50 Best Undercut Hairstyles for Girl (2021 Trends)

One of the trendiest looks for girls in 2021 may be the undercut hairstyles. This is an extreme type of haircut where one or both temple areas on one’s head get cut or shaved short. Undercut hairstyles are not only suitable for short hair but also medium or even long hair. You can also add a creative pattern or hidden side shave to make it more fashionable.

An undercut hairstyle was historically known to be only styled by men, but women have started to pick up the trend over the years – since it’s working for them, they have decided to run with it. This haircut is stylish, modern, and eye-catching that will sure update your appearance. This article will show you the 50 best undercut hairstyles for girls.

50 Best Undercut Hairstyles for Girl (2021 Trends)

  1. Undercut Ponytail With Bangs

Undercut Ponytail With Bangs

If you have a ponytail bob, then this is the perfect undercut for you. This hairstyle makes a noticeable style statement, thanks to the practical and trendy yet theatrical approach it boasts. Something else worth noting is that this undercut ponytail with bangs requires one to have long hair. The longer your hair, the better the result will be.

  1. Classic Nape Undercut

Classic Nape Undercut


This is arguably the most stylish and clever approach by hairstylists for anyone who would like to flaunt their undercut hair from time to time. I urge you to get the haircut if you’re aiming for a subtle take on this undercut trend.

  1. Double Side Shave Undercut

Double Side Shave


With both a double shave and an undercut (as well as a longer length at the top), you can rest assured you will love how unexpected and fun this haircut will look on you.

  1. Subtle Lines on an Undercut

Subtle Lines on an Undercut


To attain this look, ask your hairstylist to execute simple lines on your undercut to amp it up. However, you should, at the same time, ask the stylist to keep it super subtle, so it doesn’t stick out like a thumb.

  1. Splash of Color

Splash of Color


Why not make your undercut hairstyle even more of a statement wherever you go by dyeing it a lovely splashy hue, such as the punchy shade. The colorful highlights throughout the hair, coupled with the braided hairstyle, will take the entire hairstyle to a whole new level.

  1. Sideburn Spotlight

Sideburn Spotlight


This hairstyle allows you to put the spotlight on your sideburns (while at the same time making your ponytails even more excellent) thanks to the subtle linear undercut design above the shaved girl’s ears.

  1. Shaved Sides Undercut

Shaved Sides


This is arguably one of the best simple undercut hairstyles for girls we have featured in this list. If you manage to style some shaved sides like the lady in the image above, you can rest assured you’ll still be able to make a major statement. This is particularly true when your slicked-back bun is that good.

  1. Close Cut

Close Cut


There are regular buzz cuts, and then there are down to the scalp cuts, and the latter is exactly what this hairstyle requires you to style. You will love the look of the clean-cut sides when coupled with the perfectly styled coif on the topside.

  1. High Undercut

High Undercut


As the hairstyle’s name suggests, a high undercut implies that the undercut section goes (yeah, you guessed it) higher up your crown. The triangle-pointed, square shape will allow anyone who has styled it to feel fresh and unique.

  1. Bold Blue Undercut

Bold Blue Undercut


If you are looking to do something big with your haircut, then do not stop with just an undercut no. since teal blue hair is one of the most trending hair colors at the moment, you may as well use it to your advantage, and that is why I am here for this chi pixie cut with the bold blue shade.

  1. Zig-Zag Design

Zig-Zag Design


Whether you call the pattern above a lightning bolt or a zig-zag isn’t the point. The only thing for sure is that I recommend that you copy this undercut hairstyle design STAT.

  1. Razor Sharp

Razor Sharp undercut women


If you want a hairstyle that will be show-stopping regardless of where you go, then this lavender-hued undercut could be exactly what you are looking for. In this hairstyle case, the lady’s hairstylist took a razor blade and made a sharp, symmetrical pattern on the lady’s back undercut section of the hair.

Regarding the front, the hairstylist left the look of a layered pixie cut.

  1. Undercut with Clean Lines

Clean Lines


Regardless of your hair type, you cannot go wrong with this clean, linear, undercut hairstyle.

  1. Shaved Nape

Shaved Nape


This list keeps getting interesting. If you want to style something that you can easily hide whenever you want to, I am confident that this buzzed nape undercut is the subtle cut you are looking for. Speaking from experience, however, you’ll never want to hide the exceptional look.

  1. Symmetrical Lines

Symmetrical Lines


The symmetrical, clean lines styles on the lady above are the perfect pattern if your goal is to complement an undercut section on the nape of your neck. Just like most hairstyles in this guide, this one will also allow you to stand out wherever you go (in a good way, however.)

  1. Purple Haze on an Undercut

Purple Haze on an Undercut


The natural hued lowlights that cascade into the undercut, as shown in the image above, is the coolest compliment to the already incredible purple layered pixie cut for ladies (don’t you agree?)

  1. Large Section of an Undercut

Large Section of an Undercut


If you wonder if you can choose the amount of hair you would like included in the undercut section of your haircut, then the answer is, of course, yes, you can. Better yet, I am confident that everyone you come across will love this pretty and dramatic buzzed layer.

The cute little ponytail the lady styles in the image is the cherry on top.

  1. Allover Buzz

Allover Buzz


You also have the choice to keep things short with a buzz cut all over your head. You can go a step further and accentuate the hairstyle with a clean linear design.

  1. Short and Sweet Undercut

Short and Sweet undercut women


A short, cute, and blonde pixie cut with sideburns that have been shaved gradient style is a hairstyle that no one can ever say no to.

  1. Braided Style Undercut

Braided Style


Why not show off your undercut with this cool braided hairstyle that I am confident you will love to wear over and over again. If you can top up the look with some cute earrings just like the lady above, then you will have completed the look.

  1. Ultra Blunt

Ultra Blunt


An ultra-blunt bob coupled with a visible undercut at the nape of your neck will always qualify as a next-level cool hairstyle. This is regardless of your hair type or head shape.

  1. Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink


I always encourage all my readers to feel free to experiment with their hairstyles. With that in mind, if you think you are bold enough to try out an undercut, then I would like to suggest an on-trend hue you can try out as well – such as the pink shade.

  1. Cheeky Pattern

Cheeky Pattern undercut women


I love it when cheeky patterned side-cut hairstyles are accentuated with some extra dramatic volume on the top side and some chic highlights. And I know I am not the only one.

  1. Ponytail Undercut

Ponytail Undercut


The ponytail-undercut hairstyle we looked at earlier boasts some bangs, so I thought it would only be fair if I included one where you would not be needed to go the extra step so you can see it looks elegant as well.

With that in mind, if the ponytail is your go-to hairstyle and you feel a little bold, take the undercut haircut up a notch with this cool undercut style that has been proven to complement anyone’s pony perfectly.

  1. Star Power Undercut

Star Power


While styling your undercut, pick a shape you would love showing off and ask your hairstylist to style it on you. I am obsessed with this star design at the moment, and I hope you might love it as well.

  1. Layers with Undercut

Lots of Layers Combined with the Undercut Hairstyle


With a layered and long pixie, it is always a good idea to make you have a shorter length on the sides and a longer length on the top side, as shown in the image above. You can choose to take the ‘short length’ to a whole new level by shaving the nape of your neck entirely.

  1. Side Swept Pixie

Side Swept Pixie


Are you ready to try out (or perhaps already have) colored hair? If your answer to that was a big, bold YES, then I suggest you try out a side-swept layered pixie cut and make it even more dramatic with a side cut in your natural hair color to get a bold contrast.

  1. Subtle Sides Undercut

Subtle Sides


I always advise any shy individual who wants my advice to go extra subtle with some simple shaved sides that are barely noticeable until they get close. If you would like to get your hair voluminous, just like the lady in the image, then you can do so with a heavy-duty mousse.

  1. Super Close Shave

Super Close Shave


Would you like to get up close and personal with your undercut hairstyle? You can easily do this by getting a clean-shaven pattern amalgamated with buzzed accents while at the same time keeping your thick, long hair on the top side.

  1. Flower Power

Flower Power


This undercut for ladies has been accentuated with the hibiscus flower design. The hairstyle coupled with the pattern may be the cutest thing I have seen today.

  1. Bleach Blonde

Bleach Blonde


Could this hairstyle get any cooler? I think it’ll never. A flipped, platinum pixie like this one will look perfect if paired perfectly with a contrasting undercut. The entire look is quite challenging, however, so ensure that your hairstylist is up for it.

  1. Subtle Design Undercut

Subtle Design


Are you already used to wearing your hair up and high? If yes, an undercut with a subtle design is undeniably the perfect way to spice up the haircut.

  1. Shapes and Waves on an Undercut

Shapes and Waves on an Undercut


As I noted earlier, I urge all my readers to feel free to experiment with their hairstyles until they find variations that work perfectly for them. That is why in this haircut, I suggest that you should try waves, shapes, and lines on your undercut. This is particularly true if you have thick and long hair because you can use it to hide the pattern.

  1. Undercut with Edgy Liens

Undercut with Edgy Liens


If you will be willing to go the extra mile and get an undercut, then why not have a little fun with it in the process? These playful, edgy lines are straight-up unique regardless of your head shape and hair type.

  1. Volume on Top

Volume on Top


A stylized pixie cut like the one the lady above has styled the perfect complement to any undercut. If you choose to keep the hair length on the topside long, you will also have lots of hair to work with every day.

You can try this coiffed, voluminous hairdo on your first days, which you can already tell is giving off major hair envy.

  1. Under Braids

Under Braids


If you love a good crown braid, then you may find that adding an undercut is needed to make your (as well as your hairstyling) life easier.

  1. Short and Blunt

Short and Blunt


I urge you to take inspiration from this blunt, bold bob. As you can see, the subtle undercut is adding a significant fashion-forward edge, and I cannot get enough of the fantastic, flipped-in ends either. Keep the hair just as straight as the lady in the image.

  1. Blunt Bob

A blunt bob

If the hairstyle we just looked at isn’t sufficiently ‘out there ‘ for you, then I’m confident this haircut could be what you are looking for. I am always a fan of super blunt bobs – and when they are combined with an undercut, the futuristic feeling they give off certainly takes the cake.

  1. Sleek Undershave

Sleek Undershave


An under shave is whereby the hair on the sides of your neck’s nape and the head are shaved to your scalp. Note, though, that the hair on the crown is styled just generally at a longer length. This white blonde version of the haircut is everything.

  1. Shaved Sideburns

Shaved Sideburns


This hairstyle will allow you to hide your shaved sideburns under a layer of longer tresses. You can also feel free to show them off if you do not want to hide them under the tresses (depending on your mood.) I vote for ‘showing them off)

  1. Heart It

Heart It


There are lots of options for undercut designs, and I heart this adorable design in particular.

  1. Rose Gold Goals

Rose Gold Goals


A buzzed side cut is an ultimate compliment to a side-swept, layered pixie cut. The stunning rose gold shade does not hurt either.

  1. Lightened Up Undercut

Lightened Up


I’m sure I am not the only one who loves the edition of bleach blonde tips on top as well as the line detail separating the undercut from the top of the hair.

  1. Sweet Swirls

Sweet Swirls


When you section off a huge part of your hair to design an undercut, you can have all the more fun with the pattern. I can’t stop staring at this swirled and clear creation.

  1. Long and Short

Long and Short


If you feel like you’d not like to quit your long hair, then this is the undercut hairstyle for you. Keep one side lengthy and parted while the other stay buzzed for an excellent asymmetrical cut.

  1. Peek-a-Boo Back

Peek-a-Boo Back


You can choose to throw up your locks with long hair and show off your cute peek-a-boo pattern or let it down and hide the pattern.

  1. Pattern and Pigtails

Pattern and Pigtails


A graphic undercut like the one above will pair perfectly with hair swept up in pigtail buns. I know you can never say no to pigtail buns.

  1. Triangle Designs

Triangle Designs


This is a perfect undercut pattern design that is just left in the back. Having the design shaved into your back is truly unique.

  1. Stained Glass Style

Stained Glass Style


This lady boasts a great long hairstyle by itself, and the fact she has combined it with an undercut takes it through the roof. It is fantastic because the colors and pattern resemble a stained glass window.

  1. White Hot Styles

White Hot Styles


This hairstyle is undeniably a bright one. I also love the Mohawk style coupled with the close undercut around the lady’s head.