50 Popular Temp Fade Hairstyle For Men(2021 Trends)

A temp fade haircut, also regarded as Brooklyn fade, Low Fade, or Blow Out, is an ideal type of fade for gentlemen. The hair is tapered from the scalp of the hairline, with the rest hair left the same length. A temp fade boasts an excellent taper fade around your temples, creating a stylish and unique look.

To be more precise, this haircut is perfect for anyone who would like to incorporate a fade into their appearance without dramatically thinning their hair. This haircut would be teamed with a curly or shape-up blowout cut in the past.

50 Popular Temp Fade Hairstyle For Men in 2021

Temp fade hairstyle is one of the most famous men’s haircuts around today. This hard-to-beat faded style will make you look stylish and sharp.

  1. Temple Fade with Hard Part

Temple Fade with Hard Part


Our first temple fade cut example combines there different elements that I like. I know you will like them as well. First, the haircut boasts a super clean hard part. Second, the clean hard part attractively transitions from a skin fade to the beard. To complete the look, you ensure you have long hair. What are your thoughts on this haircut?

  1. Burst Fade Haircut

Burst Fade Haircut new


A recent trend in a hairstyle that has also been topping the charts is the burst temp fade hairstyle. Also regarded as the South of France, this haircut boasts a wide curly Mohawk alongside a semicircle fade on both sides of the head.

The shape of the temp fade is also essential, hence the name of the hairstyle.

  1. High Contrast Temp Fade

High Contrast Temp Fade


I was blown away by how clean this temp fade hairstyle is. Even though the gentleman’s hair’s thickness definitely played a part in the mind-blowing result, my hats go off to the seasoned barber who styled the cut.

If you also have thick hair like the dude above, consider bringing this photo to your barber for reference.

  1. Ivy League

Ivy League


A temp fade style is not always synonymous with edginess. In some instances, it can also be the cherry on top of a dapper haircut. The temp fade is the detail that contributed significantly to the polished outcome.

  1. Two Sections Line Up

Two sections line up hairstyle


Surgical lines obviously are a sight, even for sore eyes. This shaved line cut is also associated with a clean and arched line that starts higher in the front and gets lower in the back. In case dynamism is your thing, then the two sections surgical line hairstyle is for you.

  1. Twisted Hair with Temp Fade

Twisted Hair with Temp Fade


Would you like to award your long hair an afro makeover? Then start twisting the locks like the gentleman above. Twisted braids will protect the natural locks while at the same time revamping your style. With that in mind, I recommend getting the style done by a professional so the results can be up to par.

  1. Colored Tips

Colored Tips with Temp Fade

Colored tips will have the power to draw just the right amount of attention to your curly hair. You do not always need to add color to a large portion of your hair when dyeing it. Other times, just dyeing specific sections of your hair on the top will also bring the haircut to life.

  1. Angular Fringe with Temple Fade

Angular Fringe temple fade men


The angular fringe coupled with a temp fade is all the range for most young guys these days, particularly for teenagers. In case you want to keep up with the latest trend while at the same time defining your hairline, then get this temp fade style with an angular fringe haircut.

  1. The V-shaped Haircut

The V-shaped Haircut


If you are getting a Mohawk alongside the temp fade, I would like to introduce this haircut. The V-shaped nape has been trading for as long as I can remember. This haircut was coupled with all sorts of hairstyles a while back to look amazing with the temp fade haircut.

  1. Temple Fade with Creative Shaved Design

Temple Fade with Creative Shaved Design


Do you think that one shaved line isn’t enough for you? Or do you think that two are not enough either? Then well, it is time for you to start thinking about a temp fade with a truly original design. Think of your hair locks as the canvas and your barber as the artist. What sort of design would you like him to create? This is one of the few hairstyles that allow you to unleash your creativity as much as you can.

  1. A French Crop with a Neck Tattoo

A French crop temp fade hairstyle with a neck tattoo


The French crop is among the top trending hair cuts of the 21st century for men. I have previously covered this haircut extensively and mentioned it. As you can see, it resembles Caesar’s haircut but with longer bangs. Now, I bet you can also see how it would perfectly fit with a temp fade haircut, especially if you have an attractive neck tattoo as well.

  1. Temple Fade with Long Quiff

Temple Fade with Long Quiff


If you have decided to get the quiff haircut, here is another example of how you can get it and couple it with your temp fade. You can see how the quiff temple fade looked on the gentleman with long hair in the image above.

And if you decide to style this cut, ensure you keep it neatly swept to the side.

  1. High and Tight Fade

High and tight temp fade haircut

By now, you can tell that military hairstyles have been serving as continuous inspirations for modern haircuts. For example, the high and tight hairstyle is the temp fade’s great friend. And the two cutting cuts complement each other just perfectly.

  1. The Faux Hawk with a Temp Fade

The faux hawk with a temp fade


Regardless of whether you attain the temp fade or not, you ought to know about the famous faux hawk if you are not acquainted with the haircut. Particularly, it is the more accessible version of a Mohawk, implying that it is easier to wear in all sorts of social environments.

  1. Fringe up Box

Fringe up Box


If you feel nostalgic for the spiked bangs trend, you will be happy to know that this fringe up is now in style; it is pretty much like the early haircut, just that it uses a softer approach when it comes to styling it.

A temp fade with fringe up box haircut will allow you to trace it beautifully.

  1. Temp Fade with Messy Curls

Temp Fade with Messy Curls


Attaining a clean lineup does not necessarily involve cleanly cutting the rest of your hair locks. If you are an afro fan, then I encourage you to consider leaving your hair all-natural. In addition, I particularly recommend this idea for gentlemen who boast bigger and thicker curls in their afros.

  1. Temp Fade with Flat Top Hairstyle

Temp Fade with Flat Top Hairstyle


The super fresh haircut would be the understatement of the year when describing this haircut, especially if it has been done correctly, like in the image above. As you can see on the little guy, a flat top haircut coupled with a temp fade hairstyle will look fly.

I also love how the shaved line completed the haircut.

  1. The Caesar Cut Temp Fade

The Caesar cut box fade


It is almost impossible to attain a Caesar cut without having the temp fade; at least that is if you want it to be good-looking enough to turn heads wherever you go. Subsequently, you should always speak to your barber about cleaning up your hairline, especially if you are coupling the Caesar cut with a temp fade.

  1. The Double shaved line temp fade hairstyle

The Double shaved line temp fade hairstyle


To continue our series of shaved line temp fades, I would like to show you one of the funkiest ideas I have ever come across. This style doubles the coolness of your haircut by using two different shaved lines instead of one like we’re used to.

In addition to that, the lines are shaved diagonally to create a striking visual effect.

  1. Thick Hair with Temple Fade

Thick Hair with Temple Fade


What if you are a Caucasian gentleman who struggles with thick hair? Instead of chopping it all off, you could also try out this pleasing and practical hairstyle. Thanks to its length, the style will not restrict your styling options at all.

At the same time, it will not have your hair sticking out in all the wrong directions either.

  1. The Curly Mohawk

The Curly Mohawk


The Mohawk temp fades are cool to show that you are a rebellious individual with a taste for unconventional haircuts. In case your hair is afro textures, then the Mohawk style will be even more original.

I highly recommend keeping the Mohawk section of the haircut wider to attain a better visual impact.

  1. Temple Fade with Way Line

Way line temple fade


A wavy shaved line is a funky alternative to another straight recommendation I will look at later. It is the perfect detail for an individual who boasts a bright personality and would like to convey it through their haircuts. You can also shave a wavy line on both sides of your head, or you could opt for one on the right or the left.

  1. Temple Fade with Bun

Man Bun with Line Up


Here is an example that will make you utterly comprehend why they both work astoundingly well together to prove a point about temp fades and long hair. Not only will a guy with long hair and a temple fade look appealing with their hair down, but they will also do when they wear a man bun like the guy above.

  1. Receding Hairline Haircut

Receding Hairline Temp Fade Haircut


Believe me, receding hairline is not fun for anyone to deal with. Nonetheless, there are many smart haircuts for gentlemen with receding haircuts that you can easily experiment with. In this particular case, the temp faded is ideal for covering up any flaws.

  1. Subtle Temp Fade Haircut

Subtle temp fade haircut

Oftentimes, a discrete hairstyle is the winning one. If you would like the steep angle associated with a temp fade without the heavy side shaving, this is the perfect approach. For this, focus on the box shape and shave down the inner part of your sides only slightly.

  1. The Pompadour Temple Fade

The pompadour temple fade


For more than 50 years, pompadours have been described as one of the most attractive haircuts for men with fine taste. And for a good reason. Even though this is a classic haircut, it will look brilliant in all modern adaptations, such as when coupled with a temp fade hairstyle.

  1. Cornrows with a Temp Fade

Cornrows with a Temp Fade


I bet you already know that braids will look amazing with temp fades. But what if you are not certain of what specific braids you would like to go for? You should know that you can never go wrong with the cornrows above if you are out of ideas.

Pick your favorite design, then go on and rock it.

  1. A Quiff Temp Fade Hairstyle

A quiff temp fade hairstyle


The quiff is well known for being one of the most classy haircuts for gentlemen of all ages. But what about if you want yours to bring out the pretty boy effect? Simple! The time fade is exactly what you need. This will also make it edgier.

You do not even need to get a visible undercut fade. The lineup will be, without a doubt, more than enough.

  1. The Shaved Line Temp Fade

The shaved line temp fade haircut


Do you think that a hard part will not boost your appearance the way you would like it? Then there is always the shaved line option waiting to be explored. You can either make yours long or short, dependent upon your preferences.

Pick the side you would like to get it on, then make it stand out.

  1. Box Temple Fade with Beard

Box fade with a beard design


Now, this is what I call a unique temp fade. It was specifically concocted to bring out the best in any person’s features, from jawlines to beards. What’s more? Just take a look at how cleanly shaved the lines have remained. I say kudos to the skilled barber.

  1. Crew Cut Line Up

Crew cut line up


The crew cut above is another army favorite that goes perfectly well with the temp fade like a match made in heaven. Basically, all you ought to do is make the most of an easy-going haircut without running out of styling ideas.

Start by choosing the position of your fade (low, mid, or high) and go for it.

  1. Spiky Temp Fade

The spiky temp fade hairstyle


Spiking your hair will not be an issue if you already styled a temple fade. In fact, if anything, this temp fade will allow you to accentuate the spiky top of your haircut. Like all other temp fades, ensure that you visit your barber from time to time and ask him to shave you cleanly around the hairline.

  1. A Buzz Cut with Temple Fade

A buzz cut temple fade


You will probably have an easier time maintaining your temp fade hairstyle if combined with a buzz cut or a short haircut. The shortcut is also among the most famous military-inspired hairstyles for gentlemen who are not into heavy styling, not to mention that the style looks splendid with a lineup.

  1. Medium Hair with Temp Fade

Temp fade haircut with medium hair


You could also look astounding with a temple fade if you boast straight and medium-length hair. As long as you ensure that the top has been well-styled, you will enjoy all the benefits that a box fade offers.

Also, ensure that you touch up the haircut often to ensure it remains to look fresh.

  1. The Sponge Twist Temp Fade Haircut

The sponge twist haircut


Would you like to attain the perfect curls that would go well with your short afro? Then the sponge twists are an irreplaceable tool in the African American hairstyles realm. If you take the image above to your barber, they will know how to style it best according to your hair type and head shape.

  1. A Temp Fade with a Hard Part

A temp fade hairstyle with a hard part


Are you afraid to acquire an edgy hairstyle? If not, then the hard part is a must-have for you. Regardless of how you decide to style out yours, the hard part is guaranteed to spice up any regular haircut. This situation (since we’re talking about temp fade styles) outlines the top part of the temp fade hairstyle that looks like a Mohawk.

  1. Combover Temp Fade

Combover temp fade hairstyle


I am glad that the temp fade is not a restrictive hairstyle. One of the few barbershop haircuts truly defines versatility since they allow one to combine many other haircuts. Take the comb-over cut in the image above, for instance. The box looks like it’s just what it needed.

  1. The Box Temp Fade with Braids

The Box Temp Fade with Braids


For hundreds of years, braids have always been an aesthetic part of the African culture for women and men. The good news is that this haircut will look perfect with a temp fade, particularly if your braids have been braided toward the back of your head.

The thick beard is also a nice finishing touch to the image.

  1. The Wavy Temple Fade

Wavy Temple Fade


If you love the idea of boasting waves in your hair but would not like full definition, then you can easily tone down your deep waves to the wavy haircut above. And as you can see in the image, the grooves are also noticeable, but not too much.

  1. Afro Temp Fade with Curls

Temple fade hairstyle with curls


You can also rock a temp fade hairstyle impeccably, even if you do not have a full afro. As a matter of fact, some gentlemen look even more appealing with well-trimmed and smaller afros, so ensure you pick and make the choice that will best flatter your facial features.

  1. The Deep Waves with Temp Fade

The Deep Waves with Temp Fade


360 waves are the perfect way to obtain a dynamic haircut. As they are usually called, the deep waves will add grooves to your haircut to make it more textured. Pair them up with a line, and you will have a super fresh hairstyle that is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go.

  1. The Two-color Temp Fade

The two-color temp fade hairstyle


One of the hottest hairstyle trends with temp fades right now is experimenting with colors as much as you love. To state it, you can add your favorite hair color to go with your natural one and look better than ever. Most color individuals add blonde but do not let that stop you from experimenting with other colors you may have in mind.

  1. Slicked Back Box Temp Fade

Slicked Back Box Temp Fade


Here is an image with a temp fade hairstyle on a gentleman with slicked back and straight hair to close this enumeration on a high note. Even though the gentleman’s hair is a bit short here, you can also pull longer hair locks as well.

44. Low Temp Fade with curls

Low Temp Fade with curls


45. Temp Fade with Dreads

Temp Fade with Dreads


46. Bald Temp Fade

Bald Temp Fade new


47. Temp Fade with Blowout

Temp Fade with Blowout


48. Temp Fade with Spikes

Temp Fade with Spikes


49. Temp Fade with Side Part

Temp Fade with Side Part


50. Neat And Modern Temp Fade

Neat And Modern Temp Fade

A temp fade VS A taper fade

A temple fade is usually similar to a taper fade. But they are two types of haircut. The main difference is the area on the head. The taper fade can be performed anywhere on the head, but a temple fade is performed at the temple.

You can now avail of many other variations, making it way easier to find the best temp fade haircut that will work best on you. Now that you know what a temp fade hairstyle is, below is a comprehensive enumeration of the best temp fade haircuts you could try out today.

Low Temp Fade VS High Temp Fade

We know you are also confused with the low temp fade cut and the high temp fade one, so here is a breakdown of their similarities and differences:

A low temp fade and high temp fade haircut are similar because both fades drop behind the ear and follow the arc of the hairline and neck. Both haircuts trim the hairs on the side.

A low temp fade haircut trims the hair down the shortest until the hairline, whereas a high temp fade haircut stops a few inches higher. A high temp fade haircut may follow the line that goes straight back from the corner of the forehead.

Temp Fade VS Drop Fade VS Blowout

The temp fade, drop fade, and blowout hairstyles are another confusing group in the many variations of a buzz-cut fade hairstyle. However, the only difference of a drop fade is that it slowly lowers around the front hairline and back of the head. This cut gives more depth around the crown and a sharp outline to the face.

On the other hand, a blowout hairstyle is a kind of temp fade cut with a bigger sectioned-off hair. The sides are still trimmed and faded down; however, the top remains to be significantly longer and carefree hence the name “blowout.”

How to Cut A Temp Fade

Let us move on to how to achieve a temp fade haircut.

  • Make sure the hair is damp to ensure proper division of parts. It will also be easier to mold and cut if it is damp.
  • Choose the right shaver guide size. Remember that you will be shaving the sides, so you have to be extra careful not to take off more hair than intended.
  • Decide where the fade line will be. Doing so would enable you to determine where the hair would start transitioning.
  • Separate a section of hair on the top that would be longer.
  • Start shaving the sides in small portions and sideways.
  • Clean up the fade line by using the clippers-over-comb method.
  • Trim the sectioned-off-top hair from earlier.
  • This step is optional, but you may clean off the look by shaving the base of the neck.