How to Thicken Your Hair? Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Do you have thin hair? You may not really be a fan of it then. Sure, it has its own perks, but when it comes to fashion and looking good for a crowd of potential spectators, the regal look a luscious, shiny flock of hair can give is unmatched by anything else.

But what can be done if you naturally have thin hair? There are numerous ways in which one can make their flimsy thin hair look thicker. The priority is given to proper nutrition and care, and then comes styling and hairdressing techniques.

The Top Tips to Help You Thicken Your Hair

Here are the most productive ways that you can follow to make your hair seem thicker and lustrous.

  • Better care for your locks

You have to give more importance to the core strength of your hair. You need to maintain a hygienic hair-washing routine at least once in two days. You can consult your hairdresser or an expert to choose your most used hair products like shampoos and conditioners. An important heads up; make sure to switch to products that do not contain sulfate and/or ammonia as they do more damage than good to your hair.

  • Try hair thickening products.

There are many hair-thickening products available in the market now. The trick lies in choosing the best one for your hair. Expert opinion is advised to get the ideal product. Give your hair more nourishment by deep cleansing your scalp at least once a week.

  • Hair growth tablets and supplements

Sometimes, the reason for your hair growing thinner could be due to vitamin deficiency. You can consult a doctor and get prescriptions for good hair growth pills and supplements as required for your condition if any.

  • Simple tricks to make your hair look thicker

You don’t always have to prepare for weeks to get thick hair. Just some simple tricks in styling and hair-cutting can save your time and effort. These tricks will make your hair look thicker and voluminous in no time.

  • Give your hair some twists! Waves and curls will give your hair a thick texture and make it look more voluminous and healthy. If you have long hair, you can opt for gradual curls that get more intense at the end. This style will make your hair seem bouncy and longer.
  • If you have dark-colored hair, you can get highlights of lighter shades. Doing so will help with the bland appearance of your hair and give it a unique lustrous look. Apart from this, coloring allows you to explore more for your hair. You can go for a dimensional coloring as it will give a glossy texture to your mane.
  • Try getting hair extensions! Applying extensions can take hours, but when done right, it will last for months. You can get help from your most trusted hair-dresser to choose the type, texture, and color of extensions that might suit your hair and facial features. It is a risky business, but it’s worth it.
  • Deep part your hair from one side. This unevenness will make your hair look unusually thicker.
  • Uneven long bangs will give your face a unique look. When groomed right, it will make it look like your hair is more than it seems to be. If you have a big forehead, definitely go for bangs.

Hairstyles that are best suited for thin hair

Out of all the most opted hairstyles out there, these are the best that will work well with thin hair and add volume to it.

  • Long Bob or Lob

Long Bob or simply Lob


The long bob will suit your thin hair well, and the way it frames your face and neck will make it look thicker. It works better if it is a side lob or an asymmetrical lob with soft waves.

  • Layered Style

Layered Style


The layers on your hair will flutter along with the wind and make it look more luscious and elegant. It’s one of the best choices if your hair is long and straight. It will be a plus if you curl your hair a bit at the ends of the layer so that each of them will have a different personality.

  • Twisty Bob

Twisty Bob


Shorter than the lob, the bob can make your hair look pretty thick too. Choose an asymmetrical and uneven bob if you prefer short haircuts. The ruffled bob has a vintage look, and when paired with the right accessories, it will look very suiting for women with tiny faces.

  • Bangs



If you are looking for that ultimate hairstyle and don’t mind sporting short hair, it’s time you took a look at bangs. The hairstyle is sure to help your hair look thicker and fuller, and you don’t even need to do much maintenance.

All you need to cover up the receding hairline is to cut your hair the right way the next time when you go to the salon. Today, many celebrities sport the hairstyle, and you’re sure to stay in the trend, whether you are going to the office or for that party. It’s one of the few all-weather hairstyles that look good on you and is perfect even if you have thin hair.

Which One Should You Go For?

If you follow these steps or get the recommended hairstyles, you will no longer have to feel inferior about your thin hair. You can flaunt your prideful locks at all times and be the center of attention. May it is a casual sunny day outing or a dazzling celebratory event, your hair will turn all the eyes towards you, and we can guarantee it.