37 Popular Undercut Haircut for Men in 2022

Undercut hairstyles are the ancient hairstyles that people used to wear several decades ago. This hairstyle is fantastic enough to make you look individually brighter and versatile without going to the edge. With the right cut, you can look amazing, and you can also showcase your personality.

Any hair type and hair color are best for men’s haircuts. The only way your undercut haircut will not work and won’t suit you is if you’re going bald or your hairs are excellent and fair. Undercut hairstyles have the fantastic advantage they can do for men of every age.

They will suit men even older than 40. There are several different types of undercut hairstyles as other hairstyles. Some undercut hairstyles would turn heads, while others are very modest. We’ll provide you with a review of all the undercut hairstyles so that you can select the most comfortable hairstyle.

37 Amazing Undercut Haircut for Men 2022

1. Undercut with Fade and Beard

Undercut with Fade and Beard


This is an undercut that will look best if you have a beard. Your hair located at the top portion of your hair will be slicked back to show the faded sides. The back view will also show skin fade. Partner this with a beard and look incredibly cool.

2. Undercut for Medium Length Hair

Undercut for Medium Length Hair


Do you have medium-length hair, and do you not want to cut your hair too short? This may be the right undercut style for you. The sides of your hair will have a faded effect, while the top portion of your hair will be styled into a pomade. Ensure that you use a strong hair product to keep your hair in place; otherwise, it will be hard to style.

3. Short Style Undercut

Short Style Undercut


If you have grown sick and tired of your usual haircut, which may be a cross between short and medium length, you can go for the concise style undercut. The top portion of your hair will look classic and shorter than usual undercut styles. The disconnected style will be emphasized further by the line placed on the place where your hair usually parts.

4. Long Hair Undercut

Undercut with Long Hair with Fade and Beard


If you cannot imagine having an undercut without long hair, this may be your only undercut option. The long hair on the top portion of your hair will be slicked back to form long waves at the back portion of your hair. Even if your hair is straight, this would be okay as well. If you want your hair to look shiny, you can use a pomade while your hair is damp. Blow-dry your hair, and style further with your fingers once you are satisfied.

5. Versatile Undercut

Versatile Undercut

If you want a type of undercut that can be styled in two ways, then this is the best style for you to have. This is very versatile because you can choose to style your hair depending on the event you will attend or the person you will meet. This is a type of hairstyle that will work best for people who have thick hair.

If you choose to style using the left side of your hair, expect to see a lot of volumes. If you are going to style on the right, you can place the messy hair on the front portion of your head to achieve a messy crop.

6. Curly Undercut Hairstyle

 Curly Undercut Hairstyle


Who says you cannot have an undercut hairstyle when your hair is curly? This is a great hairstyle that will once again look better if you have a neat beard. The high skin fade on the sides of the hair will be a sharp contrast to the thick, curly hair that can be seen on the top portion of the head. Ensure that you use the right styling products so your curly hair will be held in place. Allow your curls to bounce, too, to look great.

7. Undercut with Long Fringe

Undercut with Long Fringe


If you would like to style an undercut entirely different from the usual, which is to slick the long hair backward, you can style your undercut so that the long fringes will fall on the front of your face.

Your hair on the sides is short enough but not too short that you can already see the skin. This may be the style you want if you do not want to use many hair products on your hair.

8. Pompadour Undercut with Hard Part

Pompadour Undercut with Hard Part


Emphasize a certain portion of your hair by having a hard part on the side you are more comfortable in. The hair on top of the head is a bit long and must be blow-dried to have a more spiky effect. The hair will flow nicely going to the back portion of your hair.

9. Undercut for Wavy Hair + High Bald Skin Fade

Undercut for Wavy Hair + High Bald Skin Fade


If you have thick and wavy hair, this is the best undercut hairstyle for you to try. The sides are going to be styled in a high bald skin fade. This is the best style to emphasize the thick hair you have on top of your head. The hair does not have to be combed back. You can leave it as is because wavy hair has a lot of volume but not too much that it will look crazy.

10. V – Shaped Pompadour Undercut

V - Shaped Pompadour Undercut

If you cannot decide between getting a pompadour and an undercut, you can get the best of both worlds by trying this style. The sides will be faded but not to the point that you can already see the skin on the sides of the head. The hair on the top portion up to the back will be V-Shaped to emphasize the shortened portions at the back of the hair. The pomade to be used should not be too thick. The hair should still move around while moving.

11. Undercut with High Skin Fade Sides and Back

Undercut with High Skin Fade Sides and Back

You will immediately notice this is a high skin fade because of the fade’s position near the forehead hairline. Your hair length should be medium, so it will be easy to slick it backward.

12. Comb Over Undercut

Comb Over Undercut


This means that the hair on the top portion of the head will neither be slicked back nor fall on the front part of your forehead. This will be combed to appear neater than all the undercut hairstyles you can try. Ensure that the hair on the top part of the head will be short enough to be combed over without spilling on the sides but not too short that it will not have any volume anymore.

13. Edgy Undercut

Edgy Undercut

If you would like to have an undercut that indeed looks modern, then this is the best style to pick out. The hair should be razored upwards to look like it has sure edges. The best way to style this type of undercut hairstyle is by making sure that you will use wax or pomade to put it up. You may also need to blowdry if you think that it lacks volume.

14. Undercut with Layers

undercut with layers for men


Do you want an undercut hairstyle slightly different from what you are used to? This is the best style for you to have. The style can make your hair look a bit thicker if you have thin hair. It will depend on the natural talent of the barber and your dedication to styling your hair correctly so it will look amazing.

How long the layers of your hair will depend on you. You can ask your barber to cut short portions of your hair first. If you think it suits you, you can leave it at that, but if you want to make the layers shorter, longer portions can be cut from your hair.

15. Puffy and Volumized Undercut

Puffy and Volumized Undercut

To pull off this undercut, you need to have puffy hair. Your hair should be full of volume so that your hair will look fantastic. If your hair lacks volume, you can use products that will give your hair more texture and more volume.

16. Top Knot Undercut

Top Knot Undercut


A lot of men generally loved this style the moment that they saw other men sporting it. This allows you to keep the top portion of your hair long while styling it in a top knot. This has been popular for years, and you would still see many men sporting this hair. This can also be your option if you would like to transition to a different hairstyle, but you want the rest of your hair to catch up in length to be easier to style.

17. Square Angled Edgy Undercut

Square Angled Edgy Undercut


If you want your hair to become obvious when people see you, this may be the best undercut style for you to have. The top section of your hair will be square-shaped, so you are guaranteed to turn some heads as they wonder how you achieved that type of hairstyle. Make sure that your hair will have some jagged ends, too, to emphasize your hairstyle further.

18. Hair Forward Swept Undercut

Hair Forward Swept Undercut


Some men think placing the hair forward automatically means the person will have a fringe. Rather, the hair will be placed forward instead of backward.

This can be tricky if the hair is long, which explains why the strands may be shorter than other undercut styles, but you can make this look interesting provided that you have the right hair products.

19. Bald Undercut

Bald Undercut


This does not mean that the top portion of your hair will be bald. On the contrary, the top portion of your head will be full of hair. The portion of your head on the sides will be a bit bald. This will make your hair appear floating on the top of your head because the sides are bald and disconnected.

20. Thick and Wavy Disconnected Fringe Undercut

Thick Wavy Disconnected Fringe Undercut

This is one haircut that is guaranteed to look cool. There is a big possibility that you have never seen this style before, and now that you have seen it, you want it. Your hair should be about medium length and thick and wavy so that this haircut will be perfect.

If your hair does not meet the qualifications, you can wait for your hair to grow longer or use other styling products that will make your hair appear thicker than it is. The fringe is going to fall just above the eye area. It screams cool without even trying.

21. Undercut + Mohawk

Undercut + Mohawk men


This is an infusion between two styles that you may equally love. The best thing about this is that it can look neat too long as it is done cleanly by the barber. Improve its style further by adding a hard part to one portion of your head. The thick hair on top of your head should have a lot of texture to contrast nicely with the faded sides.

22. Long Wavy Undercut Hairstyles

Long Wavy Undercut Hairstyles


It is the best haircut you can adopt if your hairs are curly. The only way you can get this trendy haircut is to grow your hair long enough on the top of your head.

You can use any styling product or gel to create a punkish effect with the wave of your upper curly long bangs. Alternatively, you can get a shaved part to separate the longer and shorter sections. This will make your haircut look stylish, neat, funky, and trendy all at the same time.

23. Long All-around undercut Haircut

Long All-around undercut Haircut For Men

This haircut goes very well with cute boyish features, so this is the best undercut haircut for all the young men around. You can wear this undercut that is not too short but gives you a look in a way that the longer part is gathered into a man bun and is swept to one side of your head.

To increase the volume, you should use a good shampoo. You can apply the minimum quantities of invisible styling products if you need to use something to fix it.

24. Double Layer Undercut Haircut

Double Layer Undercut
This excellent undercut includes featuring a short-trimmed part of the haircut under the main. Under the short trimmed part, you will place the longer hair part and another shaved hairline. This will help you create a double-layer effect. This double-layer undercut haircut is particularly impactful if you also wear a full long beard.

25. Side Undercut + Amazing Shaved Design

Side Undercut + Amazing Shaved Design

For young men, this undercut haircut is one of the most gorgeous styles. This haircut includes intricate serpent-style lines, which are shaved on the sides of the head. This trendy undercut haircut doesn’t require much styling to preserve the clear-cut pattern, but you need to go to the barber.

26. Preppy Long Quiff Style Haircut

Preppy Long Quiff Style Haircut

Due to the preppy feel, this style looks similar to the college boy’s hairstyle. If your hair is slightly long up top, this hairstyle is simple enough to achieve. You need to advise your barber to preserve the length of the hair’s upper part. Then, you must comb it back by using a styling product.

27. Black Undercut with Shaved Design Haircut

Black Undercut with Shaved Design Haircut

This Black Undercut haircut includes a subtle pattern of multiple rows. This hairstyle has the feature that it works well with all colors and types of hair. You must ensure that you maintain the haircut carefully with the regular trims. Since this haircut doesn’t take long for side hair to grow out, you can also experiment with different designs.

28. Side Undercut with Horizontal Lines

Side Undercut with Horizontal Lines


When men want to experiment with their look with some funky Mohawk-inspired style, this type of undercut haircut is best for them. To the undercut, you apply the shaved horizontal lines that give you a classy and bold look simultaneously. This haircut is slightly reminiscent of some tribal pattern. This haircut can work best as an interpretation of Viking short styles, especially for blonde hair.

29. Long Hair Faded undercut with Beard

Long Hair Faded undercut For Men

If you have long and thick hair, this undercut haircut will provide you with something exceptional and bold. The nape undercuts and faded side is pretty amazing to separate the longer hair up top and the long beard. The dense, naturally curly hair will work best with this haircut.

30.  Afro Undercut + Low Skin Fade

Afro Undercut + Low Skin Fade


On the natural side, this trendy style features Afro hair. The strengths and the charms of this Afro haircut are its angled temples and clear-cut line.

31. Architectural Haircut

Architectural Haircut

This Architectural Undercut is excellent for you if you have naturally dark hair. It will allow you to expose all the details of your haircut easily. The major elements of this beautiful male short undercut style are the angled hairline blended with the facial hairstyle, its faded styles, and the shaved parting line.

32. Shaved Sides Haircut

Shaved Sides Haircut

When men want a stylish look and lowly maintained, the men choose this type of undercut haircut. For the shaved designs, enough space is available at the back and closely clipped sides. The shaved designs can either be simple or more complicated patterns.

33. Undercut with Long Dreads and Lined Pattern

Undercut with Long Dreads and Lined Pattern

This is a perfect hairstyle to upgrade your looks with dreads. If you want a more upgraded look, pair this haircut with a nape undercut. You can also wear long dreads that are swept back to one side or are gathered together in a pony. For men, this is one of the most famous examples of undercuts.

34. Brad Pitt’s Fury Undercut Hairstyle

Brad Pitt's Fury Haircut

To look stylish and different, you vary your hairstyles and haircuts as Brad Pitt, and all other celebrities do. This image of Brad Pitt shows the fabulous men undercut from one of his famous films that are the American war film “Fury.” This perfect side undercut offers a nice transition from medium-length hair to a male hairstyle.

35. Edgy Undercut Hairstyle for Special Occasions

Edgy Undercut Hairstyle for Special Occasions

The man in the image is Siva Kaneswaran, who reminds us of a high, smoothly done fade. His thick and dark hair on the top is partially razored for the fantastic edgy finish. This hairstyle looks even more impressive when styled upwards with extra definition and with lots of texture. You’ll easily style this haircut with wax if you opt for this haircut. Also, if you want to maximize your hair volume, you can blow dry your hair.

36. Short Blonde Style with Undercuts and a Side Part

Blonde Style with Undercuts and a side part
The excellent haircut has an elongated front section that can also be styled into a trendy side sweet or brushed backward. To succeed with this hairstyle, you must pay attention to the lifts at the roots. For a good hair color upgrade for men, hair bleaching to the palest blonde tone with dark blonde hair may be a good idea.

37. Neymar Mohawk-Inspired Undercut Hairstyle

Neymar Mohawk-Inspired Undercut Hairstyle

As a Mohawk, the Brazilian professional footballer Neymar has adopted a steeply angled haircut with undercuts perfectly styled into the rigid feathers. The shaved line separates the top section from the undercut for a more distinct look. You may like the idea of a men’s undercut with the highlighted ends if you’re not ready to change the color of your hair thoroughly.

Out of all the modern undercut styles you have seen, which one do you like the most? For sure, there will be even more styles available in the future, and men will also look forward to those styles.

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