted, which makes the hairstyle very clear and handsome.

16. Curled Caesar Taper Fade

Curled Caesar Taper Fade

Another hairstyle that allows you to flaunt your natural waves or curls is the Caesar taper fade. The sides are just trimmed, and the top has a longer length. The hair on top is swept to the side but keeping them in front. Men with natural curls can rock with this hairstyle. You can also ask your stylist to curl your top hair to achieve this angelic look.

17. Mohawk Style with Designs

Mohawk Style with Designs

This version of taper faded keeps the hair on top and at the back long, which gives you a Mohawk touch. You can take your Mohawk taper fade haircut to the next level by adding haircut designs. You can also ask your barber for your preferred design if your barber is skilled enough to do it.

18. Messy Curls Taper Fade

Messy Curls Fade

This hairstyle is more apt for men with naturally curly hair. It is not only fashionable but also looks professional and modern. The hair length from the back and sides is the same, while the hair on top is longer. The natural curls give highlights to the faded hairstyle, which catches the people’s attention around you.

19. V Shape Taper Fade

 V Shape Fade

It is always better to be confident of your natural hair, and all you have to do is add a bit of spice. Your natural kinky hair is an asset that you can show off anywhere you go. This version of the taper fade includes a V haircut design at the nape, taking the haircut style to the next level.

20. Retro Taper Fade

Retro Taper Fade

This version has been one of the most popular taper fade haircut styles since the 1980s and has been gaining popularity again in recent years. This hairstyle works better for men with thick and dark hair. It is also attractive and highlights the facial feature. Regular maintenance is also essential to keep the style.

21. Long Top with Taper Fade

Long Top Fade

You can rock with your taper fade haircut style by keeping the top hair long and combing it neatly to the side. Comb the front hair backward to make it look like a wave. You can also keep your facial hair linked to the sides of your hair to achieve a square shape face.

22. Lumberjack Taper Fade

Lumberjack Taper Fade

The Lumberjack version is also one of the best taper fade haircut styles that men often choose. Those who do not want to cut their hair very short and still want a faded style can try the lumberjack cut. It is not just trendy but also goes well with different types of hair. It is also best to have a thick beard with jaw stripes to blend the hairstyle.

23. Spiky Taper Fade

Spiky Taper Fade

Spiky hairstyles are also popular since before, and combining them with taper fade gives you a great hairstyle. Both sides are shaved with a light effect while the hair on top remains medium length. The length of the hair decreases from the top towards the back. Use hair gel to form spikes on top to achieve the funky or modern style.

24. Handsome Taper Fade

Handsome Taper Fade

This version of taper fade is one of the most popular in different countries as it works great with varying types of hair and colors. All sides and the back are shaved, while the top has a significant amount of hair. It is also essential that the hair on top is long enough to achieve this style.

25. Taper Faded with Wavy Line

Faded with Wavy Line

Here is another excellent haircut design that you can combine with your taper fade. After trimming the sides of the hair shorter than the top level, visible wavy lines are created, emphasizing the upper part of the hair. The hair on top can be combed upwards or styled with spikes.

26. Classic Taper Fade

Classic Taper Fade

This version is a classic taper fade with neat and straightforward styling. It looks like both old school and new school at the same time. Another great thing about it is it makes you look professional, so you can also wear this hairstyle in-office setting or on special occasions.

27. Retro Style Fade

Retro Style fade hairstyle

This hairstyle has been popular since the 1980s and is still gaining popularity among our generation. This style works best on African-American hair because of its natural thickness and curls. It also looks great with faded jaw stripes.

28. Creative Taper Fade

Creative Taper Fade

You can always make your hairstyle as stylish as you can. As long as your barber or hairstylist can do your preferred style or design, you can achieve your desired style. This taper fade version has long hair on top that forms the hairstyle of Johnny Bravo. The back has a V line, and the bottom has slanted lines that create more texture to the hair.

29. Autumn Fade Hairstyle

Autumn fade hairstyle

This version is another creative style with a leaf at the side. Both sides have short hair, while the hair on the crown is long and forms soft waves. Lines are then shaved to create the image of a leaf.

30. Suave Taper Fade

Suave Taper Fade

This suave taper fade might be the one you are looking for with more classy and professional hairstyles. It can also show off your natural waves even without wax or gel. Whether you want to wear the style at a party or interview, this suave taper is perfect for almost all settings.

31. Mid Taper Fade

Mid Taper Fade Cropped Top

The mid-taper fade is more striking than a low fade but less intense than a high fade. It suits all ages, men, and hair types. This haircut will make you look stylish and casual.

32. Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk with Taper Fade

To get a more fashionable style, you can try this faux hawk with a taper fade haircut. Leave some medium length on the top center and style the longer hair into a faux-hawk. You can also add a disconnected cut to make it stand out.

33. Flat Top with Taper Fade

Short Military Flattop Hairstyle

The flat-top look is so great with a taper fade. This masculine and athletic haircut make your face look angular.

34. Blowout with Taper Fade

Blowout Taper Fade

The blowout taper fade is a classic hairstyle that is the best choice for men with thin hair. It will make your hair look longer and thicker.

35. Hard Part with Taper Fade

Hard part pompadour haircut

The hard part looks excellent with a taper fade. A hard part makes you look bright and sharp. A taper fade gives more structure to your hair. You can also add a line to make your part stand out more.

36. Pompadour

Medium sized pompadour mid fade

This pompadour with a taper fade is a classic haircut. It looks modern and edgy.

37. Quiff with Taper Fade

Disconnected Undercut with Quiff
The quiff haircut is classic and never goes out of style. Adding some more volume on top will stand out on your face. The taper fade will give you a clean and stylish look.

38. Skin Taper Fade

Skin Taper Fade

The skin taper fade keeps the hair long on top while the side hair gets progressively shorter until it blends in the skin. These are trendy styles for men. It will make you look neat and clean that works well for casual or professional situations.

39. Slick Back

Short Slick Back Haircut with Drop Fade

This Slick Back Taper Fade works well for men with medium to long hair. It gives you a cool and stylish feeling.

40. Taper Fade with Dreads

Dreads with High Fade

This is an entangled locks hairstyle that is through various means of rolling hair. Dreadlocks with a taper fade suit well for Afro-textured hair.

Why This Hairstyle Became Popular?

This is one hairstyle that has become popular over the past years. The main reason for this is that you would like to have a different aura to show yourself to the public. Many men would like to groom the same way that the people from the ’20s have groomed themselves.

Taper fade haircut styles look like the classic taper cut, which existed before the popularity of fades began. So it’s like wearing old and new styles simultaneously, and that’s because our hair is just that awesome. The taper fade keeps the hair longer on the crown area while slowly fading towards the bottom and sides. These styles look clean and fresh, plus they are effortless to manage.

Best for People

This is known to be a very versatile cut that can fit a lot of men well. This looks somewhat similar to the short and back haircuts, but this looks better because it looks more groomed. It would help if you chose a style that would fit your head well. If it is too long, it may not work that well for you. The length that will be left behind on the top portion of your head might lengthen your overall appearance.

This is one hairstyle that can be appreciated by all gents who would like to look polished. This is true for the style-conscious person.

How to Get the Taper Fade Haircut?

Now that you have decided that this is a hairstyle that looks great, this may be something that will look amazing on you. You can take a picture that you think will show the type of fader haircut that you want for yourself. Allow the barber that you choose to work his magic. You can check out the reviews of the barber that you want to pick. Once you have made the right choice, you can have a fantastic hairstyle to fix every time.

How to Style Your Hair?

It does not mean that just because you have already gotten the hairstyle that you want, it will look fabulous all the time. It would help if you styled it properly by doing the following:

  • Choose a clay or paste that you can use to tousle the top portion of your hair.
  • Make sure that you will arrange your hair in such a way that you like it.
  • Allow your hair to dry properly.

As the taper fade haircut styles become popular, more and more styles are created.  Both short and long hair can experience the advantages of taper fade. Whether you want to wear a formal or casual look, we have gathered the top 30 taper fade haircut styles for men that might encourage you to take your haircut to the next level.